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    As one of the commentators said yesterday, the libs seem to take their right foot out of their mouths and then replace it with their left foots.... for gods sake, just throw Shortpantz the keys to the lodge now and we can all go home and i can go straight to the grieving stage...
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    Looks like im going to have myself a new little dive buddy soon! she had an absolute blast on her intro to diving course yesterday and cant wait until she turns ten this year so she can get her junior open water dive ticket.
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    Wait if u have to and get di2 The ability to change gears while climbing or jumping out of a turn around is worth it just in itself let alone the amazing reliability and sensational smooth gear changing di2 just works and is super also u don’t have to go project one on the speed concept just find one with di2 in a shop and do a deal
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    Definitely is - but we have to do body maintenance - the older we get the more we need I've been at this for 35yrs - 46 Ironman races - but I have never run more than 70km in any week - that's the longest ever week We have to back up our physical work with enough good nutrition to refuel and rebuild our bodies, not just carbs to refuel your energy supply - we need quality protein for our muscles - gelatin for our connective tissue (gelatin is a protein) cheapest supplement you can buy We need to balance work with rest, more is not better - we need rest days You could say I'm lucky, I've been told I'm genetically gifted, but none of my brothers or cousins got the gift (our mothers were identical twins) - it's lifestyle - it's never too late to start balancing your training and rest, taking supplements which will help you absorb the training. Isn't it better to train moderately, eat well and maybe not burn out early, a lot of guys who used to beat me are gone from the sport. I've seen guys in their sixties push too hard, stroking their egos, and injure themselves out of the sport. We have to adjust our training to suit our age Apart from an odd sore bit here or there which was cured by stopping what I was doing for a week or so, the only injuries I have had were caused by falling off my bike. At this moment no member of my squad is injured and they're going pretty well. I make sure they have sufficient recovery time between hard efforts, I make sure they all do their core strength work three times a week as a group (this is real important in avoiding injuries) also we have a lot of focus on good technique in each sport.
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    I can probably get you an extra 10% off that price. we can then ride Norton Summit / lofty & down to the bay before heading into the city for a coffee & donuts. p.s I noticed a E TAP upgrade on Facebook for $1500
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    Pete, don’t forget the only stretches you do are around the truth. This is my 30th year. Apart from accidents, I don’t go fast enough to get injured. The knees are slowly getting sore though. FM
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    Fly to adelaide to see b@w and Durianrider and pick this up for $1500 below what everyone else is selling for. https://www.bikeexchange.com.au/a/triathlon-time-trial-bikes/trek/sa/adelaide/trek-speed-concept/104435871 Might cost 1500 for the di2 parts if you buy them new online... would work out cheapish,
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    Can you afford it. Do you want it ? If yes, then get it. If you are 50/50 & have better things to drop the coin on get mechanical. You might save 1min over an Ironman on a hilly course. (Not that there is any in Australia) Plenty of pros still rocking mechanical group sets
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    I have a Speed Concept with DI2. Love love love my bike. Yes worth the money.
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    you can get a Canyon with di2 for $6549, looking at their website in stock
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    $700 is a fair price but not a great price. I would be looking to spend a bit more & trying to get something with 11 speed. 10 speed parts are still going to be around but in time they will become harder & harder to buy. But if $700 gets him on the bike & riding it's about the same cost as 6 months worth of CrossFit membership or 10 visits to the a personal trainer or 3 months with a tri coach. All of which will be a waste of money if he doesn't use them. So drop the coin and see if he enjoys it. He can sell it in 6months for $500 & will only lose $200.
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    So you're saying he should do gateway hill repeats?! I'll let him know!!
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    When I had mine I toyed with idea of trying to route the fan air from the trainer to your face to kill two birds. I live under the flight path and I’m sure one day I heard a pilot asking me to turn the Lemond down. great feel though
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    Listen here trouble maker. They kissed me and I was too weak and exhausted to resist. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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    Well to put a smile on my face this arvo I decided to leave work early and go and watch my daughter do her introductory to scuba diving course, only 8 months until she can do her junior open water dive ticket. In the meantime I’ll be taking her for shore dives up to about 8m with her breathing off my octopus (emergency reg for the uninitiated). She nailed it in the pool today.
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    OK, as far as I can remember, here goes. Been into tri since 2001 but raced bikes and ran years before that. 2002: Contracted pancreatitis, which resulted in an emergency operation, to remove some of my pancreas in order to save my liver. Unbelievably painful for weeks and weeks. Had 120 odd stones removed and some laser zapping and have a natty shiny plastic tube inside there 'somewhere'! 2004-2009: On again, off again acute back pain and spasms, the longest I can remember being off the bike was 7mths. Extremely painful and frustrating with regular bouts of being floor bound for days. Cause was some severely bulged discs. Lots of physio and surgeon appts but nothing really helped. 2009: 'The big crash' - First day on a new TT bike and in order to avoid an errant kid running across the road in CP, I ended up going highside. 5 broken ribs, smashed collar bone in 3 pieces, punctured lung and fractured hip with a hematoma. For some reason, the numpty surgeon thought the collar bone would 'heal itself'. 2009: Back into hospital to have the collar bone plated with a 6 screw plate. This whole episode took mths to come back from, nearly broke me and I was very close to giving it all away. Nearly 10yrs later and I still can't feel my r/h shoulder or the top half of my bicep. 2011: My back finally lets go big time in Italy. Flown home and an emergency operation (disectomy happend 48hrs later). Lots of 'garbage' taken out, initially better but ultimately unsuccessful. 2012 Feb: 2 x follow up operations on back, more severe action. Same result, unsuccessful and still not able to walk properly. 2012 June: new surgeon, replacement discs advised, special ones that enable sports movement. 2012 July: Advised my bone density was too weak to support new discs. 2012 Aug: Massive 10hr operation with a team of 11, to insert alternative flexible devices. pretty successful overall. 2014 June: Collar bone plate removed, due to it wearing away tissue when swimming. 2015 Sept: Dragged from the beach after lap 1 of IM Wales, unable to walk, back let go again, spasm in r/h leg. Taken to hospital. 2015 Nov: operation to remove blockage causing spasm. successful but surgeon advised that devices had 'stopped working' but couldn't take them out (no consent and special team required). 2016 June: operation the remove devices. seems to have been successful but have to have yearly scans to monitor. Apart from that and some niggling calf injuries, been pretty much injury free.
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    Had quiet a few of the usuals....Achilles tendinitis, calf strains, plantar faciatis etc pretty much all leg issues. But I currently have my worst injury, a stress fracture of the pubic bone. Which has ruled me out if IMNZ unfortunately.
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    Seriously Bored touch as much wood as you can. i often bragged that I had 25+ years without a real injury other than the odd sore bit or twing. Then the one Real one I got ended it all
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