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    Hi All.. Hope everyone is OK. Find a positive everyday. Stay strong. Set simple attainable goals and be open
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    Trust me when I say I ask myself this over and over again. I've probably done 5 or 6 of these. I'm a mental mess when it comes to my weight and am yet to work "me" out. I know I'm strong mentally, some of the stuff I've done and some personal stuff I've gone through is a testament to that. So in saying that yes I'm still over weight and I don't care if I have to have a starting point for 1000 times or 5000 times. One day I'll work me out and even if I don't I will have stopped me reaching 200kg or more.
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    You're pretty much just posting stuff people already know FB. It's a bit like saying you're sad because you're depressed. Just stop being depressed. It ain't that simples. The body? The body is easy. Break a leg it heals. Cut your finger it heals. The mind? That f*cker is evil.
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    We started with a joint mortgage which we paid off a number of years ago. We now have joint accounts and we just spend whatever we want. We're generally not big spenders - except on holidays then money takes a back seat to the experience we want. The investment properties have their own mortgage/accounts and all rent goes in and expenses come out of these accounts. I earn around three times what the missus does but she does an awesome job in maintaining a 50/50 spending ratio
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    Went 98 days without alcohol to avoid getting sick while I trained through a Melbourne Winter for Nice. Then suffered a bout of food poisoning the day before the race. Finished the race to collect my medal, but about an hour slower than I should have been and ended up in the medical tent on a drip. Awesome course, but way too overcrowded for the men's race. My wave start was about 2/3rds of the way through and the rolling start (with 3,700 athletes) meant there was a constant stream of athletes on the course. You simply could not find a gap. I was passing riders from 2 or 3 waves ahead of me and being passed by the faster athletes from the waves after me. Lots of drafting the entire ride including all the hills. Only saw 1 rider get pinged for drafting and 1 rider for cutting the course (using the inside lane of the road around a hairpin), but the penalty tents were all empty when I passed. I thought the hilly course would solve the drafting problem, but WTC just added heaps more competitors. Descents may have been OK if you were in the first or last wave, but the middle waves suffered massive congestion with very large variances in bike handling ability (Zwift & TrainerRoad have made this worse). Extremely dangerous, lots of crashes and hospital admissions, surprised there weren't more. Suspect it would have driven me crazy if I was healthy and aiming at a good result. Support on the run was terrific, possibly the best I have ever experienced. Like others mentioned above, the rural French are so much nicer than those in Paris. Definitely enjoyed the French Riviera (was staying 30 mins out of Nice in a place called Mougins, closer to Cannes). Absolutely loved the course when I did my recon on the Wed before the race. Hated the overcrowding during the bike leg of the race, but enjoyed the run course. Would love to do another 70.3 on this course with around 1,000 competitors (ie. a quarter of what we had), but unlikely to ever do another 70.3 Worlds events (having now experienced Mooloolaba & Nice). Note that the 3 female competitors I was staying with did not suffer any of my issues - far less competitors and they were in the last wave.
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    The question is did you do this last year? If you did why doing it again? The questions you need to ask yourself are we only commiting to something for a short period of time. If you are after weightloss etc you need to address to factors stopping you achieving it. You may need to sacrifice some things. Majority of people it is calorie intake. You need to be in calorie deficit no matter which diet you try. Hit the weights, build some muscle also is a great way to get a better body composition. This is not having a go but giving some people a nudge into what they need to look. Don't become a revolving door with this. Be in it for long term.
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    I’m in, you fat bastards except I started yesterday sick of working 7 days a week and being fat much better to be fit.... and still work 7 days a week 😆
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    Almost on Monday. Almost on Tuesday. Almost on Wednesday...
