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    I’ve been twice in 2009 and 2011. With a bit of planning and research of the route you can make it manageable, lots of waiting, but c’mon it’s free! In 2009 I saw three stages; a flat sprint finish, a TTT and the start of another stage. The sprint finish was at La Grande Motte and I spent about 5 hours standing around in the sun getting burnt and dehydrated whilst I watched the caravan and pre-race procession roll through. Snagged some sponsor hats and products etc as well. I was near the finish, so they had big screens showing the action (in French). I made friends with some other Aussies, so the time went fairly quickly and saw Cavendish nail the sprint. The next day was the TTT in Montpellier and after looking at the route it was possible to watch half the teams near the start, run about 4-5km to the finish in time to see most of the teams finish as they took a more circuitous route than me. We started on a nasty little corner where a few teams came unstuck and once again showing the Aussie colours drew some new friends to keep things entertaining. Seeing a team go past every few minutes, was far more interesting than a big group finish where only the first 10 are trying to win. A few days of travel found me in Barcelona for the start of another stage. The actual race start was a bit tame, as everyone just pushed off like a bunch rolling out on a lazy Sunday. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was anti-climatic. The value in the start was being able to wander the team areas and see the riders up close pre-race, hear the interviews and maybe grab a photo. In 2011 I was living in London and when it looked like Cadel was going to win I made a spur of the moment decision on the Friday night to take the Chunnel and see it in person. I was on the Eurostar heading over whilst the ITT was happening, so I was on the phone to Mum and Dad in Australia as they updated me on the splits as they happened. Spent the majority of the next day standing on a fence on des Champs-Elysees, trying not to drink so I didn’t lose my spot to go to the toilet. The riders rolled around 8 times, I was able to spot Cadel in yellow briefly before Tina Arena sang the anthem. Expect long days, sunburn and to be dehydrated, but the atmosphere made up for it for me. I plan on going to a mountain stage next time I’m over there and then I would think I’ve seen all the tour has to offer from the roadside.
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    80 min run (let’s call it a shuffle/ walk) keeping the HR under control. Fitness is a long long way away, but it’s a start. Rode my bike yesterday too
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    Hopefully it works...……. https://www.facebook.com/andrew.beddie/videos/10219897070724234/?t=2 FM
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    Yassos x 7, started at 2:50 and finished the last one at 2:44. Feel a bit more on track!
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    I work on the rule -- anything above the neck ( slight sore throat, running nose) - is OK to train but don't get HR up and cut back on the running Anything below the neck -- rest
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    I watched a couple stages back in 97 98ish the year Festina got kicked out .My village that I was living in had the TT go through it and finish there .I strolled around and had a bit of a look but usually just watched it on tv. I remember I think Richard Veronque saying no no not our drugs etc then the next day came out and went “ yep they were ours I take them our team takes them and so dose every other guy in the Peleton “ or words to that effect 😂 who would have thought ..
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    If I go I’ll drop the coin & pay for a VIP package for at least one finish
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    That is a huge effort
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    He just did close to 5 hours on zwift, guy deserves a medal.
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    We caught a stage finish and a depart in 2011. The finish was crazy, I didn't even see Cadel as he rode past so I spent a lot of time thinking I managed to catch the stage where he lost the tour! It was a mountain stage, but not a summit finish, so dribs and drabs of riders coming past. Crammed onto the train post race with half of Europe it seemed. The depart the next day was much better for seeing riders. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
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    No training for me today. Worked the start line of Sutherland to surf. Had s good chat with Crowie pre race before he knocked out a lazy 34.54 for the 11k. Not bad for an old bloke.
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    Edmonton WTS this weekend. Blast from the past, Emma Jackson has taken the win. Gentle in 3rd. Top females not racing however.
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    No swim this morning. Far too engrossed in last night's stage of the tour & didn't get to bed till after 1am. I was right though. I'm aching all over now.
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    A number of the folk I swim with head down there every couple of weeks for a swim with them. It's a great crowd & they do some good swims. Well worth checking in on.
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    Had a crack at ParkRun today, first time in over 6 mths I think. Wasn't expecting much given the exploits of the last few weeks, and managed a personal worst of 23.03 on this course. Really died in the last 1500mtrs.
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    Well I must admit it's been nice sitting on the couch with the kids watching telly all day! Also the cold and flu tablets that don't have pseudoephidrine in them are useless.
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    Because I'm middle aged with my best years behind me, having achieved little I'd rather rage against annoying cronulla sharks fans
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    Seems to be pretty standard for this industry. I have a few friends who last a year at each employer as they can’t put up with disorganised and dishonest proprietors. They are very good trainers with clients needs at front of mind. only solution is to partner with like minded operators and start your own show
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    I'm in I got an entry for $265
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    Dennis is back in Radelaide & rolling local.
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