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    You reckon that’s bad, this was by the road this morning. imagine if I had “fallen” on that
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    My mental health I would have always described as resilient while my mother was diagnosed as bipolar and one of my daughters too (well that's an ongoing process as she continues to work with a psychiatrist and psychologist). I never thought of myself as having a problem or even a predisposition to having such problems. Of course there have been moments of depression quite validly in response to circumstances . Clinical depression as I understand will develop from a depressive state when it becomes constant and there is no foreseeable chance of improvement. I wonder about this when having a good or bad surf, or MTB ride, can have such a marked affect on my mood for the day. The thought that I couldn't do these things I love I find depressing. It's when I'm unable to do these things, like when sick, injured or traveling and stuck in some concrete jungle somewhere do I start to have these feelings. This is when I think maybe I do have a predisposition and maybe these various forms of exercise I find so pleasurable are the treatment and that is why I find them so addictive. It's a self medication.. I have little doubt about the mental health benefits of exercise, as well as the physical ones. Maybe they should not be thought of separately. In any case, without physical activity my mental health definitely wanes. I think it's a hardwired survival trait.. Go with that and self medicate as much as possible (in addition to any other prescribed treatment).
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    I'm going back again. Number 22 in Taupo and this is my freebie for my 20th that I didn't get last year. Interesting that they have changed the bike course after no changes for over 10 years. I notice they have taken out the loop along the private road on the second lap. Maybe they have had issues with the owners of that road. They have also taken out the climb up state highway 5 off the lake which was always a good crowd atmosphere section. The new section out at the Reporoa end might take out some of that coarse trucking road surface as Vaile Rd looks like a quiet country road that wouldn't be used by the logging trucks. If anything I would say the bike course may be slightly easier. Training going ok when its not smokey, pouring rain or pools closed due to smoke/mud storms. Looking forward to swimming in Lake Taupo again. It's still the most enjoyable swim in an Ironman in near Australia.
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    If you are executing properly and not blowing your socks off for the greatest majority of the volume, then you aren't needing to recover from anything. You aren't pulling up whacked from the workouts. Its a drip-drip method, versus hammer blows. You're aerobically fit, and better able to recover day to day. You are also eating appropriately, and sleeping enough...and sacrificing as needed to hit a home run on both those fronts. eg. no internet surfing, no tv, etc.
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    I hear you Dalai. A lady friend of ours in FNQ is really suffering at the moment with the sudden loss of her hubby before Christmas. Heartbreaking. Just keep hugging your friends and family. FM
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    The REAL question is, "What is the secret to Sub 13".
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    Unconditional love. You wouldn't believe how much "Man's best friend" can change the way you feel.
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    The lead-up to my best race, I missed 1 training session in the 4 months prior. That morning I woke up and my body said no, so I listened. Every other day I fronted, rain hail or shine. I changed a couple sessions after starting & feeling shit, but I still fronted. The real secret to sub 10 isn't some magic formula of 10/275/60, or anything else. It's wanting it enough to do whatever it is you need to do.
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    Got an offer on the house and accepted it yesterday. Just got to keep the fingers crossed now nothing causes the sale to fall through.
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    That's exactly what I strive to do. Group rides are difficult though as most don't want to kick off until 6am. A 4 hour ride at that time has you home around 10ish, after shower etc it pretty much 11, days already half gone and depending on the mood you have a grumpy wife and kids. Kick off at 4am you are home by 8 and ready to have breaky with the fam at 9 and get stuck into the day. Everyone is happy-its s if you havent even trained.
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    I don’t for a second believe everyone could go sub 10. I think people are training more serious and better than ever, but we aren’t seeing many more going sub 10 than we did in 2001. in 2001-2007 most average athletes started training New Year’s Day 12 weeks out give or take a few week before forster. now people train 50 weeks a year. sub 10 you’ve either got the ability or not. sub 12 with solid training is certainly possible for 70% of people sub 11!maybe 50% of people could with solid training and diet. that’s my opinion of being in the sport for 25 years.