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    It’s been a while since my last 70.3; might even have been known as a HIM back then! Long story short, I’ve been doing quite a bit of riding and bike racing with a vision impaired bloke (Dean Cameron) who loves a challenge and is quite competitive and after doing Port IM “just to get through it” we thought we’d have a go at Sunny Coast. After we had entered the 70.3 back in May and booked our accommodation in Mooloolaba Cycling Queensland released their TT series dates and RND 4 and the State Champs fell on Saturday at Kingaroy, Dean was leading the Para series so we really needed to race to take the series so we had a quick dash Saturday from Mooloolaba to Kingaroy for a 30 minute race and then a dash back to Mooloolaba to rack the bike before 4.30, making it at 4.28. Sunday dawned beautiful. We did the usual transition set up, walked down the beach and waited for our start. The swim - it’s a challenge! Dean has never been a swimmer and being blacked out completely in one eye and only 2-3% in the other eye means he has to rely totally on me as the guide and a thin strap to keep us together, and although there was only a very small swell it was obviously playing on Deans mind as he was nervous. We went off 1 minute behind the pro girls and 3 minutes before the Age Groupers....hoping to get to the first turn before we got swamped, it didn’t happen! After we waded into the water and started swimming Dean started to hyperventilate and couldn’t get a rhythm, this went on for 300-400m with frequent stoppages but we finally got going and found some clean water. For me the swim was good. Being able to see the bottom for quite a while in nice clean water was refreshing compared to either Raby Bay foreshore or the usual murky dams. Age groupers were streaming by us and it was good to finally see the white buoy indicating the beach wasnt far away and when a person in front stood up it was a great feeling to know we had made it. Swim time was 43 minutes. The bike - a quite normal transition albeit a minute or 2 extra watching a blind bloke putting on toe socks, and we were running out to the mount line. The tandem is tough to get going uphill so we took it easy heading up and over the hill and then kicked it along as we headed towards the Motorway at one stage rolling along effortlessly at over 60k/h. We were slowly picking off bikes and we caught the only other vision impaired competitor before the turnaround, the ride back was into a headwind so we again controlled the pace with the average slowly dropping. Back into town, lap 1 done in around 1h 10min. Lap 2 the wind had definitely picked up and having 2 riders catching the crosswind and an 80mm front wheel made for some interesting moments. We passed 3 riders, one laying face down beside a roadside barrier who had obviously crashed pretty badly but they had assistance already there so we kept going. Heading back from the turnaround we had a few people starting to lineup behind us trying to get a cruiser ride into the wind but once we hit the crosswind it impacted them a bit and they dropped off. Back into town and rolled into T2 feeling pretty good. Ride time was around 2h 25m. The run - this is where I let Dean down! I’ve cut my running back to nearly zero having a knee that doesn’t look normal nor function as it should and having only 3 runs since IM Aus I knew it was going to be tough. We headed up over the hill and on the descend both the quad and hamstring on my right leg locked up, tried to stretch out but didn’t work, started a shuffle and both finally freed up and we got running again. Ticking over the k’s around 5.30-5.40 we were comfortable and navigating our way through the maze of the run course 2 wide. Back towards town again there were more and more people coming onto the course and things started to get interesting with how narrow some sections were and thankfully all the other athletes were great with giving us space and offering support. Lap 2 started well, we were still holding a reasonable pace to the turnaround but things started to change. The lack of running was showing and it started to become a slower run with a bit of walking. Slowly ticking off 18,19 and then 20k it was actually good to get to the hill knowing it wasn’t far to the finish. Running down the finish chute is always good but sharing it with someone else who wouldn’t in general be able to achieve their goals is a little extra special. Run time was around 2h 3 min. Total time 5.21. Mooloolaba is a great location for a race, and the weather was pretty much spot on. The wind obviously offered up some challenges and the dust that come across Friday and Saturday added another dimension, but the beers and dinner afterwards with old and new friends is really what makes the sport what it is for a lot of us. Only downside for the para athletes is that there is no recognition by IM either for the event or qualification for Worlds. But, we’ll be back, just got to work out a way to run pain free so I can keep up with the blind bloke! 🏊‍♂️ 🚴🏻‍♂️🏃‍♂️
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    Sorry mate, I didn’t see your post. I’ve got to say a big thank you to you and all the volunteers - it’s a huge thing you’ve done and it’s really appreciated. I had a so-so day. Male 40-44 so was first to go after pros. Swam a 29min, rode bang on 3 hours (!) and ran 1:44. I shredded my legs on that ride, the only word I can think of is brutal, amazing scenery though. I took the road bike and I’m really glad because I think I handled the decents with more confidence, not being a great decender. Some of the other riders were going at break-neck speed - no regard for human life. Pretty impressive though. I think the hard ride meant my run was off. Coach wanted a sub 1:40 split from me but I spewed twice and just wasn’t going to happen. All in all, probably overall the toughest race I’ve done but it was great to be a part of it. It’s really motivated me to qualify for Taupo next year now.
