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  1. Gilliga

    Zwift Run

    I use it on the treadmill often, I like the little bit of extra visual simulation and also prefer how it shows my speed and HR metric v my treadmill display.
  2. Gilliga

    Kona pro points being scrapped...

    Great idea! No reason all the other races cant continue as Age Group only. There are definitely too many pro Ironman Races at the moment. Or maybe the other Ironman events can have a pro category but no qualification, sort of like a 2nd tier of racing to help pros who want to do more ironmans and develop their career.
  3. Gilliga

    Coaches are amusing

    The Melbourne tri coach market is pretty saturated and competitive and I imagine everyone is working hard to get their share oft he market.
  4. Gilliga

    Has anyone used a Token disc??

    I got one Fromm US off ebat to use on my 50mm wheel that is 10 only, it wasn’t cheap but not significantly more then what it costs to buy a new cassette. Its crazy that shimano screwed us all with the 11 speed cassette not fitting many ten speed splines when it’s not hard to make it work after market (with the right tools), they seriously just screwed everyone to force new wheel purchases.
  5. Gilliga

    Has anyone used a Token disc??

    Yer mine was 10 only but al machinist and a metal lathe took off the few mill needed. The other option is to machine the back of the 11 speed cassette to fit. Few YouTube’s about that show what to do. or You can buy a pre machines cassette on eBay so it fits on a ten speed hub.
  6. Gilliga

    Has anyone used a Token disc??

    Hi, I have this disc it is very good and stable and fast in my opinion. The one I have has been machined so it was 10 speed only but takes 11 speed now and works perfectly. It doesn't make a really big whoop whoop sound like a zipp disc its more of a gentle hum (a lot less noise). Below is what mine looks likes to confirm we are talking about the same wheel.
  7. Gilliga

    I need a new shoe for Long Course

    Thanks for all the ideas, I tried a pair of Asics Noosa FF and did not like the feel of them at all, did a 10km and sold them next day for half price, the foam felt dead and I just didn't enjoy them at all, plus they felt very narrow. I tried some Hoka's on, my girlfriend runs in Bondi's and loves them but it felt too soft for me, very strange, but I didn't get to run in them. I bought a 2nd hand pair of Adidas Boston 5 online for $40 and loved them, did a fast training sesh in them then ran a 5km off the bike in a local sprint and they are a very good race shoe for me, I think it helps I'm training in other Adidas shoes and know the feel and fit of Adidas works for me. They are defiantly a race shoe maybe once a week interval sesh in them. It would be great to try more of the shoes everyone has mentioned but the budget doesn't allow it. I have previously tried a lot of the brooks range as the ST Racer was my fav shoe before it was discontinued. I did race in the Brooks Launch for an Ironman in 2016 when the St Racer ended but it just wasn't ideal for me, but it was pretty good. So I will likely get a new pair of Boston 7s as I head into half ironman and long course races in the new year and just stick with the 2nd hand ones for a bit longer and try do a 90min training run in them to see how they feel over a longer sesh. Although Brooks has Neuro that I would like to try I am still a long time Brooks fan so Ill try track a pair down to give a crack.
  8. Gilliga

    Big Husky 2019

    Big Husky would have to be one of Elite Energy's biggest races and cash earners, I don't think this is aimed at selling to WTC, it is just a smart move as us triathletes generally like set distances so we can compare ourselves and set times etc, so I like the move to make it Half Distance and I hope this race grows to be our biggest non WTC half distance race.
  9. Gilliga

    Zwift New York

    I rode it today the everything 35km route, I like it. One biggish climb the NY Kom too me 6.15 today’s best on their someone went 3.30 so I’m not close. Otherwise steady rollers and had a good hard workout. The imagery and variety was good. I wish you could pick the course when you log in eg watopia or London etc (I hate London and Richmond so boring).
  10. Gilliga

    Any news on Lionel Sanders

    The classic Aussie reply "not doing munch", then smashes everyone.
  11. Gilliga

    Any news on Lionel Sanders

    With wurf swimming better it is really hard for him to bridge back up and then pass and get a lead. Swimming is just super hard to improve from where he is to being a main pack swimmer, the guys ahead all swam as juniors and have brilliant technique. This year the swim seemed to stay together, throw brownlee and Frodo in the mix and I expect the whole thing to get strung out. I really could see Frodo going off the front with Amberger and holding on to win the race in 2019, brownlee will be able to go with those two and is a very strong biker over 70.3 so he might be able to go with them on the bike too, Gomez will be stronger next year also. Sanders is going to need a day that is really hot and really windy to make it super hard for everyone else to have a chance.
  12. Gilliga

    I need a new shoe for Long Course

    What about the newer asic noosa’s ? Anyone tried them? Im loving all the different shoe models suggested, many I had not considered.
  13. Gilliga

    P3 Classic upgrade

    I copied it from the you tube guide above and ran some cable housing inside the frame like they did to protect the carbon.
  14. Gilliga

    Its time to free Lance to Kona

    I say let him race, it would be a buzz for is Age Group to be out there with him, I don't know if he would win. His Kona podcasts were pretty bad, his TDF podcasts were excellent. Considering he doesn't work and is well resourced I think he would be up there in the Age Race but not necessarily win it.
  15. Gilliga

    P3 Classic upgrade

    The token wheels match up perfectly! Nice work hanging on to it.