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    I'd suggest not posting up his videos or watching them. It only drives traffic which is currency/oxygen in the world of social media.
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    Only a few weeks to 29th edition of Hell of the West - Goondiwindi. There used to be a big group of tranies race out here, please come back. The Goondiwindi region like most of Oz are in crippling drought at moment! but the river is still looking great for the hotw swim and things are gearing up for another great event. So get a group of mates together and do a road trip out here and race a tough-fair- old school race in a community that loves their event and all you crazy triathletes. Then stay and join in the fun with all the organising crew from GOONDIWINDI tri club . 8-9th Feb www.hellofthewest.com
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    A handshake to celebrate 35 years at the Big-T today. I started as an apprentice tech in the company's last big intake along with 120 others in Brisbane, and over 500 across the country. I travelled the state from the Cape to Quilpie, working on TV & Radio Tx sites in some of the most beautiful sites you could imagine (generally on top of mountains in National Parks). I spent a couple years in purgatory at Woolloongabba Exchange, then made my escape into Design. Along the way I studied and picked up an Engineering Degree, and with that moved into the Planning group, and have been in a few roles here since. I must say I've enjoyed my time, and while it seems like a long time in one job, I look back at it as 4 distinct jobs, with a few roles in each of them. For someone who was planning on leaving after the 4 year apprenticeship to have a go as a pro sportsman, it's been a long journey. I'd do it again at the drop of a hat though to meet the great folk I've met, and the see the wonderful places I've seen.
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    Got an offer on the house and accepted it yesterday. Just got to keep the fingers crossed now nothing causes the sale to fall through.
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    Totally missed the point, the donation in that situation would be to ensure the kids didn't suffer. Reread my post and you'll see I'm not saying it is being given because the parents decided to have 5 kids Edit - we had a similar situation here where a house fire in town left 6 people with the clothes on their back. House was a rental - no contents insurance, cause of the fire was found to be overloaded powerboard left under a pile of clothes in the parents bedroom. The town here gave reasonably generously for the 4 kids that were involved, with most donations aimed at the kids through items such as donations directly to the local school to cover replacements for education (uniforms, books, laptops etc). The kids had no control over who the lottery of life gave them as parents and most people got that
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    What about those who genuinely can’t afford it. Here in Karratha the cost of house insurance is ridiculous. Whilst I’m not a home owner here In Karratha I have read numerous posts online In local groups of people asking for insurance info as their renewal has come through and is 10k dearer than what it was for the previous year. my house insurance on the east coast is dear enough, I doubt I could afford it over here. Even my contents insurance here is very expensive. Throw on top the car insurances, health insurance, income protection, TPD, it’s a heck of a lot of money and I feel for those here that can’t afford it.
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    Insurance comes under the sphere of personal responsibility. Honestly, if you have chosen to forego insurance cover for a type of event which is reasonable possible (let alone probable or likely) and it happens then as far as I'm concerned you're on your own beyond what everyone else who had cover is getting. You see a lot of people who don't take out cover because it is too expensive but that's part of the cost of living where/how you do, just the same as local rates or strata fees are. If the expense is high then it means that the risk is high and/or costly, insurance works on statistics. Insurance isn't cover for what you expect, it's for what you don't.
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    While we are talking selling house. Wife finishing up work in country Vic soon. We had two major working bees on the house prior to Christmas ( painting, gardening and trip to tip) to make the house presentable for possible sale. Monday Last week Wife Casually enquired about selling our house with real estate agency, got the forms for contract etc and brought them home to Melbourne. Tuesday last week we decided to put it on market to test the waters expecting that it might sell by end of March. Wednesday Wife went back to work and dropped signed docs etc off mid morning. Real estate agent did appraisal later that day, listed house Thursday morning, with open house scheduled for following Saturday. first viewing Thursday evening resulted in first offer ( semi lowball & knocked back) Friday morning second viewing resulted in full price offer from a purchaser with finance. Minor panic stations for conveyancor to complete sec 32 but all good. Everything confirm Monday this week with settlement in early March. In 25 years of buying and selling houses, I have never experienced such a quick sale. We are realistic and know things can fall apart in the next 4 weeks. But purchaser is keen, got money and is already making plans. Result, I'm spending 3 weekends in Feb moving furniture and crap out of the house and depositing it at daughters newly purchased home ( 400km trip!) and at our home. It's a logistical balancing act in moving stuff daughter needs and leaving enough stuff for the wife to use for her last rotation at work before settlement. All this is a first world problem that I'm happy to have, but it's playing havoc with the training for Shepparton and Victor Harbour triathlon!!
