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    It's National Mental Awareness day so a timely time to post I guess.As others before have written,it is hard to right this sort of stuff about yourself,but I need to vent.Kudos to those who have.I have suffered from depression most my adult life, and don't take meds for it.Tried once and didn't like it.I have sought treatment on a few occasions.Since 2004 triathlon has been my medication, and brought a lot of inner joy and small personal victories despite being a back of the pack finisher.I have been in what I call my cyclonic mood for a long long time now .I am a slow moving rain bearing depression.The entire joy of training and competing has gone. I look at my bikes and go "Meh!" Even give myself a good upper cut from time to time but that has worn off.Nothing gives me any joy anymore.Last week my new boss flew in (80's style bullyboy manager, about my age, and no industry experience) and tore me a new one.It was bombing raid with zero notice.It's a new job which I was head hunted for 6 months ago, and I work on my own in sales role for the whole of WA.Sales dollar are 50% up on last year but am apparently not doing it the right way /his way.My KPI's, touch points, etc,blah blah....I have been in this Industry my whole life up to a senior role level,and never had any issues up till now.Working on my own is very new and probably hasn't helped as I am a social person.This was the icing on the cake for me and has pretty well finished me. I am considering quitting work/sport and taking a long time off to sort myself out, perhaps hire/buy a campervan and hit the road with the wife and travel around Australia. Maybe it time to smell the roses.Thanks for reading if you read this far to the end.
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    I'll be blunt, its your first IM right? chill out man, relax, do what you can, rock up and rock it on the day..you sound like you are putting way to much pressure on yourself and its affecting you. Come down and have some fun, I'm really looking forward to meeting you and having a good chat
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    This is just out of Deans Marsh in Victoria where I've been for a family reunion last weekend. Bloody beautiful and peaceful. Right next to the Otways. 👌
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    I hope no one minds, I just played about with the spreadsheet a little and made it calculate total weight loss to date and current % loss.
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    How the hell do you post a picture of 'respect' then? 😋
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    I rode zwiftly for an hour. Was QOM on the volcano climb and got to wear the jersey for a bit. It was 1/1 but whatevs. lol
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    Im sure Matt will have some good advice for you, but my focus in any race is to break it down and it doesn't even have to be distance marks it can be time or even goals for a certain section of the course. For example in my last race one of my goals was I wouldnt let anyone pass me between the water and entrance to T1. Im not saying that should be a focus for you but it is good to sit down and consider how you want to race and break it down into a series of small goals or processes, once you get to that goal focus on achieving it and then move on, if you don't achieve it then its gone and focus on the next. Its no different from getting up for training in the morning, process one, turn off alarm, process 2 sit up, process 3 put socks on etc If you can break it down into manageable goals then you take the focus off the overall daunting picture. Before you know it the race is done.
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    Nice edit - Sorry Nice is 2019, that's great?
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    The Shiv TT was always a great looking bike, then they decided to try and incorporate the entire triathlon wishlist and just like "The Homer" it just didnt look any good.
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    I reckon a disc and tri-spoke would still have my Softride within a poofteenth of that bike on most courses.
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    I’ll get in on this thread-I used to love getting away from it all and taking pics. This was out in the middle of no where Mungo National Park
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    Kona 2016 Port 2015 Robina QTS 2017? Port 2015
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    The enormous ego's create their own micro-climate.
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    Was that written by Sutto, or a dodgy google translate.
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    Tough read BR but that's what this thread is for. My only suggestion would be to not do anything in the heat of the moment. As you have identified your mental health is cyclical and it sounds like you're in a valley rather than a peak at the moment. Objectively you know that any decisions you make right now have a significant chance of being sub-optimal (aka a crock of shite). In my humble experience the time to make life decisions is when you're hanging around the top of the mountain looking down, not trudging through the valley keeping it going. Recharge, reflect but don't burn a bridge until you're in a better place. Alternatively feel free to ignore all of that. Just my tuppence.
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    Well done BR for venting here not at the manager. Wouldve been crap to receive that. You say youre a social being, maybe do something where others are around, like a parkrun volunteer (only an example). You can engage as much or little as you want. Every 'nice work mate' you call out helps someone & inturn gives you a small lift. Hope this doesnt come across as trivialising your feelings, certainly not meang to. Take care of yourself Surfer
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    Been dealing with a foot thing... so no running and limited riding... on the upside, I've taken the opportunity to do some strength work which is brand new to me 30 minutes this morning on Zwift and 2km in the pool at lunch. I managed a 100 at 1:29. Before Winterfish, I think my fastest 100 was 1:42.
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    But it's not betting FFF. It's donating to a Trannie. Hopefully me.
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    Between this, the Ventum, the new Specialized and the new Cervelo Roadie, it seems like we are innovating just to give teh marketing dept something to talk about.
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    This one popped up today on FB from 2007 trip with the boys as a memory By far the best session I ever had
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    One more-Torquay at sunrise, nothing better than having a coffee before going for a dip!
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    400k achieved..! Yeah man! (not sure about the other two yet)
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    For the last 14 years there has only been two things stopping me from qualifying for Kona at IMWA. 1, David Boyes 2. Taking 2.5 hours off my time 😀 Good luck to David and Michelle this weekend.