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    11th for me. Little bit higher would've been nice but I got a head cold the day after I arrived here and felt rubbish. Brutal course. Non wettie, freshwater swim which was really choppy. The lake had been like a millpond all week. Bike course was hilly and technical. Some inclines where it pitched up over 15% for short bits. And run course had something like 26 turns or corners. Also with a few very sharp inclines. But it was a great experience and a beautiful place to visit and race.
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    Hi All.. Hope everyone is OK. Find a positive everyday. Stay strong. Set simple attainable goals and be open
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    Trust me when I say I ask myself this over and over again. I've probably done 5 or 6 of these. I'm a mental mess when it comes to my weight and am yet to work "me" out. I know I'm strong mentally, some of the stuff I've done and some personal stuff I've gone through is a testament to that. So in saying that yes I'm still over weight and I don't care if I have to have a starting point for 1000 times or 5000 times. One day I'll work me out and even if I don't I will have stopped me reaching 200kg or more.
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    My Kona training is going as well as can be expected. I spend 4 weeks at work. Every second night I will run usually for 90 minutes. The other nights I will either do intervals on an exercise bike or rowing/swim bands for 90 minutes. During my 2 weeks in Perth I try to maximise my swimming and cycling. During my last Perth break I completed 1350km of cycling, 30km of swimming and due to an injury only 25km of running. I am in Perth this week. On Sunday I will pack my bike into my bike bag and pack my suitcase. I go back to work for 2 weeks, have 18 hours in Perth and then fly to Honolulu for a week and then a week in Kona. I have signed up for everything in Kona - Ho`ala swim, PATH run, undie run, ST party. As a Legacy athlete I want to experience everything, as it is my one and only chance. Super excited now that the race is only a few weeks away.
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    Having a few Bintangs in Bali FM
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    You're pretty much just posting stuff people already know FB. It's a bit like saying you're sad because you're depressed. Just stop being depressed. It ain't that simples. The body? The body is easy. Break a leg it heals. Cut your finger it heals. The mind? That f*cker is evil.
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    We started with a joint mortgage which we paid off a number of years ago. We now have joint accounts and we just spend whatever we want. We're generally not big spenders - except on holidays then money takes a back seat to the experience we want. The investment properties have their own mortgage/accounts and all rent goes in and expenses come out of these accounts. I earn around three times what the missus does but she does an awesome job in maintaining a 50/50 spending ratio
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    Currently sitting in my hotel room in the Pyrenees before volunteer duties start while Mrs L races along the Spanish and Andorran Pyrenees for 7 days in the Pyrenees Stage Race. Love the mountains of Europe.
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    Will German do? Steigen Sie auf, Sie werden nicht weit kommen, wenn Sie Ihre Hand weiter in das Medizinglas stecken!
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    Just hanging with my daughter at the beach, had a dive, no decent fish around today, so just colouring in lady beetles and watching all the boats zoom past
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    Hit the trails often. Both in training and racing. Basics to practice include: descending efficiently and smoothly on steep uneven terrain, without trashing your quads. walking the hills/climbing stairs strongly. running on technical single track. drinking and eating, particularly running comfortably after consuming all manner of food. (You may have a specific nutrition plan, but some hot soup and a sausage sandwich may be what you find yourself eating on a cold wet night). a blister management plan. avoiding chaffing, including selecting most comfortable clothing and lube application. familiarising yourself with clothing and conditions, eg. knowing how much, how little or what combination of items to wear in cold, rain, etc. headlamp /night running managing glasses or contact lens, if applicable pack selection and how to pack (weight distribution, ease of access, ease of inspection, etc) There's a whole lot trail ultra smarts that will exist in the void between AAA 50km and UTA 100km. The best way to tap into it is by spending time on trails, particularly with experienced trail runners. It's a friendly, welcoming sport, and trail runners are happy to share knowledge and ideas.
