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    29 min pb on that course 19min pb on the distance first time under 6 hours. Very happy atm.
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    Had my best ever swim, OK bike and shit run. Crossed the line 3rd in my age group, but a competitor who started a few minutes behind me in the rolling start beat my time by 9 secs moving me to 4th. Only 3 slots in my age group, but luckily the 3rd place athlete didn't turn up to Rolldown so I snared the last spot. Wife managed to get a spot as part of the extra 25 slots for women (Women in Tri). So we are both going to Nice. But now she's thinking we shouldn't do the ITU Worlds in Lausanne (she wasn't expecting to qualify for Nice).
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    New disc wheel arrived last week and after much faffing and realising I didn't have the right bits (obviously I needed to order a tyre as well as the cassette!) I eventually got round to getting it all sorted yesterday. Getting the tyre on was a NIGHTMARE took me a long time but eventually all was well. Took it out for a spin this morning and I was skidding all over the place. The grip was appalling. I thought is this just what a disc feels like? Or is it something to do with the new carbon brake blocks? Then I had a look at the tyre and it was already shredding! Time to head to the LBS... on arrival I explained the concern and asked if they could get their mechanics to have a look at it... one of the chaps who was overhearing took a glance at the wheel and asked "Install it yourself mate?", "Yep" said I "And it took me hours, getting the tyre on was a nightmare." "Well, that would be because it's inside out..." Oh if the ground could have swallowed me!
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    Folks, there may be a time pretty soon that the site will go down for 48hrs whilst I change it up a hell of a lot... I’m working with a buddy of mine on something and we reckon we’re close to getting it working (close means 6-9 months, depends on how quickly I can learn). It’s an absolute slog and ball ache, but will turn trannies into something kinda cool. We might take a step away from Invision type forum/message board because they don’t seem very willing to work with us (it’s clunky and old school). Because of this we’ll need to move all this data over to our new platform to keep moving forward and bring trannies into the naughties, then eventually the 2020s. This will probably happen very shortly, within 3 months or so. Maybe, more complicated than first thought. We’ll be bringing on the following services in the next 18-24 months: Mobile app for android/iOS Support for all endurance based sport multi sports. I think we all partake in random single endurance based sports from orienteering, to swimming the channel etc that would be fun to capture and promote. We have the likes of Brick, MindOverMatter, Mel Urie, Lachie doing some cool shit that probably doesn’t get talked about nearly enough. We’ve got someone lined up to start doing some videos and the like with some of these cool kids. Free hosting/development for not for profit clubs websites and this will include a restricted clubs section that only club members can be part of (linked to their account). We hope to take this one step further shortly afterwards by adding the ability to shop from the club section as well as enter races and the like. There will be no costs to not for profit clubs for these services apart from payment processing fees (that will be at cost, likely to be circa 1.82% that the processor will charge me). I’ve seen what it’s costing some clubs and it’s an incredible waste in my opinion. Shopify is actually helping us out here a little. Sponsors - I’m currently nutting out a few deals with a couple of companies. They support a lot of what I am trying to do and are more than willing to lend a hand. The site will be somewhat branded and they’ll get access to be able to promote their stuff here. I’m working on @monkie shoe thingy that we hope to host here as well and turn that into something that works for everyone. We compiled a list of some 2,500 shoe models and I’m currently going through and “scoring” them with various views and opinions from around the web. It wont be complete for at least a coupe of years (to what I think we would both like). News feed - this will be automated so that it will create a thread to go along with the news article. You’ll be able to see comments from the thread at the bottom of the news story and if your on the forum you’ll see the news story with a snippet and link to the full story. Will be anything from races, interviews etc etc. Beginner Programs - I do a lot of beginner running and swimming coaching. I am linking up with a few coaches/clubs to aid some newbies to our awesome sport (more heads and hands the better). Some of the stuff Cranky and others are doing with schools etc is awesome. We will be registering as a club soon to help some of you that live in random parts of the country to belong. I figure I don’t really have an ties to a traditional club anymore, but nearly every race I do I stay with another trannie. We’re also trying to work out a way to do all this, but keep it as a not for profit so that when I’m as old and bald as Roxii and want to pass it on, someone else can just jump into my chair and go forward. I’m not very sure on this one, was just a thought and some conversation I had with a few smart people.
