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    So 4 weeks in and all is going pretty well. After dropping the crutches I was walking like I had a wooden leg, so I swallowed some pride and also some tablets. 2 x Panadol and a Voltaren morning and night and it made a huge difference. Able to walk much better albeit with some concentration to keep it looking “natural”. It’s amazing how much it takes out of you having to concentrate on waking, makes a half hour walk exhausting. Still not allowed to try and close my hip angle beyond 90 degrees till I get the ok from the surgeon Monday week , even though I feel like I could if I had to, apparently the hip is still prone to dislocation up until all the muscles have had time to strengthen around the joint. Anyway at 4 weeks I’m probably doing a bit better than I thought I would at this stage, knocking out my 10000 steps a day and started back with some easy swimming this week.
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    Sparky joins the family...! Scott RC 900 world cup edition! N plus 1 became 5 😂 😁
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    In NSW, all I can say is thank god for Emo.
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    I'm in Did Nepean as a practice run. I had forgotten how crap I am at swimming sans wetsuit. goggles fogged up couldn't see where I was going, swallowed half the lake. Not happy Jan, so I entered Hills sprint tri on Sunday. Swam much better. Built my own TT bike out of a roadie, mate gave me a wahoo kicker, signed up to Trainer Road and I'm ready to go
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    First race at the distance and notches up a win in 4.16. 2nd place for Burgs.
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    I think races seem to be busy, there just isn’t the volume or variety of racing to do. Back in the early days there were races most weekends around Sydney (Wollongong, central coast) during peak season. A bit of travel or fuel wasn’t a big deal when the race entry was only $20. The cost to run races has increased dramatically with the compliance costs, this is passed on to the the athletes and I don’t think having $120+ sprint races makes for an affordable pathway into the sport which in turn will impact future numbers. There needs to be a way to have affordable pathway races to get people in the door and give them enough opportunities to get hooked, then Ironman can fleece them.
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    I did it on the weekend. Best organised event of the 20 or so I’ve been. The swim was long by about 200m and the opposite of prior years being against the current, bit of wind on the bike too so the pro results were pretty strong.
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    It’s why I drive to Perth and back every time we go away, otherwise going away just wouldn’t happen as a family of four. an example of the rort that is Pilbara airfares- last may we went to Vietnam, two week holiday, 70.3 race while there, didn’t hold back on spending, and drove to Perth and back to avoid the flights from here. We still came out a couple grand in front than if we had of flown from here. 4 x return flights Perth -KL-ho chi Minh city $978.00 4x internal flights Ho Chi Minh - da nang ~$500 at times up here $1500 is lucky to get you a return airfare to Perth and back. ps- if you’ve seen my boat, You will see I’m not wealthy, point being, I paid for the boat with two cartons of bush chooks, got the motor for $450 from Mandurah out boards free postage, blew the gearbox up got a new one for free 😂, trailer was rusted to the point of no return but I’ve made it work......trailer not registered and never would pass the pits anyway......but I found an old WA number plate on the way to the tip one day and slapped it on. Never been questioned by the police yet. But man do I catch a shitload more fish and Crays than some of the 150k + boats up here. want me to talk about my 20yr old piece of shit Navara? It’s worse than the boat 😂😂😂😂😂
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    I blame the new TWA committee!😋
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    I'm looking at Southampton in April. If your idea of a destination is a shithole of a container port town and dodging smackheads lying in the street under a paper tent of the Big Issue, it's the one for you.
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    All you guys seem to do is talk down about triathlon. Things are always better in the rear-view mirror but moping around does nothing to attract new people. FWIW as a new comer I'm loving it and all the races I've been to have been packed. I've had friends and family come to watch who are now training to give it a crack. They don't know what it was like 10 or 20 years ago, all they know is they like what they saw today. It's a shame that Challenge Melb and Shep is no more but hopefully Ironman pick them back up next year.
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    It's what you take for cold muscles because stretching is too risky...
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    Yes, not many use it but they have s social membership, was about $5. Could be free now with no membership cards to be produced and posted and for people like yourself it should be free- same as they do for TO’s. Or could have gone up too. Will be on their website. You can also set up a multi sport division in your club and bi pass compulsory membership and return to the sports roots, it’s not advertised but it’s possible. TriNSW helped me do that a few years ago when I asked about how they deal with one of two clubs in NSW that are more then Triathlon. Basically two divisions, Triathlon and a multi sport division. Mind you when we advertised you could join us without joining the national association, they did ask us to remove the posts after some complaints from other clubs. Nothing like a bit of envy and other clubs looking at what other clubs are doing rather then looking inwards re themselves and addressing their own backyard. ...lol
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    I'm not sure how familiar you are with this piece of trail running folk lore but the Bob Graham Round s pretty legendary. I think only one in three attempts make it. It's over 42 peaks and has over 8,000mtrs of vert and you must complete it in 24hrs. (Killian Jornet broke the record, I think last year, with a 12.52). Nice little film about it here.
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    I started it here. The sandbox and offroad forum are where the heavy hitters hang out.
