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  1. The scody suit is that fast yesterday I rode 40km in 36.5km
  2. Wore this today for the first time today. Really great suit to race in. Sleeved suits are definitly the way to the future
  3. I've got one and will be racing in it tomorrow and at cairns. I've been riding and racing in Scody gear for 5-6 yrs and I know they have better cuts and better chamois in there range so it appears that they had to cheapen it off a little to hit price point (as not many people would fork out $400plus for a tri suit) or they are leaving room for improvement. I'm interested to get a look at the "custom" ones they have done for Berkel etc to see if they are the same as the off the rack.
  4. He won there last yr??? So he can win IMs Some on twits did make an awesome point. He could have positive split the bike run and still gone sub 9.
  5. i just sold one of the Timex gps/hr watches to my housemate for a weeks rent he like gadgets that dont make him any faster and i like not paying rent....worked out well
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