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    He's home. 12.27.35, that's a great time on that course. Congrats TThomo
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    Penicillin helps with that..... or so I've heard
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    Willie-Leaks I don't really like the sound of that one.
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    Ok, I suppose Ill throw my hat in the ring. Weight has crept up given my lack of mobility and increased hip pain. Probably a fair bit of comfort eating there too from being forced into retirement and feeling sorry for myself. Surgery is booked in for Oct 10 and then 4-6 weeks of nothing so for me this is all about watching the calories till I can get mobile again.
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    Alright, I'm in. I've been back from holidays for 5 weeks now and the extra weight is just not shifting... I also had an extra few kg before I left.. Maybe this will keep me accountable, but past experiences seem to demonstrate otherwise...
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    thanks for kicking this off. I have not participated before. I have a history of fluctuating weighthowever over the past year or so my weight has only been heading one way. hit 115kg at christmas so went to a dietician more for the accountability than the education (although) that did help in respect of what should be included in a meal and how much. Now down to 98 which I'm happy about but have not moved from it for about 2 months and I'm still not at my target of a healthy BMI, around 85. Good luck.
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    Lived up to all expectations , toughest race I’ve ever done . From the Anthem to the crowd support and don’t forget that course was everything they said it would .
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    In. Pretty much maintained since the end of the last one. Looking for double digits.
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    I'm in A rather significant change in personal circumstances early this year has allowed me to train a lot more consistently now, bit I'm still battling my big, big sweet tooth. This could be just the extra impetus I need
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    No weigh in this morning. After the Sydney marathon yesterday I had a milkshake and 5 beers (not immediately after each other 🤮) and didn’t pee till midnight so just letting the body rebalance and will weigh in tomorrow.
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    Yeah Project Clothing. Ask Turts what she thinks 😂
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    I started watching mindhunter on Netflix and, whilst series 2 is fairly new, I am by no means the first, with Prince taking it out in 2017 and Gunther blazing the trail 16 years ago... SORT BY TV Shows Prince replied to Bored@work's topic in The Sand Box really enjoyedMindhunter on Netflix. October 17, 2017 1,944 replies What are ppl watching Book - Who's reading what Gunther replied to Latch's topic in Trichat have just finished "Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit" by John Douglas. Chilling stuff. September 4, 2003 41 replies
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    Same here, but I have been known to give them food.
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    She was going to do the quad crossing not long after that 104 mile swim, but was diagnosed with cancer, which put paid to that attempt. Great to see her back.
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    Yep, and i also don't give a drunk homeless person $20 so they can buy more alcohol.
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    Maybe WTC could create a new way of "qualifying" for the World Championships. You "qualify" and get to pay them the $1,000+ entry if you also bring along 2 x volunteers.
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    Or, just find yourself a 20 something laddie to play with and make a first hand judgement
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    I've volunteered and it was more than 2hrs! In any case I've also raced Ironman and no, 2-4hrs of volunteering the next day would be out, I was totally wrecked and volunteering was fairly physical!!
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    Anyone that is on newstart and can still afford drugs should be given a job in treasury.
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    Not to bring any facts into this like clintred did , but if you watch this interview with the race director of both Kona and the half IM camps it will tell you that a two day race will never happen at Kona , and also that the IMWC will allways be held at kona
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    Maybe they should also have checks to make sure their hair is washed & they wear clean clothes.
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    He's through 10km on the run. Athlete tracker predicting a 12hr08 finish time.
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    Looks like TThomo has done 126km on the bike for a total race time of 5hr36, best bike split of 6:19. C'mon mate 👍
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    I don't know! It could be a monastery, palace, chalet or castle?
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    After a long winter working hard and the capped with an amazing holiday to Asia where eating anything occurred. I’m in. Need to get down to beach body weight.
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