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    I received a verbal offer for a pretty good job today. It’s been a stressful time since the end of Jan when I left the last job. Time to take a breath now.
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    Even better news just now. Just got a call from recruitment and They are actually going to be putting me in as a Junior Planner which is precisely the role i have wanted and been working towards, and only on $6 an hour less than my current wage as a lead. I finish here on Monday and they have me down to start on the 25th, which is maybe a bit sooner than i had hoped but it will give me a week of fishing to do before i start. 9 day fortnight too so thats great getting a long weekend every two weeks. And because its not a like for like transition from here to there they are paying out my redundancy which i got the figures for today and was very pleasantly surprised. so thats a nice bonus to be getting and will still be employed by them.
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    "They don't have kids" is a legitimate whinge. Some may say this is harsh, but I would go as far to say that someone who races and hasn't got kids is a cheat.
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    Does anybody know a good housekeeper with perfectionist tendencies? Mine has just quit.
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    I can't see thread ending happily.
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    No training as such. Headed down to help as rider support for Revolve24. Moral support, encouragement, tips and tricks, safety etc. Ride from 9am Friday to 130pm sunday. 28.5 hrs, covered 330km at Tailem Bend track. Going slow, waiting for people to catch me, ride a lap or 2 with them, back off again...... With a few toilet and water stops, plus managing the rider drink stations. Considering I haven't ridden more than 40km or a roadie in 3 years, or ridden more than 180 in 15 years, or more than 320 EVER, I was quite impressed. My arse, however, was not so impressed.
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    Well, race is done. Paced myself in the end. 1:38:31. happy but very owey! Not sure of positions, results aren't out yet.
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    Missed the podium by 11 seconds - is this where I come up with all the excuses ? 😂 i thought initially I could have gone with her if I’d known I was in contention but in retrospect I was totally done. Nothing left and I’d given it my all etc etc etc. I was however fastest on the bike in my age group 😄. Pbs are hard to judge with differing conditions so I tend to judge my performance against the faster and similar riders. As such I am more than satisfied with my overall performance which at the ripe old age of 57 was an 8 min PB.
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    Not that I need to explain it but I have for a long time followed crime very closely, it intrigues me greatly. I have the ability to separate what I have seen and read from my feelings / life etc, although I understand that could maybe clouded at moment. I’ll be sure to let my psych know I saw it when I see him on Wednesday.
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    I only race myself and I haven't won yet.
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    1:38:31 not sure of place yet as results aren't out. Holy hell that's a big race, someone said 14,000 runners!
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    But you looked better than the others. That's what really matters.
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    Looks like all those 3am hill repeats in the rain are going to pay off.
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    Jeez I hate religion - all of them.
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    Personally, I'd rather lend stuff to mates for free than hire stuff to strangers for $$
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    4x Olympic medalist told my daughter that "your Dad looks pretty fit". Poor buggers eyes have gone - too much chlorine.
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    I just got the 'green light' also... Thankfully I bought one from rebel months ago... 😁
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    Nope! Whilst Ironjimbo was on the bus to work, he was bumped into and that night got a bit of a fever. Turns out there was a covert operation and some under cover Transitions guy (using a spike from his Garmin) spike him in the hip and gave him the flu. Meanwhile at his 2 separate Transition guys broke into his house. One put a bug in his trainer road set up and liquid nails in his bottom bracket. The other let the air out of his shoes and pee’d in his swim goggles. Just don’t let IJ know.
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    800m swim in the dam this morning. Not fast, and did a bit of backstroke & breaststroke interspersed, but (touch wood) at this point no pain. Boy have I lost fitness though.
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    I Chased the chickens around the yard for 16 minutes trying to get them back in the coop
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    Look, it was one sports bra and tri suit and I told you I'll replace them. 😒
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    And today it became the formal offer with the reams and reams of paperwork to complete and return. I start on Monday. The relief is palpable. Such a shame I now only have 6 days to get all the stuff done I would have loved to get done while not working but couldn't manage cause I was too bloody stressed! lol
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    1st for AA7 and 2nd for Cranky Congrats ladies!