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    20 mile running race. Was targeting sub 3hr, just scraped in with an unofficial 2:55:30. Will see what the official time is later. Sofa, tv, beer 😎
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    Well the day started well. Woke up at 3:30 to allow enough time for a strong coffee to get evey thing moving. Two nervous poos later I was on the road. It was not untiI got into to transition that it occurred to me it would be pitch black and a torch would be handy..ah well went by feel and was all good. Pretty nervous before the swim but the staggered start was a god send and spread everyone out nicely. I was pleasantly surprised how polite every one was-whenever there some some bumping or hitting you could tell people did their best to separate without hitting you again. Did have one joker pull my foot though which I actually found really funny for some reason. Direction keeping wasn't to bad, ended up swimming an additional 100m. On to the bike and wasn't to bad except for the start-dropped the chain twice on the flat and a third time going up the hill leaving transition, WTF I have no idea what or why...my I was cross chaining too much with my nerves... So any way sections of the road were like glass, other section like a jackhammer. There were TONS of bottles ejected everywhere, even saw a couple of cages. Plenty of drafting going on but it didn't worry me, I was only racing myself. There was one wanker though that kept getting in front of me and then slowing down to about 25ks, so i make a move and then sure enough about 15 mins later he would come flying past and then slow down again. Must have burnt all his matches because he was walking on the first lap and finished a long way behind me. Onto the run and started off feeling really really good, so good that I was talking and joking with anyone that looked like they could talk. Ran out of gells and decided to try one of the on course ones-omfg what was that crap? Had the consistency of thick clag, spat that out and had some electrolyte mix, omfg what was that craps? Tasted like petrol. Stuck to the water and coke.. Heart rate was keeping in check and pace was o.k, then sure enough at about the 10k mark bam, I was in a world of pain. Quads were on the verge of cramping with every step and i was just spent. Managed to run and walk the aid stations and hills though which seemed to work. Thankfully I sucked it up on the last few ks and picked it back up to finish in 5:59:05....56 more seconds and I would have been pretty pissed with myself. All in all had a ball, definitely need more training though. When an old fella who gets stuck in a portaloo for half an hour and needs 3 people to rescue him can beat you it's shows your unfit eh Pete (joking 😆) Honourable mention to all the guys and girls I saw that would have easily been over 100kgs-man they would have been in a world of pain. Also to the Asian guy I saw in casualish shorts, t-shirt and casual sneakers lol I don't know what the hell he was thinking but he would have had blisters on top of blisters 🤔😬
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    I went sub 6 just 😎 very happy. Absolutely wrecked now, sitting in the spa try g to not fall asleep and drown...
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    So - Mini report from me. This year was a little interesting. Geelong to me feels like a home race, I spent a lot of my formative years in Geelong, most of my family were born and raised in Geelong, and many of them are still living down there. My parents have retired to Torquay, so not that far away from the race. My mothers birthday is the 16th Feb, so this weekend is awesome, drive down to Torquay on Friday, see Mum for her birthday, knockout a good race, then drive home Monday. This was to be my 6th Geelong 70.3. Over the last 6 months, my mothers elder brother has been fading, we had news earlier in the week he was now sedated, not eating anymore, and was expected to maybe last another 1-2 weeks. Friday afternoon, we arrived in Torquay, and was greeted by Dad with the news that my Uncle died while we were packing the car that morning. Not the best start for the weekend, or a good lead in for Mum's birthday. Both of my parents have commented that it was good to have me around this weekend, a little bit of a distraction, and an extra set of shoulders to carry the burden. The rest of Friday and Saturday was taken up with seeing family and friends (And a quick shakedown run and ride, and found my front wheel had developed valve issues, which I was able to rectify before checking in the bike.) Sunday dawned, and before that we were up, it is around a 20min drive including finding a carpark on race day from their place, not too bad, but I wouldn't want to stay too much further out. a quick in and out of transition, dropping off shoes and helmet, and putting in a little more air to the front wheel (latex tubes, but only a 30psi drop overnight, as expected.) Went for a bathroom break and then wandered over to the startline to see off the pro's. And then a bit more wandering and watched @hey_burgs come flying out of the water. then I decided getting out of street clothes and getting into the wetsuit might be a good idea. Into the corral, eventually. The swim start was... okay, 10mins after our official wave start time we finally got to start moving into the water. The two things that I remember from the swim - I need to work out a better way of making sure my googles don't fog up (specifically when we have a beach start - I