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    I got awarded with rail roader of the month at work this week! Sounds silly but I feel bloody great receiving this. I’ve taken the opportunity with both hands since being given the opportunity there! And from all reports my supervision and above are very happy with my work, work ethic, positive attitude. I never thought id be so happy working with trains. But I love it. I don’t go to work to get awards but I’m tickled pink with this.
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    You can sleep in your own bed mid race, beats lying on the road
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    https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/technology/us-canadian-firefighters-will-help-local-efforts-in-bushfire-crisis/news-story/b3682d095caacf22de608e1fb123a9d9 Correct, some more arrived a few days ago, hearing NZ are sending help via defence forces to SA as well. Sounds like the calling up of the defence reservists has caught alot of people out, our strike team due to head back this morning was stood down, hearing there was just going to be too many people in the area to logistically handle with beds etc. Was great to have some time back and take the kids to the movies this afternoon, more importantly giving my wife some time back to recharge her own batteries. The partners are just as deserving of the thanks as the firies in these situations, left to keep things going at home and no doubt a bit of worry to go with it
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    Suggestion is to just post your codes and no banter in here so code don't get lost. I have a few. Pushys $25 off if you spend over $99 using the code Jan25 https://www.pushys.com.au/ Rudy Project Glasses and Helmets 5% off all purchase using this link Click for 5% off plus there is a general 25% off for Jan and feb 2020 20% of Trainingpeaks for all of 2020 20Fitterradio20 is the code For the fatties Weight Watchers has 40% off for Jan using this link 40 % off
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    Good day today. Golf - closest to a hole in one ever plus best score for 20 years (even though I took a 2 stroke penalty). Plus, I am now mortgage free. Going out to dinner with the missus to celebrate (Christmas voucher from the daughter). Good way to start 2020. FM
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    The biggest message people need to take out of this is to listen and act when told to. Monday night we had 2 crews drive through fires to get to a man near Sarsfield who relatives had informed was surrounded with no way out. The individual in question said he would not leave and refused, the crews had no choice to leave him as it was unsafe for them to remain there, burning trees fell against their trucks on the way out, no doubt the man who chose to stay will be named as a 'victim' in the coming days. We were charged with defending Johnsonville (Vic) Monday night, it was a race as to whether the fire front would make the town before the wind change would. The wind change won the race by about 2 kms, yet we were kept busy with spot fires started by embers thrown 10 - 15kms ahead of the fire front. We got to one to find a farmer driving his ute with a trailer with a tank and hose on the back being manned by his 9 year old son. I'd like to see that boy get a medal at the end of all of this There are not enough trucks to park one in front of every building (or every flammable caravan belonging to a holiday maker). In situations like we have in East Victoria, it is best to leave early. When you are told to leave - get the hell out, if you ignore orders you will not be a priority. Just because someone stays in a house, it is not getting the priority when determining what to put resources into. Monday can only be described as surreal - tonight and Saturday are possibly going to be pretty much the same For those in the areas not affected, start thinking about visiting these areas in 3, 6, 9 or 12 months time, they are going to need the tourism to get back on their feet after the rebuild. For those that want to help, start looking at agencies like Blaze Aid (https://blazeaid.com.au/).
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    I'd suggest not posting up his videos or watching them. It only drives traffic which is currency/oxygen in the world of social media.
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    Today’s blood test was the best result I’ve had in over 9 months 😁. After receiving 43 blood and platelet transfusions since April last year, I’ve now gone 1 whole month without needing a transfusion. 😁
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    It doesn't feel like service, a few surreal moments, rest of the time is serious but alot of fun with a great group of guys that I probably wouldn't have connected without it - has done wonders for my mental health. CFA trains and equips us all pretty well. Most of the time it's great just being able to reassure someone having not a great day, we all have them and they go a bit better when someone is there - I'm sure plenty others do it through surf life saving or other organisations . AZed lit the fire in me to get off my ass a while ago and join the fire service so Trannies had a part to play in it. Also been great as my Dad never talks about his family, but last visit to him he opened up how my Grandad was also a volunteer firefighter. So guess it was in my genes, but a great opportunity to start a conversation to find out more about my Grandad Oh, and the beers and udl cans are at genuine 2000s prices at the station for members which is a great perk
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    Quick update and re cap we have rain here this morning seems to be a constant drizzle the feeling I get now is it’s turned the corner and calming down . All the tourists have gone which is hard for local businesses but I love the peace and quiet. So Saturday was going good here fires close etc it was bloody hot I had a lay down for a while after cleaning gutters and moving things etc it was all sweet then that southerly hit and it went so farrking Smokey and dark we got the kids in car and bailed to the surf club car park and set up camp. The kids loved it was good to distract them I felt like a gypsy on the A1 outa Paris setting up camp under an overpass. The wife upgrade and slept in the front seat of the car with the dogs we had heaps of offers to stay in places but that wouldn’t have been a adventure. We came home yesterday and all sweet some grass fires a few paddocks to the west from us and they gradually got worse the further down . so any way all good 👍 some friends not so 😢 couple pics from Saturday 😉
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    Yeah, let's all character assassinate a 28 week pregnant women with a toddler who just lost her home and all her worldly possessions, and got separated from her partner during the fire while driving her child to safety and simply asked the PM to provide more funding to the RFS. These are clearly the people we should be attacking and not those who actually have the power to help.
