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    Great little article from our member IMVoice, AKA Mike Reilly http://ap.ironman.com/triathlon/news/articles/2018/05/40th/mike-reilly-you-are-an-ironman.aspx#axzz5GRCcoROM
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    FTP on Zwift. Raised to 267.
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    Deadlifted 100kg 3 sets x 4. At work with have 1 hour gaps where one trainer trains the other trainer. This allows us to develop our ability to read and adjust loading. So Nathan today pushed my boundaries a bit.
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    When i was a customer at 'your coffee shop ' (black milk right? ) it was because one of my kids was awake from 4am and would only sleep while in pram.. wish there was a kona for early morning pram walkers..
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    Ill revisit this after Busso in December. I've signed up and this is my life outside of Triathlon Im 36 Wife (stay at home mum studying) 8yr old daughter 5 yr old son Leave home at 0515 start work at 0600 Leave work at 1700, home by 1730 Cannot train during work hours as I am on a gas plant and no feasible way to train in my 30 min lunch break (not allowed outside of gate), and I dont leave my desk for lunch My son has numerous conditions that require a lot of help at home, so plan is be home for dinner at least 3 nights mon-fri ( i wont eat but ill be there), ill cook and do school lunches etc and let wife study, bed routine for the kids takes us normally an hour. Ill then train after everything is done for the evening if its a double training day Morning sessions ill be up and leaving home at 0330 at the latest to get training in and back home for brekkie and get ready for work Doesn't really leave much time for anything really. But will see how we go
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    totally agree, getting up early to train is easy to say for some. My daughter has sports, musical etc & then homework on top of that. By the time we get home, have dinner, do home work & chill on the couch for an hour it's time for her to go to bed. Then it's time to catch up with my wife and discuss adult stuff like work, planning the rest of the week and other commitments etc. My wife had a shit day at work yesterday so it was a late night as she vented. It's called support & spending time with your family.
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    Just completed Tread for Suicide Prevention. Did 30min block used as hard training session 9km.
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    Not sure what bio-mechanical recovery is. If an individual breaks down doing SBR, they can rest, assess their training load and adjust down the hours. How does strength training expand a persons ability to recover better from aerobic exercise.
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    I did but who let's the truth get in the way of a good public bashing.
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    You went to fast at the start. These would be a more appropriate times. 1:50, 1:4x, 1:40, 1:35, 1:30, 1:25. You are building to a big finish. The first 3 sets are really just a warm up getting you used to increasing your pace. Kind of like the 500 & 400 when I do my 500, 400....100 sets. It's once you get down to the 1:45 cycle that you should be starting to feel the effort (you're swimming 1:35 by now). Then you really only have 10 x 100 where you are digging deep, so you really can put it in to swim fast. And remember, you only have to make the 3rd 100m of 1:35, because you can always put it in for that last one after that (number 4), and then you can always put it in for that last one after that (number 5).
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    Oi! I love a good wranga beard... Pretty sure you said you had you nutrition sorted and didnt' want any 😮 I've gone back to using AUSPOST for the meantime. Bloody expensive, can't send big stuff but at least nothing has been trashed. The other mob managed to damage a set of wheels, a box of huma gels and two pairs of shoes. There was 4 packages that got returned to me as undeliverable (however they went straight into AUSPOST express bags and no issues). blame the damage on my packaging, but the courier here told me it's there automatic sorting machine that sometimes drops hard heavy shit on everything else that damages packages. I'm still yet to get the shoes and the wheels back, they stay at the depot somewhere in Villawood until I have the time to go assess them with the company.
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    I'm only 15secs off your 1km, but there is no way I could do a 1:13 -1:14 in training. When I absolutely flog it, I could get a 1:20ish, in a salt water pool, but not repeatedly... So, today I did Andrew's 30x100 with decreasing rest. Average paces for each 5 was 1:33, 1:31, 1:30, 1:31, 1:32, 1:33. Admittedly, the last set was supposed to be on 1:35, but they were more like 1:37s. I found there was nearly too much rest near the start, and I wonder if I wouldn't get more benefit out of doing 30x100 on 1:45, trying to get the first 15 at 1:35 and the last 15 under 1:30
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    It's funny, even with a GPS I still tend to pace marathons on 10km split times. I have an idea of what time I should be running the 10kms in and look at the time at every 10kms and at the half way mark and adjust accordingly. I think I have had GPS misread so many times that I just don't trust it anymore. With the GPS, I set it to 3km laps and if I think it is accurate, adjust accordingly. Any less that 3km laps and i am messing around with my pace way too much for me.
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    Did Noosa in 2007 the same year Craig Walton hit 107.1k/hr. I hit 101.1k/hr, absolutely crapping myself. Had done 80+ k/he before in training rides but this was another level. Despite our similar speeds he finished about 40mins in front of me though hahaha As an aside, as I was screaming down the hill some bloke in front of me got the death wobbles and ended up skidding down the road on his back. Same dude passed me at the 6km mark of the run!! 😮😮
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    I must be getting old. I used to still be up at 3 a lot when I was in my 20's. Would often still be on a ride.
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    I'm usually up at 3am. Don't normally get a ride though. Sometimes I get lucky.
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    I think this might be true for rare individuals who are biomechanically blessed and not prone to injury, or who are not really approaching their biomechanical/recovery limits. But I think for a lot of people, even if they are some way off their SBR potential, the number of hours of SBR they are doing are still significant, and pushing them close to their biomechanical/recovery limit. That limit can be expanded by doing the proper strength & balance training. And then there is the longevity in the sport issue. In hindsight, I'd rather have done less SBR training & added some good strength/balance training and been a bit slower in my 40's, but still racing in my 50s.
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    Yes, Perth Zoo as IronmanFoz said. Reptile Keeper. Zoo rosters can often be unusual permutations to ensure consistent staffing levels throughout the week and share the weekend duties equitably between keepers. Following my weekend off, I work 4 days, have Friday off, work 3 days, Tuesday off, then work 3 days to complete the fortnight. After looking at numerous rental units, the one I preferred was conveniently just across the road from work. Wouldn't want to be any closer as I'm pretty sure I'll be able to safely hang out my washing without fear that the orangs will hurl their faeces at it.
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    I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy living here and discovering what Perth and surrounds have to offer. There appears to be a lot going on and so much is easily accessible. The ocean is still a pleasant temperature and the water clarity has been excellent this week. I already have a couple of concerts lined up for the weekend and I hope to check out the indoor climbing scene next week. There will always be parts of my life in Sydney that I will miss, but there will be frequent trips back east.
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    What CEM said. When I was running marathons and fun runs back in the 80's and early 90's, the group I trained with had some experienced marathon runners who preached the even paced is the best pace method for running a marathon. I got a bit excited in my first marathon and blew up big time in the second half. From memory the first half was 1.31 and second half 2.15. I got better at managing my pacing over 10 more marathons over a 9 year period. I think about it now, we only had a watch to manage our pacing. No HRM's, no garmins, no stride power meters and no Strava uploads afterwards. How did we even manage to finish!!!!
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    I hear you - my surgeon advised against any squats, in light of missing cartilage in the trocheal groove. That’s said, notwithstanding a lack of squats (and some cartilage) I’ve managed to get back to sub 20 min 5km...
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    It's a special place WA ! This happened up here at coral bay over the weekend
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    they have a long course duathlon ever year in Busso. Super easy course with plenty of drafting. I think they have a cafe now.
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    I'm starting to see some improvement, starting to get the feel the water and when my form is going. I tried Andrews champion set from the other thread, the last 100 was hard but not quick