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    Slayed (slew?) a very big white whale on Saturday... Rocked up to Stones Corner Parkrun as it was pacer week. Locked on to the 25min pacer, and for the first time in my entire life (all 46 years of it) went sub-25 for 5km. Official time was 24:55... Last 750m saw some very ugly running from me... Pretty sure I was doing some sort of weird grunting over the last 200m with every step... *lol* But did the job, and that's a very big goal ticked off. Now for a sub-50min 10km... ๐Ÿ™‚
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    I'm in for my first long course...
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    We'll, it's done. Admitedly, I was a little worried. Haven't run more than 500m in one go since October - been doing run/walk for UTA, and then mostly walking. But wanted to start doing this to get my constant running back on track. Ran the whole thing. Broke no records, but kept a steady pace. And yes, it is running for me. Yes some people can walk faster. Care factor = 0.
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    Does it matter what the Gillard government thought? I'm not going to tell you how to debate your topics IJ, but you seem to be fixated on the politics rather than the problem. Sometimes things have to be done because it's the right thing to do. Minimising the sh!t we throw in the air and ocean - whether it can be proven to be more widely damaging to the planet or not - is simply the right thing to do.
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    It's not really a maximum effort until you start making people wonder if you're having a cardiac arrest. On Saturday I cruised Mansfield with my neighbour and was baited by a guy running alongside me in the last 500m dropping the usual encouragement of "you're nearly there mate" and "one last effort" before firing off a "try and stick with me". My neighbour grinned and waited for it and I kicked hard with about 300m to go. Ended up peaking at 2:30/km and averaging 2:45/km for that effort. He finished about 15s behind me and came up to me afterwards and finished it with a "I should have known that you were taking it easy". He's since followed me on Strava and commented with a "Turns out you do a bit more training that you look like you do." Not sure if I should be offended or complimented? ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‚
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    I'm doing my first Parkwalk tomorrow.
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    Anyone that wants to hear more...tell me! Go on my FB page and ask for more, and give me topic suggestions as to what you might like my thoughts on. Contrary to what seems popular belief, I like and encourage this, because it gives me more certainty that at least someone is interested. I'm genuinely interested in what people might like to hear about, because after doing so many videos you start to run out of content on your own. Unfortunately my work can come across a bit unpolished at times. But typically...no, always...there is no planning. What happens is I get a brain fart, then I immediately go and find somewhere quiet around the home, albeit not the most flash back-drop, and press record and talk. I never write a script, have a plan, or anything. That doesn't work at all for me. The only way for me is to let it come naturally, just say whatever is flooding into my head and doesn't have to reached inside for. I probably forget more things than I say sometimes. But this method, as rough as it can be, is more natural to me and I hope conveys a better message.
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    I had a lengthy talk with Matt after the race last Sunday - we discussed Transitions and some of the guys posting here ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜
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    Good to see a few of our crew get their mugs on the video.
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    I just completed 50 park runs - my how time flies! I really love 5k runs. It has something for everyone - for some it's a sprint, for others it's an endurance event and it's even walkable within a reasonable time and great for dogs too. And what a great, universal benchmark - sub 20, 25, 30, 35 minutes - they are something we can relate to, ie 4 minute, 5 minute 6 minute ks. I am really looking forward to our Winter duathlon series with its 5k -18k - 5k format - kind of a couple of park runs with a time-trial in the middle! Great fun! Give it a go if you haven't already but, please! Don't wear your ironman kit!
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    We went to the dog park yesterday, not knowing this event was on. We were in heaven.
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    I did mention that in the Cairns thread. He ran past in sluggos. I yelled out with beer in hand only 99 more ironmans to go John. He told me to get fcuked๐Ÿ˜€
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    My race report if anyone is interested. Well done to all competitors, it was a tough one! http://just-tri-hard.blogspot.com/2019/06/ironman-cairns-2019.html
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    Played most of the game with a fractured wrist after being cracked with a stick, and scored both goals in a 2-1 win over top of the table Mossman in the soaking rain (hockey). The Johnny Sattler of Glebe 4th grade ๐Ÿ˜„
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    Yep, once. Qualified at my first IM. Had never ridden more than probably 120km. No idea about how to train for or do an IM. No idea about KQ, someone at the beach the following morning said I should go to some rolldown thing. So I did.
