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    All I've heard up here is about people complaining about the Greens stopping controlled burning. They've been copping it from everyone. The stupid thing is that their policy supports controlled burns, and they haven't been in power, or holding the balance of power in any of the states affected, so it really didn't matter what their policy was anyway.
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    It should also be noted that the documentary is produced by James Cameron who is a radical Vegan and has companies which focus on producing vegan products.....
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    Does he realise Rego is on the Friday? Hate for him to turn up late.
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    I realise others may have moved on, but, Customer, how can you defend this sort of thing?!!
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    I think Brownlee missed the cut off to have his entry in on time to get his name on the race bib 😂😂
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    No matter what we do it will never be enough (and too much for many.) I think people set their position on these things and then seek evidence to back it up far too often. Are we doing our fair share? Take a look here. From 1990 to 2013 we reduced our Co2e (normalised greenhouse gasses in terms of CO2 equivalent) per head of population by 11%. In the same time the global average has INCREASED by 11%. In absolute terms we've decreased by 3 tonnes per person, similar to most developed countries (and we beat NZ!) Australia is a unique country. Well spread out population centres of, at best, only moderate density bring massive challenges in all areas for a start. Canada is perhaps the only reasonable example of a similar nation and they have, surprise surprise, almost identical carbon footprint to us by GDP or population. At the end of the day, China is basically double the emissions of the next biggest emitter. China, the U.S., India and Russia contribute almost 55% of total global emissions. Reducing us to nothing has less effect than China dropping by 5% (and they will grow due to increasing urbanisation.) My view, based on the facts as best I can ascertain them is that we're doing okay. As good as most and better than some, even with the constraints we have. No we're not the best and yes we can do more but at what cost and for what real benefit?
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    Because they know what they're doing at a roundabout?
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    I'm in Did Nepean as a practice run. I had forgotten how crap I am at swimming sans wetsuit. goggles fogged up couldn't see where I was going, swallowed half the lake. Not happy Jan, so I entered Hills sprint tri on Sunday. Swam much better. Built my own TT bike out of a roadie, mate gave me a wahoo kicker, signed up to Trainer Road and I'm ready to go
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    I started it here. The sandbox and offroad forum are where the heavy hitters hang out.
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    Mate, if the one we had in Kalgoolie said name her was Kevin, I wouldn't have argued with her. "Terminus Hotel, thanks Kev," would have been our groups request. Crikey she was a big country girl.
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    Is it scheduled? Do you have a scheduled day off each week? Try the warm up. See how you feel. You might feel good once you get going. If you warm up and still feel crap, pull the pin and rest. Although it takes me warm up plus two intervals to really know.
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    For him and his party to start to turn around sentiment in this area, they need to acknowledge that there is an issue and yes, it is linked to the drought, fires etc, not try to duck it because it isn't a convenient time/place for it to be discussed.
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    Maybe if we saw some real solutions being put forward that are workable. I saw Branson overnight say Australia should immediately stop all exports of coal https://www.smh.com.au/national/australia-must-stop-selling-coal-branson-calls-for-climate-revolution-20191112-p539p8.html Where to start on this one - looking outside of Australia the number of people that will be dead in a year due to no energy for heating, etc is a good start - but none of Branson's family, friends or even country people. Unless of course he has 100 nuclear plants ready to go online in a month or some similar solution - and the finances to pay for them Maybe if it wasn't for the pure hypocrisy of someone relying so heavily on the pure consumerism that has gripped the world in the last century and is only second to population growth as the real cause of change. I agree it's time for people to start leading, let's see some real leadership from the Brant's, Branson's and Gore's of the world where they start to forgo their own comforts as the real leadership. Let's see Branson mothball immediately his entire global airline fleet as a real and lasting change as an act of leadership
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    Yes I do. Do they have internet in busso or Perth that is able to broadcasts faster than dial up speeds yet?
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    Top level pro? Didn't he qualify in some 2 bit race in Ireland that didn't even have a swim, then he finished around halfway through the pro field in Kona.
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    We might not be fast, but at least we show up 😎
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    Will plugga be referred straight to the judiciary?
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    We've been through this Pete. Busso is flat, but that's where the easy ends. Factor in massive sharks, highs wind, extreme heat, wildfire, storms, extremely rough tarmac, you have what amounts to one of the toughest Ironman races in the world. This is why top pros have stayed away. They know they'll be found wanting. This isn't a race, this is survival. Hence the reason IMWA has the highest DNF rate in Australia.
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    DC is awesome. You will love it.