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    Sitting by the pool at the Mercure in Alice Springs. Having done stage 1 of the Redback MTB race this morning and have stage 2 at 4.40pm #livingthedream. #redbackmtbrace
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    Went 98 days without alcohol to avoid getting sick while I trained through a Melbourne Winter for Nice. Then suffered a bout of food poisoning the day before the race. Finished the race to collect my medal, but about an hour slower than I should have been and ended up in the medical tent on a drip. Awesome course, but way too overcrowded for the men's race. My wave start was about 2/3rds of the way through and the rolling start (with 3,700 athletes) meant there was a constant stream of athletes on the course. You simply could not find a gap. I was passing riders from 2 or 3 waves ahead of me and being passed by the faster athletes from the waves after me. Lots of drafting the entire ride including all the hills. Only saw 1 rider get pinged for drafting and 1 rider for cutting the course (using the inside lane of the road around a hairpin), but the penalty tents were all empty when I passed. I thought the hilly course would solve the drafting problem, but WTC just added heaps more competitors. Descents may have been OK if you were in the first or last wave, but the middle waves suffered massive congestion with very large variances in bike handling ability (Zwift & TrainerRoad have made this worse). Extremely dangerous, lots of crashes and hospital admissions, surprised there weren't more. Suspect it would have driven me crazy if I was healthy and aiming at a good result. Support on the run was terrific, possibly the best I have ever experienced. Like others mentioned above, the rural French are so much nicer than those in Paris. Definitely enjoyed the French Riviera (was staying 30 mins out of Nice in a place called Mougins, closer to Cannes). Absolutely loved the course when I did my recon on the Wed before the race. Hated the overcrowding during the bike leg of the race, but enjoyed the run course. Would love to do another 70.3 on this course with around 1,000 competitors (ie. a quarter of what we had), but unlikely to ever do another 70.3 Worlds events (having now experienced Mooloolaba & Nice). Note that the 3 female competitors I was staying with did not suffer any of my issues - far less competitors and they were in the last wave.
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    The question is did you do this last year? If you did why doing it again? The questions you need to ask yourself are we only commiting to something for a short period of time. If you are after weightloss etc you need to address to factors stopping you achieving it. You may need to sacrifice some things. Majority of people it is calorie intake. You need to be in calorie deficit no matter which diet you try. Hit the weights, build some muscle also is a great way to get a better body composition. This is not having a go but giving some people a nudge into what they need to look. Don't become a revolving door with this. Be in it for long term.
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    Sorry mate, I didn’t see your post. I’ve got to say a big thank you to you and all the volunteers - it’s a huge thing you’ve done and it’s really appreciated. I had a so-so day. Male 40-44 so was first to go after pros. Swam a 29min, rode bang on 3 hours (!) and ran 1:44. I shredded my legs on that ride, the only word I can think of is brutal, amazing scenery though. I took the road bike and I’m really glad because I think I handled the decents with more confidence, not being a great decender. Some of the other riders were going at break-neck speed - no regard for human life. Pretty impressive though. I think the hard ride meant my run was off. Coach wanted a sub 1:40 split from me but I spewed twice and just wasn’t going to happen. All in all, probably overall the toughest race I’ve done but it was great to be a part of it. It’s really motivated me to qualify for Taupo next year now.
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    Had some great news from the Docs today. The Radical Prostatectomy was successful and they think that they got it all with clear margins etc. The lymph nodes were also clear so that's about as good a result as I could expect so far. Life really isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain!
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    Certainly tired enough, the Melbourne winter is certainly not the best place for it, but on the whole its coming along well. Had to move to split runs for the long run to keep an angry knee happy, but the most important part is the nutrition side of things. I have a final test this coming weekend but seems like the body is handling it better than previously. Now to just add heat. It sounds a bit like baking a cake, get all the ingredients sorted and then put in the oven to bake. Certainly excited and great to see light at the end of the tunnel, four more weeks before heading over there.
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    GE has gone through the op. He is recovering in hospital and thanks everyone for their well wishes. A pretty tough few months for a great bloke. All the best from us. FM
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    Do you have a dog? He can’t but cats-can boom tish
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    Hey Peter, whats the name of that club u said I should stay away from in Melbourne if I ever move there?
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    Besides Turts and I who else will be there? +1 and I arrive on the 29th and leave on the 2nd, we are doing to open race on Friday evening and I am in the standard on Sunday.
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    I’m in, you fat bastards except I started yesterday sick of working 7 days a week and being fat much better to be fit.... and still work 7 days a week 😆
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    Almost on Monday. Almost on Tuesday. Almost on Wednesday...
