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    Hit the trails often. Both in training and racing. Basics to practice include: descending efficiently and smoothly on steep uneven terrain, without trashing your quads. walking the hills/climbing stairs strongly. running on technical single track. drinking and eating, particularly running comfortably after consuming all manner of food. (You may have a specific nutrition plan, but some hot soup and a sausage sandwich may be what you find yourself eating on a cold wet night). a blister management plan. avoiding chaffing, including selecting most comfortable clothing and lube application. familiarising yourself with clothing and conditions, eg. knowing how much, how little or what combination of items to wear in cold, rain, etc. headlamp /night running managing glasses or contact lens, if applicable pack selection and how to pack (weight distribution, ease of access, ease of inspection, etc) There's a whole lot trail ultra smarts that will exist in the void between AAA 50km and UTA 100km. The best way to tap into it is by spending time on trails, particularly with experienced trail runners. It's a friendly, welcoming sport, and trail runners are happy to share knowledge and ideas.
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    Sitting by the pool at the Mercure in Alice Springs. Having done stage 1 of the Redback MTB race this morning and have stage 2 at 4.40pm #livingthedream. #redbackmtbrace
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    Besides Turts and I who else will be there? +1 and I arrive on the 29th and leave on the 2nd, we are doing to open race on Friday evening and I am in the standard on Sunday.
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    Just hanging with my daughter at the beach, had a dive, no decent fish around today, so just colouring in lady beetles and watching all the boats zoom past
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    That is the main problem, trail running doesn't have a huge amount of equipment you can shave weight from, so that only leaves one other option,,,,which sucks very badly.
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    Flying up to Cairns on the way to Port Douglas. Holiday! Celebrate!
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    England Scotland Wales Ireland Australia NZ France Belgium Germany Luxembourg Switzerland Spain Canary Islands Iberia Portugal Netherlands Monaco Austria Poland Italy Madeira Guernsey Jersey Greece Denmark Sweden Norway Turkey USA Canada Argentina Peru Chile Colombia Bolivia Mexico Belize Sth Korea China Hong Kong Japan Singapore Thailand Fiji India Sth Africa Egypt Malaysia
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    Just got back from rock climbing - won a couple of North Face t-shirts in a raffle for World Rock Climbing Day. Sweet!
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    Ground hog day. Anther 12 hour day in the Gobi desert in Mongolia. I have moved my roster around a little to cover for my boss. So this roster is only 21 days instead of the usual 28. Still the work is interesting, the money is good and the people are great. Last night was 90 minutes on a exercise bike and tonight I will do an outside run.
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    Day 3 or Redback MTB stage race in Alice Springs, so racing MTB this morning. The body it starting to hurt from the impact of crashing, Today could be a long slow day with the back of the field But beats sitting at a desk #redbackmtbrace #livingthedream
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    Pretending to look busy for another 5 hours at work before getting ready to fly to Switzerland next Tuesday.
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    One more day of work before we pick up our hired T6 camper for 8 days of surfing, running and relaxing in Wales.
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    Workin my arse off in an office so I can get away to Spain / France and Portugal for a month from the weekend. (F*** Gotta get off transitions)
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    Yes, you couldn't have described Jones more accurately.
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    Goughy, I know it seems so tough now, but we got through all that with our daughter, and she's doing so well in her life and her career now that she's matured. We're so proud of her, and amazed at what she's done after what it looked like it was going to be like in her mid teens. It's not the academic career some of your kids are chasing, but she's managing a top store, and is constantly being offered jobs by others now that a few know her. It's well worth the effort, and we've never been closer than we are now.
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    Well done. Although we didn’t meet formally , that’s my backside in the first photo scrambling up the gully day two. I imagine we may have chatted or cursed together. It was beautiful and brutal. Would I recommend it to others. Hell yes. Would I do it again. No way. Ps Lawman. I had breakfast with your wife this morning.
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    Back in Alice Springs now. It was everything Lawman promised. I will try and write something when on computer.
