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    Hey guys, as you now know Willie is taking over the reins of Trannies going forward. Firstly I’d like to say thanks to all and sundry for the support and camaraderie this place has shown over the last 5 years while I have been at the helm. I’d also like to make special thanks to TenPints (Stu) for helping me with so much of his own time to help a computer numpty almost successfully run a Forum and website. Thanks heaps mate!!! I never really intended on running an internet forum, it was simply a time and place thing that happened. Bernie “offered” it to me after a few prior people turned it down and I simply didn’t want this great resource and community to “fall into the wrong hands”. My reasons for stepping aside are a few. While this place does have its stressful and thankless times they are very few and far between and really don’t contribute to the reasons. That is partly due to the community itself not being too tolerant of “fools” and for that I thank you all. I made a promise to the Mrs that running Trannies would pay for itself so my indulgence would not become a burden for us. In the first few years, while not really making me any money, a few sponsors covered the running costs so all was sweet. I must admit that getting to even talk to prospective sponsors, let alone getting them to put their hands in their pockets was much more difficult than I and others could have imagined. Many people were keen to be involved or utilise the resource but actually getting money from sponsors is a difficult and time consuming task, which while holding down a full time job and family and trying to keep training was a bit of a strain. Then as many of you know, Dec 2015 our house was destroyed in the Tornado that hit Sydney. That began 12 months of spending almost every spare waking hour dealing with insurance companies, builders, tradespeople and suppliers which left very little time for pursuing Transitions “business” to the level it required. On the cusp of moving back home and with the intention of getting Trannies and my training back on track was when my hip injury started flaring up. It also coincided with my work life getting much busier. I tried to keep the other facets of Trannies moving but it was getting to be a bit of a chore especially with no sponsors kicking in. Anyway, fast forward to my diagnosis of needing a hip replacement and running ruled out for me, I felt suddenly very disconnected from the sport, a sport I have loved and participated in from my first race in 1991. This sudden malaise, accompanied by a few changes in direction in the sport which I don’t feel are for the benefit of the sport led me to making a quip “anyone want to buy an internet forum”. Willie with his many business interests is in a great position to take full advantage of the great community spirit and profile that Transitions has to offer without having the constant battle to pursue sponsors to make it worthwhile for him. He has promised that while the forum will hopefully soon incorporate some “shop” facilities that the place should essentially stay the same. He also feels the same as me, in that Trannies should remain in "the right hands" He has asked for feedback and ideas, and I really encourage you to give him that. If you feel the place is changing too greatly or too quickly or the community feel is being lost, let him know. I’ll still be around, I’ll still be moderating for a while (sorry Niseko) till Willie can find some new volunteers to assist with that, and till all the handover stuff gets sorted in due course. Either way I’ll still be around, you can’t get rid of me that easily. Who knows I may end up working fro Willie Cheers and thanks Peter (Roxii) Rox.
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    So, as many of you know, the last 4 years have been tumultuous for me to say the least. As you probably also know, the last year and a half has seen a massive turnaround for me, firstly by getting comfortable again in my own skin and then later hooking up with Stikman and the adventure that has followed there. More recently I've started giving some thought to going back to my former career. I did some job hunting earlier in the year and didn't have much success, though to be honest, I just kind of threw my resume around a bit and didn't try terribly hard. Work wise I've continued plodding along in my brain-dead job, enjoying it much of the time, hating it other times and more recently resenting the shiftwork which sees me having very few weekend days off, let alone entire weekends. Tough to maintain a relationship with someone who works M-F and don't even get me started on getting into some kind of training routine (I know many people make it work, but I suck at it). Yesterday morning I was out in the garden pulling weeds and a notification appeared on my watch regarding an email received. The name of the sender was familiar, but not one I had heard in about 7 years, when he was the head of one of the business units I looked after in my former life. I replied to the email and he called me back shortly after. Had a chat about what he's been doing, who he is working with now, what they do and where they are planning on heading and what they might need to get there. We talked a bit about the industry, what happened to it and how it is again changing and how opportunities are once again becoming available to those who might be interested. After a reasonable chat he then asked if I might be free soon to catch up for a coffee and have a chat about how I might be able to be lured away from my current job. That coffee is happening this morning and I am beyond excited. Wish me luck!
