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    Hi, im ok, just spending a lot of time in the ocean with my speargun. It’s my happy place at the moment and am catching a lot of fish. I’ve just done a month of nightshift on a shutdown here at the gas plant. And should be unemployed again today as the shutdown is complete, I’ve been asked to do the next one in two months but I’m not sure if I’m up to it. I’m very drained and I had a few crisis moments over the last month. I talk to Katz and fff1077 a lot. I have a long way to go. i keep looking at my bikes and want to ride but I just don’t, I’m happy in the ocean shooting fish at the moment. thanks to those who have messaged me here. Much appreciated kieran
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    Most/many people who worry about the 1%'ers would be better off spending their time and energy doing the other 99% a bit better. This includes sleep.
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    The real reason is he was a dick - the training might have given him opportunity but it wasn't the reason. You seem to be in a good place now so I guess it worked out better for you anyway.
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    I think you're a failure if you think someone is a failure if they fail to do Kona.
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    Thanks folks! It was brutal. I was.comfortable.coming out of the aquatic centre, but things went south up Laura forest. Slid in and out of Fairmont with seconds to spare, and made friends with the sweeps. Kept trucking to CP5, and with a few minutes to spare they loaded me up and kicked me out with the last 3 sweeps. Right on the limit at the helipad, but they are so supportive they let me keep going. They knew i wanted it and was digging deep. Final time of 28:32. I'm shattered. That climb up Furber at the end was so soooooo bad
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    No but I recorded it on Strava. *only joking. The segment was too short 😥
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    You’re not a failure if you don’t get to Kona. But if you use lots of excuses as to why you didn’t, in order to justify you not getting there then that may be fail right there. I find the beauty of Ironman is that once the race is done no one cares that you didn’t KQ or even go fast or what time you did. It’s a tough give nd you are part of it = respect. A lot of people won’t have the ideal race they expected........ let’s say you thought you were going to PB with a 09:55 and you had a shocker and did 12:35...... but one thing is assured... whilst you may feel down, no one else looks down at you. You’ll still get lots of well dones etc etc. It’s the smart ones that look at the bad race and learn and put it all in perspective then try gain next year.
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    Hardest thing I've ever done.
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    Wouldn’t be happy if a stranger stole your kom!
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    I’ve seen plenty of people succeed in going to Kona but in the process make a good job of failing at “life”. this is where I think the legacy spots are a good idea, it lets those who aren’t prepared to sacrifice everything for Kona still get there.
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    You should write a book...
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    My daughter and I are going together for Plasma first thing in the morning.
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    I know what Goughy is getting at in his post. After being made redundant at the age of 55yo and getting very little payout, and not being able to get a job in my trade, I managed to get a job in a hospital as a wards man and porter. I have seen the best and worst in human behaviour from patients and staff. I have also witnessed contempt, abuse, racism and sexism towards the lower paid staff. Cleaners, kitchen staff, wards man etc. would be earning around the $20-23 an hour and a lot of them are, like me at the time, under employed, uni students or just normal hard working people trying to pay the bills. To be told to work harder or get a better job by smug politicians, like Joe Hockey is an insult.
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    A lot of people aren't going to like this but sometimes I feel the need to drop a truth bomb. One of my favourite show growing up was Kung Fu. Once day grasshopper was looking for work and was apologetically offered shovelling shit from a barn. He shrugged and said "all work is honourable". I've always remembered it and tell my kids regularly when they have to do things they prefer not to. My first job was pumping petrol for 70c an hour. The first task every day was cleaning the toilets. There's nothing wrong with these jobs BUT there is no reason to keep doing it the rest of your life. Ironman is a good analogy for low paid jobs - there'll be people who just do the minimum and are happy to finish in 17 hours. They never aspire to do more training or get faster, they just find their niche and plod. Jobs can be the same. There are people in low skilled, process jobs who never aspire to do anything else. They don't want to get further educated, they don't want to excel at what they're doing, they don't look for other work or take a risk at a career change - they just want to do the minimum they can and get a cheque at the end of the week. I have no issue with this until they expect to get above CPI pay rises without offering something in return. Like it or not, these jobs are low paying for a reason and it doesn't make economic sense to pay more for it. The genius of the Hawke/Keating Accord was the productivity trade off. Anyone could get a pay rise if they demonstrated improved productivity. Everyone won. Workers got paid more, businesses made more profit and the government got more tax. I want every worker to make as much as they possibly can but that requires people to extend themselves. Rather than disparaging people for growing wealth, we should be actively encouraging people to aspire to wealth. Welfare should be a safety net, not a retirement plan. One of Labor's failings is its demonisation of 'the big end of town'. Yes, there are some prick businesses, but these highly profitable bastards employ hundreds of thousands of people and earn their shareholders billions of dollars. And guess where a large percentage of that goes? Super funds which are making considerable sums for the same low paid people Labor is supposed to be representing.