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    When I DNF'd Race to the Stones, I was waiting for my sister to pick me up and forgot to switch off my watch. I went from an average of 9min kms to a best split of 77kph
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    Don't have a lot of motivation to travel overseas. There's too much to see and do here in Australia that I doubt I'll get to see/do even 10% of whats on my bucket list. Problem is my bucket list involves more than just being there but rather spending time there and having a good look around. So the bucket list (in part) consists of: Kakadu and Litchfield National parks in depth. Was there briefly in 2014 but barely scratched the surface. Kings Canyon West and East MacDonnell Ranges Arnham Land Kimberleys Western Australia (yeah all of it) Channel Country of Western Queensland Cape York (but not necessarily the OTT) SA/NSW/QLD border region including Oodnadatta Track, Birdsville track, Coopers Creek, Camerons Corner etc Broken Hill and Silverton (so I can appreciate it more this time) Victorian High Country (in Summer) Flinders Ranges Tasmania (yeah all of it) Murray River (if theres any water in it) AJ
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    Haha, all good, I can see you As I get old I find I suffer fools less and I make a conscious choice to remove as much negativity and confrontation from my interactions, whether online or in person. It's far easier to walk away (or block) people who you think have a detrimental vibe. The alternative to blocking is not to visit at all (which I have done a few times) but I value the contributions of some and have some good mates on here. You only have to look at the mental health thread and see how many people suffer from issues but expose themselves to the wrong influences every day. I heard a report this morning that mental health issues have increased 65% in the last 10 years. I find that interesting given the iPhone was released in 2007 (widely adopted in 2009) which roughly coincided with Facebook's popularity explosion. Coincidence? People commit suicide because of trolls but everyone has the option to not listen to them.
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    I will be there spectating before heading down to race in Nice the week after
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    when i did a 100km, i was very focused on avoiding injury or mental fatigue my longest run was 35km Most weeks topped out at about 80km I did allot of double run days, run to work 13km, run home 13km with backpack to practice carrying gear, maybe once or twice a week. I learn to check ego in and run slow and walk hills. Would run jog about 40 seconds/km slower than my normal long run cruising speed for some runs. I did 1 100km week only because i really wanted to and it nearly killed me. Longest run that week was about 16km, but 3 double run days, and 2 days off, two single run days. Used my bike as a recovery tool, and to initially do some longer sessions. After a run would then walk with family to spend more time on my feet. Found the most comfortable shoes i could to run in for training Had days off if mentally toast
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    Soooo, we all think Alan Jones is a douche, right?
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    Do zero training and just do 100km. It will hurt like hell. You won't win. You'll be sore for a week after. But just think of all the time you'll save doing no training. All those free weekend. The only thing you need is to be mentally tough. Which you already know you are.
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    Working my arse off in an office so I can get away to Europe for a month from the weekend. (And coming back to a new job, with a new Agency in a different State. ) (F*** Gotta get off transitions)
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    I am under no illusion as to how privileged I am. I am two generations downstream from an upbringing of poverty with no thought of home ownership or high school let alone tertiary education. I understand others hold different opinions to me and elderly, religious people may not be in a position or inclined to look forward more than the next pension day. This was my grandparents. I am also of the opinion that the next generation is going to be worse off than mine, financially and environmentally and that the conservative influence of Jones and the politicians he endorses are not acting in the best interests of present and future generations. I hate that the noisy minority hold undue influence through media magnification and sway our politics disproportionately. If that makes me sanctimonious then I guess I am.
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    I thought he looked fine in some parts of the video. Regardless, why would Lionel care? Even with that apparent "poor form" he still came second and qualified for Kona off the back of 6 weeks run training. I find it somewhat funny that we sit around saying his form is terrible when he accomplished far more in triathlon than most of us could dream of! (me especially!). It's kinda like saying Einstein's handwriting is terrible so we should basically throw his theory of relativity in the bin.
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    Kohli given out last year at Perth was no different. Nor Joe Root himself given out last year. Every player out there admits it's hard to know whether the ball touched the ground before your fingers went under it when you are diving forward to take it.
