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    Kona is another race on the calendar in a nice location. The swim is amazing, 90% off the bike and run are on batshit boring roads. I got sick of driving the highway from Waikola into Kona. 90km for the 70.3 was enough, stuff running 42km. The 70.3 half marathon was probably the nicest 21km I have ever run/walked. Yeah but then you can post with a condescending tone towards others, quote the number of times you have been, use it as a defence every time someone disagrees with you and put a stupid emoji on the end of every sentence.
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    We had a great day, visibility was rubbish which made spearing difficult, first drop we were in about ten meters and couldn’t see the bottom until we hit 8m depth, got to the bottom and we shot a very good trout and a chinaman, both would have been approx 4kg each, my spear bounced off the chinaman so it was gone, and my mate had the trout but when he pulled the spear out of the cave it was without the trout so a frustrating start. We then went out to our trolling spot for Spanish mackerel, within 5min I was on to a very decent Spanish with a couple of smoking runs and I was in the hurt locker, we got him to the side of the boat and then he got mauled by a herd of bronze whalers. We even had one bite the outboard and a few bash themselves on the bottom of the hull. Next pass and my friend got onto a big fish which we thought was another decent Spaniard, turns out it was a GT which we have estimated at 30kg+ , on the next pass we came across a problem, the motor and all gauges lost all power, now that’s a problem considering the boat has a leak in the fibreglass that’s not extactly a small leak either but we manage it with the bilge. Now after about 15 minutes we located the problem, a loose earth on the dual batteries, easy fix and we then decided to go to our next dive spot hoping for cleaner water. No surprises it was dirty also but at least we could see the bottom from 8m up to three, this is my trout hotspot but it was difficult today . My friend got out of the water after about 30 minutes due to a blood nose issue he was having but I persisted diving the crevices and caves looking for my trout, another 30 minutes and I finally found one. Coral trout are inquisitive and will come and swim at you and away but will keep coming back so you can take your time. I didn’t muck around and placed a shot in the top of its head. That was my trout for the day as we can only take one per day. we then upped anchor and went on the hunt for crays and bluebone, my friends diving for the day was over due to his bleeding nose issue, so I jumped in at about 3m depth and went on the hunt but the current was so strong, so I went to the bottom and went from bomie to bomie ,missed two decent crays and so I kept looking out for the big bluebone, as I drifted along I think I must have gotten to about 12 or so meters deep when I found the big bluebone, I turned side on and nailed him with spear, not a kill shot but as normal it went beserk, as I came up to surface pulling him in I felt a big bump, looked down and a decent bull shark had latched on to him and my spear, I tried getting the fish off him but I lost that battle pretty quickly. Kept looking around but didn’t see another big bluebone so came back to the boat. By now I was getting tired so decided to call it quits with the free diving and we went out to about 25m depth and found some structure to have a bottom bash, got out there and realised we had no bait 😂😂😂😂 so in I jumped down to about mid water and plugged a couple of Spanish flag for bait. Back in the boat and down went the bait, only had one rod for bottom bashing so we took turns, well we lost two unstoppables including a big rankin cod at the boat which is a real shame as it’s one of the best table fish you will get. Time for home, dead flat and about 42 knots we were travelling at, made for a quick trip home. Now I just have to fillet some fish.
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    Read between the lines i just got rid of the spouse. Was a win win really. New job won't allow me the structure to do tris so running it is.
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    Nope. The time I spent trying to get there, I still look back at as the best time of my life (outside playing with the kids). I was lucky enough to do it in my mid 20's, training with some of the best mates I ever had. No matter what anyone on here says, what I did to qualify for that race gave this young bloke with no self-confidence, a moment in his life that he can look back on and draw confidence from when he starts having doubts about self-worth. So no, you are not a failure if you can't KQ, but, it can be a defining moment in your life, and one that you don't regret.
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    Not sure if this will work but...
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    No but I recorded it on Strava. *only joking. The segment was too short 😥
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    I guess the only way not going to kona is a 'failure' is if you wanted to go, tried to go and didn't get there... but even with this, there are so many intangibles around strength of field, mechanicals etc etc beyond your control... Personally, no, Kona isn't on my radar at all, I'd struggle with the effort and $$$ required to get there and go well. So much so that I stumbled in to a Kona spot at one of the Chinese 70.3's last year but turned it down as I really wanted to go to Nice (and had planned around this), and incoming first child meant that I knew an Ironman was never going to work... you do get some funny looks for declining a Kona spot though! I doubt I'll ever get myself near enough to the pointy end of a race again to get a Kona spot, but am totally fine with that, have absolutely no regrets... racing in Nice (all being well) and taking the bub to meet its grandparents in Europe for the first time will be reward and satisfaction enough for me!!!
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    I’ve seen plenty of people succeed in going to Kona but in the process make a good job of failing at “life”. this is where I think the legacy spots are a good idea, it lets those who aren’t prepared to sacrifice everything for Kona still get there.
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    Are John Landy, Ron Clarke and Sebastian Coe failures because they never raced an Olympic Marathon? Neither Brownlee has raced Kona, nor did Emma Snowsill, Emma Carney or Emma Moffatt (among many others) I have coached 2 different athletes to ITU, Age Group, Standard Distance, World Champion podiums. Neither of them have raced anything above Olympic Distance. Are they failures?
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