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    Well you're hanging out with the wrong guys then ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚โœŒ๏ธ
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    Stikman made me do a threshold test in the pool. I am considering breaking up with him on account of it. Then, I did the triathlete equivalent of putting on a doona cover. I attempted to wrestle myself into my IM wetsuit*. *Refer to post in tri-trade for further information.
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    And here's the graph to prove APs point
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    Well, Roxii did just sell Trannies and must have some petty cash lying around, and he has been talking about a move to Qld...
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    Left sunny Brisbane in 2014 for 3 years of Chicago USA before moving to cycling heaven in the Netherlands earlier this year. Sad to say, that while not actually flush with cycling routes, and the winter weather was a bitch, I felt safer riding around Chicago northside and even though Chicago Downtown than I have on a few of the rides around brissy. Some of the organised rides around Illinois and Wisconsin were fantastic. You can ride from Chicago along the lake up to Wisconsin without any issue. The drivers were all courteous and respectful of any cyclist out and about. Have to say though, observation from both US and Netherlands, rarely see packs of more then 4, and seems most are pairs riding about, particularly here in Ned. The cycle infrastructure here in cities with paths/highways networks across the country are exceptional, and can't believe I'm saying it but am missing the hills. Oh for a Nebo/Glorious or even just a Cootha or two. Even Dutton climb would do. The agro in the who motorist/cyclist debate in Aus is just sickening.
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    Did a 19km long run in the rain this morning, there is something really peaceful about being on a trail by yourself with a light drizzle! But my highlight was doing a 2km cross country local club run with my 4 year old this evening - the look of determination on his face to try and run the whole 2k was bloody moving. He did it too - 14.30! Very proud tonight๐Ÿ˜
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    Time goals can vary based on so many factors. So Ill give a range Swim 50-55 depending on conditions, course length, other swimmers... Ride 4:45-5:15, again same depending on conditions, I have no idea what the course/road is like, just know it is historically fast. Run - 3:00-3:10 Transition + 5-10min Total - 8:50-9:20 would be a good range to come in between and I would be relatively happy with anything in that. I don't really have any excuses, not limping in, carrying a few niggles, have trained the last 15 weeks very consistently with just one weekend off with a cold last weekend where I had 3 days off. My previous 6 months is where I struggled with consistency but I've maintained a good level of training since then. Only one concern I have is ve not done the massive rides I have in previous Ironman builds but that was on purpose, so Ill see if it pays off or if it leaves me limping home the last 20k. Its going to be a good indication of where the work needs to go for Port but I'm excited for both and looking forward to the trip which is approaching very rapidly.
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    Congratulations. If you ever decide to shave that beard off , make sure you do it with a little tyke there. I remember waking up one morning when I was about three and wondering who the strange man was in my house. My dad had shaved his beard off and I had no clue who he was!
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    What concerns me about many of the comments here is the solution proposed is to not ride at all on the roads. Yet the #1 factor in making cycling safer is increasing the number and frequency of cyclists drivers encounter on the roads. Safety in numbers is what leads to greater awareness of and familiarity by other road users and results in better driver behaviour. 30 years ago when driving you would expect to see children on bikes in the 'burbs. Now people are not tuned into the possibility as much, so the best way forward is to have more people on bikes out there. e-bikes will play a role in this. This is the exact experience in forward thinking cities which are now heavily promoting cycling - the rest of the community is getting used to it and familiarity has improved their overall attitudes and driving behaviours. To do just the opposite (i.e. promote getting off the roads) simply reinforces the car centricity of our society. To hear it from others who cycle just tells me how far we have fallen in our attitudes. No one is suggesting cyclists ride on inappropriate roads or at times of day when it causes more hassle. But to simply say get off the roads altogether, well we may as well kill ourselves now because what's the point?
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    Totally agree paul and the ones usually making the most noise about , ffnnn drivers and the dangers of cycling are the ones in complete black out fits with no rear or front lights , riding two abreast holding up traffic just not doing themselves or anyone else who is still mad enough to ride on Australian roads no favours what so ever if you want drivers attitudes to change for the better cyclist behaviour needs to change for the better and even more importantly be seen to actually making an effort to make things better and safer for all users EG , bright clothing bright lights , be seen ride single file when blocking traffic wave people on , and give them a friendly guesture if they do the right thing no more then 6 (or even 4) in a bunch that way u can go single file without any problems claimed in this thread , and also the bigger the bunch the bigger the arrogance , so the more cyclist hate it breeds black while cycling on the road should be banned and quality bright rear lights made mandatory
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    Alex I respect all your comments and the background you are coming from. I don't ride in groups, so my angle is comparative only for positioning of the bike in the lane/shoulder,and behaviour towards cars. But while there may be a lot of valid points you are making, and most on a technical level I agree with, the part that lets them down is the other side of the equation - the drivers. It doesn't really matter if you are technically riding in a way that is the safest manner. If the general public don't understand WHY you are riding that way, or WHAT it is that you are doing, then riding in packs taking up lanes only leads to animosity, impatience, and rushed and dangerous passing moves. Its MUCH easier and far more likely for a car to leave 1m gap if they don't have to take their entire car into the oncoming lane to do so. Im also seeing in that video a distinct lack of rear facing flashing lights - again another risk mitigation stance to take.