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    That is the allowance. But if u make all the intermediate points and are gritting it out, you get a time and a medal and a towel, as everyone who finishes. Just not UTMB points. Tom and Alina run an awesome event. So inclusive and supportive of the athletes and supporters
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    Probably the bits where you're out of the house for long periods
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    Not sure if this will work but...
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    My wife once wrote it on my training program. She wanted to make sure it got done😂
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    I guess the only way not going to kona is a 'failure' is if you wanted to go, tried to go and didn't get there... but even with this, there are so many intangibles around strength of field, mechanicals etc etc beyond your control... Personally, no, Kona isn't on my radar at all, I'd struggle with the effort and $$$ required to get there and go well. So much so that I stumbled in to a Kona spot at one of the Chinese 70.3's last year but turned it down as I really wanted to go to Nice (and had planned around this), and incoming first child meant that I knew an Ironman was never going to work... you do get some funny looks for declining a Kona spot though! I doubt I'll ever get myself near enough to the pointy end of a race again to get a Kona spot, but am totally fine with that, have absolutely no regrets... racing in Nice (all being well) and taking the bub to meet its grandparents in Europe for the first time will be reward and satisfaction enough for me!!!
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    I personally couldn't give two shits about Kona
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    My ex told me my training for IM was the reason he decided to have an affair. I now have a partner who will not let me race without him lest I get a medal he doesn't have.
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    I have done triathlon since 2000 and my goal when I was 16 was to be a pro. Self doubt and self sabotage has been a real problem for me and I gave up on my dream. Earlier this year I started thinking about my life and what I want to achieve. This year my only goal is working towards becoming a professional athlete. For me it is about me going on that journey everyday, learning more about myself and breaking those limiting beliefs I created. If I reach my goals this year I will have the opportunity to go to Kona as an age grouper or to apply for a pro licence. For me I want to race as a professional. Racing Kona isn't a focus so not racing Kona wouldn't be failure to me. Failure is what we choose to define it as. Failure for me would be giving up and not giving it my all. Even if I never achieve the qualification of that licence I can at least be proud knowing I gave it everything. Failure for one person might be neglecting the friends and family in pursuit of qualifying for Kona. For someone else failure might be not crossing that line before the time cut off. In the end we each define what success and failure is to us. The only persons opinion of my success and failure that matters is my own. Everyone else's opinion of my success and failures are none of my business.
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    And even then, it would mean you failed at getting to Kona. Not that you are a failure.
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    Set up with your man cave so you can work from home on your lap top while you're on the trainer, with the footy the big screen and a couple of mates next to you in lounge chairs to pass you beers, while you knock out a quality session with a few watts redirected to jiggling the baby rocker to keep the infant placated and amused while you're developing that special father-child relationship. If you sinking enough beers and generating enough watts through the rocker, there's a good chance you may share the unique bonding experience of throwing up together. All four of you. You guys just aren't trying hard enough. No wonder you're not KQing.
