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    Not sure how much of it is Covid related and how much is just the ebb and flow of life. I have been working the whole time so it is not a WFH thing or anything related. I have lost 14kg since start of the year, still have probably 10 to go. I have been focused on 5km running, did my fastest 5km since 2012 at 21:41 a couple of weeks ago. Probably taken about 4 minutes off my 5km time this year. Last year I ran 514km for the year, have done 808km so far this year. Last year I rode 63 hours for the year, 68 hours done so far this year. Last year I swam 20225m, 29525m done so far this year. I have not raced for 3 years and this is the fittest I have been since I trained for Shep 2016 but I have started to lose some motivation in the last month or so. Online challenges have been my motivation. Mainly the Ironman VC stuff, but also the 42in42 Run group. Need to set a longer term target now I think as I finally feel fit enough to train for an event, but at this stage I am not game to enter anything due to cancellations etc.
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    Any chance you fellas can agree they are all the same size and put them away?
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    Maybe wash your hands after you go to the toilet Peter. If you do that you’ll be fine, unless you’re licking the toilet seat. All the washing of hands and social distancing won’t save you then, though I recon you’d probably catch some other fatal disease before you’d catch covid. Do you read my posts before you disagree with them Peter? I said it’s not a given people infected will obey the rules, and most people catching it atm haven’t obeyed the rules... and you say “not really”, Haven’t you seen the reasons behind the recent outbreaks in Melbourne? Just about every case is because somebody didn’t obey the rules. I’ve had blood cancer for the last 16 months and part of my treatment was to wipe out my immune system to the point I was neutropenic. I still managed to work, socialise, run and ride a little, and believe it or not Peter, I use the toilets at work, several time’s a day. Even public toilets occasionally. All without catching even a single cold or infection. And that’s with almost no immune system. That’s because I’ve social-distanced religiously for over a year now, plus using a lot of hand sanitiser, and washing my hands after I use the toilet. If you follow the rules you won’t need to worry about the hypothetical situation you’re suggesting.
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    When working from home it's important to step away from the desk and spend time with our loved ones...! 🤔🤣🙊🤷‍♂️
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    My first run in over a month. 30 min run/walk.
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    Much like the commentary on Trannies. Except for Chris. He just wants his coffee and doesn't care how many need to die to get it.
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    Sturgeon speaking off the cuff is brilliant. If only all pollies were this direct.
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    I was thinking about this the other day. A lot of the early infections would have happened before people realized the seriousness of the disease and before they understood the precautions needed. We then entered lockdown, most of those infected took steps to properly quarantine, the infection rate dropped dramatically. It seems the 2nd wave is largely due to people completely ignoring the precautions (ie. assholes). These assholes are far less concerned with the welfare of others. Unlikely to obey proper quarantine, or even get tested. Makes me worry that the 2nd wave will stretch out a bit longer.
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    After copping a bit (5 separate occasions since early February) of heckling from passing cars about my weight whilst out running around my local area, I've really cut down and dropped from 86ish to 81ish. Started paying attention to what I was putting in my mouth and the graph just kept going down. Getting back on the committed training program definitely helped as well. FTP is back up to 283 (about 3.45W/kg), running has come a long way and I'm starting to edge back under 2:00/100m in the pool.
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    Rode a lazy 200K yesterday - Headed North to Peats Ridge, Somersby, Ourimbah and back via yarramaling Valley and up Bumble Hill. Came home strong but Bumble Hill nearly killed me.
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    Haven't ridden it at all. I have so much fatigue in my legs, as soon as I crossed the summit banner, and made sure I had it in the garage, I logged out, vowing to burn my trainer. 😁
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    I like Ross Noble's explanation of things..... It's the "Spice Girls Paradigm"; everyone's going along all happy and well then Victoria F's it for everybody
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    Don't like the competition?
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    Slippery slope. The MR2 Turbo I bought to enjoy track days is currently mid engine rebuild and already owing $12K with the gear box rebuild and dyno tune bills still to come. Then there is my latest purchase...
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    Apri 26th, decided to go for every route badge on Zwift, completed that 10 days ago. May 14th, despite already having climbed about 68,000 mtrs on Zwift, decided to see if I could get Tron bike by end of June, so hit the Everest challenge. 2,200 mtrs to go! Dropped about 3kgs but that's mostly because I've kept up some running I think.
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    If regional Victoria ends up in lockdown over this they would rightly be very peeved.
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    Melbourne definitely sounds like a less than great part of Victoria at the moment. Good news you tested positively toward negative, right? So, you tested perfectly on Saturday. Meaning you tested negative. But that’s the way of saying positively for the negative.
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    I got tested on Thursday, just before noon. Had my result 8am Saturday. Negative.
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    Sunday Bloody Sunday
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    Absolutely. I actually don’t even think the experts really know themselves. I think every politician both fed and states get a pass mark from me. I don’t think anyone should be critical of their decisions. They have done an outstanding job, the lot of them. as we have seen in Victoria, no one knows what can happen in a week.
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    @Mike Del definitely ignore my comments. G-CSF stimulates the bone marrow to release the neutrophils. All the best with your treatment!
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    But high chance of being asymptomatic and spread it to heaps of people who will have a far greater chance of death.
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    After Racing stopped in WA in mid march i took a couple of weeks off then on 1st april started the 100 day run challenge Tonight was day 92 and i was surprised how i had adapted to running every day after a couple of weeks. Our pools opened here a few weeks ago so have been swimming with 2 short rides a week as well. Proper training starts monday July 20 for 13 weeks up to busso 70.3 in October Am considering the day of the month run thing Fat Pom talked about a while back. Weight has stayed the same at 73kgs.
