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    Quick report. 1st Kona, via the legacy program. I would love to think I can qualify via the normal process, however nutritional problems plague the back end of any endurance event - ending in vomiting whether it be IM or long rides. I spent a number of sessions with Monash Uni having gut tests and sweat tests and we set about a program to resolve the problem over the 6 months leading into Kona. Signed up with TriTravel to do the conditioning tour and had an absolute blast and the whole experience lived up to all the expectations. Had some long sessions on the bike riding up Hawi and back to town and got to experience the brutality of the winds and associated heat challenges. On this pre-race day ride the wind was ferocious but doable and according to the pro's on Strava indicated that it was a really bad day. Also did a long run from the run turn around in town all the way out the energy lab, so got to see the entire length of the course which ended up proving to be really valuable come race day. The race week lead in was awesome, getting to meet so many greats of the sport (Dave, Marc, Paula, Michellie, Cam Wurf etc....) and the functions for the Aussie/NZ team as well as a special nibbles and drink for the Legacy athletes. Spent a night doing the Manta ray dive and a day driving the island, eating portugese donuts, visit to the volcano, which was a nice break from all the race prep. Race day Being the 1st year of the swim waves, meant a very low stress, post check in, got to spend time back in our hotel (Kona Seaside) and watch the earlier wave starts (my start was the last and was 1:05 after the male pro's headed out. Got to watch the male pro's exit the water before being bundled down the steps into the water to begin the short swim out to the start line. Whilst I thought there was only going to be 100 legacy athletes in the wave it was much larger and looks like we had just short of 300 athletes starting in this wave. I started on the right hand side and was quite stunned to see people take off at break neck speed. Swim is my best leg and had decided to find some feet and just sit in and enjoy the drag. It was quite a slow pace and tried a few times to go past the feet I was on, only to find that the 2 sets of feet I was following didn't want me to go, so I just dropped back in behind them. Wasn't long before we were passing the back end of the last of the ladies and the fun of trying to find a good line through the swarm of people. Got a kick from a female that set my watch to transition mode, so from that point on had no idea of the pace. Arrived back on shore in 1:05:30 which was the end of the range that I expected. I normally swim around the 55-58 mins and this had been cruisey. On to the bike and its taken me a few years to learn to ride at a consistent pace and avoid surging and not being able to bring the back end of the ride home. Just prior to heading over to Kona my PM died and I had to switch to one off the roadie and knowing they are not the same numbers, we decided on a range (20min FTP test in the week before going over and an hour FTP test on the Queen K 1 week pre-race), so we had a new number to work with and a range. Dave Scott had mentioned a few times that the race doesn't start until the 160km mark of the bike and the 30km mark of the run, so I just settled into a nice comfortable power and focussed on nutrition and ensuring I managed the heat. The ride out of Kona is slightly uphill before you drop down into Kawaihei, and start the climb to Hawi. Thoroughly enjoyed this section and got to see my wife and daughter at around the 45km mark (TriTravel take them on a bus out to see us), and was amazed at how much effort people were putting into the ride. Before turning the corner we got to see the male pro's returning and it was clear that they were flying, but the back few bikes in the lead pack were definitely pushing the draft zone. The crosswinds across to the base of the climb were strong and then the head wind up the climb. got to the turnaround, picked up the special needs drink nutrition and started the decent. The winds were certainly up, but not quite as bad as our training ride, but still there were a few people that had come off. Took the right hand turn back onto the Queen K and decided it was time to start picking up the pace, and really enjoyed the trip back into town, passing so many people that had pushed to hard earlier. Managed to put away 8 bottles of fluid plus my 4 bidons, (1.6l litres per hour) so I was confident that my nutrition was on track according to my tests and trials. Ride time was a very comfortable 5:21:34 and keeping a 13watt differential between AVG pwr and NP (I was planning on this only being around 5, but there was a number of surges down during the day to keep out of draft zones.) Onto the run and prove the litmus test for the nutrition and up Palani on to Kukini waving to the family before settling into my race rhythm. Had the pleasure of being passed by Jan as he turned the corner (he at km 41 me at km 1), I gave him a pat on the back and he was gone. Checking my race pace it was still a little quick (my aim was for around the 6min km) so I started to ease back and then got to see iFoz cheering everyone on outside the Royal Kona. At the far turnaround I was passed by John Hill and watched him run off, as I continued to find my speed and get used to the heat. Ran back past iFoz, then my family and walked up Palani to the Queen Q and started the section out to the energy lab. Around km 15 I could feel my gut starting to misbehave, and had to slow up and ease some burps out, and realised over the next few km, that some walking was going to be required. Not long after