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    Appearance money instead of prizes, artificial competition format, big TV production budget. I've seen this show before: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superstars_(American_TV_program) If they want a big name, guaranteed TV ratings draw, the 1975 champ is looking for work.
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    Is it just me or do most of these Pros have an ‘entitlement’ issue? Surely someone has enough sense that it’s not Ironman that’s the devil or other race organisers, it’s that the Pros hold less value to those that being money to the sport, Ag’ers. Find a way to bring more money into the sport or the profession of a pro dies. But I cannot see long course ever being an entertainment product. The short course guys and superleague struggle enough, who wants to sit down for 4-9 hours. I say, let them all be Ag’ers and be done with it!
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    Good thread Ex. Yes, terribly sad news. Python was the only thing that made my Catholic secondary education worthwhile.... Comedy like them will never be again. That was genius. Them and Robin Williams. RIP ✌️😪
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    While we are talking selling house. Wife finishing up work in country Vic soon. We had two major working bees on the house prior to Christmas ( painting, gardening and trip to tip) to make the house presentable for possible sale. Monday Last week Wife Casually enquired about selling our house with real estate agency, got the forms for contract etc and brought them home to Melbourne. Tuesday last week we decided to put it on market to test the waters expecting that it might sell by end of March. Wednesday Wife went back to work and dropped signed docs etc off mid morning. Real estate agent did appraisal later that day, listed house Thursday morning, with open house scheduled for following Saturday. first viewing Thursday evening resulted in first offer ( semi lowball & knocked back) Friday morning second viewing resulted in full price offer from a purchaser with finance. Minor panic stations for conveyancor to complete sec 32 but all good. Everything confirm Monday this week with settlement in early March. In 25 years of buying and selling houses, I have never experienced such a quick sale. We are realistic and know things can fall apart in the next 4 weeks. But purchaser is keen, got money and is already making plans. Result, I'm spending 3 weekends in Feb moving furniture and crap out of the house and depositing it at daughters newly purchased home ( 400km trip!) and at our home. It's a logistical balancing act in moving stuff daughter needs and leaving enough stuff for the wife to use for her last rotation at work before settlement. All this is a first world problem that I'm happy to have, but it's playing havoc with the training for Shepparton and Victor Harbour triathlon!!
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    That's my point. All they need to justify it is nothing other than a few more inst-followers. When an athlete is very unlikely to get caught and faced with the decision to do it or disappear into obscurity after years, if not decades, of hard work behind hundreds of others that they "know" are doping you would have to have a very high level of integrity to say no. Yet here, we sit believing marginal gains and work ethic can be responsible for literally unbelievable performance after unbelievable performance...
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    I'd suggest not posting up his videos or watching them. It only drives traffic which is currency/oxygen in the world of social media.
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    And we thought the man/woman that was dropping tacks on the roads were bad in Kew Boulevard
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    Okay. So apparently the backer is some rich billionaire triathlete tech guru. And the 2 million is appearance money. There is no prize money.
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