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    Medoc was SO much fun. Expect a PW not a PB!! ha ha. Lots of dress up and wine and cheese, music, bands to dance to and even games on the lawn in front of a chateau. Best aid stations ever and even Oysters with a bit of lemon at 38 or was it 40km!! It's one of those ones you need to have your fingers hovering over the keyboard ready to enter. It sells out pretty fast. Do it!!
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    The Iranian lady according to the article I posted was working with Roka for her kit. It also needs to be somewhat loose to conform to requirements (hence one photo shows her wearing a vest over her wetsuit). Speedo has a full body bathing suit with hood. I'm pleased by the way. It's good to see they can still have their traditions and compete. More women is good for the sport, actually I think the enticer distance at Hills last weekend have more females than males! (I ignore TriPink as a data point as the majority of those who do that event, will only do that event and not move into the sport).
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    Marathon du Medoc looks a heap of fun, especially with the fancy dress theme each year. Medoc and Comrades are both races that I wish I did years ago. Medoc before it became insanely popular. Comrades while I was running well and capable of having a shot at a silver finisher's medal. I'm happy to have run New York City and London Marathons when I did.
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    the woman in green is wearing a pretty normal trisuit I would have thought - short sleeves and covering on thighs. Similar to what I would wear apart from the knees. The one in the middle looks like she put on a tshirt over her race suit for the presentation. I would have thought this was pretty normal for a young female, new to the sport, who may not be comfortable standing in front of a crowd in just lycra. The 3rd woman is Bahraini and they can wear whatever they want - it's up to them. She happens to be a devout Muslim and chooses to cover her hair and skin. It's her choice. She trains with her Muslim friends in Bahrain who wear anything from normal trisuits to full cover like she does. Anyway, whatever she's wearing didn't stop her from getting on the podium and enjoying herself. In the unofficial Tris they've had in private compounds in Saudi in the past, women and men could wear whatever they wanted. The fact that the woman in the green Saudi top has no hair, arm or full length cover suggests that as long as it's a sporting event, appropriate clothing is allowed, including normal tri suits. Since the Saudi tri club is growing rapidly, maybe there's some money to be made in designing a full-body trisuit. I just think you guys like to whinge. Women competing in a triathlon in Saudi is a good thing - right?
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    He finished 15 minutes slower than the winner of the Women's race! How embarrassment. DFL out of the water. Appears to have been 2nd pack ride, which was 3 minutes slower than pack 1. Decent run time for an old long course bloke who isn't known for his run speed. Gotta find at least a minute, probably 2 in the swim, then he easily gains the 3 minutes difference from a Pack 1 ride. Then all he has to do is knock 6 minutes off his run time and he'll be a decent 2nd tier ITU athlete
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    Doing Busso again next year so booked $75 seats from Melbourne to Busso a few weeks back, adding luggage (30kg) and extra leg room brought it in at around $200 return, can't beat that!
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    With his cycling background, he was putting socks on and checking for correct sock height.
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    No. Better to get sick, develop an injury and/or get slow from more junk miles training The aim isn't performance, it's suffering 😉
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    I would have laughed if you were funny
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    Keep at it Goughy. IMO, out of the 3 disciplines, cycling is the easiest to get back into.
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    Well, what I can genuinely consider my first training day of the year this morning! Back with my old cycling group. And it was beyond pathetic! Holy shit. I knew I'd have no strength, but the total absence of muscular endurance was mind blowing! Normally when I crest the top of a difficult rise (and was usually last, even in the past) I could push on and recover fairly quickly for the next hill. Not today. Don't know why I expected any different of course. Gotta start somewhere; the bottom is as good as anywhere.
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    Aw man! After winning the championship for my age group last season, I had "2018/19 Queensland Triathlon Champion" added to my business card at work and had it added to my triathlon suit.
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    Wow are you really peddling Epstein conspiracy theories now 🤦‍♂️. Others are asking the same question... (trigger warning for you and more that Hillary Boogeyman Clinton appears on this video)
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    Location: Get there early as there the walk from the carpark is at least 800 metres. Swim. Fresh water so will be slower that you are used to. They have changed the course this year so you swim under the bridge then get out adjacent to T1.If the water is clean, you can follow the underwater rope down the 750 length (refer to swim map) It's about 3 foot under the surface.. There are also small coloured buoys about every 50 metres. Bike: Flat, flat, flat. In 2017, I was hoping to get near 3 - 3:05 (unfit). I did 2:50 and felt good. Make sure you drink and eat as you get in such a rhythm you may forget. Run: Again flat, flat, flat. The only incline is the gradual rise out from the dam/weir. What I call a medium false flat. The second half lap feels a long way as you can see 10 km around the water. It visually seems a long way. Keep you mental state solid. It can get very hot and a dry feeling on the run, especially on the second lap. Grab the ice for hat and tri suit (if they have it again). Hydrate, hydrate. Because the course if very flat/fast, make sure you have the right rhythm otherwise you will hit the wall early. And, f**k me, the FLIES !! I take aeroguard for after the race. A few of us will have Trannie hats on, so keep your eye out. Arse slapping is allowed as you pass a Trannie. FM
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    I thought a mandate was something Putin and Trump went on
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    Just to clarify, I was referring to the Prince Of Darkness Although I'm not aware of anyone ever seeing you and him together in the same room...