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    I thought about this through the day. About 30 years ago we used to go to the pub every Friday night after work. Everyone from the GM to the apprentices would turn up and that's a lot of how I see Trannies. I'm not a serious insect so was never going to get into the deep technicalities of the sport on here but the social component was worth the effort. I've met some 'ace' people through here. Port Mac 2007 when I met Humdrum, Fezza and FatPom for the first time. I met Nealo and Roxii at Kurnell while cleaning up after a race. Had some great times in Busso with Bored@, Hyphen and Antisport - Yeppoon with Sunnygirl, Skel, Simone and Otter. I travelled to Busso by myself for Ironman but was never alone. Stood on the start line with Coffs Pete and Chambo. I got cheered on by trannies I'd never met. I did Callala with Agent86 and Gimili. I've had great meet-ups in Melbourne with Tri-Mel, MDot, -H-, MX Walker, Ayto, Foxy Lady, Muz and more. I've swum the B&B with Tortoise and Rog and bought surfboards off Jabbs. I saw Mrs Chat do her first ever triathlon and briefly met Flanman same day. I've done bike rides, runs and swims with Trannies outside of races. I loved the swim workshop coach@ ran a few years back and the track cycling with Parkside, TInman, Roxii, Trev, Hyphen, Geoscott and Donncha was a terrifying blast. This is where Trannies value is for me. You can travel to any race in the country (or OS) and if you put the word out you can guarantee there'll be someone to talk to with their name on the back of a cap. By all means do everything possible to promote the sport, but what's become clear over the years is that more and more people posting here don't actually participate in the sport anymore. Many that don't have drifted away and that's a shame because as a social 'club' there's a lot to be said for the quality of the people on the site. I'd love to see organised 'events' that weren't necessarily tri-related. Rides, runs, swims, dinners, whatever. I'd just like to catch up with people and if it can be done with a small degree of exercise and some taking the piss then all the better. As syrupy as it sounds, it is a second family and I consider myself lucky to have stumbled across it and met some sensational people along the way.
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    Good luck with it Katz. These job offers seem to come out of nowhere some time. With my fairly recent move to the country, the plan was to work for 3 years in my current role and commute back to Melbourne every day. The mortgage would be more than low enough then to just take any job locally and get into enjoying life and the community more. Not many large employers in my area (only 3 with more than 20 employees) so anything was going to be on the cards, even plonking my ass on a tractor again and general farmwork. A few months ago, an ad appeared in the local paper again for the same role being readvertised. I had dismissed it as it was a bit above my current role, but on the last day of applications threw my hat into the ring. A week later I had them chasing me with a job offer, to the point where I said if they allowed me to do the right thing by my current boss and employer and give 2 months notice, I would accept. The down side is it's going back into government and they can only offer me a 3 year fixed term contract at this stage, however good chance it will go permanent, and it removes around 850kms of commuting each week by car. So my ute has gone from being marked to be replaced in 3.5 years time to now being quite good to hand over to my son when he comes time for his licence in 5 years time. So from next month I've made the transition to the country complete pretty much 4 days after the anniversary of when we took ownership of our little block in the hills. The other great thing is for the first time of 25 years of working I'm now getting an RDO every 4 weeks to go with the extra 20 hours a week going back into the schedule that previously was driving to and from work. That's almost enough time to put into some other sport we occasionally talk about on here just as my running is getting better and more consistent...
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    Oh and footnote: The man and I are doing well. He did his first multisport event (Hills duathlon) back in July and is getting more pool time in to do his first triathlon either this month or next.