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    the woman in green is wearing a pretty normal trisuit I would have thought - short sleeves and covering on thighs. Similar to what I would wear apart from the knees. The one in the middle looks like she put on a tshirt over her race suit for the presentation. I would have thought this was pretty normal for a young female, new to the sport, who may not be comfortable standing in front of a crowd in just lycra. The 3rd woman is Bahraini and they can wear whatever they want - it's up to them. She happens to be a devout Muslim and chooses to cover her hair and skin. It's her choice. She trains with her Muslim friends in Bahrain who wear anything from normal trisuits to full cover like she does. Anyway, whatever she's wearing didn't stop her from getting on the podium and enjoying herself. In the unofficial Tris they've had in private compounds in Saudi in the past, women and men could wear whatever they wanted. The fact that the woman in the green Saudi top has no hair, arm or full length cover suggests that as long as it's a sporting event, appropriate clothing is allowed, including normal tri suits. Since the Saudi tri club is growing rapidly, maybe there's some money to be made in designing a full-body trisuit. I just think you guys like to whinge. Women competing in a triathlon in Saudi is a good thing - right?
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    Run course record as well Great to see her kicking arse regularly again after a tough year
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    heck, if you haven't had a full day off all year, you need an uppercut. Especially as you have a race in two weeks. I am guilty of not often having a day off either but I will have an unscheduled day off, mainly because of mental fatigue. You will not lose any fitness, and you will gain motivation and mental rest.
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    No. Better to get sick, develop an injury and/or get slow from more junk miles training The aim isn't performance, it's suffering 😉
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    What about the French one where the aid stations are wine and cheese https://www.marathondumedoc.com/en/ Met a lady who signed up for her first marathon at 65, where else but the birthplace of the marathon athens https://www.athensauthenticmarathon.gr/site/index.php/en/event-en/general-en
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    Getting given tickets, so yeah I'll watch. I still wonder why people keep going back to WS70.3 🤣 @Flanman water is not clear. Last race I did there a few weeks back, could not see wire. I use the buoys as a guide, I know I'm on target when I hit one
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    Location: Get there early as there the walk from the carpark is at least 800 metres. Swim. Fresh water so will be slower that you are used to. They have changed the course this year so you swim under the bridge then get out adjacent to T1.If the water is clean, you can follow the underwater rope down the 750 length (refer to swim map) It's about 3 foot under the surface.. There are also small coloured buoys about every 50 metres. Bike: Flat, flat, flat. In 2017, I was hoping to get near 3 - 3:05 (unfit). I did 2:50 and felt good. Make sure you drink and eat as you get in such a rhythm you may forget. Run: Again flat, flat, flat. The only incline is the gradual rise out from the dam/weir. What I call a medium false flat. The second half lap feels a long way as you can see 10 km around the water. It visually seems a long way. Keep you mental state solid. It can get very hot and a dry feeling on the run, especially on the second lap. Grab the ice for hat and tri suit (if they have it again). Hydrate, hydrate. Because the course if very flat/fast, make sure you have the right rhythm otherwise you will hit the wall early. And, f**k me, the FLIES !! I take aeroguard for after the race. A few of us will have Trannie hats on, so keep your eye out. Arse slapping is allowed as you pass a Trannie. FM
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    The important thing is that you see the #vegan decals
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    Finished - made the cutoff by 7 1/2 min, 3:58 (just for the run) , 15 min to get from the timing mat to the roks, good swim but then another 10 min to get from the beach landing to the swim finish mat, cycle was enjoyable (there were some idiots and some blatant drafters out there), lots of very nice ladies enquired after my health on the run new trivia - I think I'm the only person to finish in the top 10 and the last ten at Noosa 😕 Back home in the Bay now - going dark as I try to finish the final report for my Masters (due 2pm tomorrow (but that is a workday...))
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    And a 28th overall!! Nice!
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    TA race referee says I can’t wear a moonboot for the run leg tomorrow, the RCRs specifically say : no hard casts but a moon boot is not a hard cast Lucky I can see well enough to race, be a shame if I had glasses
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    The men’s crit is underway.
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    This is a really good review of the Carbon X and mostly reflects what I've experienced https://www.runningshoesguru.com/2019/07/hoka-one-one-carbon-x-review/ For a 5K, mile, or shorter the Hoka One One Carbon X won’t give that exciting pop and is frankly too heavy. In fact, this shoe does not work nearly as well with a heel-strike, so if you’re a midfoot striking runner whose form may change to heel in the late stages of a marathon, you’ve now strapped a shoe that will come to haunt you later in your race. This new shoe offering is simultaneously too heavy for a race day option with a solid fast feeling under the foot for mid to forefoot strikers. I found that when heel-striking the plate does not provide much of anything for the runner, however with a mid or forefoot strike you really feel the effect of that forward momentum pop. The Hoka One One Carbon X is a unicorn of sorts. On one hand it is a fast race-day option, especially when running up on the forefoot, but it almost is too heavy for that. On the other hand, it is a highly cushioned great long run option that keeps you rolling through your stride comfortably, but it has an overly aggressive toe-off feeling.
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