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  1. Gilliga

    Zwift New York

    I rode it today the everything 35km route, I like it. One biggish climb the NY Kom too me 6.15 today’s best on their someone went 3.30 so I’m not close. Otherwise steady rollers and had a good hard workout. The imagery and variety was good. I wish you could pick the course when you log in eg watopia or London etc (I hate London and Richmond so boring).
  2. Gilliga

    Any news on Lionel Sanders

    The classic Aussie reply "not doing munch", then smashes everyone.
  3. Gilliga

    Any news on Lionel Sanders

    With wurf swimming better it is really hard for him to bridge back up and then pass and get a lead. Swimming is just super hard to improve from where he is to being a main pack swimmer, the guys ahead all swam as juniors and have brilliant technique. This year the swim seemed to stay together, throw brownlee and Frodo in the mix and I expect the whole thing to get strung out. I really could see Frodo going off the front with Amberger and holding on to win the race in 2019, brownlee will be able to go with those two and is a very strong biker over 70.3 so he might be able to go with them on the bike too, Gomez will be stronger next year also. Sanders is going to need a day that is really hot and really windy to make it super hard for everyone else to have a chance.
  4. Gilliga

    I need a new shoe for Long Course

    What about the newer asic noosa’s ? Anyone tried them? Im loving all the different shoe models suggested, many I had not considered.
  5. Gilliga

    P3 Classic upgrade

    I copied it from the you tube guide above and ran some cable housing inside the frame like they did to protect the carbon.
  6. Gilliga

    Its time to free Lance to Kona

    I say let him race, it would be a buzz for is Age Group to be out there with him, I don't know if he would win. His Kona podcasts were pretty bad, his TDF podcasts were excellent. Considering he doesn't work and is well resourced I think he would be up there in the Age Race but not necessarily win it.
  7. Gilliga

    P3 Classic upgrade

    The token wheels match up perfectly! Nice work hanging on to it.
  8. Gilliga

    Callum Millward (Get the Popcorn)

    sounds like his humour was lost in translation.
  9. Gilliga

    I need a new shoe for Long Course

    Pegasus have actually come on my radar as a shoe I wanted to try, but the normal ones seemed a bit heavy, the turbo is one I wasn't aware of. Ive got a pair of Zooms that the running shop in Cronulla fitted me into to help my rolling inwards and they were great on the treadmill and the 5km run trial (great shop to do all that) but over 8-10km I cant stand them, so something a bit more neutral from nike might work for me.
  10. Gilliga

    Callum Millward (Get the Popcorn)

    Up on the HWY there is not a lot of people as most spectators don't go beyond Pallani, s its just a few guys on MTBs or Mopeds spread out, so something could easily happen without being seen, especially as Callum was in no mans land there would have not been many athletes around him. Why would he just make something like this up?
  11. Gilliga

    Kona bike and wheels count. Cervelo won

    There is about 1700 Power meters total, pretty big uptake from 2400 competitors, about 1500 people had some sort of electronic groupset also. $$$$$ I guess these are the best amateurs out there with all the toys.
  12. Gilliga

    I need a new shoe for Long Course

    I used to always race I Brooks Racer ST and this was my perfect shoe, I could use it for sprint to ironman. It was discontinued a few years ago and ive since tried heaps of shoes and not been completely satisfied. I am now looking at trying the Adidas Boston Has anyone used these? I have been running in Adidas for the past few years but not that model. Ive tried Nike,Saucony Hoka, Asics and the new Brooks range and just not been happy. I need a little bit of support as I roll in a bit, but if I wear a stability shoe I blister and feel slow. If I go a race flat I struggle also over 10km with blisters in the base of my feet. So I am a tough foot to find the perfect shoe. I used to be able get the ST Racer out f the box and run a 20km no issues, I wish it was still available!
  13. Gilliga

    Kona bike and wheels count. Cervelo won

    Zipp is still King in ironman. I’m a cervelo rider so like seeing them on top but they are coming back to the field each year, they used to have a greater dominance. who won helmets? Usually Rudy Project. And groupsets generally shimano smashes sram.
  14. Gilliga

    P3 Classic upgrade

    My frame was 2nd hand so I didn’t have to worry. I think cervelo is lifetime limited to original owner same as a lot of the big brands.
  15. Gilliga

    Data says wurf wasn’t even trying on the bike

    A marshal said something to Lange early o n the bike when they were together. They looked to stay legal distance but swapped back and forth from time to time. These images are from pretty early in bike maybe like 25km -35km area. So they haven’t broken any rules and maybe was just a coincidence.