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    Just heard from a company I had a 2nd interview with last week. They are progressing to offer stage. 😃
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    I really didn't want to post on this site again and came back to check news on races opening up.. but here goes.. For most part I believe people have good hearts and good intentions. But really, people from the city who have never worked with or lived with Aboriginals have no place on commenting on these issues. Until you have lived it you just can't understand it. It's a very complex multi faceted issue. The first is giving people money makes them dependant, it takes away their drive and makes them reliant on hand outs. Why do you think many rich folk don't give their kids money-they make them earn it to build initiative and work ethic. The second part is many people can't appreciate just how different aboriginals in the remote communities are. They are NOT like city folk. They don't value material things like we do, they in many ways are still like they were a 100 years ago. Combine this with a never ending stream of government handouts and royalties and its a recipe for disaster. The stories of driving brand new 4wd and dumping them when they run out of fuel, or chartering a $1,000 flight to get a box of smokes are all true. Combine free money, boredom and alcohol... Disaster. The third part is if you really want to experience racism go to a remote aboriginal community. You will be lucky to survive in some, quite a few HATE white people. Combine this with alcohol and you will have a real eye opening to racism. Venture out at night.. The final part is for most part the aboriginals are fantastic people who have been let down by do gooders from the city, people with NFI trying to tell them how they should live their lives and what's best for them. So many people with so many opinions but the closest they have ever come to an Aboriginal was watching Stan Grant on the ABC...
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    The sandbox is for non Tri related topics. It’s not a place for people to carry on like idiots.
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    Not sure how much of it is Covid related and how much is just the ebb and flow of life. I have been working the whole time so it is not a WFH thing or anything related. I have lost 14kg since start of the year, still have probably 10 to go. I have been focused on 5km running, did my fastest 5km since 2012 at 21:41 a couple of weeks ago. Probably taken about 4 minutes off my 5km time this year. Last year I ran 514km for the year, have done 808km so far this year. Last year I rode 63 hours for the year, 68 hours done so far this year. Last year I swam 20225m, 29525m done so far this year. I have not raced for 3 years and this is the fittest I have been since I trained for Shep 2016 but I have started to lose some motivation in the last month or so. Online challenges have been my motivation. Mainly the Ironman VC stuff, but also the 42in42 Run group. Need to set a longer term target now I think as I finally feel fit enough to train for an event, but at this stage I am not game to enter anything due to cancellations etc.
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    Just paid bond and first fortnight rent (definitely not the good news part of the process) for a place down at Southport. 6 months renting initially, hopefully the start of a longer term working sea change.
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    That's right. You don't.
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    Nearly as ridiculous as some people look trying to defend a lot of what Trump says.
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    Any chance you fellas can agree they are all the same size and put them away?
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    Run Day 83 with a swim first. Swam 2.5 .Did a warm up then a set of 15 x 100s going on 2.00 swimming 1.35. Got out got changed and ran 6k. 1k warm up then 4x1k with 90 sec rest, 4.15,4.06,4.07,3.58 then 1k cool down.
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    Indeed. White people who have never been discriminated against for one second of their lives are telling people who have been downtrodden for hundreds of years what they can and can't be offended about.
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    Now up to day 69 of the 100 days in a row running,last 2 weeks have been 66 and 70 k. Got back on the bike saturday for 60k as well. And back in the pool this arvo as its back to normal operation over here so not waiting till July.
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    Maybe wash your hands after you go to the toilet Peter. If you do that you’ll be fine, unless you’re licking the toilet seat. All the washing of hands and social distancing won’t save you then, though I recon you’d probably catch some other fatal disease before you’d catch covid. Do you read my posts before you disagree with them Peter? I said it’s not a given people infected will obey the rules, and most people catching it atm haven’t obeyed the rules... and you say “not really”, Haven’t you seen the reasons behind the recent outbreaks in Melbourne? Just about every case is because somebody didn’t obey the rules. I’ve had blood cancer for the last 16 months and part of my treatment was to wipe out my immune system to the point I was neutropenic. I still managed to work, socialise, run and ride a little, and believe it or not Peter, I use the toilets at work, several time’s a day. Even public toilets occasionally. All without catching even a single cold or infection. And that’s with almost no immune system. That’s because I’ve social-distanced religiously for over a year now, plus using a lot of hand sanitiser, and washing my hands after I use the toilet. If you follow the rules you won’t need to worry about the hypothetical situation you’re suggesting.
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    When working from home it's important to step away from the desk and spend time with our loved ones...! 🤔🤣🙊🤷‍♂️
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    My first run in over a month. 30 min run/walk.
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    Much like the commentary on Trannies. Except for Chris. He just wants his coffee and doesn't care how many need to die to get it.
