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    Looks like there weren't too many dry eyes at the top of Luz Ardiden. Awesome work Gabby!!!
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    Just when you thought cycling gets a bit hard and those hills are steep in Oz, you then see the Pyrenees. You think to yourself if would be great to ride (but you are glad it's not you). Now, think deciding to train then ride them. No, not on a normal bike but on a three wheeler. Now think about not getting out of your lounge but out of a wheelchair. Yes, Gab has been training for months with a ten year dream to once again, ride the Pyrenees. Ever since her life was almost taken away from her all those years ago. She has just arrived in France and about to tackle these monsters. I am in awe of her courage. Photo of her leaving and "Rosie" who will take her to the top. FM
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    Thanks all for the kind words and those that reached out directly too. This place is great and having somewhere to shout about things is extremely valuable and appreciated. A really tricky couple of days but woke up this morning and the world was pretty much back in it's proper shape as quickly as it went south. Just back from a long run in the sunshine and feeling good.
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    Bergs posted this morning that he got a spot via roll down
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    All over red rover. FM
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    My first swim since IMOZ 70.3 - 2 km swim. Gym yesterday and a run tomorrow (then my golf lesson). Geez, this life is hard. FM
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    Don't be daft. None of them will think like that I'm sure. I think all of us put this pressure on ourselves that our "support crews" care about our performance. Not a single one of my mates / family who have come to a race cared about how I did or whether I finished. If I had a good craic and ended safe then they're just happy to see me doing something I enjoy (which to them is usually a complete mystery as to why it's even fun in the first place).
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    Good week with family away. I have 4 bikes and got to use them all Wed: aero road/TT bike on trainer with Zwift watching Giro Rosa highlights Friday: XC MTB on firetrails on a night ride, testing out new battery for light Sat am: road ride with Bunch on road bike Sat pm: Trail MTB at Hornsby bike park for a bash around the trails Today used XC MTB again on fire trails 3 runs as well, two off road
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    I work on the rule -- anything above the neck ( slight sore throat, running nose) - is OK to train but don't get HR up and cut back on the running Anything below the neck -- rest
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    Hey Berg's killing it so far..
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    Just got back (yes 1am) from a fish trip this arvo and got off the water at 10pm, few more decent trout today, and some nice blue line emporer boated, lost a few unstoppable after the sun went down. Can back to beach and cooked a few of the smaller fish on the fire and had a feed between the three of us. Apparently there was an earthquake up the road today.
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    Now we have even more dangerous wildlife to deal with out at the dam. One of the guys that swims with us went for a walk there today instead. He took this video just across from where we get in & out of the water. Enoggera Reservoir.mp4
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    Vic triathletes should have seen something on your FB feed or an email today confirming dates for the series. Most race venues are back, just waiting on confirmation of 15 March 2020 location. Normally Portarlington but not confirmed yet. Well done to those who have scrambled to put this together, after it landed on the cutting room floor of the Fairfax events sale. ps. I'm fronting up for my 34th year of doing races in this series. Who else is returning
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    It's interesting that the same people who are advocating for Israel Folau to freely express his beliefs (Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones) are the same people condemning Adam Goodes for expressing his. #IStandWithAdam #TheFinalQuarter #TheFinalQuarterFilm
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    I got a call and suggested they offer membership as pay by month and on a rolling basis eg can start in March or July or December whenever you just agree to 12 months whenever you start. CA are doing that now so TA should follow.
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    LOL. No DI2 for me. No, I am pretty soft and actively avoid anything that hurts. The low grade long term discomfort of an IM for example is far preferable to short sharp pain. I've decided to change that though and toughen up.
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    What a difference 48 hours, good food and rest make! After Tuesday aborted tempo run I did a 90 minute easy roll out yesterday and then today got back on plan with a 53:20 (very precise I know) tempo run ending up with average pace of 3:56. Was done in by the end though. Next week it's 60 minutes. Fingers crossed!
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    And bricks will only slow you down. Leave them at home.
