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    Nealo, have a read of renaissance periodizations diet 2.0 ebook. It's a bit of work but worth it if interested in a long term plan. They do sell "templates" but not for me. I've lost 8kg since Jan 1 after being the heaviest ever and going over 100kg. I haven't done one session of "cardio" (except 4 x 40 min summer soccer games) in that time. 3 x 1hr weight training sessions a week. Best tips: weigh yourself twice a week and average the weight, use this average weekly weight to track changes Negative calorie balance is responsible for 80% of weight change. I use myfitnesspal and log everything i eat. upgraded to paid version to get macro totals and just make sure there is a small-moderate calorie deficit every day. Next is macro timing. carbs are best either side of a training session. High protein intake spread evenly thru day to prevent muscle loss. Fat is important from good sources (nuts, avo etc) I struggle to hit min protein and fat figures but very easily blow the carb figures if I'm not careful I'm about to hit a 10% loss in total and will then go into maintenance mode for 2 months before trying to lose another 5%. I will be 7kgs over the weight I did Ironman at but will be happy and healthy.
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    Jeez I hate religion - all of them.
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    I luv the project. Hamish could be my man crush!
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    Apparently he did IM Austria a couple years ago & still competes in Triathlons. Maybe he's looking to put together a team to rival the sheikh's?
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    I'm following Cashie. Poor bloke had a rough start to it all, after 250k on day 1 returned to Perth with bad gastro. After a day and a bit felt better to try again, returned to the spot where he stopped and kept going.
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    Seems to be a bit of 'whataboutism' happening here.
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    Not a transform but monitored at another gym, I've moved on from that bloke. This one is very customer focused helped me greatly to get that result while struggling with that back strain. It won't bounce back, very sustainable, lots of food just no beer or refined carbs.
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    If it helps I'm 6'5" and used to ride 58 road bike with a big stem, when I got my TT bike it was 57 Boardman Air TT and I've been very comfortable on it even on a 270km all day epic. But I guess frame sizes are different across brands etc..
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    Jumped in the bay yesterday for a quick splash between the storms. Felt like crap, ended up with 2k @ 1.24/100 pace*. *salt water, no wet suit, garmin distance and pace (however accurate they are)
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    Attempted TrainerRoad Bago this morning. Failed. Managed to hit the numbers for the first set, but failed during the second, and just tried to keep some sort of effort for the 3rd. Supposed to be a VO2 max session, but I just don't have the bike leg strength for it - VO2 max sessions running aren't a bother... Proves my lack of bike work!
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    Not counting any of the shocking choices my family bought me for Christmas. My first own pocket money conscious decision:
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    Had some given to me or handed down by my sister. The first one I can remember buying with my own money:
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    First album ever - 20 Red Hot Hits First 'proper' album with my own money, Dark Side of the Moon Yes, I am very old (but wise).
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    Brett Kirk (Sydney Swans) and Justin Langer did a talk on the ABC on the weekend about transcendental meditation - apparently Langer has been doing it every day since 1993. Spoke about how good it is for stress relief and 'mindfulness'. I know Bevan James Eyles talks about it a bit too. Not sure if it's something you'd consider but maybe look for the podcast - I'm sure it would be online somewhere. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. https://player.fm/series/abc-podcasts/mindfulness-in-sport-explained
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    I think Ricciardo had money on Honda, so he didn't give his Renault time to blow up.
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    Truly tragic that those massacres are happening in Nigeria, and very interesting that you cannot get a single hit from any mainstream media outlet when you put "Nigerian Massacre" or "Nigerian Church killings". It's as if it doesn't matter because it's in Nigeria.
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