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    If this pandemic has taught us anything, its that there is next to no chance that everybody will self-isolate correctly. And that it take's only 1 dips#!t to ruin it for everybody.
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    Fark, you are an in bad mood today. Well you can make a choice to not wear a mask still. For 6 weeks they are saying stay at home as thing has gone from being controlled to being uncontrolled. They saw in wave 1 that go hard early worked, if you don't get ready for Italy, UK, Spain scenario and the economy won't be opening up any time soon if we don't go hard. This is one where its not about individual choice anymore, because some people stuffed that up by asking the same type of questions you are and putting some sense of individual right above the collective good and public health. That ends up looking like the USA
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    sure there is a whole thread of its own about why we don't do that. You still get a choice to: smoke, drink, eat crap food (or do you), but this is about COVID and solving that so that people who have no say in it don't get infected by self involved Victorians who couldn't social distance and wash hands. If I choose to drink myself to death that's my choice. Lets focus on COVID and not do a what about that other thing to justify letting this thing rip like the USA and Brazil
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    Maybe trying to hold out through the worst of Winter without a thousand cases a day would be a good objective, then as the temperature warms up and it becomes less transmissible, we can open up a bit. The way things are going at the moment though, that won't happen. The problem with that is you get 1 person comes in on the plane that tests positive, and instead of the 2 week trip you had planned on the Great barrier Reef, the whole passenger list on the plane spends 2 weeks in quarantine at Rydges Southbank. And who pays for that? You've spent all your money on accommodation in Cairns.
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    We were given the opportunity to get back to a new normal which we all said we would do. instead we were like a bloke saying to his Mrs “I’m just popping out for a quick drink” and coming home 2 days later with no shoes a black eye and wearing someone else’s pants.
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    Because being a selfish pr*ck with diabetes doesn’t kill other innocent people.
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    To be fair COVID is probably the least dangerous thing you could catch at The Crossroads Hotel
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    Tested negative😀
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    Total Presidential pardons/sentence commutations of people the President has previously played golf with: Carter: 0 Reagan: 0 HW Bush: 0 Cigar Bill: 0 George W: 0 Obama: 0 Trump: 26 😜
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    Hmmm just like Trump and his tweets...... You can make a statement and then when made to look like a fool or proved wrong, you can reply I was just joking.
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    Our Diabetes response is appalling. COVID is not diabetes, you can't catch it and have exponential growth which can in turn cause death spikes like we saw in Italy. Agree that we should be taking serious action on the public health disaster that is diabetes
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    They may care about the people on the RHS of the curve, though in the Victoria and at the pub in NSW not the case. Death is a one outcome on a continuum, there are a whole range of crappy things that happen with COVID.
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    Probably the same argument can be used for careless driving around cyclists. The driver is very very unlikely to die.
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    "Current Queensland Government restrictions mean that with an approved COVID Safe Event Plan, events between 500 - 10,000 can take place. More information about our IRONMAN Cairns COVID Safe Event plan and how it relates to your experience will be shared over the coming weeks, but for now, you can read more about IRONMAN’s Return to Racing guidelines here: https://www.ironman.com/return-guidelines"
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    Hah, they wear masks if that's your thing
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    They probably figured it would take even more resources to try and get the money out of a Scotsman
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    Well....an update. Zuri is no longer a guest. She is mine. Long story short. Owners brought a puppy pug. She did a week at home when she arrived. Then we grabbed her for a holiday....As she was a little stressed with a very energetic puppy. The two won't to be able to live together. Today I grabbed a $10 snuggle ved from Kmart.....what do you think? I am in love with this little girl.
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    Have another go tomorrow. No one sobers up that quickly.
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    Maybe this will be the next Covid warning
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    You really should place something like a 😜 on your posts that indicates to us grownups if you’re joking or lying because it’s really hard to tell the difference sometimes.
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    Nah. Perpetuating fake news there. He didn't " get off". The Donald has commuted his sentence, so he doesn't have to spend time in jail, but he is still GUILTY of lying to a Congressional committee. Another example of Trump's flagrant disregard for anybody else's opinion other than his own. The fact that he believes he has a " the legal right " to interfere in cases just reinforces his desire to turn the US into his own little dictatorship. He is sooo jealous of Putin and Xi Jinping. Oh what it would be to be POTUS for life.
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    Someone Trump likes a lot.
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    That's why it should be 10K fine no warning just fine, then Gaol
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    Roger Stone gets off, this is a serious problem.
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    If it helps, my mate insists on wearing compression tights......... with no shorts......... for a walk, pushing a pram with a cat in it............ Let your imagination run riot! At least I'm walking a dog. And not some wussy little handbag sized thing like a chiwawa or mini foxy.... But a dog I don't have to lean down to pat. His wife is blonde, 6 foot (4 inches taller than him), size 8 or 10, and is CFO for a govt funded company, so even if I wanted to I'd have no chance!
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    Met any friendly security guards? I hear they go the extra mile to make your stay comfortable!
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    Noice. Me, Bambi, and my mate go for a walk once or twice a week. Today my mate brought Emmitt with him. Of course, Emmitt is his 16 week old British shorthair cat and it was in a kitty stroller! I don't know what people thought of us, but they probably thought we made a cute couple taking our dog and cat out for a walk
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    A lot of practice. And preparation & planning. This from his FB entry for the rhino.
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    She's home now. By the heater, with two of her sisters.
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    We don't expect everyone to volunteer, except those people who are getting something from the club. So, if you are taking advantage of our free coached training sessions, using the club tent at races blah blah, please volunteer a couple of times. If you're just a member to save fees, we say thank you for your $45 and leave it at that.
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    I call bullshit on this image! Trump's doctor said he is the most physically fit and in the healthiest condition of any president ever (just ask Trump)! Clearly this photo has been photoshopped!
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    1998 when you had to qualify or beg ken and Glenda to give you a spot in the fake lottery. The good old days
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    Jumped in & did 2k today. Had to stop twice at the start, never had such an ice-cream headache. But funnily enough, the numbness set in & I got through it.
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    Sorry to hear this Katz. I hope things will ease a little for you as more time passes, then you'll have less pain and more great memories.
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    The Broncos visited an orphanage in Brisbane today. “It’s heartbreaking to see their sad little faces with no hope” said Johnny, age 6.
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    You are old enough to be around when aides hit. everyone was convinced you’d get it if you had sex with someone and die. sure it was bad at first but now people live with aides everyday. this virus will be the same. Its just Going to take you and others a few years to realise and look back and go, Fark we over reacted to Covid.
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    My point is if governments care about people’s health, they would ban smoking, drinking, sugar. But they don’t. They can tax those things. Can’t tax Covid.
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    Kanye looks like he's about to go for the nipple, don't ya think @Surfer 😁
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