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    Thanks guys. Just missed the first pack on the bike by about 10secs and they just worked away from me. Whole ride solo. Of the top 10, I had the 4th fastest run. I think I know how Ashleigh Gentle feels 😀
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    Morning all (including lurkers), If you’re not aware yet I’m in the process of taking over trannies from Roxii (he’ll still be around doing some media stuff etc). I’ve been a member for approximately half my life (pretty sure it was 2003 when I joined as a 15yr old) and decided to take the reins a few months back. We’re going to do some thing with transitions. I reckon it’s got the right stuff to do some good in the sport. My focus as with RunWith and other side projects is to make sport as a whole more accessible and upskill people in the process. Develop it, I feel it’s become extremely commercial of late (the sport, not the site). What do you want from transitions? Is there an awesome idea you have for what we could do? Maybe you could commit a bit of time and/or resource (we’ve got some good diversity amount us) or something else? Can reply here, shoot me a PM or email - willie@transitions.org.au with ideas. The recent stuff with Goughy, FFF and many others in the past is what it’s all about and has kind of peaked my interest in the sport again. Thanks you two loveable idiots I’ve got the “Transitions World Championships” race and a couple of running races already on the cards where I’m working/mentoring a few students to help them present a race for everyone (sprint distance - Sydney for tri, then a couple of trail events and hopefully a road event next year). I learnt a lot from the late Nick Munting, Graeham Hannan, Emo, Mooze and Matt K, Prachar Stegman and various I’ve crossed paths with and want to pass some of that on. It’ll be cheap (it will cost no more than $40 😮 what? 2002 prices?) Where going to turn the site into a shop selling all the shit you probably don’t need to do all three sports. A lot of this money will go back into supporting some younger guys and girls not just in triathlon, but each of the three individual sports. I’m not out to make millions from it as I was accused of a few days ago... in fact if I don’t have to put my hand in my pocket too far I’ll be stoked! So throw your ideas etc at me and we have some robust discussion and move forward with it TIA - Willie
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    Well guess that rules out changing our name to Willies...
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    You blasted young ones with your new-fangled changes In my day you were seen and not heard...
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    Fair enough. Thought they had just dropped a digit from the shire postcode since it is the spiritual home of triathlon greatness in Aus.
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    I'm happy to be 10 Questions Tyno on the understanding that I'm totally not K2 and it will be a different beast, probably only having 10 questions per 10 questions for a start.
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    Sooooo a couple of 6 foot tracks, a few Ironman's and 10 years later I'm doing another tomorrow! 😖
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    In the words of the late Jack Gibson. ' Played strong - done good'.
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    Should me make Roxii race director for Trannies World Champs?
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    Yeah settle down folks. Im still gunna be spamming you lot with crappy puns and dad jokes, telling you how much harder tris were back in the day and now telling you how great I could have been if it weren’t for my dodgy hip. And anyway you lot are the only actual friends I have so I can’t go anywhere else. Thanks for the compliments though.
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    Cranky is correct I mean, it was the Transitions community which allowed her to meet the great IronmanFoz and myself a couple of years ago and tap into the aura of awesomeness we exude. Now she's a Kona veteran Coincidence? I think not...