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    I've met several people along the way that are either good at various sporting stuff, or in some cases just say they are (because I don't know them well) that don't compete but will also ask why I put myself through all the pain if I'm not on the podium ( it's been known but rare ) When I ask them why they don't ever enter anything, I always get the same BS reply along the lines of 'Oh, I'm so competitive, I could only enter if I was going to do well' Righto then, let me get this straight, the way you demonstrate this ultra competitiveness is to never actually compete in anything? Brilliant.
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    Hopefully I can keep up the .5kg a week through to the end & past it. It may not see the win, as it will only get me to about where a couple of you are now, but I'm already the lowest weight I've been in nearly a year, and if I can keep going down to the low 80's, it'll be my lightest since I got injured and stopped running & riding. Not just that, but other than the occasional chocolate craving, I feel I've turned a corner. Be it "low carb" or just "low sugar", I feel much better. I haven't had a "sugar low" in the past couple of weeks. I used to get one at some point nearly every day.
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    Why are we always seeing posts asking for someone to bring something you forgot up to a race, or asking the same question that was answered previously; IF You have a memory like that?
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    Without sounding like im making excuses im just wanting to get through the finish line. Im not fast but the plan was / still is to aim for a finish approx 1 hr quicker than my first ironman in Cairns last year, so 11:30 ish which im more than capable of doing, however im currently on a running ban and am confined to a close relationship with my foam roller and physio. The major part of the goal for this race was to have a really good for me run which everything was coming along nicely and i was really confident......confidence gone but..... Here's hoping when i get off the bike i can produce some sort of run. Fingers crossed
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    Blame the crazy cost of hiring all those marquees ..........
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    This is a shame as I really enjoyed travelling up to Yeppoon for that race on several occasions. What I also find appalling is the low standard of spelling, grammar and punctuation in the media these days. There are six obvious errors in the above two captions. I watch a bit of BBC TV these days, which I assumed would be of high standard, but they can't even get their glyphs and capitalisation right in simple captions.
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    Current Victorian election could be cut down to 3 days and I don't think anyone would know the difference. What a snoozefest bereft of any initiative or vision. All the ads are "don't trust labor as they did this 10 years ago"... "Don't trust the libs as they did this 25 years ago". It's getting so depressing I'm actually starting to miss the regional tv ads for furniture stores and car yards done on handycams
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    Nothing better than doing squats naked...
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    Second last long ride before race day. 120ks. Was almost quite a bit shorter after I narrowly missed running over the tail end of a 1.2-1.5m effing snake crossing the path! Scared the ****ING SHIT out of me! I was hyperventilating and wanted nothing more in the world than to turn around and go home. And, who goes to the supermarket the day before long ride day and doesn't think to buy ice cream? An idiot, that's who. And finally, for Perth peeps, the long diversion around the work near Roe Hwy has not taken effect yet. It looks ready to go, but it was still only the short diversion this morning.
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    The irony of some posts here would be hilarious if not so serious. The people supporting the riders are the ones who concede there's dickheads everywhere, they've been abused by drivers, run off the road, had things thrown at them and concede the road in question is noted for speeding. So lets do everything we can to irritate the drivers more. You are completely naive if you think you are going to change drivers' behaviour - if you want to be safe modify your behaviour. You are beyond crazy if you think riding in groups like this is going to earn drivers' respect - these attitudes are causing the problem, not solving it. I'm done - some people don't know how to help themselves.
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    I was thinking about groups on my ride in to work today, and to be honest I think that upon reflection large cycling groups are unnecessary and make it very hard to pass and probably agitate car users the most. I have cycled in some large groups and it did cause traffic issues, whereas when there is 3-4 of you it is very manageable. When I ride by myself I just hug the left hand side and there is heaps of room to pass in most situations and people are generally not impeded and therefore much less likely to be annoyed. What is the real benefit of cycling in a large group of people you hardly know? Couldn't larger groups split into smaller groups for the ride?
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    We were never in big groups usually 4-6 max. Because the RNP has some sections that are very slow, hilly and twisty cars can get held up for a long time if you block the road and force them to make an unsafe pass. We always found it safer for us and others to do it the way we did. If you sat two abreast and held them up chances are they would make an unsafe pass. Going single file, assessing the traffic up ahead for them then waving them through ensured everyone got through as quickly and safely as possible. The proof for me is that in all the years doing that we never had an issue and usually the drivers were happy with our assistance and conduct, hopefully making the roads safer for everyone.
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    After owning this cycling top since 2011, I decided it could be worn as i managed to do a half distance race on the weekend and i was worthy to break it out. Ride 40k this morning on bloody sore legs.
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    Howdy all, Emo here, Race Director for Kurnell and CEO of Elite Energy. I must apologize for this and not really sure why it has happened. I was notified on a private FB post and feel quite bad as Elite Energy always has medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Individuals and Teams. So if you could email me your details I will post the medals to the teams and also send you a 100% FREE entry for your team to the next Kurnell and if all goes well, you will again win medals and I will ensure you are recognized. So so sorry emo@eliteenergy.com.au