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    Mostly talking about your socks I reckon ๐Ÿ˜
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    The owners all just let them off lead. They run around like lunatics. Being Golden Retrievers, they immediately went for anybody that was willing to snuggle & play. I sat on the ground for a minute and mine jumped straight on for a play, then was joined by half a dozen more. It turns out the ear licking she does is fairly normal for GR's. The half dozen puppies were amazing. Not a brain between them.
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    98% of publishing climate scientists. What would your chances be of getting published as a climate scientist if you disagree with the reason that all of your fellow climate scientists (who peer review your stuff) get paid?
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    It was 30 minutes + 2 laps. Started off nice and easy. Kept to the back for the first few laps. Don't really know how many. I lost track. It Started to get a bit messy after a while. The first few laps were just like one long train which was nice. But then it started to spread out widthways a bit and I wasn't really sure where I should be. Should you only pass on one side? And triathlon you can only pass on the right no matter where they are. Increasing if they are in the middle and you are directly behind them do you pass on the left or the right? A nice woman told me to jump on the back of her wheel and she took me up the front a bit. I thanked her at the end of the race for looking after me. I didn't spend very long on the front. Not until about the second last lap and then all of a sudden I heard a noise coming and sure enough it was a couple of guys putting the foot down. So I took off after them. And we regrouped by the next turn. That was the interesting part of the race. This happened about three or 4 times. People take off, everyone else would chase, and then it would calm back down to a Sunday stroll. The sprint finish was interesting. I was expecting everyone to go for it but they didn't. What's with that? I waited until about 200 m out from the finish line before I got out of the saddle. Was waiting for a group to fly by but they never did. I don't get it. I thought the purpose was to win the race? It seems like quite a few didn't bother trying? Anyway I had a great time and can't wait until the next one. I believe next week it is up at Elimbah, but I'm not sure what time. Have emailed the club and am waiting to hear back. Yes. See photo. Love love loved it. 20190615_105414.mp4
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    I've just entered Big Husky 2020 for the bargain price of $265, this price only available until 5pm today so come on what are you waiting for
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    You realise 3 x times the population equals 3 x the expenditure, right? Come and try and get Drs appt, your kid into a decent school, a hospital appt. All these things are 'free' over here but it comes from somewhere. I love it when folks that live 12,000 miles are experts on what's happening here. (it's why I don't comment on Brexit thread). Trust me, the streets here aren't awash with so much cash that the Gov. (any Gov) has enough to 'piss it up a wall'. The biggest difference here was that years ago, there was a massive push for 2nd Gen clean diesel cars. A few years ago in most western EU countries, you'd be flat out seeing a petrol car. The golden egg was lower CO2 emissions but lately that mantra has changed back in favour of petrol. (higher CO2 but less other nasty toxins). Diesel sales have plummeted by something like 60%. EVs are becoming very popular here, things holding them back are non standardised charging and the stupid subscription models but by far the biggest issue is that an awful of the urban population in the UK don't have a driveway, so no charging point. Tide is turning though, many many companies are installing charging points that are free for employees at company car parks. (my company has 10). On the non vehicle front, that's a tougher nut to crack, mainly due to the way that the P/Kw is charged and the taxed amount. (approx 57% of all energy bills in the UK are tax). Distributed Energy is becoming a big thing but storage is the issue. CHP. (Combined Heat and Power) will be next shift in the way large corporates reduce their energy foot print. Ironically, that involves big Rolls Royce engines from Germany that produce huge amounts of power. Folks always think about offices using a lot of power. (they don't). By far, things like MTX and Data Ctrs are absolute power monsters. There are probably more barriers in the UK to go green than Australia, especially running EVs in winter. yet somehow, we seem to be able to adopt the willingness to give it a go. I'm involved in a lot of this in my corporate life. There are no simplistic answers but burying your head in the sand and shouting 'but we're different' sure as shit ain't one of them.
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    Update: the battery crapped itself too after threatening to do so for a while now so today I took it in to a repair shop for a new screen and battery. $140 later and it's like new again. I am rather impressed. He was a lovely young bloke too.
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    The running shoes may be more of a problem!
