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    BAM. Love it. So bloody true. We need new rules. Unless you have done Kona, you can't talk about it. Unless you've done an Ironman, you can't talk about it. Unless you've done a triathlon, post in the sandbox. this is a pisstake
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    For a start I'm only 70yrs old - I have 12 grand children between 5 and 27 - one of them has already done Kona three times - I do like to stir the pot occasionally - I've been around the sport a long time (about 32yrs) - there's a few on here who don't like me quoting the number of Ironman races I've done or the number of Kona qualifiers I've coached (more than any other coach in Australia) but they're just facts 😏 I don't like boasting but if someone teases the information out of me I will tell them what I have done 🙄 I do have a few ideas that some find "different" but they work - I do less training than many of my competitors but I get results - a lot of my athletes have achieved better results than ever before after I have reduced their workload I don't think anyone actually hates me - most don't even know me - a person reaches an age where if something needs to be said, he says it, if it offends some sensitive soul, so be it - there are lots of people out there just looking for something to be offended over 🤣
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    I don't agree with a lot of what AP says, and he knows it, but regardless of what you think of his opinion he is genuine and honest and is quite happy to talk to anyone anytime about his opinions and methods. He is not just a "keyboard warrior" who posts this stuff online then goes hiding when it comes to face to face meetings. Whether you agree with him or his methods or not you cant deny his commitment, passion and results.
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    It's a triathlon forum and AP does triathlon. Which is more than can be said for about 80% of people here.
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    It's ok to be passionate about ironman and or kona. Its ok if you're not passionate about ironman and or kona. Whichever group you fall you need to understand other people see the world differently and have different priorities and that is OK! Both sides are at fault in a lot of the crap that gets thrown around here.
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    Not sure, but I think she got a waterproof phone so she can still ask us questions.
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    I don’t have “normal width” in stock for that reason. The type of people likely to benefit from a Bondi will need the wide.
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    currently without. I have them scheduled after certain blocks. That isn't a set period ie 4 weeks but more build to a certain event/level of training then back off and build again.
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    I'm really happy with my race. I had no idea what to expect. Qualified top 16 aussie so just wanted to beat that. Ended up 8th Aussie and 13th overall. Happy with my run split 4:32/km. Not looking at overall time because it's not an accurate way to compare. I've never run (nearly) 10km at that pace! Happy to say I did not look at my pace on my watch once on the run!! Just pushed. Bike was fun. I enjoyed the technical bits. That's where I seemed to make up places. Swim was uneventful other than nearly missing the start and cutting my food on a rock or something on the pontoon. Quite sore still but comes good after a while in the shoes. Had a great time and heaps of support from friends and family down there. Had a really shitty 2 days following. Not sore, just tired and really sooky. Felt better yesteday after I goy back into training. Did they decide where 2020 70.3 worlds will be yet? 😛
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    Is he from WA? somebody had to say it....
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    So today I've unpacked and assembled two bikes, removed race numbers from bikes, helmet & wetsuit, swum, done my rehab exercises, washed all my kit, flushed my car and house keys down the toilet (that part was an accident) and had a couple of skin cancers removed. I need another holiday! But wine will have to do for now 😛
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    I actually like AP. I just enjoy giving him some stick for time to time. I however don’t worship at the altar of AP. But everyone has to admit, at 75years old, his is a farking impressive athlete.
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    he's a 75 year old legend who looks about 57 and apparently hes done kona a few times, coached a few people there, and won the Hell of the West 3 times a row He cops shit because he has some unconventional ideas (worming and chinese herbalists), outdated ideas (you cant train for Kona indoors) and in the past has been caught course cutting, taking a pill he found on the road on the run course (salt apparently?). Usually if he is getting picked on for any length of time, all of his coached athletes return from not posting here for years to defend his honour...
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    Full and complete. I have ideas above my station.
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    That’s her greatest contribution to your meeting, which clearly should never have happened in the first place if he actually told everyone what was happening instead wasting 4 or 5 people’s times talking about archiving files.
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    It sounds from the description like a place filled with politics and statusophiles... I could be completely wrong but neither the description of the original incident (including a workshop on filing) nor the description of the resolution make it sound like a place to aim for...
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    1km swim this morning. Real slow. First swim in over 5 weeks since my shoulder played up. No good. Pain started shooting down my arm by about the 500m mark so I turned around. Work has been unbearable & tearing my home life apart. I can't do ANY exercise. Depression is setting in. I think it's time to go for that cortisone shot.
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    I didn't realise BF was Gwen until we meet on a training run and then didn't realise she was LL until I read her rave report. I also didn't hear what you said when you passed me on the first lap, nor did I realise it was you! Oh dear. See, this triathlon thing is killing my brain cells!