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    Export is the beverage of choice for the beer mile. It seems to have been designed for drinking warm and tastes the same on the way out as in.
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    Champion effort mate. Pity they'll probably cancel it next week, after all the work you've done.
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    I'm in a very similar position but sometimes even more than a week a month. It's hard, especially if you travel to cities like Singapore, HK, Mumbai etc. where getting out for a run is a nightmare so you have to end up relying on crappy hotel gyms and 10m swimming pools. I manage the best I can by adopting these kind of rules... I say "I manage" I've only been being strict for the last 3 months or so. 1) Whenever I am home I really try to never miss a session and I do as much as I can without overtraining, this means I have some mammoth weeks sometimes but it helps. 2) Prioritise the bike when home followed by swim then by run. Wherever you are you can get your runs in (although intervals in a hotel gym on a treadmill with crap air con is no fun). 3) Always get a work out in before going to the airport from home. Sometimes that means getting up before you have gone to bed basically but my trips tend to be long haul so I just sleep on the plane. 4) Put your exercise time into your work calendar. It's important time and should be protected. 5) Be an absolute prima-donna about which hotels you stay in. Insist on seeing pictures of the gym before you go. Minimum requirement is 4 x treadmills (these always fill up first). 6) Be realistic. When I know I've got a big trip coming up I know I'm not going to be running 2.5h long runs on a treadmill nor am I going to be slamming out 5 hour bike sessions on a gym bike. I've found that by planning in advance and accepting that volume is going to drop (not necessarily intensity) and switching out the workouts in the plan for something more appropriate it's easier to stay on track. The worst thing for me is to look at a workout, think "pah, that's not going to happen" and then do nothing at all. This all depends on what motivates you though. I need my workouts to turn green on TP. Not saying these are the best tips ever but they seem to be working for me.
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    i just had to google that....yeah no thanks. I dont even own a pair of board shorts either
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    And go easy at the hotel buffet breakfast every morning.
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    We are pretty regular Snowy area riders these days. We generally hit up Jindy and Thredbo, often with a Stromlo or Majura stop either way. Stopped at Mt Gladstone on Friday. Well, well worth it!!! Such fun, descents flow fantastically, but even the climbing trails are fun and interesting. There is a new DH (more enduro) run called Gladiator which is great fun, but not yet on the park map. Carpark is only 200m of the main road out to Jindy from Cooma. I really rate it, so we will be regulars there now. Thought Id post for anyone else who flies on by it in haste to get to Thredbo. Make sure you stop.
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    Walk the marathon and save the legs for Monday
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    lol. Good god no. I've had 4 years off and have done 8 weeks training. I am chasing the medal, that is it.
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    Niggles in two places caused me to halve my planned run distance. Now it's taper time.
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    3km swim. This is the least swim fit I've been going into a race, 4s/100m slower.... oh well.
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    Im from the Pilbara...not one of these fancy city type people....my going out shoes are the original double pluggas......i have Styrofoam stubbie coolers
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    Mine will only be as fast as the bloke person in front of me.
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    50kms with 1,000 vert done hard this morning, then backed up with 5.5km at just under 5min/km pace (legs were cooked). Working on the assumption that the weather is going to make riding tough for the rest of the week.
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    I told myself the same but i know it wont happen. The wife just got me one for xmas.
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    I'm just trying to plan my drink selection mate.
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    Stop looking at the weather, we are too far out.
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    God I am going to be crook on the flight home tuesday...
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    Speed is variable Awesomeness is constant
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    I am in for second year. Looking forward to it. Hopefully I can run better than last year cheers NSF
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    O/A, time, First, Last, Bib, Cat, Cat Plc, Swim, Cycle, Run 178, 2:12:49.2, Pitman, Allan, 170, N, 7, 22:09, 1:10:12, 40:28 sorry Ronnie, I've read the printed results three times and cant find you, My project to digitise the whole history of the Noosa tri is on hold (USM were suggested they "owned" the results list (sorry folks "Public Domain" or at least "Public Good") ) but really, unless I break a leg I have other things to work on - like having a crack at the GC worlds in 2018 ('coz 3 times would be cool) or like that essay for my masters I'm supposed to turn in tonght.....