this caught up to Ken Glah who was competing in his 36 Kona, and after a short chat I ran off feeling a little more upbeat. Not to much further on I ran past John again, his day was done and would be walking it home. Down into the energy lab, by this stage the sun had gone behind the clouds and the sting of the heat had disappeared, walked a portion of the flat section and the uphill out of the energy lab, Saw a few friends on the return out and wondered how long it would be before the ran past me, but somehow I managed to find some more walk / run on the way back into town and they didn't catch me. Walked the final hill up to Palani thinking about the iron war on this very section, and then ran down the hill, into town and across the finish line. Somehow managed to keep from throwing up but went straight into medical tent and received 2 drips (I had lost 4.5kg). This was the 1st race that I had manged to keep from throwing up in and keep taking on fluid throughout the run. Albeit I only managed to ingest 1 cliff chew bar, 2 cups of gatorade, the rest was just water for the entire run leg. This was not what my nutrition plan was, but it was ll I could do on the day. Run time was 4:50 which was a little off target but the best I could do on the day. (Dream was 3:50, with 4:15 being more realistic). Absolutely loved the whole experience and would love to do this again one day with a bunch of mates once they get there. Closed out the day with 11:28 and overall place of 1387, not bad for someone who can't qualify. Then got a surprise when a friend mentioned I had won my age group, which was a great laugh. On the IM tracker the category I started in (last wave is known as the Kukui), and they have age groups for them. I had won the 50-54 age group.
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    I got it done and enjoyed myself. Do not know how the pointy end race it like they do. I ticked the box and loved the event (whole week build up). Kona was above expectations for family holiday - everyone had a blast. As a race - I’ve done better, as an event - right up there! Finished fresh (that’s what I had to do right?), time to enjoy some family time and put Ironmans to the back of mind for 5-10 years!!!!! IFoz - enjoy your book! PS - traveled with TriTravel and enjoyed every minute of it. Stayed at Royal Kona - worked well for family to watch race, close to expo and restaurants. Main highlight of the whole thing is the swimming. Just so much to see under that water.
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    Thanks mate, yeah a bit better today. Pain and swelling is reduced a bit, bruising still looks pretty horrendous. am on Targin pain killers twice a day but have had no additional pain relief. am home now so that’s a bit more comfortable. sleeping is still the biggest issue as you can really only lie in one position at the moment (flat on your back) so when you wake in the middle of the night and just want to readjust to get more comfortable you can’t. dr is pretty conservative and old skool so wants me on crutches for three weeks at least to give everything the best chance of healing 100% again the hospital staff and nurses were just amazing could not fault anything they did for me.
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    My golf is rooted too. I’m a DNS for Noosa charity golf day and the Tri. Gutted. But like Kona, I’ve spent a Kings ransom on accommodation, so will still be having the usual five days in Noosa. I was the only Cyco to be racing this year. Trannies I knew racing Kona were Blobby and Newt identified himself during the race when he saw my Tranny cap. Putting my bucket hat to good use at Akaka Falls
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    Hard to find good help .... so I put a call out and skip turned up ....
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    Never see a documentary on why you should be just be balanced in your diet. It is always an extremist way. Whatever Crowie and Cam Brown do seems to be pretty bloody good. Neither of them preach on what to eat. Kiss principle with them.
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    Should there be a limit on the number of German professionals allowed in the race. Surely the answer is nein!
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    Got it sorted. He went anticlock wise I went clockwise. My wife said 9:45 at night is too late go out. So I will get it tomorrow.
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    Don't give me your pity, I'm still a dick. Apologies for the lack of responses I've been off driving bright red convertible vw beetles, drinking beers, swimming with turtles and being a genuine legend. Thanks for the critique Peter, sorry to read you're full of shit as usual. Fortunately for me I'm in a pretty sweet position where the money wasn't too much of concern. My wife cried for me when I told her I got the DQ. A moment where I realised how much of not just my life went in to the race and everything prior, it's truly not a solo adventure.
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    This was mine on my last night shift on Monday
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    True, but you have to find a way to break that cycle. there will always be someone richer, smarter, faster, better looking or thinner buy you don’t know what else they are dealing with. They may look at you and think “I’m thin but why am I not happy?” Just do what you can, be the best you that you can be at any given time. If you stumble don’t punish yourself, take stock and get back on track. But he sure to mentally reward yourself at regular intervals if you get through a meal, or a day or a week without falling off the rails.