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    Good news Katz! Hopefully it all goes well. our house is having it’s first open day this weekend. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long to have a buyer. It’s time to move it on. We made the decision that WA is where we will be long term now. So are selling the house in Townsville, it was going to be our retirement home as it’s beautiful but things change and it’s time to let someone else enjoy it.
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    It was “Wheels off a new bike”, that finally bought my motivation back and passion and drive for the sport. I had started the sport some 33 years ago as a spritely 16 year old and had a endurance race resume that would make Mark Allen blush. I had been lacking motivation for the last 18 months, struggling to get out on the road and get the job done. As I am over 40 and my back is not what it used to be. I tend to do all of my training on my road bike. I had been experiencing a bit of equipment neglect of late mainly in the wheel department. My wheels were shot. Hubs worn, bearings rough, spokes stretched and out of shape. My wheels were about as true as a potato chip. It was just a horrible ride to sum it up. I had a bikefit last year for the first time ever and found out I was completely on the wrong size. If I was ever to race again I would have to get a new TT bike. I ended up buying a Focus TT bike complete with Fulcrum wheels and ceramic bearing hubs. I had a arsenal of race TT wheels, being a 80’s triathlete I was still partial to Tubular tires . I ended up putting the “New wheels” on my road bike to rekindle my dream and enthusiasm for the sport once again. If I was going to commit and go forward in the sport. I had to be comfortable. I still remember that first ride. It felt deadly fast . I was close to 10kgs over my race weight but it didn’t matter. The breaking, the cornering, the descending, Climbing like a mountain goat and the beautiful purr of the free hub. It was heaven on a stick. I was back. My heart and soul was once again reborn. After a few weeks and several more blissful rides. It was time to commit . Cairns 70.3 in June 2020 became my goal with possibility of a Taupo worlds start. I had 20 weeks,5 months to get my act together. It was time to pull every trick out of the bag. The triathlon bag of tricks that is some 33 years old. The next 20 weeks went past like a blur. The swimming ,biking “on the wheels from a new Bike” and running. The weight naturally shed itself and I was finally back to a shell of my former self. I even passed the wetsuit test. I was terrified being over race weight it wouldn’t fit. But luckily it did. Even my cycle clothing fit better than before. For awhile I looked like the Michelin man and a not so attractive MAMIL love handle look. Race week, I drove up to Cairns from Townsville (Clownsville) a couple days before. For me it was only up the road some 350k. it was not a big deal. It’s funny when you travel to a race, the dawn of reality catches up with you. Have you done enough? Are you rested enough? and equipment choices for the big day, mainly what wheels do I use for the Cairns course?, Do I go with tried and trusted Carbon tubular Disc and deep rim? Or do I go with my “wheels off a new bike”?. The ones that have served me so well over the last 5 months? 😁
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    He's OK. Still popping up on FB.
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    Context required. What is your goal? Do you want to be a better climber? Climb Hills Do you want to be a better triathlon rider then you need to spend time in the aero bars. Build volume then recovery (aka recovery week/adaptation week) repeat. Add intensity via attacking hills, efforts on the flat, on trainer etc. Build on that and again put in an adaptation week. Easy sessions are easy. Hard session are hard (not necessarily long) Always remember the purpose of the session you are doing.
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    It's just thuggery - id rather watch a Taylor swift concert
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    Riding hard every time you sit your bum on the bike is the most common mistake. Your performance will get worse doing that. Go for 2 moderate hours 6 days a week. Actually, make that easy to moderate. The occasional short sharp effort is good.
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    I don't know how you expect people to take you and any argument you make seriously when you come out with schoolyard shit like this! FFS Grow up.
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    Yeah I'm glad he got whacked. But knowing him.... It was probably ANOTHER organised shit storm to generate social media traffic for himself and anyone else who comments/shares the content. He's that fruity(pardon the pun) that he'd friggin do that.
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    I think I learnt all I needed to about DR from this video. OMG what a dick!
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    His ex-girlfriend has busted him for taking KOMs on an ebike... piece of filth! 😫
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    Yes, it apparently makes you very gullible.
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    The Tour de Cure ride from 2019 is being shown on channel Seven today @ midday. Do yourself a favour and watch/tape. A great bunch of people doing wonderful things for the community. FM
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    You can sleep in your own bed mid race, beats lying on the road
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    I used to use Booking.com, Wotif & lastminute quite a lot. Then I just started seeing what they offered, then ringing the actual motel/owner, and they were usually the same price, and sometimes cheaper. So now I just use them as a search engine.