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    My Dad's lymphoma is in clinical remission. Which is awesome x 2 His wife has MS and since his diagnosis her symptoms have been getting worse and worse. Hopefully she will get back to herself with this news.
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    My goals are to simply improve my general fitness. I have been playing lunch sports each day at work (indoor and outdoor soccer, basketball and badminton) but otherwise not much else. Will continue skiing / boarding again (2019 totals 6 days Japan and 19 mainly Hotham) , same with rockclimbing when my elbows allows. Last week finally dusted off the Ocean ski I bought just after my wife's passing with the intention of it getting me out (so much for that idea since it's been over 3 years) and been out a few times already which I've really enjoyed! So see myself getting out paddling more regularly. I need to get back on the bike as its been over 12 months since I've swung a leg over... Tried to jog again last week but think my jogging days are unfortunately behind me. I got my L2 Speed licence earlier this year and had my first day on the track at Winton in June. Had a blast till about the 4th session when my MR2 turbo that I specifically bought for track days started to blow a thick trail of smoke. Made it to within 4km from home before it drove no more... Car is still in the shop having a full performance rebuild (forged stroker pistons, rebuilt turbo, cams etc) which should up the RWHP another 50% and empty my wallet 100% once done! Whilst waiting for the MR2 to be completed, just last month I purchased an historic Australian Formula 2 car! It was restored back in the 90's but then sat in the previous owners garage, therefore will need a full going over replacing the perishables etc. Once done I will need to sit my Race licence so I can enter some historic events hopefully before the end of 2020.
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    We rolled out to Capalaba for our first Christmas Day ParkRun as a family of 4. Bit of a mess through the right sections with the double pram but we got it done. Mum abandoned us about 1km in to do her first 5km run in about 12 months at her own pace. She manages to beat her first ever ParkRun time which she was happy with given the lack of training, sleep and having grown 2 kids.
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    Thanks Roxii. If it wasn't for promising Paulette that I would look after her parents and that my brother had lost his best friend to suicide only a few years earlier which crushed him I wouldn't be here now... Been doing stuff to fill my time such as getting back into skiing / boarding the last couple of years and have collected a number of cars, but is all just a distraction rather than igniting any passion. Positive with the cars is they have actually been my 'mens shed'. I'm very introverted and have since almost become a recluse, so by going to car gatherings it's been getting me off the couch and interacting with others.
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    You reckon that’s bad, this was by the road this morning. imagine if I had “fallen” on that
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    My mental health I would have always described as resilient while my mother was diagnosed as bipolar and one of my daughters too (well that's an ongoing process as she continues to work with a psychiatrist and psychologist). I never thought of myself as having a problem or even a predisposition to having such problems. Of course there have been moments of depression quite validly in response to circumstances . Clinical depression as I understand will develop from a depressive state when it becomes constant and there is no foreseeable chance of improvement. I wonder about this when having a good or bad surf, or MTB ride, can have such a marked affect on my mood for the day. The thought that I couldn't do these things I love I find depressing. It's when I'm unable to do these things, like when sick, injured or traveling and stuck in some concrete jungle somewhere do I start to have these feelings. This is when I think maybe I do have a predisposition and maybe these various forms of exercise I find so pleasurable are the treatment and that is why I find them so addictive. It's a self medication.. I have little doubt about the mental health benefits of exercise, as well as the physical ones. Maybe they should not be thought of separately. In any case, without physical activity my mental health definitely wanes. I think it's a hardwired survival trait.. Go with that and self medicate as much as possible (in addition to any other prescribed treatment).
