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  1. Are there races anymore ?

    Hello, i have been out of the game for a while now, but just needed to check in and see if there has been something huge that I have missed. Do people actually do organised races anymore? Reason I ask is, an acquaintance of mine has sent me a picture of their Garmin, claiming a 2:57 marathon. I congratulated them and asked what race it was in and they then proceeded to tell me that it wasn't in a race, they ran it themselves, garmins are accurate therefore it's the same because "42k is 42k..." 🤔 What have I missed ?
  2. Wearing cycling gloves

    I wear gloves coz they look Pro AF
  3. New Pro GoFundMe

    Drop some teet on IG and watch the "sponsorships" come flowing in
  4. Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    hahahahaha weak as piss current day triathletes. Ive taken dumps with more substance than the modern day breed of instahoe tricathaletes! #blessed
  5. Superleague Triathlon LIVE

    No beer mile. soft as butter.
  6. This heaux got more issues than national geographic
  7. Macca's Bollox (energy gels)

    Like a rainbow. And Clen.
  8. New Shiv - when?

    Yes but only because i got the 2016 Canyon Speedmax CF in 2013.
  9. Macca's Bollox (energy gels)

    i predict these will be shit.
  10. New Shiv - when?

    I had the new Shiv last year.
  11. You guys are slippin !

    Same number same hood, all good.
  12. You guys are slippin !

    if it aint on the front page it didnt happen
  13. I have thrown my ring in the hat
  14. You guys are slippin !

    Key updates from the interwebs that i notice have not been brought up here! 1. Corky is single 2. Macca is starting up his own nutrition company/brand "Bollox". "It's always been my lifelong dream to make my own nutrition for training and racing......." (those around during the signing with Asics will get that, you youngbloods will think its a jarryd Hayne reference). Discuss !
  15. Kona Aussie Uniform - yes or no?

    Looks shit. This thread can be closed.