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    Rait Ratasepp has just finished 40 IM's in 40 days. The times he was doing were insane. https://raitratasepp.ee/blog/rait-ratasepp-the-fastest-man-in-the-world-to-complete-40-triathlons-in-40-days Day 1: 10:44:52; Day 2: 10:58:12; Day 3: 11:04:20; Day 4: 11:06:03; Day 5: 11:21:49; Day 6: 11:45:22; Day 7: 11:30:06; Day 8: 11:38:49; Day 9: 11:27:01; Day 10: 11:19:23; Day 11: 11:21:32; Day 12: 11:29:53; Day 13: 11:20:45; Day 14: 11:06:46; Day 15: 11:19:10; Day 16: 10:59:43; Day 17: 11:15:29; Day 18: 11:20:10; Day 19: 11:21:20; Day 20: 11:01:56; Day 21: 10:59:39; Day 22: 11:17:56; Day 23: 10:51:56; Day 24: 10:36:59, Day 25: 10:51:44; Day 26: 10:39:34; Day 27: 10:44:27; Day 28: 10:34:48, Day 29: 10:59:45, Day 30: 10:57:52, Day 31: 10:44:26; Day 32: 10:28:27; Day 33: 10:39:21; Day 34: 10:52:02; Day 35: 10:58:23, Day 36: 10:58:27, Day 37: 10:53:42; Day 38: 10:59:47; Day 39: 11:39:26; Day 40: 12:00:02 Amazing achievement.
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    The Messiah has returned for the end of days. Repent for not going sub 10 sinners!
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    Trannies will always be here. If Will can't continue with the site, I'll take it in financially. Roxii will be admin. And Fatpom as well. I'm not involved but this site can't die. Anyone who wants to take the site discussion future off line, msg me. On a grander scale, Willie, msg me your ph no. I'll give you a call. Nothing to do with the site but to talk to make sure you are ok.
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    Hey all First time poster, first Sprint at Kurnell on the 24th! I signed up for this Sprint 12 weeks ago and have started swimming, cycling, running. Im from the UK so didnt really do much swimming and now I can just about finish 750m in the pool with a break at each 50m 😕 started swimming at Balmoral between the cones, and can safely get around 600, floating on my back just to catch my breath. 6 days out im starting to get a little nervous and just wanted to ask: - can I mention to the safety staff that its my first time in a race environment just in case something happens? - is the event beginner friendly, aka, ive watched enough videos to see how people transition but Im probably going to be taking it super easy just to get familar with it all, and wont be going too hard - wetsuits will be allowed If the water is under 22? will most people be wearing a wetsuit? - is there a watching area for friends? - do they provide swim caps or should I bring my own, I read somewhere that events give you ones? - there is 1 hour for Registrations, should I definately be there for the start of that, or is it worth turning up half way? - any ideas or tips about parking? I bought a parking tcket with my entry and it just says in the National Park so I guess im just not sure if its gonna be hectic or close to the event Thanks very much
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    Oh no, Rog is quitting Now who's going to explain to me how withholding aid without telling the recipient over an investigation which never happened is a quid pro quo? Nath doesn't seem able...
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    I reckon this post is not necessary. Take it offline.
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    I’ll start by saying that Willie has always come good with everything we had going on. Some things may have been a bit convoluted but always fulfilled. now onto the forum, as I said previously the running costs are the running costs, they are not huge but Willie probably won’t want to give the forum away. He took it over to use it as a part of his business, and to get access to “customers” and use the forum as a landing place for a variety of possible ventures. So I know it “owes him money” so giving it away may not be on his agenda. also from experience I’m not sure how having a “committee” running the forum may work 99.9% of the time, but that 0.1% of the time when legal threats etc are received I’m not sure if that needs a single person or some firm of legal entity to address these things. I’m happy to stay around and help if and when required, most times there is not much to do, and I’m good at doing not much
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    The real question is is your post necessary? FatPom is a regular contributor, taking his bat and ball won't help anyone or achieve anything and it certainly won't make any difference to Willy. So yeah, would be good if he realised this and stuck around don't you think?
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    Very sorry to hear about your personal circumstances Willie, it sounds like an extremely challenging time. From my very limited experience Willie had been generous, and it's sad to see the business end this way. I trust things will be made right with the outstanding orders, hopefully people can communicate to get it done right. Knowing the business is in trouble will be worrying for those waiting on an order / refund.
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    Plenty of people saw it. I think it would be best for everyone if Willie's current position was explained so 1) people don't think they're going to get taken when dealing with him and 2) what remains of Willie's reputation remains intact. I'd like to think there is nothing malicious in what's been happening, but some sort of disclosure should be forthcoming.
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    It’s like a whole new world for me. To be honest, I’m pretty selfish and was very concerned about how of ‘my time’ she would take away, especially at my age. Now I just don’t care and enjoy doing anything active with her.
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    She runs well in spite of her coach not because of him. 😀
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    I’d run ‘comfortable’ - if 6.20/6.25 comfortable go with it, if it feels better 6.35/6.40. Try to forget the watch and run comfortable for this one. PS - I’ve got no idea, never ran more than a marathon but loving follow your trail running......:-)
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    Last week I posted in the "what are you doing today" thread about going to meet my half-sister for the first time. I can now post in this thread because it went really well, we are all very happy that we've found each other and planning to meet up again at Christmas time. Long story short, mum was pregnant when she met my dad, they got engaged but when she had the baby it was adopted out and she told dad she lost it. They were married a couple of months later and it was never spoken of again. My younger sister and I only found out about this last year and nobody could tell us whether a baby was even born or not (the few people who knew at the time have since died). But we eventually found out we have a sister, tracked her down and met her for the first time last week. She looks just like my mum and is lovely! And we now have nieces and they have aunties. I have to stop saying "my sister" in conversations, people now ask "which one?" 😂
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    And to top it all off, Jas had her graduation today and formal tonight! She finished her graduation ceremony with an email from the USQ with an early offer for her uni course, so she is extra cuffed now! And by accepting the offer she will be able to apply for and should receive the youth allowance from late this month, rather than having to wait until the normal uni offers come out early next year. She should have at least one more scholarship to getc also as the USQ is offering automatic ones based on your op result. About 30 are coming here shortly for an after formal party and camp out in our backyard, then tomorrow she heads of to schoolies. With all the things I **** up, somehow we seemed to have guided this one right. The look on her face in this pic pretty much sums up her smile for the whole day so far!
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    Is that comment necessary?
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    Hobbling around. Had a fall four weeks in Singapore. Decided to pass out and hit my right knee and face. Face was the initial focus. Have had physio and getting gp referral for MRI. Knee cap must have got a terrible whack and has pushed backward. The other 56 days away were brilliant. Walked between 5km and 12km a day. Was looking forward to coming back to start some running. Feeling annoyed, as this is my bad knee from my motor bike accident many years ago.
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    You people are living in the past. This forum is structured so poorly it's amazing it has lasted this long. Forums and social media are all about growth and volume. What on earth is there on this site to attract someone new to the sport? Where is the structure of races scheduled throughout the year,-it takes someone to create a thread, a marathon/running section, a technique and drills section, a swimming section, a health and diet section? All bread and butter topics. There is no content to promote and encourage because too many of you are to busy being bitter and stuck in the past, living in your 'glory' days. And the politics and religion section should be deleted, nothing good ever comes from those topics online or IRL.
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    Probably a good thing, site seems to be 60% oldies with axes to grind from years gone, 35% politics and lefties pushing their agenda and 5% anything useful/supportive/encouraging in regards to triathlon.
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