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    That reminded me when my mum was years ago prescribed Guinness by the doctor to help with iron and put on weight. He'd first suggested milkshakes/smoothies but as she doesn't really do milk too well, he then suggested Guinness. She was slightly mortified "what will the neighbours, people in the supermarket think!"...LOL...worked a treat though. Dad was jealous.
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    Yep. I’m benefiting from that in my cycling team at the moment. The banter & fear of getting dropped on the climbs is a huge motivator. Im in Bali on holidays & have still managed to run almost every day. Did 60km on the bike. I have been eating salad & grilled fish etc for most meals. We have been avg 20k steps a day. I think I have managed to drop weigh on holidays. Won’t know for sure until I get home.
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    Suggest we should add in here, as a big help, the ‘cluster’. Emfield theory that your longevity and potential personal success (an arbitrary thing), is very much influenced by being part of a cluster. Reckon the shire mob are proof of this, amongst others.
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    Smash out 2 hours every second day - you'll still be recovering from the smash-fest 2 days prior, so no, not a great option. Moderate 2 hours every day - too much time in the mushy middle means that you don't develop your aerobic base nor do you develop your top end, so no, not a great option. Far better to build light and shade into the week - one long ride in your aerobic zone (around 75% of your max HR or predetermined power range if that's your thing), one race pace sustained effort (we used to do lots of 1 hr TTs with run off the bike), mid week strength intervals (either hill reps of varying duration or shorter TT efforts - anything from 1 minute max efforts up to 10minute efforts. around 1 hour of work within a 90min session). On the other days, you can ride your bike for recovery - strictly RECOVERY pace, like your cranks are made of glass. Thinking that you can go out the day after a challenging session and push the pace only stuffs up all the good work that you put in to the key sessions.
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    Finding out the time isn’t that hard. Finding the focus is the problem for me
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    I too have yet to go sub 10, but was hoping for it at Busso last year - I got sick and had to pull out a week before. Giving it another crack at Port this year but it is a harder course, so I can't see it happening for me. I'm the inverse of Bosco - swimming background, ok cyclist, weak runner. It is absolutely relative - I swam solo whenever I could but typically 1-2 swims/week (sometimes none), and spent more time on the bike and running. 60-70km running per week was common, max of 90km. This and consistent time on the bike (trainer) was/is key for me. Average training hours were 15-16 hrs/week, maxed at 20. Married with 2 kids under 10, but was able to be flex with work arrangements to accommodate 2 sessions/day. Everyone is different.
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    Yep, great talent on the court, reportedly could of have alot of improvement off it. Sad to see anyone pass like this, but let's keep perspective when 3 lost their lives near Cooma just days ago
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    They are rough volumes and balance you would be looking at for the last 8 to 12 weeks. But you need to be able to complete these distances without getting injured or overly sore. Earlier in the season I would advise having focus in each discipline that is higher than the numbers quoted above. Example 3 weeks of 15km swimming, during which you may be only riding 150 - 200km and running 30 - 40km. 3 weeks of riding over 300km, again with less swimming and running. You need to be pretty comfortable with the weekly mileage for each individual discipline before combining them together. If you haven't been able to post consecutive 60km running weeks without any soreness before your Ironman block, it is not going to magically happen with the extra fatigue, stiffness,etc from the long bike and swim mileage.
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    I heard to do it just do Busso or Melbourne easy peasy 😉
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    Every 3-6 months depending on the weather according to Stans. Diligence would probably gravitate towards 3 months in hotter climates but so far in Sydney I've been getting away with every 6. Signs that you need a top up: the tyre will deflate overnight. So watch the deflation rate.
