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  1. So they have 25 extra women only slots at some races. Often with the allocation women dont get many slots so this helps boost female qualification. so Western Sydney will have 80 slots divided based on normal % system plus 25 extra female only slots on top.
  2. Considering they have 2500 men (sat) 2500 women (Sunday) they will be hoping to get a lot of qualifications from AUS to fill the two days. I think women qualification will be getting a log of "women in tri" spots next season, the 70.3 seems a big focus from WTC in regards to female participation as this is their opportunity for growth with Mens participation fairly consistent and less room for growth. 815 - maybe 815 entries but "fast-track" ? No idea. The big up of being in early will be locking in accommodation, it will be tough and bloody expensive, hopefully the KIWI $$ arse drops out.
  3. Yer good point, Also needs a major airport not too far away. Geelong makes a lot of sense or IM Canberra?? The old half course was so fast!
  4. Announcement tomorrow about a special entry pathway... what will it be?
  5. I like it! Can we have Forster on the rotation too, it would sell out easily!
  6. Gilliga

    Port - Race Day

    I think the 70.3 worlds slots are getting harder to get, a girl I know went, she was 7th in her AG and she said the first place took it and the slots in other age group rolled a little but not super deep. I was surprised to hear that as didnt think it was that popular still.
  7. Gilliga

    Port - Race Day

    Geelong relocation? Cmon now, the Victorian had their turn at an Ironman and it didn't last long. I cant see Port letting it go easily.
  8. He hasn't won an Ironman so this could be a good chance for him at Port
  9. Pete Jacobs has been focusing on this one (Instagram following) will be good to see how he goes, he blew the cob webs out at Husky and I think he will show up in better shape in Melbourne.
  10. The prize money is so bad.
  11. Should be 2 Kona slots for the girls...walk up start!
  12. Agree on the mosquito, that was crazy! They must have loved all those shaved legs showing up for their breakfast buffet
  13. I raced Forster Long Course on the weekend 2-60-15, the weather was interesting with wind and heavy rain, it was warm though and a non wetsuit swim. Not a bad event, the run was hilly I really liked that as it wasn't boring. Few issues, the drafting was pretty bad, people just make no effort really these days. Then the short course races over lapped the long and the run course was seriously congested as they did a really small loop rather then a 2.5 out and back and it was really tight. The local generally friendly and all cafe and pubs all asked if we here for the tri and super happy we were in town. There is a lot more accommodation there then when Ironman left, it would be great to see it back in Forster one day. Sorry Port Mac, you do a great job, but Forster is the place!
  14. Hopefully they throw a few more slots at the bigger age groups.
  15. Yes just generally 80% of you time or sessions endurance/zone 1 and 20% of the sessions should be hard effort type sessions. For example if you had 3 bike sessions your 80% would be 2 of those sessions: a 5 hour endurance base ride a 1 hour recovery ride then you 20% hard session would be a 2 hour ride with 4 x 12 min at FTP on 10 min recovery. Not many people actually push FTP hard sessions, this would be a really hard workout. You would find most people would not train this way and more likely do 3 Grey Zone sessions like a 1 hour bunchy and 2 hour bunch and a 5 hour bunchy, all in the same grey zone leaving them fatigued pretty bad and not really developing anything. This type of training will get you fit in the short term but you will plateau pretty quick. As the race get closer however, there is still the need for some longer effort sessions and the 80/20 doesn't apply to every single week of an IM build, but to a lot of it.
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