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  1. That’s really interesting we basically same weight same power average and same bike split. So the disc v 808 is a tight battle.
  2. No its a solid disc, I never actually weighed it. Token DT58, its 1280g https://www.amazon.com/Token-Products-DT58-Carbon-Tubular/dp/B00SPXY8YS/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  3. That's a low PSI, are they Tubeless? I like the sound of that combo, the old 606 style! How was your race Ben, I haven't checked the results.
  4. Thats awesome the Zipp disc so light, my dimpled 808s are claimed under 1600g for a set, so the rear mus be about same weight as your disc. I have a Token brand disc, must be 1.3kg and flat. Im all for people riding discs I think they do handle well all conditions, but it looks like not all discs created equal?
  5. Average power 230 watts, I was averaging 240 first half then 220 second half. 82kg P3 Classics with Tri Rig front end and brakes and 808s. Bontrager Aero Road Helmet. I rode 2.29. The guys who bike 2.25 seemed to take 4 mins out of me in the last 30km, I needed more power then (just comparing the splits at 65km marker to the 90km marker). I was solo that last section so either those guys had some others to rotate with or I just slowed to much. Also it might reflect my training where I don't always have time to go beyond 2 hours in training often with the young family and work. One thing in comparing the full to the half is that its not an exact double course. You guys have that top section into port douglas twice and we don't have that at all and we have the 30km block head wind hell section once and so do you. So as a percentage we have 33% of race tail wind 67% head wind while the full ironman has like 42% tail wind and 58% head wind. You are prob right on 15mins with your set up on road bike v the p5 and aggressive wheels. Its not like there are huge climbs where a road bike is an advantage in any section.
  6. I had a Token Disc, I did like it, it was a nice wheel to ride and I often tell people who have a disc to just use it no matter what. I found my disc into a tail wind / cross tail was magic but it seemed to work against me a bit into a head wind I would fight it a lot, the 808 in the last 30km cairns heavy head wind was much nice for me. Maybe the flat token disc not the best in that situation?
  7. Hi, I was battling prior to Cairns on what wheels to use, I had been for a while running a disc with a 40mm front. I got myself some 808s, the old dimpled ones with the hub machined to take 11 speed. I only had a few rides on them before and found them to feel light and accelerate well. I find they love a straight line and handle best with weight over the front wheel in aero. Anyways, with the heavy wind and a lot of fast turns during the bike course I found them excellent, I am thinking of just running them all the time moving forward and ditching the disc for good. I biked 2.29 and the guys out on the course around me all had Discs and also seemed to have no issues with the wind, but I did find heading up rex's and the climbs I was able to have an advantage on them and that was a positive (im 82kg not a noted climber). I definitely dropped some weight on the bike ditching the disc for this set up, the old dimpled tubbies are lighter then the current models too. I thought maybe a 404 up front instead might be even better and get me back to the classic Zipp 606 set up that everyone used to run. Anyone else running similar or have any thoughts on wheel choice?
  8. I have seen these same comments, I just had to not reply, it was just blatant trolling.
  9. It has to be this way, if they let women off first then the better cyclists women can latch onto some males coming past and get a huge advantage, this was it keep the women's AG race fair and like said above, they are all racing at the same time. Also, like has been pointed out, its hot all bloody day, 20 mins isn't impacting the race as far as wind and heat.
  10. I think it will work better, hopefully they add more marshals also especially in the first 90km to police it. I raced in 2016 and the swim start was fairly aggressive and I can see how it is very dangerous if someone got themselves in a bad position and pushed down. Personally I really enjoyed the big start but I was very disappointed by how the bike leg was raced and policed.
  11. Yer I agree, I was surprised to see him on the start list for 70.3 worlds again after how that played out last year for his Kona.
  12. So maybe a later announcement to bump entry numbers up. I noticed the 70.3 has double qualifying like all AUS 70.3 but no women in tri spots, so they might be planning something for the full.
  13. At some of the anniversary events elsewhere they have thrown extra Kona slots onto the race, do you think we will see this at Port Mac next year? Busso still has 65 slots for some reason and cairns has 80, you think Port deserves more then the usual 40 slots for 35 years anniversary?
  14. I am finding about 14 -15 hours a week I can keep the family commitments and partner commitments all balanced. I have a pretty good routine that helps that happen and also there isn't a surprise for the misses. If I try find more hours it seems to turn to shit on me pretty quick and I cant get up super early every day as with 2 kids under 3 I don't get amazing sleep and also If I went to bed at 9pm every night that's impacts on the misses too much also as we just don't get any time together. My partner main request is that when I am with the family I am present in whats going on and that's hard when I am tired from training or trying to follow a mate do a race on live tracker, but she is right in that regard and its an area I am focused on improving.
  15. So they have 25 extra women only slots at some races. Often with the allocation women dont get many slots so this helps boost female qualification. so Western Sydney will have 80 slots divided based on normal % system plus 25 extra female only slots on top.
  16. Considering they have 2500 men (sat) 2500 women (Sunday) they will be hoping to get a lot of qualifications from AUS to fill the two days. I think women qualification will be getting a log of "women in tri" spots next season, the 70.3 seems a big focus from WTC in regards to female participation as this is their opportunity for growth with Mens participation fairly consistent and less room for growth. 815 - maybe 815 entries but "fast-track" ? No idea. The big up of being in early will be locking in accommodation, it will be tough and bloody expensive, hopefully the KIWI $$ arse drops out.
  17. Yer good point, Also needs a major airport not too far away. Geelong makes a lot of sense or IM Canberra?? The old half course was so fast!
  18. Announcement tomorrow about a special entry pathway... what will it be?
  19. I like it! Can we have Forster on the rotation too, it would sell out easily!
  20. Gilliga

    Port - Race Day

    I think the 70.3 worlds slots are getting harder to get, a girl I know went, she was 7th in her AG and she said the first place took it and the slots in other age group rolled a little but not super deep. I was surprised to hear that as didnt think it was that popular still.
  21. Gilliga

    Port - Race Day

    Geelong relocation? Cmon now, the Victorian had their turn at an Ironman and it didn't last long. I cant see Port letting it go easily.
  22. He hasn't won an Ironman so this could be a good chance for him at Port
  23. Pete Jacobs has been focusing on this one (Instagram following) will be good to see how he goes, he blew the cob webs out at Husky and I think he will show up in better shape in Melbourne.
  24. The prize money is so bad.
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