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    Am setting up the spreadsheet. Shall we start from Monday 16th? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16YiMHV6NPKMo79OquMEyorGkUTiMsBoOyyqZabRhh4E/edit?usp=sharing
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    Lived up to all expectations , toughest race I’ve ever done . From the Anthem to the crowd support and don’t forget that course was everything they said it would .
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    He's home. 12.27.35, that's a great time on that course. Congrats TThomo
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    I don't know! It could be a monastery, palace, chalet or castle?
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    I did the Braveheart tri over in Fort William today. In the history of the race they have never had conditions like this. Anywhere else they would have called it off, but no, not here in Scotland. 80mph gusts on Ben Nevis. Driving rain from the time the gun went off. First time I've raced in full winter jacket and full body cover on the swim. Great event though. Funniest race director ever. Was worth entering just to hear the race briefing - "For the run course, just run up hill till it stops going up, then come back down." Edit to add the 'run' course elevation (I use the term run with artistic license). Note that because of the freezing temps and high winds, they 'thankfully' brought the turn around point down before you hit the freeze zone. Kudos to the marshals who stood up there all day to scan our timing chips and give out lollies. Most dedicated event team ever! The rain made for a very slippery decent.
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    Now that winter is over I got up early & potted a number of plants from the gardens before starting work at 7:30. I'm loving the extra daylight in the mornings now, and the fact I can get outside without the warm gear on. The 2nd shot is what the shade-house is starting to look like inside. A few weeks & the burnt Winter leaves will be gone & it'll look & feel like a lush rainforest in there.
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    Last week this was finally ended after needing to go to mediation to resolve this issue. Due to confidentiality I can't discuss the details of outcome. Anyway after it all ended there was a sense of relief but then a sense of real disappointment. Had a bad few days following the final outcome mainly due to the lack of complete disregard the employer showering answering my questions. I also lost a mate. One of my co-workers there I had built a great relationship with. We connected well, understood each other and respected each other. We could have a laugh and talk shit (never underestimate how valuable this is). At the end of the day I can say I am proud of myself for standing up to the employer as many before and current have been able to do it. Thanks everyone on here for the advice, feedback and especially cotton eyes for the emails.
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    FP, I think the point being made was that it doesn't provide anything most, if not all, of us already know. As Tyno said, it's not about lack of knowledge. And I don't think anyone here is looking for a magic pill. Rather some motivation and accountability to do what we all know we should be doing as a matter of course but don't consistently for whatever range of reasons might be relevant.
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    I had a great race, PB'd the bike, run and overall time. After 6 HIMs over 5 years I finally did sub 7! I agree with the comments re the bike leg-people pulling out without looking, blocking, drafting, etc. Was quite scary at times. My friend even got sworn at when a faster athlete overtook her going up a hill (despite her being on the left and leaving room for overtaking). Other than the wind on the bike it was a gorgeous day!
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    Rented a boat then went for a swim off the coast of Nice. Now we are off to an AA meeting.
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    where are all the Kudos for the team from trannies? well, I'll start. Well done boys. hard fought and patient win, and after never forgiving myself for quitting and going to bed early and missing Aust 2 winning the cup, I am tragically compelled to always watch our big achievements live.