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    It’s been a while since my last 70.3; might even have been known as a HIM back then! Long story short, I’ve been doing quite a bit of riding and bike racing with a vision impaired bloke (Dean Cameron) who loves a challenge and is quite competitive and after doing Port IM “just to get through it” we thought we’d have a go at Sunny Coast. After we had entered the 70.3 back in May and booked our accommodation in Mooloolaba Cycling Queensland released their TT series dates and RND 4 and the State Champs fell on Saturday at Kingaroy, Dean was leading the Para series so we really needed to race to take the series so we had a quick dash Saturday from Mooloolaba to Kingaroy for a 30 minute race and then a dash back to Mooloolaba to rack the bike before 4.30, making it at 4.28. Sunday dawned beautiful. We did the usual transition set up, walked down the beach and waited for our start. The swim - it’s a challenge! Dean has never been a swimmer and being blacked out completely in one eye and only 2-3% in the other eye means he has to rely totally on me as the guide and a thin strap to keep us together, and although there was only a very small swell it was obviously playing on Deans mind as he was nervous. We went off 1 minute behind the pro girls and 3 minutes before the Age Groupers....hoping to get to the first turn before we got swamped, it didn’t happen! After we waded into the water and started swimming Dean started to hyperventilate and couldn’t get a rhythm, this went on for 300-400m with frequent stoppages but we finally got going and found some clean water. For me the swim was good. Being able to see the bottom for quite a while in nice clean water was refreshing compared to either Raby Bay foreshore or the usual murky dams. Age groupers were streaming by us and it was good to finally see the white buoy indicating the beach wasnt far away and when a person in front stood up it was a great feeling to know we had made it. Swim time was 43 minutes. The bike - a quite normal transition albeit a minute or 2 extra watching a blind bloke putting on toe socks, and we were running out to the mount line. The tandem is tough to get going uphill so we took it easy heading up and over the hill and then kicked it along as we headed towards the Motorway at one stage rolling along effortlessly at over 60k/h. We were slowly picking off bikes and we caught the only other vision impaired competitor before the turnaround, the ride back was into a headwind so we again controlled the pace with the average slowly dropping. Back into town, lap 1 done in around 1h 10min. Lap 2 the wind had definitely picked up and having 2 riders catching the crosswind and an 80mm front wheel made for some interesting moments. We passed 3 riders, one laying face down beside a roadside barrier who had obviously crashed pretty badly but they had assistance already there so we kept going. Heading back from the turnaround we had a few people starting to lineup behind us trying to get a cruiser ride into the wind but once we hit the crosswind it impacted them a bit and they dropped off. Back into town and rolled into T2 feeling pretty good. Ride time was around 2h 25m. The run - this is where I let Dean down! I’ve cut my running back to nearly zero having a knee that doesn’t look normal nor function as it should and having only 3 runs since IM Aus I knew it was going to be tough. We headed up over the hill and on the descend both the quad and hamstring on my right leg locked up, tried to stretch out but didn’t work, started a shuffle and both finally freed up and we got running again. Ticking over the k’s around 5.30-5.40 we were comfortable and navigating our way through the maze of the run course 2 wide. Back towards town again there were more and more people coming onto the course and things started to get interesting with how narrow some sections were and thankfully all the other athletes were great with giving us space and offering support. Lap 2 started well, we were still holding a reasonable pace to the turnaround but things started to change. The lack of running was showing and it started to become a slower run with a bit of walking. Slowly ticking off 18,19 and then 20k it was actually good to get to the hill knowing it wasn’t far to the finish. Running down the finish chute is always good but sharing it with someone else who wouldn’t in general be able to achieve their goals is a little extra special. Run time was around 2h 3 min. Total time 5.21. Mooloolaba is a great location for a race, and the weather was pretty much spot on. The wind obviously offered up some challenges and the dust that come across Friday and Saturday added another dimension, but the beers and dinner afterwards with old and new friends is really what makes the sport what it is for a lot of us. Only downside for the para athletes is that there is no recognition by IM either for the event or qualification for Worlds. But, we’ll be back, just got to work out a way to run pain free so I can keep up with the blind bloke! 🏊‍♂️ 🚴🏻‍♂️🏃‍♂️
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    Good on ya Rog I get that people disagree and I get that people have strongly held views but I hope we don't descend into the situation where folks who are gathered on a site for a politically unrelated topic ( triathlon) can't still be decent to each other. There are too many countries now (UK included) where the shouting and polarising from both sides gets very draining. IMO, Monkie is a great example of how we can get our point across and still be decent to each other. I probably agree with about 25-30% of what he says but I don't vehemently disagree with him. I'm looking forward to meeting him and doing some races together. I'm sure we will have some 'interesting' conversations but conversations are indeed, what they will be.