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    Bit of an update; about 4 months out from the op and other than the scar I wouldn't know i had a hip replacement, full mobility ( haven't tried running and not about to) . I've been gradually reducing the Targin over the past few months and about to drop off completely. A few aches and pains with that, I can understand why heroin addicts find it so hard to quit. Bowels are better for it as well.
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    Results are in. I came 31/380 overall. The winner 'only' went 35.30, so it seems like a slow day all round.
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    Tyno, a bloke from our workplace (a tradie) got a similar warning. he went Lo tech and hard work. They start work at 6am so he gets out of bed at 2.30 am on work days and walks for a few hours and has gradually improved his eating as well. he is down 30 kgs in 30 weeks so far and recons he feels absolutely fantastic and Dr said he has dodged going on insulin. I know that method may not be for everyone but for him it was an easy, Lo tech option, and is working great for him. I actually suggested work incentivise him by giving him a gift voucher to buy some new clothes that fit him as a bit of a reward as no doubt he will be a better healthier employee going forward.
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    Mate, I have a 'little' experience of this. There is a fine line between having minimal pain killers, so that you are aware mentally with what's going on and needing some help with getting in the right position without being in agony. Sometimes you need a little help. I find the hardest bit is trying to change positions without stressing out. It's like you can be ok lying down or standing up but the most painful/stressful bit is that transition in-between the two. Very often I've been 'frozen' at that point, absolutely petrified to go any further as you know how painful it will be. I wish I had an easy answer. The only thing I found helped was tying things around the house that helped me get up and get down, that way your body is not taking the whole strain and it helps calm down the shaking. On the mental side of things, I've found it very useful to keep track of progress i.e.: Yesterday I could get x far own my own, today is a few meters further,,that kind of thing. I also found things like small step ups and counting them, really good. I remember the first I could take myself to the bathroom in 3mths, it was like I'd won the Olympics. Take the small daily victories where you can get mate and build on that. It really helps with the mental side IME.
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    This is why the building industry is farked these days. Our weekly progress meeting gets taken up by the HSE section for 75% of the meeting, and progress and issues for probably 10%. Talking shit about replacing toilet paper and soap and why it goes so fast - they don't believe me the Indian labour take it home or sell it. Then I get told by the Consultant I need to train them to wash their hands and not steal stuff...WTF! I'm not their mother. Oh...and those cigarette buts that aren't put in the bins make the place untidy. Or, I need to put a Work Instruction up and how to use a Bench Drill. Fark off. Sorry... had to let it out. Easy being a Consultant telling people what to do and making reports for a living - you know, not having to actually do anything or contribute to the project. Having Contractors spend money on shit they don't need or make any money from. One more project and its time to give it away.
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    Same ..... nearly. I operate a home office out of a granny flat in my backyard. Just waiting for the red belly sunning himself at my back door to stop smiling at me and move on so I can go out and have some lunch.
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    It's a work in progress. I get one WFH day a week. Yes, that's a serving hatch in the wall, no we don't have ducks on the wall, we may or may not live next to Hyacinth Bucket though.
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    The lady looks like she is reading one of Ironjimbo's posts...
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    Yeah I'm ****ing awesome, just ask me.
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    Still amazing that a “world champs” on that was sponsored by GoPro no less still doesn’t have cameras in TO’s
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    Pill testing gives a person a greater amount of information to base a personal responsibility decision on. Surely that’s a good thing?
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    Crowley spoke after that in the presser and told Reece he should get her 2 dogs anyway.
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    Depends if we like the person who gets done.