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    I was in the US once when I guy asked me if I was Scottish. He's dead now
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    Men75-79 men: one spot. There was one starter so a spot was allocated but he didn’t finish so the spot went to the 45-49 year old men70-74 men: one spot taken by winner65-69 men: one spot taken by winner60-64 men: two spots taken by winner and runner up55-59 men: 3 spots. One went to roll down so fourth got a spot50-54 men: 6 spots. Three roll downs then lotto. Ninth got a spot45-49 men: 9 spots (including the one from the old geezers) Two roll downs so 11th got a spot40-44 men: 9 spots. All taken on first draw35-39 men: 10 spots. Went to lotto. 15th got a spot30-34 men: 7 spots. Two roll downs so 9th got a spot25-29 men: 5 spots. Three rolldowns. 8th got a spot18-24 men: 3 spots. All taken on first drawWomen65-69 had a spot allocated for the one finisher who didn’t take it so it went to 25-29women.60-64: one general and one wft. One roll down. Third got a spot.55-59: one general and one wft. Went to winner and runner up50-54: two general and two wft. Fourth got a spot45-45: four general and four wft. Five roll downs. 13th got a spot40-44: four general and four wft. 11th got a spot35-39: five general and four wft. 12th got a spot30-34: three general and three wft. 9th got a spot25-29: four general and four wft. All taken on first draw.18-24: one general and one wft. Went to winner and runner up.
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    The good news is it's race week, bad news is that I'm not there But step forward TThomo, your time to shine boyo
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    We went to Coffs for skin checks, & I got a swim in, in the Coffs 50m outdoor pool while my wife had a shop. There was another triathlete in the lane next to me in a fully wettie! It was pretty damn cold in there (due to recent southerlies he told me), but the highlight was having ducks & a seagull doing laps next to me. Funny to see their little feet going like stink underwater a metre away 😄
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    In Australia ALL gun sales - new and second hand - requires the use of a registered firearms dealer as a broker who is responsible for the paper work for the transfer. This is pretty cool as there is government list of firearms, what they are and who owns them. Thus the police know who owns every single registered firearm and where they are kept. There are also laws on how you keep them (i.e. a safe bolted to the floor) So you can't simply obtain one, nor can you simply lose one. And of course, you can have them taken off you if your circumstances change. This is all subject to audit and most people would be too shit-scared of the (serious) consequences of a breach. And, best of all, a firearm can instantly be identified as illegal, or in the wrong hands with a simple check on serial number.
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    Well said Andrew. As one of the guys in my team says at the start of every team briefing: Every day is RUOK Day.
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    Well, if she decides that she'd like to be with a younger man I'd like to mention the fact that I'm only 55... Just Sayin! (Note - I'd also like to say that I've been happily, and 100% faithfully, married to the beautiful Catherine for the past 33 years and am definitely not currently looking for a new partner).
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    Different beast ankle v shoulder. The injured area is part of your shoulder it will not heal if you keep using it. Pain or no pain. It means everything else is going to work harder as well that leads to the issues. Think of 10 years down the track rather then 1 Noosa Triathlon. It will still be there next year but if cpntinually push the envelope with your shoulder you may not swim in the future.
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    Thanks FB, but for many this can be a complex issue which results in excess calorie intake. Doing something, short term or otherwise, can be better than doing nothing at all.
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    Mrs Monkie is on strict instructions to consult Transitions before offloading any bicycles, wheels, helmets or other equipment!
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    Well, that went easier than I expected! The guy said because we don't frivolously claim on our insurance, he took my word for it and jbhifi will be in touch today to arrange a new phone. It sounds like it's for the nearest one to what I had, and I'm guessing since I had the 128gb version and looking online jbhifi don't have any pixel 1 or 2's with 128gb, it'll probably be a pixel 3. He did say I can choose a different phone, or even a lesser model. Will have to see if that means I still get the same total amount, as I had started to save for a new tablet. $100 excess, and our premium will jump $100 for one year, so still worth it.
