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    In 2016 I went to Kona and after a result I wasn't completely happy with I set out a 3 year plan to get back. The plan included qualifying through Ironman WA in 2018. The race has a history of fast times but I figured if I was going to achieve my ultimate goal in Kona I had to race the good guys here at home. Plus I wanted to get the qualification out of the way nice and early to ensure a uninterupted build to the race. Fast forward to 2018 and plans change, life changes and you need to adapt and accept otherwise you lose sight of what we are here for. I cut ties with my coach 4 months earlier and self coached my way through the last 16 odd weeks. I had never gone into a race without a coach and this was completely new territory for me. I took an approach with this race that I didn't need the bike endurance for a race like port, and with all reports being that it's a race where the packs form, I trained for a little higher intensity than I normally would for Ironman so I could react if/when the surges came. I felt my running and swimming was where or at least approaching where I wanted it to be but I wondered if the 16 weeks was going to be a long enough time of consistency to allow me to execute what my goal was. I got to Busselton on the wednesday before the race anxious and excited to have a crack. The few days before the race really seemed to drag, I went for a couple of rides and found the roads to be crazy fast, I couldn't seem to control my power like I could on the crappy roads here in Port, but mainly put that down to being a bit fresher. By Saturday I had got a bit of a sniffle and a tickle in my throat and was panicking I was crook which did cause a bit of stress. Sunday morning in Busselton was pretty well the perfect conditions for an Ironman, not too cool and no wind. I was feeling alright and ready to have a crack. First ironman in 18 months and who knows what we are in for. Met up with a few people before the race and started the swim near Prizna, not that that lasted long... The swim was very un eventful but I enjoyed it. Water there is beautiful to swim in, the first lap was very cruisy holding feet and just ticking off the buoys, second lap was the same just with a bit of dodging but I never found the traffic to cause any issues. Out of the water in 56:31, 3rd in age group. I don't time or wear a watch during the swim so I didn't get this split till the end. It's my slowest ironman swim time outside of kona, and probably not a good indication of where my swimming is at but the position out of the water is about what I expected so no stress there. Onto the bike and I felt pretty good right off the bat, my goal watts for the race were to hold ~210-220w and I was seeing a whole lot of readings in the 230-240w range and beyond so I was trying to control that but in the end just decided to let the power come and it will be what it is. The packs I thought or was told about never formed and I joked about it as I passed Prizna asking where all the packs are? It's probably the fairest race I have ridden, I can comfortably say I worked every second of that bike leg under my own steam and I think almost everyone else out there racing could say the same, there is probably one rider who I saw really pushing the envelope (and I let him know that after about 10 beers on monday arvo). Throughout the ride I seemed to be holding my place pretty well, this is unusual for me as I do normally get a few people coming through but they seemed few and far between and very spread out. I seemed to be passing enough to counteract the ones passing me but I definitely seemed to overtake more in the second half. Towards the end of the bike I passed a guy I knew was in my age group, he decided he wanted to come with me and stuck with me till the final turn around where he put in a huge effort and put 50-100m on me on the run back into town. I closed the gap down a bit and we got off the bike maybe 20 seconds apart. Ride time 4:48:46 (first time under 5) still 3rd in age group. I changed my socks in T2 as they got, ahhh a bit wet on the bike. I lost a bit of time there and the 4th place in my age group entered T2 just as I was leaving. He passed me within the first 2k, I ran my first 2k in 4:15 and 4:12 and he disappeared into the distance. I never really felt comfortable on the run and pulled the run pace back up back to 4:20 at the fastest very quickly. I was holding that 4:20-4:30 pace for the first 2 laps and managed to run with Cam Wurf for a good chunk of his last lap which was interesting. After being passed in the first 2k I managed to pass the guy who entered T2 1st in our age group a few km later and then on the second lap passed the guy who jumped on my wheel heading