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    5 days of flogging the water @ Coffs for this epic result.
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    TRON bike by end of June. Mission accomplished. 😎 This morning I had 1171 mtrs to go. I did a short session reverse Epic to get about 160 mtrs in, then logged out and did a fresh road to sky on the TT bike. On the way I managed to level up to 35 and got the Mavic shoes, then I got the Tron bike just about at hairpin 1. I was just cursing the last 3 or 4 hairpins, then on the way to the summit, it flashed up m climb ETA and I was on for a PB! So I nailed what was left and did a 74.45, a pb by 1:20. I took a screen shot at the top of my avatar on the bike (with MacBook) but I don’t know how to find it! So, after 117,000 mtrs climbed, I finally have the friggin thing. 😄
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    No newts is good newts, I suppose.
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    I'm doing "Dry July" again this year. I'm still trying to work out whether Chardonnay is "dry" enough.
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    My daughter got tested Friday week ago up here when she was feeling sick. My wife is high risk so insisted she go. Tested lunch Friday, 8am text the saturday morning with a negative.
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    Personally would take the 105 & bank the $1000 difference - and then use that towards a really nice set of wheels (either now or down the track, depending on what you want to spend)... 🙂
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    Not quite sure what you are talking about. I'm sure I heard NSW had a record high test number just a few days ago. 17k was the record on the 18th June 18k were done on the 28th June. But as you say most people on here don't like facts.
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    Testing hasn't stalled. Qld did over 40,000 in the past week, and NSW over 100,000. That's the highest number of tests in a single week for Qld, and I think also NSW.
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    Didn't gain or lose any weight during lockdown. Went into lockdown in great shape and think i've come out of it even better, minus the swim of course.
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    WA's chief health officer has advised that the WA border remain shut until Victoria's numbers improve. I think that we are fortunate that in this country the politicians are following the advice of the medical experts.
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    Urrrrgggghhhhh, shipping is soooooo sloooooowwwwww. My wiggle order that left on the 20th has been in brissie for 2 days now and still lists the middle of next week as expected delivery date. And my velogear order was delayed a week because they didn't have something and couldn't get it, and it left monday and still lists Melbourne as it's last tracking point and next week as delivery. Don't they realise how important it is for me to upgrade my bike from 2005 10speed to 2010 10 speed. Yeesh.
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    I can fully understand why you're getting heckled if your running at just under 2:00/100m.
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    So, it is one person who's changed their mind? Who, surprisingly, is appearing on Sky? And he's not a scientist, so we don't have to cross one off the list of those that believe in climate change.
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    I should have taken the GoPro today! The water clarity was epic, we went wide and didn’t get home til we’ll after dark. Some great spearing today by me and two mates. We dove deeper today from 6m to 20m And even at 20m you could see the bottom from the surface! Days like today are epic. And to top it off we nailed a bunch of squid on the way home. Pics below are my share from the day. The chinaman was epic! He tried towing me around. And the shot placement on the big trout was perfect, right through the gill plate.
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    Like most things in life. There is almost always a cheaper option. Until recently my mate raced B grade vets on an alloy frame with 9 speed shimano & is still in the top 3. He only traded to carbon & 11 speed due to a mechanical failure (can’t remember what it was). He still uses alloy rims (I can’t believe I still call him a friend)
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    Don't worry, if you cure wing of bat it tastes just like bacon.
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    They said yesterday he has their full backing so expect he'll be gone by tomorrows news cycle..
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    & I combine my holidays with Ironman racing so it was a double it of cash
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    Triathlon Expensive? Take up 4WDing and camping.🙄 Started with a cheap stock 4WD, tent and Esky and in 8 years has expanded to a sensibly modified 4WD, .6mx3m shed full of camping gear(for when I go with friends), and a caravan (for when Mrs AJ comes along). Now we've got the caravan I need to add a transmission cooler to the Pajero. Expecting somewhere between $500 and $1000 to get that done. And a van service sometime before mid-August. (no idea what thats going to cost)
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    Be realistic; you'd have gone di2.
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    I think I'd go the extra. Is there are other differences between the two models besides the group set and wheels? Are the cranks shimano or another brand? Sometimes it's not a full group set and there might be a better crankset with the Ultegra model.
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    Weight - don't weigh myself. Fitness - Pretty good. Did some PB over certain distance or times. Set a few different goals over past 12 weeks.
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    If it was not the USA everyone would pull out and ban any travel. Yes as each region and Governor deals with it differently it flares up. The Constitutional right, freedom of movement is more important than the constitutional right to live. The two people on this board who lived in the USA have and are coming back to Aus. The President should have convened the Governors, the leaders of the house and said here we go: 1. Executive order, COVID is a Clear and Present Danger to American Lives and Liberty. As off today and for 4 weeks no travel is permitted except for essential services, food, 1 hour of outside exercise. 2. Our borders are closed except for returning Americans. 3. Quarantine will be served for 14 days along with testing for returning nationals. 4. Exercise the Defense Production Act and ramp up PPE, Ventilators and testing. 5. Testing. 6. Stimulus check for the initial 4 weeks (and longer) guaranteeing the median income along with debt, rent and mortgage measures. Doing that would have reduced the spread, fatalities and set the platform for opening up.
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    weekly totals. Bike: 324kms, 19hrs Run: zero
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