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    Zermatt With a view of the big choccie
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    They sell 20% of the ammunition sold in the US. It means someone thinks lives are worth more than profits. Don't bother responding
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    Auckland in winter certainly isn't the ideal place to prepare/climatise for Kona, but when I think of IronNerd's work location/situation, I should count my blessings. Working long hours and weather are conspiring to challenge my commitment to hit all training sessions. Too many missed for my liking, but I'm trying not to let it do my head in. I found Vbike to get my bike training in, without having to bring my bike here, fantastic facility/shop. But they keep turngin the fans on during sessions, while I'm requesting heaters and humidty 🙄 I get my looooong rides done on the weekends I'm home (fortnightly). But last Saturday was 4 hours on the Vbike trainer and a 4km brick run completed and I felt pumped. I felt like it was all coming together. I have access to a 25m swimming pool that hardly anybody uses, via the hotel I'm staying at. Long runs up Mt Eden and One Tree Hill/Cornwell Park are good for the soul too. Flying to Kona on the 3rd with TriTravel, so there's nine days to get some acclimatization to the humidity. Overall: Not as prepped as I'd probably be working at home, but I choose the nomadic project life, so race day will be whatever it will be and I'll aim to enjoy every stroke, pedal and step, whether that be sub 12 hours or 16:59hrs.
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    I started my 'dedicated' Kona block the week after Gold Coast marathon. I had a real good block of 4 weeks, then decided to take it easy for a week as I got a bit of fomo and entered SC 70.3. I thought at this stage I'd ease off for a week, do 3 solid weeks then have a lighter few days either side of SC. 4 weeks later and the last month I've been sick for two weeks which resulted in zero training and then the sickness had a flow on effect in to work commitments which resutled in me not getting sessions done. Anyway this weekend is SC 70.3 and if I'm fully recovered from last weekends adventures on and around the toilet bowl I should be fresh as and equally as unfit. Prior to the past month I was hitting all time highs for bike ftp and my fastest ever 5km so who knows how this weekend will go. Fitness just doesnt disappear........hopefully After SC weekends will look like So theres still plenty of time and plenty of work to come. I don't mind leaving the training late, i feel it's almost like momentum. All rides since like june'ish have been on the trainer except for commutes becasue it's too f'ing cold and I'm enjoying sweating it up indoors. I fly to Kona 9 or 10 days before so I'll do one last 'long' ride over there, it'll be about 4 hours, no longer than that. It's primary purpose is to get a gauge on rpe to power in kona conditions.
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    Just wanted to give EMO and Seb from Elite Energy a big congratulations. Wingello Trail Festival was a very cool event. They had 1km, 7km, 18km, 24km and 50km. A dog run as well I think. Early starts and lunch time starts. You could camp over night and they had fire pits all round HQ. The weather for the week leading up had been raining cats and dogs and even driving down the 2hrs from Sydney it was raining. Fortunately at the actual HQ it wasn't raining just very cool and misty. I have zero DNF's and zero DNS's but probably have a number of DNE's (Do Not Enter). Prior to this event I was wanting to do the 50km but just didn't train long enough so entered the 24km. The 24km which was probably 90% single track mountain bike trails and was very cool. I had friend who did the 18km and it was all fire trail, not sure I would have been happy to just do fire trail although my neck got a little sore from only looking at the metre ahead for a couple of hours. The last 1.5-2km was mostly downhill fire trail and was so good to stretch the hip flexors out on. Definitely a must do event.
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    Fathers Day today. I like it that one of my kids is old enough to go to Dan Murphy's.
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    90 minute race simulation at Murarrie ahead of the 70.3 next weekend. Average of 37.5kmh at 155bpm and 226W average/231W NP. Happy with that considering the gusting wind and having to swerve around all of the young kiddies out with their Dads.
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    G'day Trannies. I need to bang on about the Varia Radar... because it's such a game changer for me out riding by myself. If you didn't catch the news, Wahoo now support the Radar on the Elemnt/BOLT/ROAM units. The RTL500 (square ugly one) and the RTL510 (newer sexy one) are both supported. I've done a video on the newer Radar a while back, and covered the Wahoo implementation this week over on YouTube too. Pushy's have the older ugly one on sale for $149. Bargain. A local bike shop here price matched for me on that yesterday with their last one in stock, so I snapped that up. If you're thinking about one - GET IT. And see if your local has any in stock that'll price match... or head over to Pushys. Let me know if you ride with one (or won't ride without one). And if you're a 'mirror crew', all good. This is better. Happy Friday!