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    'twas work. Syria was just prior to the ISIS shitstorm. I had a chance to travel to some of the great archaeological sites like Palmyra but thought "In a hurry to get home, will do it next time" . Great people and amazingly awesome food but many aspects of a real hard-ass police state kinda feel. Damascus is amazing - one of the oldest places on earth - I stood where Jesus did in front of some church or other, and visited the place where Cain killed Abel, apparently.... Kazakhstan - despite how physically beautiful the people are (kinda Asian, kinda Russian), one of the most pathetic and ugly societies I have ever had the misfortune to visit. If you have wanted to see what a city was like with no quality (in anything) go to Astana.... I understand Almaty is a better experience. Albania - that place is just so wrong. Don't go there. Iran - possibly the nicest people and the best food ever. Would love to go back.
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    well if he loses they will also fund his retirement
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    Choice of language really matters. The use of violent metaphor is unpleasant. When that violent metaphor is focussed on particular person then it becomes unacceptable. He did not say she should "put a sock in it" or tell her to "pipe down" or "butt out" or "mind her own business" or "get her own house in order first" all of which would have likely caused no issue at all. He said "Scott Morrison should be fully briefed to shove a sock down her throat". Essentially saying that she should be suffocated or at least forcefully gagged, either way, violently assaulted. Yes a sane and rational person would probably interpret that as the use of hyperbole and "colourful" language rather than a direct incitement to violence but the problem is there are an awful lot of non-rational people out there who will hear that and interpret it as a justification for their desire to do physical harm to those that they disagree with politically. The murder of Jo Cox shows us how dangerous that can be.
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    this is why I love spotify.
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    Whats even sadder is that his target demographic is the 18-39 females. I find it astounding that he is their choice of radio personality. I find both he and AJ morally abhorrent.
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    While he attacks anyone who doesn;t think like him, he saves a special level of malice and hate for any woman who dares to think. Gillard, Keneally, the CEO of the Opera House who wouldn't use it as a billboard for Alan's racing mates, and now Ardern. He uses depioctions of violence: throw Gillard into a chaff bag into the ocean, and now choking a respected NZ PM. He is just a misogynistic out of touch old white male
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    I'm in. 3rd Sunny Coast and 6th HIM. Hoping to go sub 7hrs for the first time (yeah I know, not fast for most people but it's my goal!)
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    Registration done and a beautiful day mans a photo from this morning at Simpsons Gap where the long course start tomorrow
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    I do believe she wanted a start on the Gold Coast last year but was denied because she hadn't done any qualifying. No problems when they team isn't full though.
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    Building a rocker base for a wing chair a customer is having me do up for his sister who's about to have her first child. Never done one of these before. It seems to be square at least...
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    My husband received a Rapid Ascent email last year and thought Run Larapinta sounded fun, he is a runner. We had never been to the red centre and as we like to combine a bit of a holiday with racing we entered. They send you a sample training program which we tried to follow and it ended up being pretty good. Arrived Thursday and spent the arvo and next day getting organised. Run 1 was 11km on Friday evening along tracks around town. It was a bit windy and dusty as expected but quite beautiful and an easy introduction to the race. It was cool turning on the head torch to complete the course as the sun went down. Back to town to get some food and get organised for the next morning. Day 2 (20km 31 degrees)was an early start onto the bus with a drop off at Old Hamilton Homestead about 1 and a half hours away. Day started with a nice easy 6.5k flatish run and then it was on!! Up a long steep switch back hill and across a ridge with amazing views, it was starting to heat up but the breeze and views on top were great. How hard could this be I though Ive done the big climb now its getting down and through the gorges, simple. So So wrong!!! The trail pretty much ended at the start of the descent which was steep, rocky and steep and rocky, and then there was a bit of steep and rocky, then a gradual climb though the gorges again picking your own track trying not to lose the trail and it was getting hot. I new there was a climb at the end but there really is two. Once over the second last one I started to feel a bit sick, nutrition wasn't going