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  1. Gilliga

    Hoka One One

    Did you end up trying the rincon? Im keen to try these or the Carbon X, any feedback. I just tried the ZoomflY FlyKnit and I could not use this as I pronate too much and my ankle wasn't able to handle them.
  2. My prediction is Melb will be the next oceania location for the world 70.3 in 3 years. Timing it so can fit like Taupo did this time. There would have been a deal with vic government on this one. Major city location for global athletes. Maybe a slight change in bike course make it a one lapper up to frankston for the worlds years. in time we will see.
  3. Gilliga

    New 70.3 in Oceania

    I asked a few of the WTC staffer about the new race location while at WS 70.3 and none let slip, anyone hear any whispers?
  4. Well done to all involved in this. I raced this event 2 x when it was an IRONMAN brand and it was a great.
  5. On reflection that age group rolling start sucks, We need wave starts or mass starts. My division 35-39 very close finishing 2nd -15th and no idea where you are. The swim was hopeless I smashed through so many slow people right from 100m in so not much fun for them or me also.
  6. Anyone stay for roll down and know how deep diff categories went?
  7. Just small groups 2-4 people no big trains, most guys seem be having a go stay legal.
  8. Its wetsuit optional today 24.1
  9. yer 24.5 i think they will make it wetsuit it could cool off over night and cloud all day, . it felt ideal having a swim in budgeys earlier today so i would prefer the non wetty option personally
  10. Gilliga

    New 70.3 in Oceania

    Love it to be Forster but i doubt it.
  11. I am calling Ali to win this race eventually, Macca didnt crack it for several years, he will work it out and get it done. He is only 31 years old, he is just hitting his endurance peak, he has just be around so long its easy to think he is Gomez and Frodo's age.
  12. Anyone else notice Jan “accidentally” knock every drink on the ground when leading the group on bikes then amazingly when not leading get it every time? Gamesmanship?
  13. Gilliga

    Wurf watch

    Good point, nothing he says should be taken seriously. He always chimes in on the other pros social media to have a niggle.
  14. Gilliga

    Wurf watch

    Wurf Strava today says Reed road him off his wheel. Go Tim, be awesome see him in position to have a dual with likes of Currie and Sebbi off bike.
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