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    hey burgs report #IronmanWC race report Swim. Good start but bunched up behind. I speculate who’s there; probably not Wurf. Going as planned. Stroke stroke stroke breathe. Rough calculations pin 900x more repetition. 900 forms of distraction required. Finally, Body Glove boat. Can smell bacon cook up. Firm distraction found. Kona pier arrives. No attempted manoeuvres made for lead out glory, no one gets hurt. Win/win. 1st onto bike. Jig around town done, onto QK. I tongue my moustache. Frodo requests assistance. Lol cancel that boy. Clavel takes lead. Clavel supertucks. Clavel supertuck pedals. Clavel superwhatthe****. You’re going to die mate. Lead group thinning. Kawaihae, Kawaibye. Up to Hawi we go. Off the back of the group. Pace hotter than Bob Babbitt’s chair during a 6 hour breakfast sit at Huggo’s. Ali flats. Unexpected company. Ali passes with somicboom effect. Ali gone. Never liked his company anyway, toodleloo. Catch a fast fading Clavel. Finally someone with more inflated confidence than me. Wurf pain train catching. Pain train becomes slain train. Spat out. I tongue my moustache, overhang definitely on the move. Christ Ironman is long. Run. Off to a good start, still some life lef. On 2:50 pace. Palani minces legs to salami. Pace slowing on QK. Stomach in knots. Need to crap. To stop? Yeah, keep it clean. Last time was nasty. Almost lost race belt down dark well of pestilence & malodor. Breaking 3 becomes breaking 2+2=4. Any longer & they will be bringing me glowsticks. Contemplate SAG home. Guts in severe pain. Evaluated chances of finishing equal to Patrick Lange. Spotted a sedentary Patrik Nilsson. Invitation to run declined on account of withdrawal. Disgusted, a pledge to finish was made. Post-after party is where real suffering begins. This is nothing. Self-talk positivity reverberates with generic American accent ‘YOU GOT THIS!’ Sticky hot asphalt making funny noises on my shoes. I’m sure that’s where I pissed myself on the way out. Finish line here. Get shoed away before Haug crosses, a single shred of dignity remaining. Could be worse. Last time I finished with shit in my suit. This I’m time finishing as just a metaphorical shit. Mahalo 🌸 📷 @koruptvision
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    Yeh under 22deg. Pretty warm and dry week ahead, I think it will creep up gradually. Not much chance of a wettie swim. Especially with that special Noosa thermometer they seem to have....oh look, 22.1deg. Fancy that.
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    Pull your head in. Nothing Roxii has said would indicate he's doing anything other than what he needs to do and has been told to do. Some people are more dedicated to their own recoveries than others. Some people need less pain meds. Some people like to be pro-active whilst still following instructions to the letter. If I was a medical professional this is exactly the sort of person I'd want to be treating.
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    On the plus side it’s the closest I’ve ever been to looking like a track sprinter with my one massive butt cheek.
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    People of WA, lend me your ears. Stikman is running for the TWA board and we need your vote. If you're attending, please vote for Stikky. If you're not, we are currently collecting proxy forms. They need to be in by the end of the week but I am planning on submitting them all on Wednesday and if you want to take advantage of the offer for someone from the Perth Hills Tri Club to carry your proxy, message me and I can sort it.
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    Everyone will have a different opinion on this. I draw the line at intentional vs accidental in all the above cases except pissing on the bike (which I have never done). It is possible to be unlucky with drafting. You lose concentration and drift into the draft zone. Or someone drops in front and you don't drop back quick enough. You broke the rules and are penalised accordingly, but I don't regard you as a cheat. Whereas if you were acting deliberately I do consider you a cheat. The penalties are the same because it is very difficult for the official to distinguish between deliberate and accidental, so the athlete gets the benefit of the doubt.
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    Some Vegans have spray painted shit on the road up Mt Coot-tha where we do reps. It can't be a good diet, because I was always going too fast at that point to spray paint anything legible on the road.
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    I did ask for a $3.5k for a new set of wheels. When my wife asked why I need them. "KOMS" I'm currently sooking around the house because the purchase didn't get approved.
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    There was a big ruckus a few years ago on here and Roxi ended up banning all the Vegans. Not sure if that ban still exists?
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    Was that wired mouse a wedding present?
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    With a DQ to his name now he will get residency in WA.
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    In for the 50. Pretty excited by it. Have watched a few ultra docos as well - it seems a pretty laid back sport. Sinking beers and eating donuts. Sounds like my kind of sport. Am doing it with my sister and it will be her first real running event. So looking forward to the shared experience there. I don’t think I realise what I’m getting into, but at least I’ve got some running and endurance history. She definitely doesn’t know what she’s signed up for!
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    It’s all well and good until you involve humans in things 😂
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    Honestly, we'd rather just wear the costs rather than push the issue and maybe get someone off side! It's been too much of a push to get in there to risk anything. A bit like the testing at the USQ clinic, they probably wouldn't have charged us if we really wanted to make an issue of it. But thousands of dollars of testing and reports for a few hundred bucks, you just stuck it up. So far we're pretty stoked. Longing way to go still, but more forward steps than backwards now.