ended up stopping about 600m in, and just dunked them through, and lived with some water in the lenses and my eyes for the rest of the swim - maybe I should have left them off, and run them through the water during my entry) The other thing I remember is that I really REALLY dislike rolling starts, I am just gunshy about getting to close to another set of feet unless I have had it pass me, I jump around a lot and wont just jump to the next set due to bad memories about concussion and IMMelb2015 - so many slower people in front swimming randomly, then trying to just go around. ended up swimming further than I would have liked, but was still out of the water in under 34mins. Now there are many skills that some people say you should have to do well in Tri. The one skill I don't have is the ability to pee while swimming, it just doesn't work for me. so out of the water and into the portapotty. at which point, I just stood and watched it flow for what felt like ages (Garmin says 1min40s, which is 5 age group places and 10 places overall that I lost just to a little trickle) - oh well, water under the bridge, as they say. Out onto the bike, and time to fly. And people did, specifically, the pros did, straight past me out onto their second lap. Only one hair raising moment, coming back in on the first lap, get passed by Caroline Steffen, and 12meters later, the female in 2nd. At which point in time I was passing, and they were passing me, unfortunately, the person I was about to pass didn't bother to look, and jumped out in front of me, I had 4 choices, hard left, cut up a rider, and then off the road, straight into the back of the numpty, or hard right into the female currently in 3rd. I chose option for, brake HARD and swear, while apologizing to the female pro (And staying out of her way). - Numpty didn't seem to twig that anything happened behind him, and he obliviously continued to slowly make his pass. Found a space, and left him far behind. Two things to really be happy about. Firstly - on this bike course, ~13min PB. averaged 179w for 2h45m46s. Second? I wanted to keep riding, would have been more than happy for another lap (or two) Most years, even with a longer race soon on the calendar, I have just wanted to get off and get it done. Run Leg - So I am a bad runner, yes, I know this. And I know why - I just don't run enough. Riding to work is fine, but a 30k round trip means running somewhat regularly is beyond what I can manage atm. I will be trying to increase my weekly distance up to 40-50k over then next 2 months, which I am hoping will make a difference. Plan? see how the legs feel after the bike. expected time?2h15m +- 5mins. Started a nice easy pace straight out of transition, watch beeped at me after a km to say 5m43s - way too fast (well, they do say, if it feels easy, you are still going to fast) hit the first rise coming into western beach and decided I was either going to be walking the hills, or walking the last 10km. And so started my run walk session. Walked the hills, walked the aid stations, and just kept it easy for the rest. My parents were out on course cheering every lap, which was really nice to see and hear, personal support rocks. Even better, it felt like every lap, they had another member of the extended family out and cheering with them. Ended up nearly running over a family who entered the race course next to the eastern beach pavilion, I managed to dodge, but the girl behind me ended up having to stop as the 6? of them just piled onto the bitumen. oh well. 2 km to go at that stage, not a bad time for the HR to spike. Ended up with a 2h17 'run' and overall, 5h47m. Very happy with that, last year was 6h16m and my best on that course. And the run gives me a good place to look and focus on for next year. Lets see if I can break 5h30m next time Yesterday was the drive home, and then the unfortunate flight on Friday morning when I get to visit again and go to the funeral. Swings and roundabouts, I guess.
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    LOL Yeah I know that. But I figure I am better off saving time not training and spending a bit more time on the course. Its a much better return on investment.
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    Went on my first bunch ride (of 5) this morning. All of my training in lead up to the recently finished Charity ride was done solo. Was windy as buggery out this morning, and when speed went North of 40k/hr, my heart rate also sky rocketed accordingly. Managed to hang onto the 40km loop until 500m to go when the bunch sprint ramped up. Currently sitting at my desk at work sucking my thumb..........................
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    For stand alone run training hard flat out efforts are great, but keeping the flat out controlled through the session is also important. For 70.3 and Ironman I am a firm believer in dialing the flat out back to a much more controlled tempo type effort with shorter rest. For example: half marathon stand alone speed session might look like 6-8x1k hard with 3min recovery. 70.3 "speed session" more like 8-12 x 1k @ race pace or slightly faster with 30sec standing recovery. This is in the thick of the training and only one part of the puzzle. Not at all saying not to do the flat out speed running sessions, but they may be more appropriate outside of the 8-10 weeks before a race when you really want to get specific about what you're trying to achieve. I would say for me the difference in pace between those 2 sessions would be about 30-45sec per km.
