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  1. ST getting real introspective And what about Rammstein - Du Hast classic pump up track
  2. conor

    That add...

    Whats a visor worth?
  3. Plenty of good spots out further east too. Jameison Licola Road is interesting and quiet, turn left out of Licola and stay anywhere along the river and ride (mountain bike) your way up into the mountains from there. Walk Moroka gorge for an adventure if you have the right gear. Buchan is interesting for the caving if you don't mind dark, small spaces. Walking around the Snowy River Area is nice. Also plenty of rail trails in the region for running/riding. Conor
  4. While I know everyone on the flight would have family and friends, that just makes it feel a little more real. Sorry to hear goughy.
  5. Have you ever been in a Turkish Prison?
  6. They sure as hell are avoiding it now!
  7. "You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else". T. Durden
  8. I wonder if there riders threatened to neutralise if those secteurs weren't taken out...
  9. conor

    TdF watching thread

    Jens working toward a 100 or so k solo to victory in the prologue? Will he be rocking the yellow and polka dots!?
  10. I heard the first step to a come back was posting on trannies... We'll see how it goes. Near on two years of inactivity means that a couple of extra kegs have appeared around the middle. Sick of my body feeling sore from sitting down all day, I miss the soreness of a good work out. First run tomorrow.
  11. Did JVW introduce you to everyone again and do you think you'll even climb your way out of lane 1? The pool up the road open in about 2 months. Can I start then? Conor
  12. What do you win for the extra length? If your tts are to track improvement and all things between each are equal (I.e. always touching or tumbling) what's the difference?
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