back to T2. The rest of the run was just survival, I slowed considerably on the 3rd and 4th laps and walked through a few aid stations. It could have really got ugly but I did manage to run the whole out and back section on the last lap. It's amazing the deals you can make with yourself to run a whole 6k at the end of an ironman. The final run time was 3:17:46 which was pretty disappointing but a good indication of the work I need to do to get where I want to be. I finished the race and got out of recovery to meet my Girlfriend. The first thing she said to me is lets go to Kona we can make this work. I didn't hesitate in saying no and for me it was the easiest thing I did on the whole trip. I was stoked for all the guys getting a spot but never once feel like I am missing out on anything by not going this year. I have a lot of positives to take away from this race, namely I have turned things around a lot from 12 months earlier when I was in a terrible place with consistency of training, my love of triathlon was fading and I had 0 motivation. Cutting ties with my coach was probably the best thing I have done, he wasn't getting the best out of me and stepping away from that was a hard thing for me to do. The negatives are just that I am disappointed with my run. I am going to work hard on that and will see a very different result at Port Mac in May. The weekend in Busso was probably one of the best Ironman weekends I have had away. Spending time with a local mate who stayed with us (and punched his ticket to Kona) seeing Prizna get a massive reward for some unreal commitment was a huge highlight. Meeting Jaimie and Keiran and seeing them on course. Of course Sam, seeing him in the race and watching him finish gave me goose bumps, his emotion in the finish shute gives this sport a whole new perspective.
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    This thread is the equivalent of hot cross buns on boxing day.
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    Was in 2 minds whether to do IMWA after worlds because I had a few things going on, work stuff, moving house etc. So I didn’t end up getting a plan or a coach. Training was a bit all over the place, some good 18 hour weeks, some not so good 8 hour weeks and didn’t really swim much. Will have this sorted for Busso in May. Goal was low 10s and I had a rough strategy in place about racing a lot more conservatively, especially on the bike. I guess at the back of my mind, the main race goal was to execute my race strategy as opposed to getting a decent time. I think if I’d gone too hard on the bike and blown up on the run I wouldn’t have learned anything. And that’s been my Achilles heel for a few years now. Not biking enough, overcooking the bike, running too hard for the first 10km (70.3) then bimbling home the last 6km. I didn’t get a particularly fast run split in South Africa, but it was a negative split, so perhaps a turning point? SWIM Beautiful swim conditions, we were very fortunate. I quite liked the new swim course, well-marked out, easy to spot the marker buoys and pink turn around buoys. . I jumped on someone’s feet for the first 2km and had an easy ride, but then lost him as we hit the BOPers on the 2nd lap The 2nd lap I more or less swam solo. Came out bang on 1.00 which was fine. 1.00 BIKE Plan was to ride uber conservative, 5.15 – 5.20. I didn’t have a PM so was using HR and speed. It was pretty frustrating getting overtaken by so many at the start, I jumped on a couple of legal trains and although I felt comfortable sitting with them at 35 km/hr it wasn’t part of the race plan so forced myself to drop back. I pretty much rode the first lap by myself, people were either too slow, too fast or too inconsistent with their pace. My HR was sitting around low 130s and it felt comfortable and was averaging around 34 km/hr. I flatted at 60km (I had about 15 mates that flatted, unusual for Busso), changed it quickly, but had a problem with the valve. I was using Conti Podium TTs which have served me pretty well, but perhaps not ideal for long course. My spare was a Corsa Speed, definitely not suited for long course, so need to sort my tyre selection out. As I inflated it, I think I may have bent the core valve, I took the inflator off and air was pissing out, tightened the valve and it seemed OK. Anyway rode off and quickly lost my nutrition with 9 feeds, it had been dislodged during the flat change. I was 5km from the turn around, so just cracked on and hoped I’d find it on the way back. Which I did. It was sat upright in the road, like a shining beacon of hope, I slowed and scooped it up with not a small amount of dexterity. I got a brief nod of approval from a passing competitor, obviously impressed with my deftness. Anyway I cracked on with my