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    It’s a very good watch. Accurate to the 2nd......
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    How is that possible when you have both been to Kona....?
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    But that's not his only mistake. In September he, along with the Emergency Services and the Energy and Climate Ministers refused to meet with the emergency service chiefs who were desperate to brief them on the likely catastrophe we were facing. This followed refusals to even respond to requests for meetings earlier in the year as fire chiefs were extremely worried about the upcoming fire season. The fires started in August and by November they were already deadly and larger than anything previously experienced. In November Deputy PM McCormack shrugged off the calls for further assistance and resources, as the "ravings of woke capital-city greenies". They weren't, these were calls from heads of emergency services. Eventually Emergency Services minister did meet, reluctantly. He refused outright to assist with additional fire fighting resources the federal government typically supports, e.g. funding a greater level of water bombing capability. In mid December, reporters had to uncover why the PM was absent while the fires were creating havoc in northern and central coastal NSW & in QLD. His office refused to confirm or deny where he was, nor whether we had an acting PM. There was no notification of this change in official status (this always happens in government). His holiday in Hawaii was kept secret from the public, even from government officials. No one begrudges anyone a holiday, but timing is everything in this job and the crises was already well underway, and the attempt to keep the holiday all secret was even more bizarre. Once it became apparent that being away at a time of national disaster was not a good idea, he took ages to get back. Then he comes back and gives the usual political non-apology. In the interim McCormack was doing and saying nothing. His language since has refused to acknowledge key causes of the problem and refusals to make changes to funding or support. "It's a State matter". Don't worry, the cricket will cheer everyone up. Hosting a party at Kirribilli House to watch the fireworks while the catastrophic fires were burning and people dying. It was completely insensitive to the plight to these people. He finally starts to visit regional areas, and gets these now famous responses from residents and from a firefighter when the PM attempted to forcibly shake their hands. Heck, even allies on his own side of politics are openly criticising his inadequate performance. He is now starting to backtrack and beginning to announce some funding initiatives. Heaven forbid it might eat into a budget surplus... The exclusive pentecostal kind of heaven that is.
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    Mallacootaa looks very very bad. Maybe time to focus on those people, the fire fighters and less about being right on an internet forum
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    Only a few weeks to 29th edition of Hell of the West - Goondiwindi. There used to be a big group of tranies race out here, please come back. The Goondiwindi region like most of Oz are in crippling drought at moment! but the river is still looking great for the hotw swim and things are gearing up for another great event. So get a group of mates together and do a road trip out here and race a tough-fair- old school race in a community that loves their event and all you crazy triathletes. Then stay and join in the fun with all the organising crew from GOONDIWINDI tri club . 8-9th Feb www.hellofthewest.com
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    Looks like trying to put up a fan of water to protect the crew and the buildings (called a fog pattern), this is mainly to stop the spread of embers as they go and to lower the radiant heat the fire throws out and continues to grow along. Doesn't seem like much and more hoses would help, but it does suppress the spread of the fires to specific areas when done correctly (https://imgur.com/gallery/P14H0f2) Saw the aftermath at Yinnar South last year where a truck was parked between a shed and house and similar was done (with more hoses). The fire came through the bush next to the shed, the shed burned, the house stood
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    Guys keep the politics out of this one. Next one gets a “holiday”
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    As Cottoneyes asked guys. Just **** off to the politics thread with this bullshit.
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    Oh well, look the right supporters are finding right wing claims to support their position, the lefties are finding lefty media to support theirs. With all this friction increasing, perhaps we found the real ignition point of the fires... 🤬 Seriously rack off to the politics thread. There's enough Trannies present and old being affected by these fires it would be great to have a thread to know they are okay or how they are affected without having to scroll through pages of dribble and 'facts' to support their own world view. This site is going to the dogs quicker than the final days of Queen Bee
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    They are just using him as a scapegoat for their frustration, simple as that. It is sadly misdirected and the only mistake he made was being overseas for a few days before the worst of the fires started. He returned immediately and apologised. I thought in this country we accept apologies. Much of the funding is also in the hands of the states. If there were not enough fire units then ask Andrews or Berejiklian. The handshake thing is simply his way of offering support. If he had patted them on their back, people would be up in arms of him being condescending. Its a no win situation. He did not know the firefighter that was sitting down had lost his house either. If he had not turned up at Combargo he would have been criticised for not showing up. Good on him for facing them, when he was advised not to go. I don't know how people are brought up in this world where they can call the Prime Minister of our country a F***wit, a D***head, or tell him they hope Kirribili burns down, and cheer when he drove off. Sorry, it is embarrassing, and disgusting and I really thought Aussies were a bit better than that. If you can't see that then, I feel sorry for you as well.