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    You didn't mention that he decided to put his country first in standing up to the Irish rebels with the Black and Tans, The criticism came from the left when he stood up to the miners and sent in the army. Before that he was being criticised for being too soft. You also didn't mention that he facilitated Irelands independence in later years. You also failed to mention he didn't intentionally starve the Indians but rather there was a shortage of food as it was wartime and food was diverted to liberated European prisoners of war. Had he not, he would have starved others. Those looking for racism, can call it as that. You also didn't mention that over time he changed his views completely on his past comments of Indians and Africans. He will always be widely regarded as a hero by a majority and in countries far beyond than just Great Britain.
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    Or really insulted Scomo. Depends on your opinion of Abbott.
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    That is bizarre. The Customer is 100% right. Children of junkies and alco's born in housing commission have almost zero chance of breaking out of their place in society. Not saying they cannot, but to judge their options versus mine as a low middle class kid and some kid born into plenty is ridiculous. I have been around it for over a quarter of a century in my job. Lol "choice". That is mostly their normal. They often start the path before they even realise or could fathom where they are heading.
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    I think there's merit to the approach taken with Fremantle's Explorers Statue in 1994. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-08-29/explorers-monument-added-to-not-torn-down-or-vandalised/8853224 Keep the statue and original plaque, but provide further information and context of the history. Everyone benefits. If it were torn down, an opportunity to properly understand that period of history is lost.
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    And I won't because a bunch of white, wealthy people pretending they understand the issues that weigh black people down in life is bonkers.
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    After copping a bit (5 separate occasions since early February) of heckling from passing cars about my weight whilst out running around my local area, I've really cut down and dropped from 86ish to 81ish. Started paying attention to what I was putting in my mouth and the graph just kept going down. Getting back on the committed training program definitely helped as well. FTP is back up to 283 (about 3.45W/kg), running has come a long way and I'm starting to edge back under 2:00/100m in the pool.
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    Rode a lazy 200K yesterday - Headed North to Peats Ridge, Somersby, Ourimbah and back via yarramaling Valley and up Bumble Hill. Came home strong but Bumble Hill nearly killed me.
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    Haven't ridden it at all. I have so much fatigue in my legs, as soon as I crossed the summit banner, and made sure I had it in the garage, I logged out, vowing to burn my trainer. 😁
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    Slippery slope. The MR2 Turbo I bought to enjoy track days is currently mid engine rebuild and already owing $12K with the gear box rebuild and dyno tune bills still to come. Then there is my latest purchase...
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    Melbourne definitely sounds like a less than great part of Victoria at the moment. Good news you tested positively toward negative, right? So, you tested perfectly on Saturday. Meaning you tested negative. But that’s the way of saying positively for the negative.
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    I got tested on Thursday, just before noon. Had my result 8am Saturday. Negative.
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    Define "successful". BTW Its a rhetorical question. (So you don't have to answer). What you and I might define as "financial Independence" and "successful" might have absolutely no correlation to reality when it comes to an indigenous community in the middle of the NT, the Kimberley or Cape York. We are (or have been) triathletes and as such we are incredibly focused on very specific goals that apply specifically to us as individuals. Our definition of "success" is based on our goals and whether we achieve them. Everybody's target goals (and therefore definition of success) is different. And that, I think, is part of the problem when it comes to dealing with the issues with indigenous people. How can you hit the target goal if you don't know what it is in the first place? And the way things stand at the moment, we (the white mob) don't know what the target goal is. So we chuck shedloads of money at "it" and hope we get close. Obviously this approach has worked well...not. All we've achieved is that we've created a vast mob of welfare dependent individuals who have little motivation and no idea how to get out of the cycle they now find themselves in. I reckon the way to deal with this is to leave it in the hands of the TO leadership groups and Elders to determine what the target is for their specific community. Let them develop the initiatives and then have the Government provide funding for those initiatives. It may be that some of these initiatives don't even need money to get off the ground. Education is the key. But not necessarily the school based learning that most of us went through. Teach the kids all the stuff they need to survive in the white mans world today but also their traditional stuff as well. This approach is already working in some communities with promising results. The introduction of "dry" communities was a good starting point for many of these communities. Getting the kids to attend school by changing the curriculum program to one specifically targets that demographic. Yes, give them every opportunity to succeed but don't tell them what their "success" is. Let them tell us what they think success is and together we all can work towards it.