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    The wife has it now and again, gets tested at work, (hospital) and straight onto tablets if it is low, which it was a few weeks ago. She usually takes 3-4 weeks for it to get back up to normal rates and mostly finds out about it with declining performances on known routes, 1 long climb in particular. I have had it twice and the tablets nearly kill me but they don’t seem to affect her at all.
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    Might need one right before IM then. LOL
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    Having had a few they are not too hard to get. In the end the events are pretty much any (free) publicity they can get, so if you can show you have an audience they will give you a pass.
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    Watched it with a couple of mates that were on the ride.
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    For me- Volume through frequency works. I have tried periodisation, Sweet spot programs etc etc. Most success has been the more times I ride a week, the better I get. Most weeks 5-6 rides. The easier I ride, the more I can ride, the more I ride, the faster I ride. That's in the context of maintaining bike for half/ironman training. 8 weeks out I transition to more event specific work by basically just changing 1 of my rides per week.
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    just been reading more into this over the past few weeks. zone 2, which is 65-75% of your ftp, should be 80% of your rides, with 'ball tearer' or zone 4 interval type ride once a week. This is more base training though. A second up tempo ride can be added later.
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    just live 35 km from work and leave exactly 1hr before starting time (including shower), the trip home will be your "recovery"
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    Geez its a good thing I don't troll, I would come out with much nastier stuff than saying someone had a dad bod! But I used to play cricket and spent a lot of time in the slips...subtlety has no place!
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    Skip to the last page if you can't be bothered reading the whole thing (even though it's not that long)
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    What about old mate who can’t get insurance because his house isn’t technically completed yet? Sink all their money into a self build, days away from sign off and potential insurance but it goes up in smoke? Insurance attempts to make a black and white situation out of many things that aren’t.
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    maybe. We will find out soon. It's not like GB wouldnt have a plan. They arent triathlon australia
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    Any chance of this selling out? Keen to weave into travels but can't commit til later in the year..
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    Seems it is not just Vic where there is significant tension between volunteer and professional firefighter unions. It's times like these that shows how valuable each firefighter is, paid or volunteer.
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    Yeah its amazing isnt it.
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    I saw the shorts of this and need to see it. Anyone any idea how to watch Channel 4 in Aus.
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    I told my wife at 42 I was going to trade here in on 2 x 21 year olds, she just laughed and made some comment about good luck keeping up
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    Mate of mine always introduced his wife as "This is Sandy, my first wife".
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    Sorry. Really bad day yesterday Apologies to all on the forum
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    I remember thinking this was rad back in the day
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    Hey - I had a read through a few other newbie/ First timer posts but still have a couple of questions. For raceday - is a tri-suit what you wear for the whole race ? Ive been doing open water swimming just in swimming shorts so don't really want to wear a wetsuit ? Also - does the tri-suit have padding for cycling leg ? Or do slide Knicks over the top ? Do you have to wear a cap for swimming ? Do most people wear socks when riding ? Sorry - some questions might seem stupid, but I cannot find answers and just want to make sure I've got everything covered 😂 Thanks to anyone who takes time to answer.
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    Firstly, welcome aboard. We're a weird mob and there may seem to be a bit of fighting etc at times, but really we're just like one big family experiencing sibling rivalry... If your thinking about a particular event then some additional information would be handy to help others give you some more detailed advice specific to that event. Basically it's all pretty simple and you can't go too far wrong, plus you'll learn a lot after your first race or two, but here's my 2 cents worth. For raceday - is a tri-suit what you wear for the whole race? You can pretty much wear what you want, but if you've got a one or two piece tri-suit then yes you would usually wear it for the whole race. I've been doing open water swimming just in swimming shorts so don't really want to wear a wetsuit ? Unless the water is very cold it is usually not mandatory to wear a wetsuit. Wet suits will make you faster, but depending on the length of the swim you can often lose more time than you save due to the time it can take to get out of it at the end of the swim. If you are comfortable doing the distance without one then you'll be fine just in your shorts (or trisuit). Also - does the tri-suit have padding for cycling leg ? Or do slide Knicks over the top ? Depends on the suit but there's usually a little bit of padding. Most people would only wear knicks if they required the extra padding for comfort. Do you have to wear a cap for swimming ? Most races with an open water swim will require you to wear a swim cap for safety, if so then they will usually provide you with one at at the race registration. Do most people wear socks when riding ? Racing or just riding? Riding, most people would do it for comfort, and so that your shoes don't stink. Racing, if you don't need them for riding or running then you'll save a bit of time by not wearing them. But if you don't care about the extra few seconds then feel free to put them on. Keep asking questions if your not sure or if you need anything else. Good luck & let us know how you go.
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