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    Thanks for the yell out. It got hot for the run. Swim and bike went well for me but the run was a disaster. Ive been crook and at T2 things got interesting. I had to do a poo and couldnt get my tri suit back on. Took 3 women helping me. Tipping they regretted standing there handing water out. And i sweated heaps today. Pic Still sub 6 so it was okay. Not the sub 5:30 i was after. But given i dont really train, I cant complain.
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    Went to the other side of the bay to do the Malabar Magic ocean swim. 1k and 2.5 k swims did them both and got a “Kona podium” in both in my category 4th in the 1k 5th in the 2.5 (Garmin measured at 2.8k+) interstingly the pace was 1.36 /100 for both.
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    Thank you all for your comments. I've taken quite a few days to mull it all over and talk to my coach and all is right with the world. The race didn't go to my ideal plan, but there were a lot of positives to take away from the race and I'm ready to reload and see what the future holds. To be honest @RunBrettRun, it wasn't a case of the bike getting uncomfortable and not holding my power. I do a lot of my training outside in all conditions to build resilience. In fact, as my strongest leg is the bike, I revel seeing tough conditions because it tends to increase the advantage that I have over the people around me in my AG. I believe that I subconsciously and consciously dialled it back because I knew that the run would be tough and I didn't want to overbike it. Skipping to the conclusion, I just wasn't mentally prepared for the run as much as I should have been. I let it get to me before I even stepped off the bike. The twins are our first kids and are an absolute miracle (my wife has a lot of medical issues) and I know that as each day goes past, the chances of me having the urge to continue training will go out the window, and I'm OK with that. My wife wants me to keep training as much as I can because she knows that I love it and we have decided that I will either persevere with training and give SC 70.3 a crack or I'll at the very least roll up to the start line and simply complete the race. She gets a huge kick out of seeing me race and is just as excited as I am to have me cross the line and straight into the arms of our babies. As said, I have reflected quite a lot and written a list of things that I've learned from this and I'll come back bigger and stronger, just not sure when. My big saving grace is that I have the last round of the QTS next weekend which is a good chance of redemption. I'm currently holding a 3.5 point lead in the M30-34, but I'm only racing the Super Sprint distance so I can go out and put in a good show and get the rewards of the hardwork that I've put in with either an AG win or 2nd place, just not in the way that I hoped to get them as I crossed the line at Pottsville. Thanks again for everyone who commented here and passed on advice. It's very much appreciated. Ben
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    So I'm taking solicitors advice RE setting up as a club (he's also a member here). The club puts me/us in a much better position legally as there's a committee etc and yes, I've had a few people here ask me to set one up as they pay money to clubs they have no attachment to at all. I'm not robbing the clubs or the sport. Can you explain how I'm trying to get a commercial benefit from trannies? I might sell the odd bit of stuff here and there but I can tell you I've given back more than twice that I've made profit in the last 12 months. Ask anyone that's borrowed bikes, wetsuits, wheels, asked for coaching advice, is being coached gratis by me and it was never a commercial decision. I love the place and the people. Which is why I want to remove the commercial side by becoming a NFP and putting money back into grassroots. In essence, eventually I'd prefer it didn't have an owner, but a committee or the like (obviously someone will need to be paid to upkeep it etc). Which also ties into the club thing. I get the grass roots club thing and why you might not like the look or sound of this. I put a lot of my time into doing things that benefit me in no way, I give my time because I enjoy it. I coach swimming week in week out with some kids absolutely free (differently abled or kids in need), my running club I take zero money from, it goes to helping my work with PCYC. I don't earn any money from coaching, I choose not to and I just love doing it. Transitions is a thing of passion, not a money spinner. I took it on and want to give it back some life. It'll die soon if it keeps going the way it is... To be blunt, I found your post somewhat offensive. You barely know me or what I'm trying to achieve. Before bashing me or anyone else ask some questions behind those decisions first. My number is written a few times around the place. Give me a call and ask away.