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    Well, has been an interesting couple of weeks at our place! A few weeks ago we got a call from the youth mental health practice in town, who'd originally told us their books were closed a recommended someone 200k away. They had a cancellation and could fit my son in! So we jumped at that. The appointment went incredibly well, with her seeing my son alone first; he's never seen anyone without my wife there so we didn't know how that would go. 45mins later we joined in, which was really interesting. One of the things she said was he was incredibly expressive and forthright, open and eloquent. She said he shouldn't have been able to be like that! Mostly she would expect grunts and groans from boys at this stage. She's actually thinking of sending him to a speech pathologist because of this; they help diagnose more than just problems with speech itself. She also prescribed a medication for him, and that has been a revelation to us! The effects were pretty quick. He's had a few things happen that normally send in a stressed response, and while he still wasn't happy about them, he didn't have a had reaction. Two of them usually trigger a "I'm feeling sick" the night before with him in the morning trying to avoid school. Like every time, but both times this last week he just unhappily accepted it and got ready like normal. This is a big big change already. A gaming incident which also would have him going of like a rocket still upset him, but the reaction was much more settled and he got over it in short order. The best thing though, is so far the new don't seem to be having any negative effects on him. Some people worry that putting their kids on meds will return them into emotionless drones, or they'll withdraw into a shell or something. But we're seeing the opposite. And he won't shut up! He's become more like me and our daughter, what have we created! My poor wife's ears must be ringing! He's also been doing a lot of testing at the USQ Psychology Clinic, so she is waiting to see those results too. He's done a lot of tests, so I think they're throwing everything at him. Rob and I are also doing an 8 week course at lifeline to help us help him when issues pop up. 2 weeks in, and we're learning that we actually seen to handle things pretty much in the manner the course is hiding us too, but you do what have to. The psychiatrist he's seeing now is THE specialist child psychiatrist in town! She's also the same one who assessed the reports at the public hospital and assessed he should stay in the private system rather than be seen at cyhms, which is a bit of a hit to the wallet. She also mentioned in the appointment that her books were actually closed to new patients (which we knew), but that our gp's husband is a director of "something or other" (I think at the base hospital), and or gp had been pressuring her husband, who was then pestering get that she take needed to see our son! So, like many things in life, it's who you know!
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    Its a challenge all this talk of running on a joint replacement. When I was a young Physio 28 years ago you had a hip replacement at age 70+ to let you walk into Bingo, not mid 40's to resume triathlon. In that time, the joints are better and supposedly last longer. Back in the day it was 5-10 years and they hated putting one in early as they are a bastard to get out. Now they last 20 years apparently so they are wacking them into younger and younger people all the time. Joint replacement is incredibly effective pain relief for 75%. The other 25% get no relief or get worse. Conventional wisdom (backed by a paper surveying all knee and hip surgeons in the USA) is that more impact = early component wear and the consensus from the surgeons was doubles social tennis, golf and dancing were as heavy as you should go. Running is generally discouraged for the reason it can wear the components down earlier. The component manufacturers probably build in some redundancy., I'm not a rep so don;t know the exact engineering or materials testing of them, but another issue is problems at the implant/human interface like stress fractures and component loosening. Anecdotally, I am seeing a bloke at the moment who tore the patellar component off his knee replacement going back to bootcamp too early. If it was me with a new joint I'd find a non-impact way to get my endorphin hit.
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    Will probably cancel the vote anyway due to Sharks.
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    But wouldn't be surprised if it's still an elaborate joke by Cam
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    I don't want to give bad advice on something that I know nothing about but then again, it's never stopped me before.... There is has been a lot of talk about running post hip operation as a complete No- No. But there is a bloke at our tri club that seems to cope with it quite well so I reached out for him and his opinion on the subject - and I quote: Hi XXX - there is some talk among us older folk about hip replacement and running on artificial hips - It is supposed to be a real no-no but I know you do it. How is it working out? Would you recommend it?" Hi Pete, with the correct rehab, there is no problem. I have had both mine done . The first is about 16 years old the other is about 7 years old. I took out the Trail Series this year and am training for New Zealand in March. I helped a lady here, after her hip replacement 12 months ago, and she just did the 10k on the weekend. If you need advice on how to rehab, let me know. So it looks like that for some people at least, bionic hips don't hold you back! Happy to connect you to XXX if you would like some advice - he is a great bloke and loves to help people.
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    8 years. The increase from ~100 to ~120 was fast though. Nothing you said is wrong either, which makes it more frustrating for me. Today was pretty good on a food/activity level, just have to keep it up for a while.
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    The retirement village wouldn't let them out overnight?
  49. 3 points
    Got a wait list spot, which I absolutely didn't expect...have 48 hours to commit
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    Gives a whole new meaning to “the legs going to jelly”
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