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    20 yrs ago all the cool kid Vedder wannabes wanted to cite Waits as some great influence but he 'sings' like a drunk that's swallowed a bucket of pebbles and his last shit was an angry hedgehog with herpes. I never understood the hype around that flake.
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    I've observed teenage boys & girls ('white & privileged') growing up (ours & our friends), and from my observations, girls can be positively evil to each other compared to the boys....I can't recall hearing of the boys being bullied, but the girl stories! Maybe Lorna Jane can do an add telling young girls not to be total cows toward each other?
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    Yet Gillete charge more for their pink razors than their blue ones, which are essentially identical apart from colour and slight moulding differences, but would cost the same to manufacture. Aren't they great for standing up for women.
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    Nobody is trying to denigrate your hard work but a colleague of mine who happens to be a black lady put it very well: "When you walk into a room people automatically listen to what you have to say before you've said anything because you are a white man. When I walk into a room I have to prove I'm worth listening to before anybody pays any attention." So no matter how hard you have worked, then as a rule you would have had to work even harder if you had come from a minority background. I am a 33 year old white, heterosexual, privately educated man. I have more privilege than the vast majority of the world could ever hope for. But I recognise that. I'm not ashamed of it, I don't feel bad about it but I do know that my experience of life will be very different (and on the main much more pleasant) than many other people. One tiny example... I am referred to as an Ex-Pat... if I were brown or black the default label would be immigrant with all the baggage that goes with that term. I would love to see everybody as people but that assumes we are starting from a fair playing field. We are not. The deck is so stacked in my favour that I believe we need to pro-actively bend back the other way to ensure equality of opportunity. Nobody is playing the victim but if you can't see how your gender and your race have given you advantages in life then I think you should spend some more time exploring other peoples' experience. Some things that made me think: In particular the bit about how you are lucky. Whether you want to admit it or not luck has played a huge part in you turning our like you are. The sooner you can see that the luck of your birth (or lack of it) is hugely influential in your life the happier you will be. https://www.netflix.com/title/80233611 Nanette. The stand up show by Hannah Gadsby. Confrontational but definitely worth a watch. Is that the work of a "victim"? Or of a strong person broken by constantly fighting?
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    Thats a HUGE generalisation. Some segments of Islam do this. By no means all. As for the rest of your post it sounds a bit like an extract from a White Lives Matter post... no offence but the "OMG Imagine if what they did to white people was done to black people" / "How dare they have an International Women's Day... imagine if there was an International Men's Day*?" / "Who's going to stand up for the heterosexual white male in all of this?" is a bit lame. I think the message is good. Stick up for folk and don't be a dick. Not a bad motto to live your life by. * There is, it's on 19th November every year but people only seem to care about it on IWD...
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    Because I was the one who started the conversation about sponges, and I don't get chicked!
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    Well I have finally put the money down, 70.3 entry in yesterday. Now to figure out how to run over 10km again. 😖
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    One thing that gets me is it is "corporate" telling me to be a good citizen. When there corporate is not all that much of a good citizen. The overall message in the add is timely and positive,
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    Mine would be similar the characteristics of my perfect woman - generally speaking, an all-round 'good human'
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    Lets talk Googins. The bloke is amazing, no doubt about it. But man doesn't he believe the hype, his own hype. He talks about having to run in a 24hr to qualify for Badwater. He did it on zero training. Zero training! The guy was a SEAL! They run, they're not couch potatoes who have zero training. He talks about being 300lbs. That's not a lie, you see photo's, he was that big. BUT that was before becoming a SEAL and dropping something like 54lbs in 60 days. Maybe I'm just one of those people who will never achieve because I don't "believe"
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    The point of the ultra muscleeze is to give a high dose of Magnesium which we can become very depleted in. Salt stick is a great way to improve overall electrolyte but wont fix if your overall very depleted as it isnt a high enough dose (11mg vs ~280mg). Great way to top up while training/racing though... Personally I have found a good combination of using the Ultra muscleeze at night and adding pink rock salt to my water during the day to keep my sodium levels up.
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    Try and learn to sing in tune?
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    The two aren't related mate, he will struggle in kona regardless.
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    5 hours to ride 50k. I blame bored@. Stopped 3 times for coffee and then a bike mechanic so his rear wheel could be fixed. He is farking fat.
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    Race report from yesterday's race, it was a fun day out! It was nice to meet Cranky out on the course too. http://just-tri-hard.blogspot.com/2019/01/qts-robina-january-2019.html
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    Go past the title of that article and it's well written and makes very valid points. What you dont call out, you accept. The main part for me, what I think we can all do is nicely put in the article as follows: "It is up to you to call out your friends and family, your colleagues, and your fellow men when they act in a way that contributes to sexist ideology, whether that's just through the telling of basic "jokes" or the actual abuse of women, and even of men: the misogynist, homophobic bullying that occurs between men is part of this too. Intervention needs to start early and, in an online era, trust me when I say the adoption of sexist language, ideology and practices begins well before boys turn into men. Basic sexism is the foundation of gendered violence. It isn't something that sits on the periphery, separate and inconsequential."
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    And so far as language used on this forum sometimes.
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    We used to. AU prices haven't climbed in some time and this is because the brand's changed tact and realised we're not stupid. The rest of the world caught up price wise. You could probably speak to one of the little independent guys and they'd probably give you 20% of on any day just cause.
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    Peter went pretty close though. And that was in the first 3 hours.
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    They're available all over the ground at most IM races.
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    Have booked with Dolph Lundgren at QSMC. Have printed off FBs strength program he sent me ages ago(printing is the first step right...) I will be back in no time...
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    45 min run with 30second efforts every 5 minutes. A few short or bad night's sleep in a row and some early mornings and I'm toast. Looking forward to finishing tomorrow's long run!
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    I'm motivated by seeing ordinary people doing extraordinary things... Watching FFF1077 (Sam) achieving his Ironman dream recently was pretty motivational .
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    I get motivated by Instagram influencers posting photos with Barbie toes. Ill start doing to same to motivate others as soon as my new bikini get delivered.
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    I did this last year... we had near perfect weather and it was the BEST. DAY. EVER. That was my first full so have nothing to compare it to but wow, was dreamy. My tips: Get there early, it's a beautiful spot with loads to do around the area. Be prepared for all weather. I had arm guards and a gilet and I was very grateful for them on the bike, you can drop them at some of the aid stations and they get them back to you. Don't stress about the road surface, it's fine. Hells Pizza is brilliant! You cannot wear enough sunblock Carry a running water bottle for the run, it gets hot. The run is lumpy. Beware. Go to the welcome function and try to get to the water for the welcome ceremony before the start. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
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