ride, but I’d now gone from feeling relaxed to feeling nervous. I wasn’t sure if the valve was good and I had no other spare with me, although I had a spare tub in the special needs bag. Not having a clue where this was (rookie error) I asked a passing TO who also had no idea “one of the aid stations. Possibly”. Cheers. I knew if this tyre went down it would be sayonara Zed, do not pass Go, game over… and a voice appeared in my head, niggling away at me, telling me with every bump in the road, that the tyre was going down. Another more positive voice appeared, to counter this, telling me all was good. These two battled it out for the remaining 100kms. I found out where the special needs was as I went sailing past, Voice 2, told me to keep going, Voice 1 “dickhead – shoulda stopped”. Lap 2 was uneventful and I managed to find a woman to work with plus another guy. We rode together for 50kms or so, then I noticed HR started creeping up into the 140s. V1 “tyre’s going down dickhead” V2 “nah it’s just the rough tarmac”. I had a quick look at the tyre (rear) it didn’t look good, but still felt OK on the smoother tarmac. I carried on, sticking to my av speed and luckily I had feed alerts going off as I would have probably forgotten to eat as I was that preoccupied. I was eating every 25mins, alternating between LCM bars and gels which worked well. I relaxed when I got close to town, knowing I could limp home if the tyre went down and as I went round the final roundabout I almost lost control as the tyre came close to sliding off, V1 “how do you like them apples!”… I was very fortunate that it lasted over 100km. I’m not religious, but I had think I had someone looking out for me that day! I was just stoked to make it to T2. Odd thing was, I got the tyre home, pulled it off, inflated it and can’t find a leak at all? I guess something to do with the valve? Bike was 5.20 on the Garmin with autopause and 5.24 including flat change, so more or less on target. Probably too slow in hindsight, but I suppose I have a baseline of sorts. RUN I had a rough run goal of 3.40, so around 5.12 pace. Aim was to sit between 5.00 and 5.15 pace for 28 – 30km then hopefully pick things up towards the end (lol). I got through the first 21km in 1.49 averaging 5.10 pace and felt good. But got to 30km and had to walk the aid stations. I was starting to feel a little sick and had to squeeze the gels into cups of water in order to get them down. It had quickly gone from what felt like a training day to feeling like I was an extra from the Walking Dead. The last 12kms the pace slowed to 5.45 pace and I ended up with 3.53. I lose about 1kg an hour when running, I’m not sure I was getting enough fluids on during the aid stations, despite doing my best impression of Patrick Lange. Or perhaps I should have started slower? Or perhaps it was a fitness issue? Too hard to say. It's too easy to get caught up in what went wrong and feeling disappointed with your race, I would have liked to have gone quicker, but overall happy with the race and result. A few things to work on, but I'll be back next year for sure and with better tyres! 3.53 Overall 10.27
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    And the thing that trumps technique, biomechanics, genetics etc is boring old consistency. No drastic changes in anything, gradual progression with consistent training is the key to staying uninjured
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    Crankys just hit a good balance between being a mum and wife, teacher and top age group athlete. It's good that a few people on here have helped her out. What some of you probably have not seen us Crankys positive influence on people around her. Two of her girls have started in the kiddies tri's and doing well. One of Crankys colleagues has followed Crankys example and started at Park tun several months ago and lately some tri's. That lady has completed each triathlon she's started and had a few podiums in her age group. BTW she has dropped about 15 or so kgs in weight along the way. The scoop is Mr Cranky has got a bike and is doing some training as well. So well done Cranky, enjoy your break over Christmas and look out QTS competitors in the new year.
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    just go with it mate, once you accept it's the way things are you might figure out that hot cross buns are delicious all year round.
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    3rd visit this week 😂😳
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    1.7km this morning. Was an absolutely beautiful morning. I took it easy on the shoulder, and every 300m & swam 50 strokes of backstroke to break it up. It was lovely looking around at the dam and watching the birds fly over while on my back.
