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    Local paper took some pics at Xmas Day Run. Both feet off the ground as well, better than any pic I’ve ever had taken of me
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    Lived: 365 days did not live: 0 days. aiming for a repeat performance
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    FAT I got fatt(er) but damn my daughter makes a nice blueberry cheesecake (and a to-die-for malteaser cheesecake) BUT on a plus - the cardiologist says no evidence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy - MRI supports a conclusion consistent with athletic enlargement (35 years of tri's will do that). So darn it, I'll just have to start training again.
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    150k Winterfish Write a proper Tricathalete race report for those who want it.... Continue to fall in love. Be a world class Dad.
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    * Get the role within my company i want (I'm so close, just waiting on the client to approve me) * Be happy in my head * Move on from some shit i got involved in some years ago that still haunts me and will do for some time to come (have already taken the first step last week) * Drop 15 kg * Continue to rebuild the relationship with my wife (we are going well right now) * Learn how to bunny hop on my roadie Exercise goals * Run fast strong at Port Mac 70.3 * Get the wife to do that 5 km run
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    I'm so sorry to read this Skel. I've been pondering it a few days before deciding today to finally post. I'm not sure of how much value I can add, but I can add my own experience. Far too much of your story was familiar to me. Far too much. I too had been with someone for a number of years, who cheated on me, though I didn't find out for almost two and a half years later, I too decided to stay in the relationship, he also lost his job in his chosen industry, was unemployed for a long time, refused to consider jobs which were not precisely what he wanted, left me holding the bag and him making no contribution, I too lost my ability to be kind and became mean and spoke without thought, I too ended up running out of energy. I found my peace when I finally realised he was a liability and I kicked him out. It was hard to reach that conclusion, mostly on account of the loss I felt for the relationship which I had committed to heart and soul, not to mention legally and financially, but the truth was, he wasn't in it with me anymore (assuming he ever had been which I actually now doubt). I am now in a relationship which really does make me happy, with a man who truly is my partner, who has my back completely and is as committed to this relationship as much as I am. We share similar values and goals, though the execution of same doesn't always align, we are learning to work together. It now also appears it was good for him too. He did end up getting back into the industry he enjoys, he now lives the lifestyle he always wanted to enjoy but being in a committed relationship wasn't consistent with that lifestyle, and he has a girlfriend (and possibly also a child he would have had to have fathered while he was with me, but that is a whole other story) in Asia, which was also what he seemed to have always wanted. Please do what is right for you. Not right for him and not what others expectations might encourage or discourage you to do. This is your life, you only get one, don't waste it being unhappy. Require him to step up and work with you so you can both be happy, or cut yourself loose so you can be happy and at peace.
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    Don't have a d1ck to swing. T1ts do?
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    Life Goals: * quit the miserable job - scheduled for 14 Jan * find new job - applications in progress * sell my house * reach ideal training/racing weight * continue being best GF Stikman has ever had and ever will have Tri Goals: * Busso half PB * Busso full PB * Get some speed and intensity in training
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    Last years goal setting worked out really well for me so it's time to kick off the thread again. * PB Norton Summit *Sub 4hr Marathon *Continue running with my daughter *Settle into a new role at work *Continue to study
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    I’m about 7kg over weight. Life happens. Stress. Depression. Wife who is an awesome cook. Kids. All your time goes to others. Heaps of reasons people put on weight. It’s working at getting it off that’s the main point. its like saying why do people allow their skin to look like a saddle bag. Why don’t they look after their skin. It’s the largest organ in the body. Yet some look like 20yrs older than they actually are and basically need a good iron. Usually queenslanders
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    42.2k MTB ride including pub stops with Stikman and the tri club.
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    We gave my Mum one of these last year, mostly made up of our surfing holidays. Mum thought it was the best thing ever. mrs FP gave me a coffee mug with the pic below on it a couple of years ago and I use it every day. People like personal stuff.
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    I am not as Regular poster as I once was, but Merry Christmas to you all and your families . Have a safe and happy new year. Train well, race hard!
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    1) Be a better daughter. Wouldn't be hard tbh. Gonna have to do things I really don't want to do 2) Be the supportive wife - as supportive as the husband was to me this year 3) Get my run back on track and that damned sub 40 10k! 4) Sub 3:15 Marathon 5) Get back to my proper weight (lose 4kg)
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    2.5 k swim at Entrance ocean pool, training for Australia Day Aquathon
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    Life - get back to work after two years off recovering from bike accident sporting- get back to triathlon -sub 20 parkrun -sub 1.40 HM Continue rebuilding life and getting things back to normal after accident and traumatic brain injury
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    I did the double parkrun here. 370 people at the second one. Ran a 24 flat. Ran 25.05 at the first one. Not sure how many there but over 500. amazing organisation. Legs up now.
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    This. You need to let them swim and bike too.
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    Kids - natural "form". Before our rules of 'sit down', 'stop running', 'be quiet' really affects them...
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    Time to ask him to leave. Best to have someone else in the house with you when you tell him and also when he packs his stuff. He's a liability.
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    Hugs Skel, wish I had something more constructive to offer. If you ever want a break in Sydney we have a detached room you're welcome to inhabit for a few days. You're a tough little cookie, I'm sure you'll come up with the right direction to move forward.
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    Just been out the back of my dads place to watch north Belfast psrkrun and my cousin was running. my plan has always been to try and be here to run it with him but alas...
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    Very little given in our house this Xmas, we have decided to focus on experiences instead of things, the kids got a few things, Judd got a guitar as he shows some signs of good music coordination at school, so we found him a good condition secondhand child’s guitar with beginner book and DVD, Azra got some books as she loves reading. They have experienced another two overseas trips this year already and two east coast trips so we figured that was enough. Nik and I got each other nothing, we get enough during the year.
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    At the airport now about to head to Finland and around Europe for 4 weeks. I have our barcodes packed and hoping to run a few
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