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  1. I am calling Ali to win this race eventually, Macca didnt crack it for several years, he will work it out and get it done. He is only 31 years old, he is just hitting his endurance peak, he has just be around so long its easy to think he is Gomez and Frodo's age.
  2. Anyone else notice Jan “accidentally” knock every drink on the ground when leading the group on bikes then amazingly when not leading get it every time? Gamesmanship?
  3. Gilliga

    Wurf watch

    Good point, nothing he says should be taken seriously. He always chimes in on the other pros social media to have a niggle.
  4. Gilliga

    Wurf watch

    Wurf Strava today says Reed road him off his wheel. Go Tim, be awesome see him in position to have a dual with likes of Currie and Sebbi off bike.
  5. I hope that is just a joke reply? Surely not to AWA?
  6. About 5 years ago ironman japan was cancelled due to a natural disaster and the slots went to 70.3 Philippines to keep them in Asia region. And also recently after Japan cancelled they had “japan athletes “ slots at cairns. Anyways see what happens..maybe to Port Mac as anniversary year. its right call to cancel and even if you had travelled far and paid heaps you would be happy to be safe.
  7. Gilliga

    Wurf watch

    Unreal result and with his background I dont see the three work turn around a problem. He also now qualified for next year won another title and made some $$ well played. Cool down so lets see if he can run that speed in kona heat, i hope so. Also how about the swim!
  8. I think Ali will mark Frodo all day and back himself make a move 3 km to go if still there. I am not certain he can hang with frodo deep into the race but Ali is a racer he will be putting himself in the mix till he is destroyed. Im so excited for this race! Actually interested to see if Frodo goes with Wurf when that move happens I thibj he is good enough to, but he doesn’t need to do that to beat Wurf. hope its extreme winds and heat after last years conditions to make the race more interesting (sorry age group racers).
  9. Sorry mate, missed that sarcasm, bloody reading makes it hard always get tone, my bad.
  10. I looked up what they sell and its just the same stuff that is in period pain meds so just re-marketed for athletes. Be good if with all these sponsors coming on board they up the prize money or pay deeper, but WTC is all about the $$ profits.
  11. The article doesn't say anything about being at aid stations, just they are sponsoring a fastest mile promo in the race. Don't expect to see this product on aid stations. I don't see an issue with it, I could see products like Voltaren wanting to sponsor events as that is a core target consumer.
  12. I have heard the entry fee if you qualify for 70.3 WC Taupo is $450usd plus active, so we looking at $750 aud all in. Is that fair dinkum!! To race a half, this shit is getting out of hand.
  13. The bike is fairly flat on a good surface, then run could be tough on a hot day as a lot of it is just around the edge of the lack with no shade.
  14. You think they could do better then 2 weeks out, I guess it doesn't influence training or prep but I hope its waves start, the rolling needs to come to an end.
  15. Anyone know what they are doing with the start procedure this year? Every race seems to be rolling but I hope its waves and if so, you know the wave order?
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