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    Yeah but did you see the Ironcowboy when he finished? This guy looked a lot fresher
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    Picked up the new wheels today. Ford Everest Titanium. The Pajero had done 150,000km in the 3 years we've had it. This one will be 2 years. Verdict so far is it's much nicer to drive on the road. I'll find out on the weekend what it's like off road.
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    Did trainer road ramp test this morning FTP has gone up from 202W to 259W in 6 weeks, and that's after 7 parkruns on Sunday. I've been on the SST base low intensity program. I'm so excited that I'm going to enter Western Sydney 70.3. I start the trainer road 70.3 base program tomorrow
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    Thanks MMW But couldn't agree more. Does anyone really care that much to want to get pitchforks out in AG racing? But I guess I forgot it triathlon type a crazy people
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    what was in the bag? not a pair of women togs worn once that have finally sold ????
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    I would get in contact with The Customer. She used to live in Geelong & is very knowledgeable in all things tri related. She has raced Kona.
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    I think the central tenet of this thread from its' very beginning is how much of a smug wanker one contributor continues to be.
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    The vollie 25 would be better
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    Well then, I'll just have to wear my "Park Run 50" t-shirt to an ironman - that's sure impress the Kona crew!
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    Cranky if you can spend a few mins having a chat with people you raced with you'll pick up a lot if info because the race is fresh in your mind. Every race is different, you'll learn to adapt & read the race but it takes a while to learn the craft & regular racing in crit, road, handicaps is the way to learn & have a lot of fun ๐Ÿ˜Š
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    No no, if you try to hard the will let you and all sit on your wheel and ride around you in the sprint. Thatโ€™s the only time โ€œcyclistsโ€ like triathletes. i was more talking about when a few get away up the toad and then everyone sits up looking at each other all waiting for someone else to chase.i was always happy to do a turn in closing down a break but if no one wanted to share the work Iโ€™d just sit up as well and tell them that Iโ€™m happy for the guys in the break to get away if we donโ€™t share the work.
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    Yep, you said it! (But it's not about need anyway.....)
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    Actually, just changed my mind. How about AUS team kit from Worlds?
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    I think they key part people tend to forget is climate is and has always been in a constant state of change. The planet has already been through 5 ice ages! First of all the scientists were claiming global warming, and then when those claims didn't stack up and they changed to climate change. This is what annoys me-there is a lot of money at stake and a lot of money to be made and people are taking advantage. Take for example the whole plastic bag con-instead of getting a double use out of plastic bags to carry your grocery's in and then use as a bin liner people are now buying bin liners. PLUS companies are ripping off people-at Rebel Sport on the weekend they wanted to charge me $1 per plastic bag!! There are three key questions: 1) Do we really think we are powerful enough to have any impact on mother nature, assuming climate change is a fact of life and has been since day 1? 2) If trillions if dollars is to be spent on combating climate change is there any real expectation we can make any difference? 3) Should the real question be why are we content to pollute the air leaving an environment that is worse for our kids and future generations? I think we should be doing everything we can to combat pollution-just don't sell me on bullshite that we can have any impact on climate change, sell me on the reality that we want clean air and unpolluted oceans.
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    Come on. You know that NASA are the biggest conspirators in this whole thing. They even fake all those round Earth photos to keep us believing what they want.
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    I wonder which scientists have a greater chance of getting a research grant...
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    Nicest and honest coach/competitor you will ever meet. He is happy to offer help if you like but doesn't force his ideas on you (unless you decide to be coached). Spoke with him briefly a couple of times at Port. Tough as nails competitor. One of the true ongoing people in our sport. FM
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    I'll shout you a lemonade before you drive back to the shire I'll shout you a beer at huskisson pub after you smash the LC
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    Youll be right. Just need to manage expectations.
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    Parkrun. First 5k straight in 6 months.
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    16km easy run, that's the last hit out before next Saturday. Hip is not happy but strangely, seems easier running than walking. Netflix and strength work for the next work and a healthy dose of 'she'll be right mate' on the day. ๐Ÿคž
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    New bike day, BMC with Force Etap Axis.
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    Was that when you turned in in team sky kit? That was hilarious
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    meh, anyone that teaches kids for a living is pretty fearless
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    wiggins i think you may mean GT, wiggo is a little over weight now to ride the tour, he may be on the eurosport sofa though
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