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    Stans claim their sealant will seal up holes up to a quarter of an inch in diameter but in practice the consensus seems to agree on an eighth of an inch. So a nail hole should seal. I've heard of people adding sparkles to their sealant mix to help seal bigger holes and faster. I've never felt the need myself. I've been running tubeless for over a decade using Stans and have probably only had something like 3 flats where I needed to use the emergency tube. It's very rare but it's bloody messy when it happens. I did have the tyre go down one time because of a nail but after pumping it up again it sealed and stayed up. I think I might have had to rotate the tyre so the hole was at the bottom where pool of sealant would be to get a good seal. I did have a couple of issues with some tubeless conversions with the Stans conversion kits for non tubeless rims. The valve on the rim strip would sometimes start to separate from the strip and a hole would form at the base of the valve. The sealant for some reason could never seal the hole. Anyway these rim strip are a thing of the past now and unnecessary with tubeless rims, so forget this paragraph 😁
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    Oh there it is .... fell out my pocket & Ive been looking for it all day. Cheers Roxii
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    The root cause is athletes not seeing their doc for a regular check up. Guilty of that myself sometimes. The blood pressure thing isn't just for oldies either. You won't nessearily notice your blood pressure climbing over a period of time, but it can have a major impact as described in this paper and any literature on strokes. Get a check up, keep yourself healthy and race happy. Might save your loved ones from a bit of grief as well.
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    I used Araldite on some HED carbon tri bars once. Seemed to work ok.
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    $590 as best I can tell
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    While we are talking selling house. Wife finishing up work in country Vic soon. We had two major working bees on the house prior to Christmas ( painting, gardening and trip to tip) to make the house presentable for possible sale. Monday Last week Wife Casually enquired about selling our house with real estate agency, got the forms for contract etc and brought them home to Melbourne. Tuesday last week we decided to put it on market to test the waters expecting that it might sell by end of March. Wednesday Wife went back to work and dropped signed docs etc off mid morning. Real estate agent did appraisal later that day, listed house Thursday morning, with open house scheduled for following Saturday. first viewing Thursday evening resulted in first offer ( semi lowball & knocked back) Friday morning second viewing resulted in full price offer from a purchaser with finance. Minor panic stations for conveyancor to complete sec 32 but all good. Everything confirm Monday this week with settlement in early March. In 25 years of buying and selling houses, I have never experienced such a quick sale. We are realistic and know things can fall apart in the next 4 weeks. But purchaser is keen, got money and is already making plans. Result, I'm spending 3 weekends in Feb moving furniture and crap out of the house and depositing it at daughters newly purchased home ( 400km trip!) and at our home. It's a logistical balancing act in moving stuff daughter needs and leaving enough stuff for the wife to use for her last rotation at work before settlement. All this is a first world problem that I'm happy to have, but it's playing havoc with the training for Shepparton and Victor Harbour triathlon!!
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    Good news Katz! Hopefully it all goes well. our house is having it’s first open day this weekend. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long to have a buyer. It’s time to move it on. We made the decision that WA is where we will be long term now. So are selling the house in Townsville, it was going to be our retirement home as it’s beautiful but things change and it’s time to let someone else enjoy it.
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    Was down at Yamba (northern coastal NSW) with my better half for the long weekend. Got to engage in some 'parkrun tourism' and lined up on Saturday morning with about a hundred other parkrunners - a good mix of locals and tourists like myself. Nice course - very flat, but a bit windy. Long straight section tho along the Clarence River. Really enjoyed it! Ran a 26:15 - happy with that as the body was feeling a bit sleepy, trying to tell me it was still only 6am (QLD time!). Really enjoy the parkrun tourism thing. I'm finding whenever we manage to escape for a weekend one of the first things we check now is if there's a local parkun nearby... Fun way to meet a few locals... 🙂
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    Hah, too funny, I saw that and walked past it. Was just around the corner from my place.
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    Currently plodding along in NB 1080 fresh foams.