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    That's the problem with "mdma" capsules. they can have anything in them. Pull it apart, put some crap in it and sell it as MDMA. Drugs aren't great, but when it comes to health issues, deaths, social issues etc nicotene and alcohol are at a completely different level to ecstasy. Why does this make the news, but a teenager that dies from alcohol doesn't? 1 in 8 deaths of Australian teenagers is attributable to alcohol. Public perception needs to change. Drugs are bad, drinking for 12 hours and vomiting your guts up is fine and dandy.
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    Speaking of vegetables here's AOC's take on cauliflower - “When someone says that it’s ‘too hard’ to do a green space that grows yuca instead of, I dunno, cauliflower or something, what you’re doing is you’re taking a colonial approach to environmentalism”. “And that is why a lot of communities of color get resistant to certain environmentalist movements — because they come with a colonial lens on them.” This woman is the gift that keeps on giving.
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    Who knows then. Sounds like it might be up to whatever mood the head honcho is on the day. I'm not eleigible for points or prizes because I'm on the Shiv. I just want to give someone some money to ride my bike out and back in a straight line and see if I'm as fast as I like to think I am.
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    Cheers mate, that's pretty much what they said as well! I'm back in the gym later but just for some mat work and to see 'what's what' body wise. Got some more physio later in the week. On the plus side, my sister has informed that the points required for CCC have been dropped to 6, so I would just need a 2pt race to qualify and there are a few of those left open. Priority is sorting my body out first though.
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    You will absolutely love the race, the atmosphere and the hills are not as bad as people make out, just pace accordingly. There are alot of people on the course and quite a bit of drafting. the year I did it, I hadn't run for 2 months, not ridden a bike for about a month (had an ITB release done 5 weeks before the race. Leading into the race I spent 4 days riding in the Pyranees, followed by 3 days just resting and playing tourist. I even did the race on my TCR, roadie, threw on some clip ons, and cannot believe the volume of people I passed. No hiding on the run as there were crowds across the entire course with the exception of about 1.5km. Enjoy, I can't rate it high enough. Stephen
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    Just a heads up, ripping price on the Fenix 5 plus at rebel https://www.rebelsport.com.au/p/garmin-fenix-5-plus-multisport-gps-watch-561706.html#q=Garmin&sz=12&start=48 And a good price on the white/rose gold vivoactive 3. Weren't you interested in this @Ex-Hasbeen??? https://www.rebelsport.com.au/p/garmin-vivoactive-3-watch-559078.html#q=Vivoactive&lang=en_AU
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    So how are you after the surgery? I hope it went well & youre recoving at a good pace
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    Fantastic, its a great race.That impressive getting two online entries, we just went with TriTravel. As the others said its fast but the bike is not flat at all, pretty much undulating the whole way with a couple of short sharp climbs. I'm a Perth girl too and training regularly in the hills around here was more than enough to be fit enough for the Roth bike. Most importantly it is a fantastic excuse for a European vacation!!!
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    What's a decade between friends...
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    That's why I'm giving up wine and ice-cream until race day for a few months the next 30 days until tonight.
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    NZ to their credit just seem to accept things. I am pretty sure if it was England, Australia or India on the losing end of this there would be a bigger issue. Kane Williamson is a very level headed man, great player and leader of his country. Many could take hedence to how he goes about things
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    Wrong decision should have only been awarded 5 runs not 6. Batsman had not crossed when thrown therefore only 1 run was completed
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    Any crash that ends with an injured wang IS a bad one.