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    You're welcome to think the right is better than the left. We all know they're both jokes. The leadership of the LNP has been like a parody of the "who's on first" sketch, which they copied from Labor. If you think I think Labor will do a better job, I don't. Just a different job. They both suck in the same and differing ways. Which is why we need them both; checks and balances. Worse would be the greens, one nation or Clive. Politics feels more and more about self interest, protecting ones arse, and when ****ing up doing whatever you can to pass the buck. I might be more left leaning in my sensibilities, but when Labor **** up I'll call it. Being a lefty doesn't mean I'm a Labor lover. I believe in what I believe in, regardless of who delivers it I've said many times in the past, we need both parties. Although I don't know if this is changing now days as both seem to be more centralising. But we need the libs to build the funds so Labor can spend them where they're needed. I don't know if that stands anymore though.
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    I hope MJK doesn't mind me posting this here.
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    This silent, unspoken partnership that I love with running or riding (seems to be mostly running). There have been a few events where I have hugged complete strangers after crossing the finish line because we both know that we couldn't have achieved what we did without each other.
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    Hmmm.... Were the 5:43s tempo efforts? I run my long runs between 5:45 and 6:15 and my HM pace is sub 4... If you wanted a quick win I would say slower long runs and then slam yourself on intervals a bit more (in my opinion if you don't want to throw up on intervals then you haven't gone hard enough). And you should build up your long runs until at least 20k is no problem. If form is correct and you're cross training then without a pre-existing then 20k a week for a LSR shouldn't injure you.
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    This is something I rarely do on the basis that I've fallen into this trap before, you'll be laughing, chatting and joking without realising how much energy you are expending doing that. The other thing is that you can get suckered into running someone else's pace. In yesterday's 20 miler, I ran with some for a while but mostly just did my own thing. For the last 5miles I ran shoulder to shoulder with a lady from reading runners, didn't know her but our pace just aligned and we sort of fell in together. I reckon we exchange 10 words tops but we knew we needed each other. I offered her a Shot Block and she grabbed a water for me at an aid station. It was almost a 'silent alliance'. I value this much higher than chatting to be honest. We crossed the line more or less together, said thanks to each other at the end. Job done. Use the crowd, use other runners if you have to but personally, i don't expend energy being other people's entertainment.
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    As RBR said nutrition is important, if you mess that up then it will haunt you during the run. The below may be helpful, I am not a coach nor a very good triathlete but I'm a moderately good runner and have trained myself from nothing to sub 3 marathons in 2 years mainly through reading a lot of stuff. In terms of training it sounds like your running off the bike is fine, if you can run 9k off a 90k ride then the physiological adaption that's needed to go from (scientific terms) round and round to forwards and backwards is already there. What you seem to lack is either run endurance or just general endurance... I'm (assuming) you were finishing between 5 and 7 hours. So there are two factors at play. 1) It's a bloody long time to be exercising. You have been putting out energy for twice as long as marathon runners. That is going to hurt your aerobic system so you need to get your body used to going for a long time. That means long rides, long runs or long bricks and doing that regularly and consistently. 2) Taking the run as standalone, it's a half-bloody-marathon, that's far. If you want to get better at running half marathons then you need to train your running. What's your standalone HM time? How far do you run in training? If I was targeting a HM race then I would be doing LSRs of 15 - 25k, Mongetti Fartleks and tempo runs (up to 14k) every week. If this was a pure running question then point 2 is all I would be saying. Long runs in Z2, hard AF intervals and tempo running.
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    Thanks! I think a fair bit of my comeback success can be attributed to the 12.5kg lost on the biggest loser comp here. Nothing slows you down like weight!
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    Lets forget about Asylum seekers and offshore processing for a moment and lets discuss the farmers of Australia and the current issue they have up in Queensland due to the natural disaster. But first: Border protection: Figures provided to the treasury Senate estimates committee, first reported by the Australian Financial Review, reveal that in 2016-17 the government spent a total of $4.06bn on border protection. Foreign Aid: TOTAL AUSTRALIAN OFFICIAL DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE $4.2 BILLION https://dfat.gov.au/about-us/corporate/portfolio-budget-statements/Pages/2018-19-australian-aid-budget-at-a-glance.aspx Now............... Our farmers.................The government are giving various region centres approx. $1M each +25K grants to in need individuals etc and I think I heard Queensland government are kicking in another 200K. Does anyone else think we have a serious issue of inequality and our priorities are totally misguided. How about we start looking after our own first and then the rest.