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    Thanks Mick, yes I'm certainly feeling much better about it all now. Am still in hospital, but apart from having a few leg issues, feel that I'm well on the road to recovery. Once again, thanks everyone for your support. PS - This photo was taken prior to the Surgery (Finish Line of the 2018 King Valley Challenge) not since the Op... Just in case you were wondering!
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    back to topic, after recent experiences ( two young relatives now with implanted defibs and the rest of the clan having had full cardio diagnostic screening) and some in-depth talks with consultant pharmacists and lead cardiologist plus a serious dive into peer-reviewed literature on HOCM. I would strongly suggest avoiding anything with more caffeine in it than a single cup of coffee (or in my case a KitKat) as a pre-event / pretraining "supplement", there are way too many ex-athletes around with permanently damaged tickers - this muscle never gets to take time off to recover and does not lend itself to physiotherapy. Damage tends to be cumulative, so play safe and don't overstress it.
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    That is the main problem, trail running doesn't have a huge amount of equipment you can shave weight from, so that only leaves one other option,,,,which sucks very badly.
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    Flying up to Cairns on the way to Port Douglas. Holiday! Celebrate!
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    England Scotland Wales Ireland Australia NZ France Belgium Germany Luxembourg Switzerland Spain Canary Islands Iberia Portugal Netherlands Monaco Austria Poland Italy Madeira Guernsey Jersey Greece Denmark Sweden Norway Turkey USA Canada Argentina Peru Chile Colombia Bolivia Mexico Belize Sth Korea China Hong Kong Japan Singapore Thailand Fiji India Sth Africa Egypt Malaysia
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    Am setting up the spreadsheet. Shall we start from Monday 16th? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16YiMHV6NPKMo79OquMEyorGkUTiMsBoOyyqZabRhh4E/edit?usp=sharing
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    I did the Braveheart tri over in Fort William today. In the history of the race they have never had conditions like this. Anywhere else they would have called it off, but no, not here in Scotland. 80mph gusts on Ben Nevis. Driving rain from the time the gun went off. First time I've raced in full winter jacket and full body cover on the swim. Great event though. Funniest race director ever. Was worth entering just to hear the race briefing - "For the run course, just run up hill till it stops going up, then come back down." Edit to add the 'run' course elevation (I use the term run with artistic license). Note that because of the freezing temps and high winds, they 'thankfully' brought the turn around point down before you hit the freeze zone. Kudos to the marshals who stood up there all day to scan our timing chips and give out lollies. Most dedicated event team ever! The rain made for a very slippery decent.
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    where are all the Kudos for the team from trannies? well, I'll start. Well done boys. hard fought and patient win, and after never forgiving myself for quitting and going to bed early and missing Aust 2 winning the cup, I am tragically compelled to always watch our big achievements live.
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    Men75-79 men: one spot. There was one starter so a spot was allocated but he didn’t finish so the spot went to the 45-49 year old men70-74 men: one spot taken by winner65-69 men: one spot taken by winner60-64 men: two spots taken by winner and runner up55-59 men: 3 spots. One went to roll down so fourth got a spot50-54 men: 6 spots. Three roll downs then lotto. Ninth got a spot45-49 men: 9 spots (including the one from the old geezers) Two roll downs so 11th got a spot40-44 men: 9 spots. All taken on first draw35-39 men: 10 spots. Went to lotto. 15th got a spot30-34 men: 7 spots. Two roll downs so 9th got a spot25-29 men: 5 spots. Three rolldowns. 8th got a spot18-24 men: 3 spots. All taken on first drawWomen65-69 had a spot allocated for the one finisher who didn’t take it so it went to 25-29women.60-64: one general and one wft. One roll down. Third got a spot.55-59: one general and one wft. Went to winner and runner up50-54: two general and two wft. Fourth got a spot45-45: four general and four wft. Five roll downs. 13th got a spot40-44: four general and four wft. 11th got a spot35-39: five general and four wft. 12th got a spot30-34: three general and three wft. 9th got a spot25-29: four general and four wft. All taken on first draw.18-24: one general and one wft. Went to winner and runner up.
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    I’m in, will be my first proper tri after a 7 year break. Was training for IM but got an overuse injury and lost interest, got fat ... signed up a while back to “encourage” me to do some training. ive lost 12 kg, but still 7 over “race weight” ... feel heaps better regardless and hoping for under 6:30 (pb was 5:45 so I was never fast!)