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    I don't know what percentage it is - but lose the excuses is a huge opportunity But making excuses is such an ingrained habit that it's like quitting smoking - the excuse makers always find something outside of themselves as the reason their performances are shit - you only have to read this forum for a few weeks to identify them 😏 - go ahead and attack me -- I'm only the messenger
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    I was never going to write this race report - this 70.3 race was meant to be a build up for IM Cairns, where I could really test myself physically and mentally like never before, and then I could tell everyone how awesome it went (ha!). But alas, fate takes you in a different direction - I tore my left hamstring on the Monday after Port Mac 70.3 which effectively ruled me out of Cairns (yeah sure, I’ll fill in for your touch footy game - idiot). Through a good mate, I was put in contact with some of Brisbane’s best sports medicos to see what could be done, and yes while I could have toed the line in Cairns in a few weeks - I would be underdone. I did not want to put my family through the stress of rushing a recovery and then risk it all on the marathon in Cairns. Plus I never do anything half baked. So after some lucky breaks with travel cancellations and transferring race rego to IMWA - I’m actually happier with the outcome.There’s actually not that much to say on the 70.3 race itself - I swam well (27min, 2nd in AG), rode well (2:33) and was tough on myself (in the head) on the run (1:40) - so a total of 4:45 incl transitions. Because I now don’t wear a watch in the swim I had no idea on time or where I was placed. I like this approach because I don’t get stressed anymore about a slow or long swim (its the same for everyone), and can concentrate more effectively on the bike and run individually. I was pleasantly surprised with 7th in M40-44, and as a result of the roll down I got a place in the 70.3 World champs in Nice. So things have worked out great, just differently from what I first planned.The training is really important to reflect on here, because I had genuinely committed like never before for the IM. It all commenced on New Years Day and week in, week out I had put in the yards. Whatever the coach told me to do, I blindly followed - the phrase “thank you sir may I have another” comes to mind. By Sunday evening each week my coach would set up my plan for the week, I’d then go through it with my wife, figure out work arrangements, meals, diet - then just tick them off. Simples. Getting a “green” in TrainingPeaks became a mental game for me and by the end of April I was loving the training, particularly running which was always my weakness. I believe there are 3 things that made achieving consistent 15-20 hour training weeks possible for me.Firstly my wife, who basically cleared the way for me to make it happen. Yes it’s me who has to get up at 3am to get my long trainer ride done before the kids are up, or has to back up tired and sore from the previous day’s double run, but she was the one that paved the way and ensured family life with young kids was never affected. Amazing. Secondly my coach - I don’t know how he does it but it just works. He’s not big on giving diet advice, technology or technique - which I’m ok with, but he’s awesome with how he designs my programs and fully understands family commitments, etc. Finally, I changed my own work arrangement to be a consultant again rather than an employee - it created flexibility that allows for training twice a day - which I believe is broadly what you need to aim for (plus a rest day). I’m also happier work wise. The only other thing I’ll add is I was just really organised each week.In terms of each discipline - my coach pretty much left me to my own devices with swimming. I can swim ok (not the quickest, but I go alright) - I focus on swimming less than the other two, but before each swim session I added 10min of core strength and stretch cords which I think really helped. Bike was all about volume and strength - all but one of my weekly rides is on the Kickr. Usually 250-350km per week, reached a max of 460km. For the data geeks my FTP just prior to Port half was 281W and FTP/kg 3.85 on 73kg. Running was also about volume, but a lot at low HR and one killer session each week: 1 hour treadmill at 160-165HR (I get nervous just thinking about it). There were also specific gym sessions, usually once a week.The plan from here is basically re-do what I just did, once the hamstring is right. For the Nice 70.3 worlds I’ll need lots of hill work apparently, then its Noosa Tri #10 and finally Ironman WA in December which I’m really looking forward to. It’s ironic because it was watching Busso (and not Kona) that first got me interested in IM. I remember watching my now coach come 2nd in 2010 IMWA - so its kind of poetic I guess.I don’t really say much on transitions, I tend to keep my thoughts to myself but I do like writing the race report (and reading others) as its nice to reflect on the good and bad, and learn from others. The one thing I will share is that last year was not great for me, some pretty challenging work-related stuff, but IM training keeps me here and makes me the best person I can be. Without it I would struggle - and the race is a celebration of that. Not just for me, but for my wife and kids.