well, heart rate was going up and the thought of "when the F%$k is this going to end" was a constant. Came up another part of the water course and all you can see is a sheer wall, this was my demise, time for a little sit down and cry at the bottom and then a very slow ascent and descent. There is then a short walk trail to the finish at Standly Chasm where tourist were clapping, which was too much for me. I ran across the finish line and promptly burst into tears much to the amusement of other finishers. What a day, physically and mentally so tough, amazing but brutal, no amount of running training could prepare you for the stage as really other than the first part, there was no running. Back on the bus home and a quick rest and then do it all again, organise stuff for tomorrow, pick up our wheels for the next few days, eat and pack as we were moving to Glen Helen the next day. Day 3 (22km 22 degrees) another early start and a 1.20 drive to Glen Helen. Weather had changed and was cool but really windy. Today was the easy day, felt heaps better and ran well on the mostly undulating not technical trails, the finish took you around the pound walk at Ormison Gorge which was quite hilly but absolutely spectacular. All went well and really enjoyed the day. Although 22 kms this took me an hour less than the 20km the previous day. Back to Glen helen, set up our camper, the true hard core slept in teeny tiny tents being gently buffeted to sleep by the gale force winds and exfoliated by the fine red dust. Rest pack eat repeat! Day 4 (31km 16 degrees 1degree in the morning) the long coursers headed off for a gentle run to the top of MT Sonder in the dark in 55km winds and 1 degree. We skirted the bottom and had an enjoyable undulating run for the first half then it was up and over Hilltop Lookout which was a long climb up and a steep descent. Onto the flats and the non trail runners like myself started to catch up with the mountain goats who passed us previously, things were going well only 5km to go feeling good running well, trip over my own feet, hyper extend the left leg and there goes the hammie, lopped home, shuffling down and flat bits and limping up the hills at least it was only 5 km and I still finished far faster then expected, running down to Glen Helen was awesome, for a not particularly good runner to get though 80km over 4 days relatively in one piece was something I was well chuffed about. Truthfully the difficulty of this run is not the run its self, its the backing up day after day, the organising of your gear each night, the long drives to and from the start, the technical terrain that you just can't run on but have to be mentally switched on for or you hit the dirt. The things that make it awesome is the sense of achievement each day, the people that your run and chat with, you tend to see the same people off and on during each stage as you are going similar pace, the are you OK and a smile when you are down and the high 5s when things are going well, the friendships formed over race stories around the bar each evening and the quiet nervous chats in the mornings when you all know what's your getting yourself into again. Would I recommend others do it?? HELL YES!!!. Would I do it again??? Not a chance!!! Photos are in order of the day they were taken.
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    I hope (and assume) that the accusation is ironic... I'm afraid I respectfully disagree that the causes of male violence against women are mostly the same as causes of violence against males. There is significant crossover, yes, but there are certain factors that affect one more than others. To say that they are the same completely ignores the gender and power imbalance that does exist between men and women (although it is getting better) and it also ignores the sexual element that is present in many instances of male violence against women. Yes there are certain drivers of both (poverty, alcohol and drug abuse amongst others) but to lump them together ignores some very important nuance.
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    Jesus christ, I'm not left or right but do you just wake up and count the ways you slam your nuts in the drawer each day?
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    The suggestion that Jones' influence is based on his limited listenership is a pretty narrow view. Rightly or wrongly his voice is heard much wider when he makes a fuss. If this wasn't the case nobody much would care what he said about anyone but many of you feel so strongly about it that you want him forcibly removed. It's really not what he says or where he says it that scares politicians and the like, it's the scrutiny it might bring. Personally I think he's a bit of a scumbag but I don't greatly concern myself with his ramblings. By which of course you mean that they haven't yet managed to become as enlightened as your fine self. Many of them have probably spent their entire lives not being able to look past their next pay, let alone their lifetime. It's amazing how sanctimonious one can become if you lose sight of just how privileged your life really is.
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    Sweet I’m going to put food on my mates backpack when he’s not looking & wait for him to get smashed
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