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    Speaking for myself mate, but the biggest thing that keeps me here is the sense of community. There's a wealth of knowledge and you quickly learn who to trust which is thankfully most. I think most of us miss the old Tour reports and previews that we used to have before Trev dropped off the radar. There is also plenty of appetite for the history - with or without the beers tasting good It'd be great to be a voice to communicate with the people who run the sport, both TA and the state bodies, and the RDs and be a good chance for communication to go both ways. Roxii laid some of the groundwork for this, take the baton and run with it the best you can. Part of this is going to be controlling the rabble to be civil in some of the responses so as not to chase them away The other thing to recognise is most of us, with or without dodgy hips 😋, are moving to be not solely focused on tris and we've all branched out into various other activities. It'd be great to learn more about these, who is doing what and when events are on, who is going etc so people wanting to give new things a go can rock up and at least virtually know some one there. The secondary benefit of this will be keeping some of the tri experience around for the newbies coming through. Perhaps a calendar of events and who is attending might enable this a bit more Anyway, hope that is enough to get the discussion going
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    14km run this morning and a 3.6km swim this afternoon. OK update time. I have promised my sponsor that I would do these. I did originally suggest to my major sponsor that I would do a video and post that. But I have had a few goes at it and......nup. Firstly I want to make it clear that what I am doing is NOT exactly what has been given to me. Matt has been patient with me and I am very happy with the program. But the process and results are NOT a reflection of the quality of his coaching. The program he has given me is soooooo awesome, I'd be great to be able to commit to it and do EXACTLY what is in it. Swimming is great. Had a left shoulder niggle which has subsided. Confidence in my ability to get tired and maintain form is the most noticeable thing. Also "cruising" pace is up a lot! Big test will be Wettie in the open water. Anyone can be fast and strong in a ****ing pool. Bike is ok. Hip flexors are tight as is my left VMO. The VMO is making my left knee ache a tiny bit. Lots of foam rolling and tiger balm 👍 I'm actually unsatisfied with my ability on the bike and I am worried about it. Yes yes I do long Zwift rides but....yeah whatever. Run. I am REALLY shocked at how much I have been doing without issues from my ankle. My calf was tight because I have zero confidence in the strength of it but I foam rolled the shit out of it. Need to do the runs slower. But sometimes I feel so ****ing good and strong....yeah like I said earlier, I'm not good at keeping my emotions under wraps and holding the effort I should. Speaking of emotions.... I have had a few long runs where I have been jogging along crying, but happy tears, because I start thinking about what a great opportunity this is and how kind people are and how supportive. Then I get to visualising the finish line and seeing Mooj....fark... LOL pretty emotional stuff. Crazy reaction but I allow myself to feel it and then I put the "race face" back on and finish the session. Nutrition - oh ****. I don't even want to think about it. I won't go into the life stuff. Wrong thread. But yesterday I had a small meltdown. Bad food and exhausted. All good. Business as usual today. I told a mate it was a "hide under the doona" day. Yeah definitely not going to Kona. And I am pretty sure that I will be a "one and done" guy. I love the training as a recreational pursuit. But putting solid aerobic 14-15hr weeks back to back is ****ing insane. Part of me loves it, but I am too tired to enjoy it. I'm going to drift into the background a bit on here. I'm on Strava if you want to see what I am doing... LOL Sorry to my major sponsors about that too. Cheers all. Catch ya round
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    T2 Racked my bike ( not sure about Bolton but at Wales, there are no helpers to rack your bike or help with bags etc) and headed to the tent. After learning my lesson last year, I had a complete change of clothes for running but I was dry this year, so didn't bother. I was also starting the run a fair bit earlier than last year, so I made the decision to just run in my tri suit, with arm warmers. Took my bike gear off, decided not to wear sunnies, slapped on my Trannie hat and runners and headed out. Run: Compared to last year, the feeling was like chalk and cheese, it was lighter, brighter and I felt like I was ready to run, rather than survive. I had put lots of thought into the run and did a recce of the run course on the bike on Friday and I had a plan of where to walk, where to run and the pace I wanted to run at. All great in theory The crowds in Tenby have to be experienced to be truly understood, it's like an assault on your eardrums! I was determined not to get carried away and burn matches. My plan was to walk the hillier sections (about 5 per lap) and run at 6.20-6.30 pace when I did run. I was also going to walk as fast as I can on the walk bits, walking with purpose as it would be described later. So out of town on lap1 and the start of the 2mile undulating hill, all went well, hit my marks, stayed disciplined and on track, picked up my band for lap 1. (at Wales your bands are picked up just over half way through the lap). It's hard to describe but I just felt 'good'. Back into towns and the rabbit warren of narrow streets, small rises, drunk crowds, out towards the finish