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    I'm in no position to add value to any of this discussion other than to point to an old thread which had a lot of gold nuggets in it. For those who have significantly improved IM times
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    I have never been able to sustainably do more than 15 hours so no idea. But within 15hours- 3 x swims per week - 3hours, 9km, 4x bike rides per week (3 x trainer, 1h,1h,1.5h) 1 x 4 hour ride = 7.5h/200k Run - 3 x 1h, 1 x 1h 30min. = 4.5h = 55km - that was rough breakdown last 12 months. Im a a relative stronger runner, mediocre biker and weak swimmer, but all relative. PS - I’m yet to break 10h
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    Old Russian proverb; to have a happy life you need 3 things: 1. Someone to love 2. Someone who loves you 3. And something to look forward to. Unfortunately no exercise today but packing up to go home - always happy to be homeward bound. So that's something. Raining here anyway. I've had some long breaks due to injuries and surgery during those times I taught myself to build wheels and I'd build up a new bike to keep the juices flowing. It helped me stay positive and looking forward. Andhelped me shed excess cash 😂 Welcome to the eBay and bargain basement build methodology mate!
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    Under 2 months to go, who is doing the race? My training is going well, endurance is building nicely in the swim and on bike. My run will be what it will be. So far this year all my swimming has been in the sea. Slight changes to the bike course this year which I can't see making much difference.
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    But 70.3 isn't technically proper Iron.....
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    Is this doctor of yours a cardiologist? If not do as AA7 says... see a specialist What I found interesting in that study was a couple of them had stents! Beware the mid life crisis reform! It's good to change your lifestyle but extreme changes I think are risky. Intensity and volume need to gradually increased. And again if you've had heart issues get a specialist's advice and have a discussion about risks vs benefits. There are no guarantees or 100% reliable formulae. The other aspect of interest to me was the immersion aspect. As I understand it is a hardwired adaptation so when we stick our heads in water the heart rate slows to help conserve oxygen. I'm wondering if this also plays a part - it seems so. I seem to hear of more heart attacks during the swim than any other leg.
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    No silly , its for putting a smile on your dial 😉
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    Yeah, that's like a different language This link helps a bit...I think https://www.diversalertnetwork.org/health/heart/immersion-pulmonary-edema
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    Could possibly be electrolytes. I use them in water and fuel separately generally, use the Nuum, GU, SIS type ones I find if tired or head ache these help. I have naturally low iron, and take supplement when training lots but find the electrolytes help more on daily basis
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    I'd suggest not posting up his videos or watching them. It only drives traffic which is currency/oxygen in the world of social media.
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    I'm on parkrun 49. I did 26 parkruns in my first year of doing them ..back in 2012. It's taken me 8 years to get to parkrun 49! Might take another 8 to get to 50
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    I bought a new bike, Im not postin a pic cos you'll tease me Its a Giant
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    Based on this year, still being alive at the end of 2020 would be nice! I saw the Neurologist yesterday, as it's exactly six months after having my brain seizures. He agreed to let me try to wean myself off the anti-seizure medication (Keppra) and has said that it's ok for me to swim and ride again as long as I'm aware of the risks. So far I've only had one swim and, apart from it being really slow & awkward, it was bloody brilliant! I also saw my Urologist recently to get my latest PSA results (which were taken six weeks after my surgery for Prostate Cancer). The Urologist said he was happy with my progress, but that the test results still showed a small PSA reading (0.03) which although not high, is still not ideal after having a Radical Prostatectomy. Neither he nor the Physio were real keen on me getting back into much exercise as yet, but I figured that if I do happen to need radiation treatment next year then I'd rather be a bit fitter going into it. So I've managed to get out and do the 5km Parkrun for the past three weeks. It's taken me over 30 minutes to do each one, but I'm getting better. My biggest problem is that my inactivity over the past six months has meant that I've now got really stiff knees that ache badly during and after running. I'd been hoping that it was just one of the side effects of the Keppra medication, but apparently it's not, it's more likely that it will be arthritis in the joints... Ain't getting older fun!! That all sounds pretty dire, but really I'm fine, I'm happy and I'm really looking forward to next year. I've had a great run in life so far, so anything that I do get done in 2020 will just be a bonus! Bring it on!!
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    Neither. It’s none of our business. If they’re happy, be happy for them. If it’s a phase, let them pass through it.
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