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  1. Gilliga

    5150 Port Mac

    Agree a national series would provide structure for sure especially for those pros not at ITU level to focus on.
  2. Gilliga

    5150 Port Mac

    This week Ironman VC will be running its event on the 5150 Port Mac course, this is a new course going onto rouvy. Has Port ever hosted a major olympic distance competition? Do you think this is something they are looking at in the future? I really wish Oly Distance racing would make a come back, most of the major amateur events are over the half or full in Aus.
  3. I think ive found issue so anyone racing today dont make my mistake: Rouvy has two apps i used rouvy workout not rouvy AR and its not got all features so prob translates speed different ill test theory see if im right. The AR app wasnt showing my course so i tried workout one. Now i deleted AR app and reinstalled and the course is there . the AR app has a lot of updates to the workout app but i had no idea of this till now And apparently it impacts speed a great deal and the whole system. update: rouvy customer service have confirmed using their workout app has a different algorithm and therefore I should have raced on their AR app. shame ironman didnt mention this instead said just race on rouvy.
  4. This event is all over the place if you go through the splits and average power to weight there some bizarre outcomes like i biked 3.1 watts a kg and my time same as most people bike 2.4 watts a kg and a mate biked 3.7 watts kg and was same time as me. Are people just height cheating?? I rode smooth power wasnt like i went super hard early and super slow late. Anyone else looked at the results on rouvy and noticed this same outcome?? Like no reward. Other who biked same average w/kg 6 -10 mins faster then my split. It is a shit show!
  5. Just did the bike leg for vr10 and rode 254 watts so 3.3w a kg for a 1.09 ride. Now the guy leading my division rode around 54 mins, i looked him up and last half ironman rides a 2:20 at nz 70.3 now i ride a 2:22 at western syd and 2:28 at cairns last season, but online he is 15min ahead over 40km! Hope he gets DQ
  6. Strange no press release from Tri Aus about Townsville yet.
  7. I have a stages PM gen 3, I also have a left / Right leg imbalance is about 46/54. Is there a way to get my stages left crank single PM to broadcast at say 108% to compensate for this? till now I just add approx 10% to my reading on the head unit in my head to get the accurate number but would rather have it right. My kickr reads accurately and I have used friends equipment to work out my Left/ Right imbalance.
  8. Its not just how much power you can push, its also how you interpret the 12m rule... there a lot of guys with low power and good IM splits on the bike. I think Port has least drafting actually with the hills and mixed terrain making it hard to bunch up.
  9. It comes down to what you want to use it for, the Madone is a racing machine very aggressive, the Domane less aggressive, likely a better ride on shit roads. I have the Emonda, its sorry a classic frame geometry, good for the climbs and 100km training days. If i was crit racing, the Madone be better, if I was riding sportifs often for fun the Domane is best, the the emonda is somewhere between.
  10. I have been to watch Cozumel also but not raced it, and yes it was very cool, Cebu was a bigger crowds and a more interesting course. They really do it well.
  11. Look up e-go they are cheap if you go depot to depot. I had a bike melb to Bathurst $45 this week, I paid and extra $50 for some insurance.
  12. In an email just now about port in sept 2020 IRONMAN Australia provides 40 qualifying slots to the 2021 IRONMAN World Championship, held in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. No news on kona but suggest its not happening
  13. The email says Kona and 70.3 qualification more info next week. I think cairns will be off their schedule is pretty jammed now for spring and im eager to see what is happening with Kona itself Aussies may not be able to travel then.
  14. A mate of mine called Ironman today see whats going on with Reef to Reef and Cairns IM, they have said they want to have a decision by friday, and apparently Busso Half is Oct 17 rescheduled. So that gives an indication I think Port likely be October also, not sure if Cairns can be pushed very late due to Jelly Fish danger.
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