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    I swam in the pool today, had a lane to myself and did the allowed 45 minute session. It was okay but I think I'll keep up the bay swimming as well, I'm addicted 😍
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    Starting to get some consistency in my activity over the last month after changing when I take one of my meds, and can now wake up in the morning. Oh how the unmighty have fallen! Cycling was always what I was worst at, and it's showing now. But it's been great getting out with my old fast group again. I've improved my time up one of our regular climbs buy almost a minute already. But it's frickin hilarious! My time today was 4:20 slower than the Strava kom up that climb. Thing is, his total time was 2:34; nearly 3 times faster than me. #lotsaworktodo
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    Last night bike: 5min @ 220W, 8x 1:00 @ 250W/3:00 @ 220W, 8 min @ 220W on Zwift. Managed to keep it Z2 which was a pleasant surprise. 220W is my goal average power for 70.3 so basing things around that. This morning run: 1km easy, 1km moderate, 6x 0:30 @ <5:00/km with 1km moderate recovery, 5.9km at about 5:30/km to finish for 14.5km total. Really struggled with the motivation for this run. Was supposed to do it yesterday but decided to stay in bed when the alarm went off at 0430. Twins aren't sleeping well at the moment and I chose to catch up on some sleep instead.
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    Did Ironman VR12 over the weekend which was a 70.3 simulation. To me the ride doesn't mean a lot time wise as I was on Zwift and it depends on bunches etc but I was up 15 watts from the last one I did. The run is more what I have been targeting during these events so I was happy to be about 4:30 faster over half marathon distance compared to 4 weeks ago. 4th April 2:06:11 2nd May 2:03:21 30th May 1:58:02 20th June 1:53:31 All Time PB : 1:46:28 I am starting to wonder if by the end of the year I can set all time PB's in all running distances that Training Peaks tracks. I am at 90kg when I should be 80 so there is room to move there at least!
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    1st non-stop 5km run in about 7-8yrs today. 5:49 pace. Working toward being to be able to do 8km for the Trex race in Sept. & Port Stephens if it is still on.
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    1km no wetsuit Happy Winter Solstice! ☀
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    Day 80 of the 100 days done with 14k easy.Nearly there
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    2km in the bay today, just divine ♥
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    This pool is as cold as our local dam, 15 I'd guess. The sun does not hit it till the arvo due to the cliff. On the plus side, only 3 of us in there - 2 soft blokes - 1 in a full length Orca, me in my 3/4 Aleeda, and a hard woman in her cozzie. 30mins of 100's on 2 mins, then 60mins in the sun trying to get my fingers to work again.....and $28 on parking fees. My most expensive swim ever. That would get you nearly 3 days parking @ Armidale airport😲
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    What an offensive, disempowering thing to say. Convincing people they don't have the control over their own actions is about as oppressive as you can get.
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    That's a very strange thing to say. About 6 members / former members names popped into my head that have done some of those things and they're just the ones I know about. There would be plenty of members who've committed crimes. Kudos to you, Peter, for having the privilege of being able to make sensible choices through your life. I would encourage everyone who thinks that staying out of trouble is a simple choice, to listen to this podcast: https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/conversations/conversations-rutger-bregman/8883962 It describes how people who are born into poverty or find themselves in hard times make bad choices through no fault of their own. IQ is negatively affected by the stress and anxiety of poverty and poor life choices often follow. This is why people in poverty often find themselves in a downward spiral and never get out of it. Some people on this site can relate - the types that never seem to get a break? Where bad luck seems to follow them around? Sound familiar?
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    Set a new 5km PB for the year, 21:45. All time PB is 20:50 in 2012 so hoping to get back to that by the end of the year.
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    6.5hrs done and a 40min run off bike
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    they're usually promoted away from all the women anyway........
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    After losing our 6 year old staffyxridgeback at start of April I didn't hink I'd be ready for another dog till next year at eraliest. This is Poppy, a staffyxsharpei that was at the RSPCA. We went and saw her and promptly adopted her. 7 months old, was found wandering the streets and taken to RSPCA by the police.
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    Sounds like you're in danger of buying into Trump's shtick as readily as your mate. Trump's modus operandi is to launch personal attacks the credibility of anyone who criticises him. We only have listen to Colin Powell's recent statement about Trump's leadership and Trump's typical and predictably juvenile response yesterday. Trump doesn't defend his leadership with sustainable counter argument, because he credibly can't. He just unloaded on Powell. We've watched Trump behave exactly the same way toward the media throughout his presidency, throwing doubt and shade on accurate journalism. Decrying "Fake news!", "Lamestream media!", the claiming of wins with "alternative facts". And it's been effective. At least in a myopic, short-term, narrowly focused consolidation of Trump's base. Though what's the long-term cost? A damage to the credibility of accurate, reliable and trusted journalism. The public doubting truth, not trusting science, giving credence to inane tweeting, the proliferation of conspiracy theories, people turning to village idiots with an audience on social media and one of them eventually being elected as POTUS. We only have to look at recent comments on these boards slagging the journalism and the media, without any nuance, reflection or admission that there's plenty of reliable, quality, professional journalism being conducted around the globe. If you're worried about only seeing "crap news", watch or listen to something that isn't crap. Trump's legacy will be lamentable.
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    Define 'run'. We call most ultra runners 'bush walkers with a number pinned on' 🙂
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    Flat trajectories under Obama? I want to ride the same flat hills as you mate!
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