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    Closed ever to a hole in one. FM
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    A new Cranky. This should be great. Welcome aboard. We actually love questions here, especially those of us too old/cripple to keep racing, but wishing to stay involved by helping others.
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    I opted for the Festive 50 instead.
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    So now you're publicly accusing me of deception? Here, try the link for yourself and you can apologise for that as well. https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/fire-information/fdr-and-tobans Interesting we have people in Victoria and Queensland who think they know more about what's happening in Sydney than the people that live there. Ironic they'd be using the media for their information. Perhaps if they listened to the 'media spin' properly - instead of having their heads up their arses - they'd have heard reporting on the weekend of a 7 day TFB for NSW. As for people's enjoyment, why don't we just make drink driving legal for NYE as well - wouldn't want to have millions of people not enjoying themselves. Seriously, you sound like an impatient 10 year old waiting for the next roman candle to be lit. They can run them next year, sometimes people have to make big boy decisions even if some people might not like it. The real issue is the politicians are spineless and don't have the balls to make the decisions they should. There's thousands of men and women out there risking their lives fighting fires and you're worrying about a bunch of piss-heads who want to watch some giant sparklers. People have died, thousands of homes lost, tens of thousands of people affected and billions of dollars up in smoke and you choose to spit in the eye of the people trying to protect those still in danger. You're all class.
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    Dalai, Not around much these days, watching people play scrabble has me here now! I don’t do much either any more, but am a good listener or even good to just sit with. Yell out if you want - no pressure. Shaun
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    Hey Martin, the offer is always open to come up to Sydney and spend a few days at our place. My young bloke is right into climbing and I seem to recall you used to climb. More than happy to host you and get you back on the walls. If there's anything we can do, just holler.
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    I'm going back again. Number 22 in Taupo and this is my freebie for my 20th that I didn't get last year. Interesting that they have changed the bike course after no changes for over 10 years. I notice they have taken out the loop along the private road on the second lap. Maybe they have had issues with the owners of that road. They have also taken out the climb up state highway 5 off the lake which was always a good crowd atmosphere section. The new section out at the Reporoa end might take out some of that coarse trucking road surface as Vaile Rd looks like a quiet country road that wouldn't be used by the logging trucks. If anything I would say the bike course may be slightly easier. Training going ok when its not smokey, pouring rain or pools closed due to smoke/mud storms. Looking forward to swimming in Lake Taupo again. It's still the most enjoyable swim in an Ironman in near Australia.
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    A handshake to celebrate 35 years at the Big-T today. I started as an apprentice tech in the company's last big intake along with 120 others in Brisbane, and over 500 across the country. I travelled the state from the Cape to Quilpie, working on TV & Radio Tx sites in some of the most beautiful sites you could imagine (generally on top of mountains in National Parks). I spent a couple years in purgatory at Woolloongabba Exchange, then made my escape into Design. Along the way I studied and picked up an Engineering Degree, and with that moved into the Planning group, and have been in a few roles here since. I must say I've enjoyed my time, and while it seems like a long time in one job, I look back at it as 4 distinct jobs, with a few roles in each of them. For someone who was planning on leaving after the 4 year apprenticeship to have a go as a pro sportsman, it's been a long journey. I'd do it again at the drop of a hat though to meet the great folk I've met, and the see the wonderful places I've seen.