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    Your Mrs has a bit of ink hey? 😋
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    I was walking along Circular Quay and looked at a ferry... clearly printed on the side of the ferry I could see it said "Maximum Capacity 40 persons"... How odd I thought... it looks much bigger... how weird... I have an obsession with knowing why things are like they are so this really bothered me... Next thing I know I'm lying on the floor with a black eye from a lamppost... Turns out the printing was on a life raft.
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    Thanks that has fixed it immediately - bear with me I have only recently put down the spear and tomahawk 😏
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    Yeah. I might not eat till next Monday to try to give you a push too. The other option would be to have a leg removed.
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    Today I am lighter than I managed to get to last year when I tried keto for the first time (after I had blown out to 76kg) But this year I won't stop - still have a little to go to my goal! Also had a blood test done yesterday to see how the dietary change affected me if at all (also cut out meat) Thanks for the bit of extra motivation fellow Losers! 😘
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    Don't tell Cranky, but one of her girls came up to me this morning and said 'beat her', referring to her mum 😂
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    Hey This effort would not have been possible if not for the generosity and patience and understanding of the Transitions Triathlon Community. For that I am eternally grateful. Special thanks in no specific order goes to Katz, Stikman, KieranR, Prizna, ZED, MJK, Roxii, Turts, Fitness Buddy, Flanman, Ex Hasbeen, Surfer, Goughy, Pinkboy, Sunnygirl, Peter, Begginer Girl, Bored@work and AP The MKC program took me to places that I have never been, physically and mentally. That's the ONLY REASON why I enjoyed the 13+hrs of Triathlon. The whole thing was paced to perfection on my behalf due to the training AND more to the years and years of advice and mistakes that others have offered/made. Every time I went to self sabotage mode in the race, a little nugget of knowledge or a race report horror story popped up and stopped me. How was it you ask? FUN. So much ****ing fun. Better than I'd dreamed of. Will I be back again soon? NO Best memory? Too many. Seriously, waaayyyy too many. Totally Tri geeked out on the whole thing. Could I get under 13hrs? YES Could I KQ? NO Could I get the 10:00:xx I want? Yep Biggest regret? Not staying after I finished. I feel like a c@nt. 😔😔 If you want to go fast, apply at MKC. If you want to feel part of a community even though you are a socially akward misfit and you love Multi Sport then you should join Trannies. Thanks again all And peacefully iriony has happened. My 910 shat itself and I lost my race file. Bike file was on the Element. That's the universe telling me to go do other things for a while. I love you all ✌️
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    a) doping can’t teach swim technique
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    After a lot of pain for 4 days on holidays in NZ, I had my bad wisdom tooth removed yesterday. I had a bit of pain yesterday and still today but should start getting better tomorrow onwards. FM PS: No, that was not the good news, On the way home from the dentist, I picked up my brand new road bike.🚲 My last roadie was bought new in 2008. I should be able to have a ride in a couple of days after the gum/jaw settles.
