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    Singapore 70.3

    I'm living in Singapore at the moment and will be racing on the 7th. Those that are coming up, drop me a line if you want to know where to ride, run and swim (if the hotel pool isn't big enough)....
  2. Excellent, thanks guys...
  3. Hi all, New here and recently took up triathlon (about 6 months ago)... Anyway, living in Singapore (originally from Sydney) means that some things are in limited supply (or non-existent - or ridiculously expensive) over here. I will be back in Sydney for a few days later this month and would like to pick up a pair of Newton's (not available here at least until the end of the year). My time in Sydney is limited so I won't really have much time to shop around. Can anyone suggest where I can pick up a pair within 10-15km of the CBD (prefereably not west as I'll spending most of my time north, south and east).
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