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    Was there ever a great AGer as Kevin Fergusson ? Swim 26:35; ride 2:20; run 1:38.Total time - 4:30:18. 53 overall. Not a bad effort for a 60/64 AGer. FM
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    I can't begin to imagine why a tri suit would ever take more than one person, let alone an additional three volunteers 😮😂 My support crew got confused and went back to bed, had to get some vollies to get me in my wetsuit! Run did get hot. I was probably the splash zones most loyal client. Every. Single. One. Started the run on fire. Reality soon hit and suffered. Sub 1:30 for the run (very happy) 2:35 for the bike 35 for the swim. 4:47 all up. The amount of running in transition (particularly from swim to bike mount) was outrageous! Swim was great (love the rolling start) and it made the bike very very manageable. Very little congestion.
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    Relatively big weekend. 5 hour turbo yesterday then an hour on trails, 2:40 LSR this morning. Now for a flight to Hong Kong which I assume I shall walk off rather stiff.
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    It’s obviously broken, there’s a big crack right down the middle.
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    A transition for Transitions, does that make it: T^2 ?
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    Peter isn’t unfit as he claims or thinks 160 is high for anyone been doing consistent training of some sort for years like him and walkingmost of the run might just have a bug , not enough electrolytes , and dehydration all combined also running/racing a marathon is a diffent beast to peter pretty much rolling around in a half marathon for 6hrs
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    nope, im currently a member of a club in qld, Im a bit of a club whore, i change every year, last year i was busso club, year before one back in Townsville, then I was a red dog member......never met anyone from any club ha ha
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    Dehydration? I know my heart rate skyrockets when I am dehydrated.
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    That would make perfect sense (35/65) if you have 2 left legs and 1 right 😂 Sorry, couldn't let that one go. Cheers NSF
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    I know I am stating the bleeding obvious but the difference in performance (bike and running, speed and endurance) from losing a couple (or more) of kilos is really incredible. Of course the weight loss goes hand in hand with the increased fitness. Combining these gems with yet another - to be a better runner do more running. Interesting comment about injury - Most of the running injuries I have seen over the years are people doing their long runs at race pace! - 6 minute ks never killed anyone... And use lots of sunscreen..
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    3:02 not what he was hoping for. Although a month out he was using the old pulled hamstring exuse. That is simply page 1 in the triathlete book of excuses. He could have got more creative.
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    Ditto. It isn't the fastest of courses and the patchiness of the road surfaces can definitely take it's toll. I've just posted my race report in the Race Report section, if anyone interested.
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    1.9km swim (cold) 90km bike (rough roads) 21.1km run.. (including trails) In paradise...
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    Raced a road race, turned myself inside out trying to get the win. Uphill finish & got rolled on the line.
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    Dollars to donuts his recap is you ruining his pacing and forcing him to blow up on the run
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    100km on the kickr- I won’t say the bike was calibrated properly, but I’m still claiming that as an indoor cycling PB. I might even survive the Husky Ultimate Aquabike next weekend. Just have to fake a 2km swim with a bung arm and no swim training to speak of. ...
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    Redhead: "Fu<k off! I'm scribing. It was you who forgot the latex gloves."
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    What substance? That they realised people would prefer to fly for about $80? Is that the real reason? Or is it your opinion? I would certainly prefer to spend a shorter time getting on a train to travel a couple hours than go through what is sometimes a nightmare at the airport for a flight not much shorter.
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    Reminds me of a Melbourne Cup day I had at the Home Hill races. I wandered around the stables looking at the horses before each race. I made 5 bets, and got 4 wins and a 2nd, only 1 was a favourite. Even in horses you can tell who is going to perform. This. This got me any good result I ever had. It's not just can, you have to WANT to hurt.
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    So it got a lot worse very quickly and I managed to bunk off work and see a physio. It's likely imflamation caused by an impingement due to me favouring the outside of my foot due to the PF. The foot is now taped which is helping a lot, and anti-inflammatories have been consumed. I can attempt a run a Sunday. If pain is still there, then off for an MRI to check for stressie, but it's a less than 10% chance ...
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    Missed goal number 1 by one second tonight..... the chase continues
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    This bloke thinks cyclists are the bane of his existence - justice! 😂 We used to have wars with Roman Candles as kids, amazing no one lost an eye. Bike Cannon.mp4
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