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    Most of the marathon is not on the wall. From about 5-10km and 33-38km you are running steps on the wall. The rest of the race is up and down, very little flats. It can get very hot with little or no shade. The run is really scenic and you get to run through villages with people lining the streets. All of the kids want high 5's. You need a lot of hill training and step training. Beijing is an amazing city, take the time to spend at least a few days as a tourist. Tienanmen Square, Forbidden City, Winter Palace, etc,
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    Not these days, but this is what my workplace used to look like. Sometimes I miss it, but then I think about how my legs used to ache after a long ride, then a day up the tower.
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    I'll have to get The Prince to crank up the dial then
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    Penny Wong's various positions on ssm is proof positive of that The undertone in the report that their policy agenda was too complex shows what they really think about the electorate as well There are few key lessons which don't appear to have been learned, but as the saying goes, never interrupt your opponent when he is making a mistake...
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    8km treadmill run. 5x1@5.00 and 3x1@4.00
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    I am in. First race in 8 years, as can't count Cairns in 2017 as had rear deralieur broken with a few kms into the bike. very nervous and excited.
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    My guess is, he used the words "but I digress" a lot.
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    Can you recommend a purveyor of tinned meat?
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    With the gradient and surface of some hills in some trail ultras, there is often literally nothing to gained by running. Any time gains may be marginal at best, and you're dipping into your energy stores that are better utilised later in the race on runnable terrain. Often enough, I've seen a competitor breathing laboriously to run up a climb, while I've stayed on their heels, walking strongly and efficiently to reach the top with a much lower heart rate. Like any race, it's all about pacing.
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    My son is nearly 18 & has been going to the local gym for 4 years. He's not sporty at all, but enjoys going to the gym for a work-out. I don't think he busts his gut that much (the few times I've been there he's spent as much time holding his phone as he has holding weights), but it's made a difference to his fitness and helped get rid of a bit of weight. As long as they don't go nuts, and are shown how to use the equipment properly, I think it's great for them.
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    I'll first say, that my engineering experience is not in hydraulics or civil engineering, but I believe most engineer's brains work the same way, hence the term I used "engineering hat". What I really meant was breaking the components down & critically examining them. First off, we have to draw the distinction that what is currently planned, whilst may appear similar to the Bradfield scheme, is in fact looking at a completely different outcome & solution to the water crisis in inland Australia. This current incarnation of the scheme is looking to provide water to the Warrego River, a part of the Murray Darling system. What is being proposed by the LNP is more aimed however at using the water to irrigate areas of Qld and create a new foodbowl in the blacksoil country from Hughenden down to the Western Downs. In effect there are no plans here to provide any extra water for the Murray River. The original Bradfield scheme however planned to divert the water to fill Lake Eyre, and as a result change the climate of inland Australia to create a cooler more humid climate, with more rainfall. Studies since, while not totally debunking this, have estimated it would have a VERY marginal effect, and only very close to the actual water courses and lakes. While costs are still a matter to be determined, it has been estimated the cost of the scheme would push the price of water well above what is currently paid by irrigators, making it less viable. The issues around the Hells Gate dam are still being looked at, but if the option of doubling it's height is feasible, it may make running the scheme a little less costly. It hasn't been mentioned in anything I've seen, but through the use of solar & stored Hydro, some of the costs could be ameliorated. A lot is also made of this huge "waste of water" flowing out to sea. By putting dams across the rivers and diverting flows inland we can stop the waste, and some people are saying save the reef from the silt that currently flows from these rivers. In actual fact, dams are real good at stopping sand (probably one of the reasons we have such serious problems through northern NSW & southern Qld) but do not stop silt. Yes there would be fewer floods, but then also that means less cooling of the coastal waters, so possibly more coral bleaching. The original scheme also greatly overestimated the amount of water that would be available to divert. An example would be the Upper Burdekin itself, which is earmarked to supply nearly 2M megalitres annually. In drought years the total flow has been less than 0.1M megalitres, and nearly all of that falling in a 3 month period. You would lose more water to evaporation than you actually receive. And once you have a new food-bowl the size of Tasmania relying on this water to survive, you can't tell them that they will have to wait till next year when it rains again. Remember, we are taking this water from an area that already uses it. There are towns & cities on the east coast that have recently been under severe water restrictions, so this "excess water" isn't always around. Farmers rely on the water for their crops, and in dry years, and during the dry season will require the rivers to continue flowing to secure their livelihoods. Really though, I'd love to see all this proven wrong, and something like a new Snowy scheme up and running, but this time with the environmental checks in place to ensure we don't kill these rivers like we did the Snowy. Realistically though, it'll be at least 10 years before the first drop flows west, even if they committed the money & commenced their study tomorrow.
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    I don't raise a sweat vacuuming, gardening or washing the car....but all three seem to stuff my back.
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