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    My husband received a Rapid Ascent email last year and thought Run Larapinta sounded fun, he is a runner. We had never been to the red centre and as we like to combine a bit of a holiday with racing we entered. They send you a sample training program which we tried to follow and it ended up being pretty good. Arrived Thursday and spent the arvo and next day getting organised. Run 1 was 11km on Friday evening along tracks around town. It was a bit windy and dusty as expected but quite beautiful and an easy introduction to the race. It was cool turning on the head torch to complete the course as the sun went down. Back to town to get some food and get organised for the next morning. Day 2 (20km 31 degrees)was an early start onto the bus with a drop off at Old Hamilton Homestead about 1 and a half hours away. Day started with a nice easy 6.5k flatish run and then it was on!! Up a long steep switch back hill and across a ridge with amazing views, it was starting to heat up but the breeze and views on top were great. How hard could this be I though Ive done the big climb now its getting down and through the gorges, simple. So So wrong!!! The trail pretty much ended at the start of the descent which was steep, rocky and steep and rocky, and then there was a bit of steep and rocky, then a gradual climb though the gorges again picking your own track trying not to lose the trail and it was getting hot. I new there was a climb at the end but there really is two. Once over the second last one I started to feel a bit sick, nutrition wasn't going well, heart rate was going up and the thought of "when the F%$k is this going to end" was a constant. Came up another part of the water course and all you can see is a sheer wall, this was my demise, time for a little sit down and cry at the bottom and then a very slow ascent and descent. There is then a short walk trail to the finish at Standly Chasm where tourist were clapping, which was too much for me. I ran across the finish line and promptly burst into tears much to the amusement of other finishers. What a day, physically and mentally so tough, amazing but brutal, no amount of running training could prepare you for the stage as really other than the first part, there was no running. Back on the bus home and a quick rest and then do it all again, organise stuff for tomorrow, pick up our wheels for the next few days, eat and pack as we were moving to Glen Helen the next day. Day 3 (22km 22 degrees) another early start and a 1.20 drive to Glen Helen. Weather had changed and was cool but really windy. Today was the easy day, felt heaps better and ran well on the mostly undulating not technical trails, the finish took you around the pound walk at Ormison Gorge which was quite hilly but absolutely spectacular. All went well and really enjoyed the day. Although 22 kms this took me an hour less than the 20km the previous day. Back to Glen helen, set up our camper, the true hard core slept in teeny tiny tents being gently buffeted to sleep by the gale force winds and exfoliated by the fine red dust. Rest pack eat repeat! Day 4 (31km 16 degrees 1degree in the morning) the long coursers headed off for a gentle run to the top of MT Sonder in the dark in 55km winds and 1 degree. We skirted the bottom and had an enjoyable undulating run for the first half then it was up and over Hilltop Lookout which was a long climb up and a steep descent. Onto the flats and the non trail runners like myself started to catch up with the mountain goats who passed us previously, things were going well only 5km to go feeling good running well, trip over my own feet, hyper extend the left leg and there goes the hammie, lopped home, shuffling down and flat bits and limping up the hills at least it was only 5 km and I still finished far faster then expected, running down to Glen Helen was awesome, for a not particularly good runner to get though 80km over 4 days relatively in one piece was something I was well chuffed about. Truthfully the difficulty of this run is not the run its self, its the backing up day after day, the organising of your gear each night, the long drives to and from the start, the technical terrain that you just can't run on but have to be mentally switched on for or you hit the dirt. The things that make it awesome is the sense of achievement each day, the people that your run and chat with, you tend to see the same people off and on during each stage as you are going similar pace, the are you OK and a smile when you are down and the high 5s when things are going well, the friendships formed over race stories around the bar each evening and the quiet nervous chats in the mornings when you all know what's your getting yourself into again. Would I recommend others do it?? HELL YES!!!. Would I do it again??? Not a chance!!! Photos are in order of the day they were taken.
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    Day 3 or Redback MTB stage race in Alice Springs, so racing MTB this morning. The body it starting to hurt from the impact of crashing, Today could be a long slow day with the back of the field But beats sitting at a desk #redbackmtbrace #livingthedream
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    One more day of work before we pick up our hired T6 camper for 8 days of surfing, running and relaxing in Wales.
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    Well done. Although we didn’t meet formally , that’s my backside in the first photo scrambling up the gully day two. I imagine we may have chatted or cursed together. It was beautiful and brutal. Would I recommend it to others. Hell yes. Would I do it again. No way. Ps Lawman. I had breakfast with your wife this morning.
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