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    Steve and Co on 4 to 5, then SJ (Sarah Jane Marshall) Bec (Rebecca Smirh) and another fella for the life of me can't remember his name just now, on 5 to finish. I feel so bad I can't remember Steve's partners name, or the tall young fellow to the finish. But my mind wasnt in top shape. They're all on the pic tho!
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    This is my way of thinking to a large extent. Professional degrees (those with almost certainty of employment) are free/heavily subsidised. Other degrees which might be nice to do, but may or may not readily lead to employment, much pricier. And for heavens sake, stop forcing kids who haven't got a clue what they want to do to go to uni, just because........get a job, do national service, whatever (except laze around mooching off your parents), but don't go and take up space and money at uni.
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    Damn that was hard. Never give up! Great work GoEasy. And ur first!
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    Status:Finisher. On ya Turts.
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    Exactly Super needs to be made as attractive as possible for those on lower incomes I think it’s time the 15% contribution tax was abolished for those earning less than say $100k The more the government can encourage people to save for their retirement the more money they will save over the long term
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    Gives her time to mow the lawn in peace
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    Mine is super supportive so long as I dont say Im too tired for a 'special cuddle' 😉
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    Our family situation and Tris. We all do something in swim/bike/run, except our eldest girl, who (after trying lots of activities very briefly) has found she likes Pilates using the Reformer machines which is great as there are plenty of those classes in Sydney.
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    I suppose it depends on if doing Kona is important to you.
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    I think most people who've done OK for themselves think it's reasonable to pay a bit more. They already pay more in income tax but they're often seen as fair game for additional taxes. I'm not talking people making > $250K, I'm talking people with incomes around that $90-100K mark which Labor thinks is wealthy. In 2018, the average weekly full time wage was $82,436. The tiered tax system already belts the very high income earners and bracket creep just pushes average earners closer and closer to higher tax. The best thing ANY government can do is offer incentives for people to earn more. This is not giving them money for nothing. It's cheap or free education so you can get a better job, apprenticeships so you can make decent money as a tradie, business growth so there can be more employment, more opportunity for advancement, new industries and infrastructure. I tire of people saying wealth is bad. I want to be well off and comfortable in retirement. I don't have a uni degree. I left school and started work. I worked extra jobs and learned new skills. I averaged 50 hours a week for years to get my first home. I'm proud of where I am and how I've gotten here. It pisses me when people want to go "let's belt this guy" because I've worked my arse off my whole life to get what we have. Edit to say none of this is directed at Goughy and I didn't mean it to sound like a rant...
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    What shall we do after lunch?
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    $31 million - I hope they stabbed them with an active fee.
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    I think what we can clearly establish is that whether you are rich, well off, comfortable, struggling or poor nobody likes to be told that the way they are living their life is something that they should be ashamed of. Most of us are simply trying to do the best we can for ourselves and our families and nobody wants to be told they should feel guilty for that. The unpredicted results that we have seen in the U.S. and now Australian elections is a sign of this, the private thoughts are no longer spoken because of the simplistic labels used to belittle them.
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    One of my per hates is hearing about Uni Fees from politicians who went through Uni for free. One of the best things we could do to promote people into better jobs is to offer them free higher education.
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    Have you? Of the snippets of Jones that I've seen on Sky over the past few weeks, what he has actually been saying is that Australians don't like their intelligence being insulted by someone who can't (or more likely doesn't want to) tell them how much his radical socialist agenda is going to cost The leftist media was rather amusing to read yesterday, full of "wow, nobody saw this coming" pieces. Which shows they have absolutely no idea what the conservative commentators they despise so much are actually saying
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    I certainly don't look down on them - I was one for a long time. I do however believe that Australia is a great place for people to be able to extract themselves from this position.
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    Totally agree FP....... how often do you hear the line.......”due to current economic climate........blah blah blah” being the reason for no salary increase or no/reduced bonus.... even when they have turned a massive bonus. And the phrase work harder is a cop out. And just because someone gets paid heaps does not mean they work harder.
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    Wonder how many of the regular hosts on "The Project" are going to call in sick tonight rather than discuss the election?
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    Bullshit. You'd get stuck in a stupid hedge
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    Go Easy - Finisher - you legend you absolute F##king legend Hope you enjoyed the minute noodles
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