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  1. Great report Anti. I met you for the first time on the run and when I realised who you were and that it was your first one I asked how you were going and you gave me a massive smile and said ....."ACE"!!!
  2. Next year a new age group way to go and keep safe

    Love Pam

    Many Happy Returns

  3. pja

    OT saving lives

    I found that a really moving post! I'm sure your Dad would have been so proud of you. I used to donate regularly but they don't want my "Pommie" blood anymore!
  4. pja

    Game On

    I'll "out him" - The one on the far right is "Country Matters" who was very proud of his 2nd place in the 50 - 55 AG (oh, and I'm on the far left)! Tricia.
  5. pja

    Game On

    OK - you've got me on the ride - I've done one 115km last weekend BUT my longest run is 10km since early August!! Tricia.
  6. pja

    Game On

    If you're likely to do 5:30 then you'r not allowed the "slowest girl spot" - I'm claiming it! AND ..... I bet I've done less training than you! I'm experimenting to see if it's possible to do a HIM on one long ride and one two month old, long run!!
  7. pja

    Game On

    2.10pm on the Friday.
  8. pja

    Game On

    Hey - I'm a woman ....... but then Steve's a man ... doesn't help numbers!
  9. pja

    Game On

    Well I thought it sounded like a good idea Unfortunately, we are taking Humdrums bed as she is not going to be able to make it.
  10. pja

    Game On

    ACTUALLY... Steve and I are now staying at Trannie HQ so as a couple it looks like we get the pick of the beds. And I'm sure Humdrum said that you all had to wait outside until we got there and decided which bed we wanted!!
  11. pja

    Game On

    Oh my God - how has it come around so quickly - I thought I read 99 days to go . ... maybe that was Busso - ..... maybe I'm in denial ........ maybe I'd better get training ............ or I could always race for the dark side (I could at least lower their average times)!
  12. pja

    Game On

    I know EXACTLY what you mean - that's why I have't enetered yet!! Just before Yeppoon I was saying to Steve that it felt really good to be back into training again and how happy I was and couldn't wait for Busso. He told me not to get too excited as I don't exactly have a good track record. Bruised ribs and two weeks off training .... I think I get it
  13. pja

    Game On

    OK - you can add pja and Country Matters to the list - one for each side! Yeppoon is my warm up for the GC! Tricia.
  14. pja


    Me too - you've made me cry!! Well done, that's a brilliant achievement and I'm so pleased for you. The photos are famtastic! Hopefully we'll get to meet you one day at another race. Obviously this is now the first of many ...... Tricia.
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