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    Ironman WA 2018 Race Report It’s definitely been a long time between drinks. 2014 was my last IM race at which I had a PB of 14:23:xx or something like that. Between then and now, I had a pretty shit few years with the last year being pretty good, but sadly very busy. About 10 weeks ago though, I decided to throw caution to the wind and enter IMWA. I always knew an ironman on the back of 10 weeks training from effectively a zero base was going to be tough. All I really wanted though was to get around the course and feel that IM feeling once again. So, here’s how it all went down…….. Leading up to the big day, I did some really quite targeted training. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to build well, so I just focussed on what was possible given the time constraints my job currently leaves with me with and the physical constraints I have to manage almost daily. I was much more consistent than I expected of myself and got a lot of quite good sessions in. Stikman was constantly in the background encouraging me to do more intense sessions to help build speed, but this IM wasn’t about speed, it was about getting to the finish line with a smile on my face. I have to say, everything training wise pretty much went to plan. We arrived down in Busselton on Thursday afternoon, got settled into accommodation, caught up with Stikman’s parents (who are in Busselton for pretty much every IM event and just LOVE it) and got settled in to the groove. Friday we went for a practice swim. This was probably the most important thing that happened for me leading up to the event. The background is, my usual wetsuit is sized for my usual racing weight which is about 10 kilos lighter than I currently am. I borrowed a wetsuit from Humdrum which felt like it was going to fit ok, but during the practice swim, I had a meltdown. Full on panic attack. I ended up getting out of the water at one of the platforms on the side of the jetty and had planned on heading back to shore. I did some stern self-talk and got myself back into the water and swam back to shore, just. It hadn’t gone well. That experience really, really threw me. The next day we went out for another practice swim. Again, I did not feel good. I felt better than the previous day, but I couldn’t see how I could possibly have made it through 3.8ks. Stikman bossed me into going and at least having a look at what wetsuits might be available at the expo. I ended up picking up an Orca Equip, the last one and miraculously in my size. I immediately took it for a swim and it felt AMAZING. I felt like I was now ready. Race day. The later start to cater for the 70.3 meant a much more relaxed start to the day than I had remembered from previous. Staying nice and close to the jetty also meant it was nice and easy to get self and ancillary crap to the race without too many headaches. Arrived, crap attached to bike, street gear tucked away and off to the beach. The water was perfect. Still and calm. The swim had definitely been a concern for me, and not just due to the wetsuit issues, but also because I am not an especially confident open water swimmer and the swim now being along the coast rather than out and back had me worried about swell and waves washing over me as I tried to breathe on the ocean side. Thankfully conditions being so perfect meant I didn’t have to worry about any of that. I positioned myself toward the back of the pack, which then got further back as I realised I should really wash the spit out of my goggles and probably get my face a bit wet to try and avoid the usual panic I have at a race start. I am very glad I chose to do that, even though it put me even further back in the pack. A roughly 15 minute shuffle along the beach as the rolling start began and in the water I went. It all went perfectly for me, it was a nice easy swim (lazy as Stikman calls my swimming style) and I thoroughly enjoyed it, though definitely did miss the trip around the jetty. Out of the water in 1:48:06 as expected and feeling really good. T1. I had the BEST vollie looking after me. Seriously the best. I wish I had asked her name to give her a proper shout out, but she was seriously awesome. I took my time, made sure I did everything I needed to do and off I went. Bike. My bike is always easy to find on the racks. It’s bright white coupled with all manner of garishly bright coloured accessories (see pic). It also helps it’s usually all alone when I get to it. My goal times had been 2 hours after race start onto the bike. Tick. Then an 8 hour bike, leaving 7 hours for the marathon. Well, it went perfectly to plan. I sat on my target watts for the whole course and finished in 7:52:58. I had a few brain breaks, on the new section where the hour and a bit of constant rumble does my head in and the first return into town into the headwind. Other than that, the ride was really quite uneventful. I enjoyed it for the most part and it all went nicely to plan. T2. Again, I took my time, got everything done I needed to do and was out on the run course with what some referred to as a picnic (was just a sandwich and a stroopwaffle) and a smile on my face. Run. I had 7 hours for the marathon as planned but as this is IM, I knew plans sometimes (often) go awry so I decided to bank as much time as I could up front in case the wheels came off later in the day. I settled into a 3 min run/2 min walk pattern (I usually do 4/1 but it just didn’t sit right). I stuck with that pretty consistently till about 2/3rds of the way through the 3rd lap when my back really started giving me grief. I was glad to have banked