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    Finally!!! No one can be that cheery and happy all the time!
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    Thank you Tri NSW and elite energy putting on an excellent event despite the drought. Caught up with a couple of trannies on the run but unfortunately had to head back so couldn't attend the post race party. So a big shout out to miss jess and ironjimbo who I said Hi to and Hi to gregb who I saw in starting line up but I started at the back so didn't say Hi hope some of this rain moves west they really need it, they should rename Orange they should call it Brown
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    Pool swim last night, 2k with a 1k tt in the middle 16.00 flat Salt water bay swim today 4K 1.01.01 (no wetsuit) probably longest straight swim since 1996
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    I don’t earn half a million....
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    Went for a 120km ride in the hills. Stopped for a chat with old mate
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    Ripper ride this morning - 75km before work. Meant I needed a 4.30am start to get it done, but glad I did as I am away for the weekend and won't be able to take the bike. Got stood up by a couple of mates (their loss) so it was great doing the whole thing on my own and having a chance to think.
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    imagine if 20 % of the population got 6 % more wages, oh god that would dampen aggregate demand and cause a recession. Better to give 0.5 % huge tax breaks so they can buy more ferraris.
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    I emailed them straight away, and only got the response on Tuesday and yes they have allowed me to delay to the original 2020 timeslot. In the meantime you had to have accepted the slot by last Friday, so given I was worried about missing out, just accepted it. In essence it has been a long time getting to this point and there are no guarantees I will still be able to go around next year, so I'm going to stick with the entry and bring on 2019 Kona. Given I'm terrible when it comes to heat, this will be a new challenge to get my head around and prepare the body as best coming off a Melb winter. Stephen
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    These are some of my local trails.
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    On the plus side, now you're living in the doghouse, the cleaning takes less time.
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    yep I looked good out there. My shoe / sock combo was way better than the guy who finished in 10:59
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    And the most fun you can have with your clothes on...
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    Lol I remember doing a 90km road race with a heart rate like that. I spent the first 30km dreading the a hay bail (the big rolled up ones) would fall off one of the trucks headinng towards us. I spent the next 30km hoping one would fall off & hit me ending the pain. The last 30km was spent solo pushing into a head wind at 10km an hour before the sag wagon drove past and provided a motor pace at 25km an hour back to the finish. Riders & bikes were stacked in there like sardines. Got home & the wife said, lets go we are heading out for tea with friends.... She took one look at me, dialed a pizza & rang our friends to say we couldn't make it. I ended up in bed, eating pizza & drinking coke.
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    So now we've done an IM we have to drop that into every response?
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    Quick splash in the bay for me. 1k in 14.40 ish
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    I have my gear ready...... FM
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    It’s crap. I missed out on a KOM by 1 sec today. I blame Garmin. It’s time to by a wahoo. The guy who got it looked terrible at the end. I still looked fresh
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    3rd indoor trainer set in 4 days - TrainerRoad is making things slightly more bearable! Thanks again @monkie. Just an easy recovery hour - Pettit. Gonna do my first ever set of VO2 max work on the bike on Wed... I've only ever gone as hard as sweet spot training on the trainer - seeing as I can't do my usual VO2 max running session, guess I better do it on the bike... Thinking Matthes+1, Mist-1 or Bago. Prepare for some cursing on Wednesday...
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    Welcome to the never moving club! Yes, if you think you messed it up you should retest but I doubt what you did will have affected it that much.. @Alex Simmons will be able to give you the definitive answer though. Five hour turbo for me today, that was 6 x episodes of White Gold new series, 1 x Alan Partridge Welcome to the Places of My Life and 2.5 x Derren Brown. I was bored by the end.
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    Agree. It is something you can’t unsee. Even if you can watch it, you shouldn’t.
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    Na I'm enjoying road racing. I already have an arch enemy who I'm looking to take down. The guy got me on the line a few weeks ago & cost $15 (the difference between first & second) No excuses he was a smarter rider than me & rolled me on the line. After the race we shook hands & agreed to race do it again.
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    BTW I still think Busso is the easiest course in the world.
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    Ahoy F**kers!
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