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    This was my third attempt at an ultra this year after a 88km/ 1900 vert race in June and an attempt at a 100k/1400 vert race in July (which DNFd after 55km). After my DNF I was short of the UTMB points I was after, so I entered the Dartmoor in a Day 52km/ 1300 vert course. The main difference in the race was the time of year and the terrain was much much rockier and muddier than I had experienced before. Here's my report I wrote for a UK site: The weather was good but mixed, and started chilly but after 30 mins I swapped my long sleeve for a t-shirt, light breeze and overcast but about 1pm that had changed to very humid and a strong wind, making me thirstier than usual. The course itself I found difficult, extremely so. I’m not an experienced trail runner and most of stuff so far has been on SDW, Mendips or Cannock Chase. I know these trails are ‘soft’ in terms of terrain but I think I was expecting Dartmoor to be more gorseland rather than crazy rocky. After that first bridge crossing and up the steep bit picking your way through the jagged rocks, I could see what we were in for. I am getting better at walking fast uphill but I found myself having to go really slowly, picking one foothold at a time. A lot of the course was like that. It took me 2.5hrs to reach CP1 at 20km! Shoes and socks very wet by now as even though the the weather was dry, the recent rain had made the grassy bits like marshland. I hung on until CP2 and then changed my socks. By this time I had rolled my right ankle about three times and was hobbling a bit which made my claves very tight. I left CP2 with fresh socks and walked up that massive hill, there was a volunteer there guiding us the right way. That climb took me nearly 40mins, then at the top, there is a very flat looking section where you think you could run but it was absolutely sodden and ankle deep with horrible holes and tufts. My fresh socks were soaking, I was hurting all over, on my own and this is where I lost my sense of humor and the course really broke me. I trudged on and reached the river where after crossing, you go up the very very steep but short hill and make your way to the tram lines. This was meant to be 11km of runnable gravel but there was very little run in this body. A few mins, then walk, repeat Finally got to the finish in 7hrs56mins!! realized I’m a rubbish trail runner on proper hard trails, vowing never to do it again. For perspective, I did Cannock Chase trail marathon with 900mtrs vert in 4:11 in May. Yesterday at the 42km mark, I’d been going for 6hrs20! Here's a clip from a previous race. We didn't have rain but the grounds underfoot was very similar.
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    Lucky you have generous friends with limited storage space
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    Currently sitting in my hotel room in the Pyrenees before volunteer duties start while Mrs L races along the Spanish and Andorran Pyrenees for 7 days in the Pyrenees Stage Race. Love the mountains of Europe.
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    Penicillin helps with that..... or so I've heard
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    thanks for kicking this off. I have not participated before. I have a history of fluctuating weighthowever over the past year or so my weight has only been heading one way. hit 115kg at christmas so went to a dietician more for the accountability than the education (although) that did help in respect of what should be included in a meal and how much. Now down to 98 which I'm happy about but have not moved from it for about 2 months and I'm still not at my target of a healthy BMI, around 85. Good luck.
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    I'm in A rather significant change in personal circumstances early this year has allowed me to train a lot more consistently now, bit I'm still battling my big, big sweet tooth. This could be just the extra impetus I need
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    They can add up real well. $318 + $318 + 318 +.............................
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    Been here a couple days bikes racked , no escaping now . weathers been good and looking pretty good for tomorrow .
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    Probably those millennials. was there smashed avocado on the top tube for race nutrition?
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    I'll have a look tonight and see if I can track it down. I *think* I know where it is...
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    Favero Assioma Uno pedals. Single sided power. I got them for $595 from 99bikes, they price matched and applied 5% member discount (membership is free). You may close the thread admin.
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    That really is straight out of the FP playbook.
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    Thanks FB. I agree with Katz but also wanted to thank you for not posting in a condescending tone like an Ass Puppet. You have some very valid points but if this is the trigger that starts the journey, it’s a good thing.
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    So your wife said you're not performing at home. Did you ask if you could go out training a couple nights a week to get better?
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    Great stuff, not sure it's something a lot of us could (would) ever do. Well done
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    I withdraw and apologise whole heartedly!
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