time early as it allowed me to settle into a fast walk for the remaining 15ks or so. For those of you who haven’t walked the last 15ks of an IM, it’s bloody boring. And it really hurts the body, so much more than running. Toward the end of my 3rd lap I caught up with Stikman who was on his last lap and we walked together to the finishers chute. A quick kiss goodbye and on I trudged as he headed blissfully home. On I went. The last lap was relatively uneventful. A notable exception being the snake on the path which I barely saw in the dark. I am sure I scared it as much as it scared me. The finish chute. The best part of the day. As does everyone finishing an IM, I just love the finish chute. There’s not a lot of support when you’re coming in close to the cutoff, but what support there is, is LOUD. I really took my time coming down, high fiving everyone along the way. I was vaguely listening to Pete Murray on the way in, I heard him say something about ‘someone special’, then I looked up and saw my giant human, Stikman, waiting for me at the finish line with medal and towel in hand and a massive grin on his face. He had waited in recovery for an hour and a half for me to finish so he could be there for me. There is something very special about getting your medal from the one you love. So, there you have it. I wouldn’t recommend preparing for an IM the way I did if you can avoid it, but I can recommend taking a risk and having a crack even though the prep might not be perfect. Race time: 16:49:40
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    Thanks it was really good to see you and GregB and I didn't finish last. Onwards and upwards and a bit more time on the bike I'm going to run SMC half marathon on Sunday, the last time I ran this race a bus came through and I had to stop and I got beaten by willie but managed to tag along with Paul Every. Onwards and Upwards - and I hope Willie is there for a rematch
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    Jesus what a negative thread - everyone here knows that course lengths vary - I just jumped on strava and checked out a couple of segments for the 70.3 worlds run, and the 3 I found were all under 21.1k. So are we shooting down Frodo’s 1.06 because the run course may have been slightly short?? Not 1 person has said yet how impressive Blummenfelt was in posting that time on that course. For a bloke who was racing ITU all year, and was in the last months focussing on Super short course in super league, that’s a bloody impressive effort. He can’t control the course length, but that’s a very good performance, and watch out world when he decides to step up to long course full time. He’s got a Diesel engine more suited to long course, and doesn’t spend 3/4 or his year injured like Browlnee.
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    Pffft rookie. I was only ever going to do one. In fact my wife threatened to leave me if I did another. 20 x Ironman later & she still is bluffing. Luckily I'm retired now so don't have to worry about her leaving.
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    Hey bosco I don't think I've improved too much on the bike tbh. I did structure my training a bit different leading to this race. I think I pulled that off but it won't be anywhere near as effective at port so I have to completely re visit that now. This build I took the longer sessions out (only did 2 rides ove 150k) and did a lot more quality mid week(70.3+ power efforts), but also added some double ride days with a 90min am and 120min pm session mid week to increase overall volume. Lower carb than most people yes. Close to where I need to be, definitely not. This is one big change I'll be making straight up. I'll be working with the nutrition guys I have previously to get my diet dialled in for port. Nutrition for me on raceday is sip of tailwind every 15min and gel on the hour on bike. Gel in t2 which I took at 2k into the run then a gel at 10 18 26 34 then went to coke for the last 8k. I was at western sydney with a few different guys from port. 2 of those guys I'm helping them to set programs. I won't call it coaching for insurance reasons. Though I am in the process of getting accred in early 2019 through TA. We don't have a real close knit training group but it's definitely getting better. A lot are doing port ironman so we might have a good group for that. To be honest I can't keep up with most of the guys on the bike in training, but manage to outride them raceday, work that out.. I swim with a local tri squad 2 nights a week and do 2 solo sessions. I sort of spread myself out around a few different groups in town. I can't really remember the deals now, I remember saying run through the next aid station and you can walk through the one after. Then sniggering cause I knew I wouldn't let myself do that either. Then thinking you legit have 6k left just run you fckwit... That's about all no have. Happy to answer anything else or add me on fb if you want to ask anymore qs. My name is Brett Weick
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    You're a legend mate. So humble and kind And ****ing fast despite missing the goal you set. You'll get to Hawaii. You know that. We know that. You're a gun 😎🤘💪 Enjoy the rest of the year and I'll be watching online when you rock Port. Also it was my pleasure to meet you. You inspire/drive me to think about how to be better and chase the things I want. Awesome stuff ✌️
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    Put a race report together here for anyone interested http://www.lachiekerin.com/blog/2018/12/5/ironman-busselton-a-solid-end-to-2018