then turn right at my hotel for lap 2. Once out of town again, I started to get a pain in my stomach, like stomach ache, almost wanting to throw up but not quite. I was managing this but frustrated at the same time. A little later into the lap, I started to feel a bit dizzy and realised if I did not slow right down (I had already slowed) I was going to fall over. I've never experienced this before. About the same time I started to get some plantar pain in my right foot, so things were going south fast. Instead of panicking and pushing on like an idiot, I just stuck to my discipline, although the pace has slowed. I tried to work it through logically. My stomach wasn't having anything to do with nutrition or coke, I knew that. I also knew I was probably suffering dehydration from sweating on the bike. I'd been taking heaps of water at the run aids stations. A-HA, some logic at last! Maybe I was making it worse by drinking water and diluting the little bit of sodium I did have left in my system. By now lap two was over and I started lap 3, and sipped some Enervit electrolyte at the one station then at the other I would sip the same and a little water to help it go down. This seemed to help as I felt like at least it wasn't getting worse but I couldn't focus very well. Pace wise, the damage was done now. Picked my third band and headed down the long hill and back into town. This is where it really came undone for me. I was already feeling low but the mass of crowds, noise and general chaos didn't lift my spirits, it made it worse. I didn't engage with the crowd at all, in fact I blanked them out so I wouldn't fall over. I turned at my hotel and there is an aid station just past there. I properly stopped for the first time on the run, took some Enervit and slumped against a dumpster they were using for rubbish. One of the station guys came over and asked if I wanted medical, I said 'no, I'm done, I can't do another 10km like this'. He looked at my white hat and said 'mate you look paler than your hat but you have three bloody bands, walk it all if you have to, get it done buddy but go when you're ready' In all, I probably stopped at that dumpster for 2 mins, but it was the most valuable 2mins of the whole day. It was properly dark now and I shuffled on and jogged a bit, pace was done to 8-9 min kms now but I found on the hills I could still walk fast, nearly as fast as I was running. Change of plan!, I walked the whole hill, except for one small flat section, I walked all the other flat sections up to the top turnaround. Then I just let gravity take over, I was still taking evervit at the stations. Picked up my last band and a younger lady in the race said she was so jealous of my as she had two laps to go. This is when I gave myself an uppercut and realised how lucky I was to be headed down this bloody hill for the last time and at least I didn't have a glow stick! Back into town and I walk a lot of the little rises in town, they sap your spirit because the come after a 90 deg turn all the time, so you lose momentum. This time I perked up, looked at the crowd etc. On every lap at a quite hilly bit in town, there is always one guy from IM, he was there last year, he encourages everyone and stands on his own. I think he's a coach and he said to me 'look at that, walking with real purpose, even on your last lap'. that made me happy as I knew I wasn't death shuffling. The finish chute was crazy, I enjoyed much more this time around, full arms in the air like I'd just one the bloody thing haha. They called my name and said I was from "Down Under" I felt like I was 6ft down under earlier in the evening. Got my medal and moved through recovery quickly. Now I was focused on two things, shower and my large baguette and a pint of beer. Which was not that smart given my sick feeling but nothing was going to stop me having that! On the way back I passed the aid station that had helped me. The guy was made up to see I'd finished, he said 'that was touch and go buddy' and he was right. I saw people with glow sticks heading past me. I shouted encouragement outwardly but inwardly I thought 'you poor bastards'. So what did I learn? When I set out to do this race, which was a late decision, based on LCW times, my goal was to cut 90 mins from last year's time, which would have meant 14.15. My time was 14.28.53, so I did not hit that goal and on Monday I did not consider it a success but I do now the dust has settled. I improved by 10% in my AG and 7% overall. I learned mixed weather races can be tricky. If you have a plan be prepared to change it and adjust. Also, instead of accepting the fate, think logically about if there is anything you can do to correct it. When I realised there was a danger of overheating on the bike, I should have taken a bottle or two of Enervit, even if it meant taking no gels because I had still had some Torq bar pieces. I learned not to leave your expensive Oakleys on the bench in T2. somebody had a very good race courtesy of me! Overall, I love the sport, love the community but I'm ready to try other stuff. Tenby, we've had a good run but we're through. It's not me, it's you.
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    .... and here is me thinking bikes are expensive!!!!
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    We don't all stutter like you FFF...
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    I remember you when you had hair. Really appreciate you for just being you. Sit back, smile and take the pats on the back. Thanks mate. FM PS: SOFTCOCK
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    It's just the vibe of the thing.....................................
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    Ill see if I can get Gunther back to keep Willie on his toes too.