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    Yep, we were moved Saturday morning from the tent city in Swans Reach up to Omeo to work around there for the last few days. The Hilltop Hotel put us , another CFA team and a few of the police on road closures up. Not a vehicle in the car park without some flashy lights on top. Suspect they might have been getting paid for us, but they really went above and beyond to look after all of us. Country hospitality at its best, the hotel is not the flashest, but highly recommend it, my son and I will be staying there around March all going well for a weekend fishing and photographing in the high country. There wasn't a person from our 20 person team that did not say they wouldn't be going back this year, so sucks to be you if you don't get a booking in early enough after this is behind us. Spoke to one high country grazier who lost a good portion of the grass for his herd, but managed to get his cattle out of the way in time. He said the fires came at a good time, coming earlier than most other fires have in the past, bit of rain and the grass will come back to carry him through winter better than it usually does. Most others talk of the big fires through there in 2003 and how they survived that, nervous but felt they will survive this one as well. The same grazier did mention he only just managed to finish replacing the last of the fencing from 2003, has a big job ahead of him and says he is now 17 years older than when he had to tackle it last time. As long as we protected their homes and the Blue Duck pub, they seemed to be a thankful mob Today was day 54 since the communities of East Gippsland came under threat of fire, parts of NSW the threat has been going longer (that's longer than most of us stick to the Biggest Loser). Spoke to a farmer at Ensay on Saturday who told us he had been ordered to evacuate 4 times so far, he spent Saturday having to destroy some stock and bury them. The emotional toll is starting to mount on some people, they need to have hope and I can't stress enough how much of it we can provide.
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    Pretty proud of the Mrs. Zoe cranked out a 33:47 at Mansfield this morning which is just over 4 minutes quicker than her first ParkRun back on Christmas Day. Her body seems to be holding up quite well and she's looking forward to pushing on. Me? I just missed my pram PB by 2sec at 28:09. As much as I enjoy running with them, and also seeing my wife take chunks out of her previous weeks' times, I am curious to know how I'd go without the pram now that I'm essentially doing 5km of sled work each week
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    I think that's the first photo I've seen of you wearing pants!
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    Forcing a handshake out of a person who's been fighting to save other's properties while his own burnt down is pretty ordinary in my books. Especially after he's told you he doesn't want to.
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    Goal 1. Ensure foot is healed Goal 2. Complete a race Goal 3. Do an IM Goal 4. Do Barcelona or other ‘fast course’ and get as close to < 8 as possible.
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    I did this & so far the tyre has stayed up. Thanks so much for helping 😊
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    Off-topic, but I'm the motorsport category manager at Brakes Direct in Brisbane so if you need anything for either car on the braking front, let me know and I'll help you out.
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    A fairly open ended question. At a minimum, I would recommend at least 1 swim, 1 ride and 1 run per week. Each session longer than that leg in the race (eg. 1km swim, 30km bike, 8km run). You will be fitter and faster if you manage 2 of each discipline per week. Once you get up around 3 times a week of each discipline, you can start extending one your run and bike sessions into long runs and long rides. And one of your other runs and rides can be more intensive sessions. Like 400m repeats at an athletic track and repeats of 6 to 10 min hard efforts at a Velodrome or on the Trainer. You can also add hill work on the run and the bike. And you'll want to add in some body maintenance (eg. core strength, balance, stretching, weights, pilates, yoga, massage). Note that 3 times each discipline is not required. You may end up doing 3 runs, 2 rides and 1 swim. But typically the more you train, the faster you'll become. It can get addictive. As for nutrition. In a Sprint race (assuming you'll finish in under 80 mins), you should only need Sport Drinks (ie. Gatorade) on the bike. You only need to drink 200 to 300 mls, but it is easier to drink if the bidon contains around 500mls. If it is hot, you can grab a drink at the aid station on the run. During training, it is usually only the long bike rides that require nutrition. For easy rides about 20g carbs per hour. For harder rides 50+g carbs per hour. This will vary for different athletes. The above is all very vague, as I have no idea of your background, current condition or ability.
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    Hey mate. Yeah going ok, about 11 weeks in now. Apart from a slight bit of discomfort after sleeping on that side all night, or spending extended periods in one position and getting a bit of stiffness it’s not too bad. Swimming is fine, occasionally get a bit of an odd feeling (not a pain as such) when I try and kick from the hip. Still need to work on flexibility a bit but haven’t been pushing it too hard as it’s slowly coming along naturally. Hope to swing the leg over the bike in a few weeks and see how that goes, hopefully that will give me a few more opportunities to lose a few kgs as well (if any of my Lycra fits )
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    Success! Got the win over my mate! I ran watch time of 22:53, parkrun time 23:06. It hurt. No thanks to prizna who cleared off but was too fat to win.
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    Thanks for sticking around to tell the story Dalai.
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    Just about to head out and trial the new toy. This was my own present for retirement. Only testing for about an hour. If all ok, Will be out on Boxing Day. FM
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    Sorry. Really bad day yesterday Apologies to all on the forum
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