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    Actually I’ll tell another quick story related to Sydney Harbour. it was Paul’s bucks day and we were on a pub crawl around the city over to Luna park and back etc His new brother in laws and friends we didn’t know were with us ,any way it’s pissing down rain on and off we are all pissed catching the ferry back from the nth side next minute we see Paul on the outside of the ferry salutes us and jumps over board in the middle of the harbour fully dressed. these new guys are freaking out at me we gota tell some one go back etc The boys and I just laughed and said ah Fark him he knows the next stop he’ll be sweet we are at the pub and an hr had passed they were getting real worried for him so the made me go back to the warf and check I’m heading down and I can see this guy on the back of a yacht sculling beers dancing away !! Hed be friended a group As he climb outa the water and they were in disbelief so they shouted him beers ! The night got worse at the dog track 🤦‍♂️
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    self insurers suck balls. Care to name and shame your employer? They are a punish for providers to deal with, making us fill out paperwork for every appointment we see an injured worker (which we don;t get paid for) or put up with paper pushers coming and sitting in on medical and physio appointments and providing very interesting interpretations of the appointment and advice in reports for the employer. And as you outlined above, acting immorally and illegally towards their workers to achieve KPIs around days lost for their managers. They want to do the standard insurer practice of making the claimant give up as it's all too hard. Once again, Unions or lawyers are needed on the workers side to make sure employees are aware of their rights and the employer's obligations. adding to the expense and litigation costs and taking away from actual rehabilitation and retraining of injured employees.
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    Just wow. Can remember Sutho shire royalty, Jabbs, A’hern, Southwell going step up.... do Huski... weak as piss doing Kurnell, 15 years..... that’s a lot of lambs fry n bacon, Had the Jap writing on the t shirt year one. if you haven’t done Huski, and live in NSW, you haven’t done Triathlon it you haven’t done Huski, get on it. https://www.eliteenergy.com.au/event/ultimate-husky/
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    Seems to be pretty standard for this industry. I have a few friends who last a year at each employer as they can’t put up with disorganised and dishonest proprietors. They are very good trainers with clients needs at front of mind. only solution is to partner with like minded operators and start your own show
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    I ran 5k last night! Not feeling too bad today at all.
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    Eat more fish. Mackerel is probably the best you'll catch up there, so you can send the coral trout over to me.
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    I'm doing long haul pretty much every other week at the moment, and when I'm there I'm staying in places not very conducive to training (Delhi, Singapore, Hong Kong are the current regulars) and a long run on a treadmill is just soul destroying. I'll do what I can and choose a target time nearer the race. If this one isn't a PB then hey ho, something to aim for next time!
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    I bought the vivoactive for my daughter from Pushys for $319 a few weeks ago and they still have it for that price. The only difference is it's white with silver rather than rose gold colour. The silver goes better with all her other bling anyway, so it worked out better. Great service so far too. I ordered it on a Wednesday morning, and it was delivered the next morning.
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    Yet they still carry on about a single ball that was bowled within the rules in another game of limited overs cricket 38 years ago.
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    Absolutely not. I'm not eligible for points in the series, which I'm not interested in anyway. The following is from my emails today with CQ. "For the Time Trial Series we allow non UCI Legal Bikes and they are shown in the event result as non compliant and do not count for Series Points and as the State Championships also count as Rd 4 of the Series this also applies."
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    Yes. All I can say is look for a professional to assist you with the process. It is quite intimidating and a bureaucratic black hole.
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    OUCH! Thats crap news FP, sorry to hear this happened. Im sure your family dont feel let down, theyre probably just as disappointed for you as we are. All the best for a quick recovery & dont beat yourself up .. you're in enough pain as it is.
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    Chris, Thinking of you mate. I know you have a lot on your plate, more than most at the moment. Lots of travel, work, decisions...…. Make sure you keep talking - to friends, colleagues and family. Work though it. Reach out in need. Mick
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    This. Dead wood brings everyone one down. If you hate your job that much, move on and let someone with more enthusiasm join the team.
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    No, journos never embellish the facts.
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    At this rate you will be back to 120kegs in 3 months. If you honestly think you can go from fat to fit running 100km a week you have learned nothing from your history of injuries and failed starts. And I say this in the nicest possible way but without sugar coating it for you either.
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    bit out of left field here, but you could try approaching the local men's shed. They would probably do it for the cost of the wood. Might even design it with a pair of detachable wheels.
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    I didn't know she was your cousin FM! +10 to everyone's comments. What an inspiration she is
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