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  1. Just be finished by 9am and don't worry about it
  2. Stock worth 200k & 200k worth of stock are different things... No idea what his margin is but reckon it might be closer to 100k worth of stock As for the other stuff, I've always liked Lisa and alway cheered her on while watching or racing. I think the spiked water bottle is a stretch but still like to think the best of people
  3. spartan

    TA High Performance

    Some interesting reading there. I'm assuming Tuner would be costing them a packet (worth every cent) along with Smith, even just doing consulting wouldn't be cheap (again worth every cent). Atkins and Lang are both fringe coaches so will be interesting to see how they go. Does see big changes at what was a pretty successful QAS squad with Stephen Moss and now Josh White seemingly now no longer involved in triathlon.
  4. spartan

    Busso race day

    Terenzo is one of the few guys with the same pedigree of Jan or Sebi. Ex Quality ITU into 70.3 WC. Sonething just went wrong for him along the way. Weather it was in his head, body or he simply didn't want it as much as the others. He is genuine world class unlike a couple of the others out there in the same post code as these guys.
  5. It looks like it will be run by "Asia-pacific" which kinda rules out China as Wanda look to be running races there directly. This will be replacing Malaysia so I would tip Phillipines maybe Thailand.
  6. Can you give me a list of the female A grade pros?
  7. So did anyone on a beam bike or new super bike come off with the leaders?
  8. In a better spot than Carfrae...just. Rfy is going to have to misjudge her tank today to split this.
  9. Good spot for TVB. No point burning matches you don't have. His run is still world class
  10. Currently getting pipped by the guy on outside as they line up for the 180k bunch sprint.
  11. spartan

    Kona Bike Count

    Can we add a colum for next year? - stupid beam looking bikes?
  12. Sort of like having an Olympics in Brazil...money talks
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