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    You can sleep in your own bed mid race, beats lying on the road
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    Suggestion is to just post your codes and no banter in here so code don't get lost. I have a few. Pushys $25 off if you spend over $99 using the code Jan25 https://www.pushys.com.au/ Rudy Project Glasses and Helmets 5% off all purchase using this link Click for 5% off plus there is a general 25% off for Jan and feb 2020 20% of Trainingpeaks for all of 2020 20Fitterradio20 is the code For the fatties Weight Watchers has 40% off for Jan using this link 40 % off
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    I'd suggest not posting up his videos or watching them. It only drives traffic which is currency/oxygen in the world of social media.
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    It’s a very good watch. Accurate to the 2nd......
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    Only a few weeks to 29th edition of Hell of the West - Goondiwindi. There used to be a big group of tranies race out here, please come back. The Goondiwindi region like most of Oz are in crippling drought at moment! but the river is still looking great for the hotw swim and things are gearing up for another great event. So get a group of mates together and do a road trip out here and race a tough-fair- old school race in a community that loves their event and all you crazy triathletes. Then stay and join in the fun with all the organising crew from GOONDIWINDI tri club . 8-9th Feb www.hellofthewest.com
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    A handshake to celebrate 35 years at the Big-T today. I started as an apprentice tech in the company's last big intake along with 120 others in Brisbane, and over 500 across the country. I travelled the state from the Cape to Quilpie, working on TV & Radio Tx sites in some of the most beautiful sites you could imagine (generally on top of mountains in National Parks). I spent a couple years in purgatory at Woolloongabba Exchange, then made my escape into Design. Along the way I studied and picked up an Engineering Degree, and with that moved into the Planning group, and have been in a few roles here since. I must say I've enjoyed my time, and while it seems like a long time in one job, I look back at it as 4 distinct jobs, with a few roles in each of them. For someone who was planning on leaving after the 4 year apprenticeship to have a go as a pro sportsman, it's been a long journey. I'd do it again at the drop of a hat though to meet the great folk I've met, and the see the wonderful places I've seen.
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    Totally missed the point, the donation in that situation would be to ensure the kids didn't suffer. Reread my post and you'll see I'm not saying it is being given because the parents decided to have 5 kids Edit - we had a similar situation here where a house fire in town left 6 people with the clothes on their back. House was a rental - no contents insurance, cause of the fire was found to be overloaded powerboard left under a pile of clothes in the parents bedroom. The town here gave reasonably generously for the 4 kids that were involved, with most donations aimed at the kids through items such as donations directly to the local school to cover replacements for education (uniforms, books, laptops etc). The kids had no control over who the lottery of life gave them as parents and most people got that
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    What about those who genuinely can’t afford it. Here in Karratha the cost of house insurance is ridiculous. Whilst I’m not a home owner here In Karratha I have read numerous posts online In local groups of people asking for insurance info as their renewal has come through and is 10k dearer than what it was for the previous year. my house insurance on the east coast is dear enough, I doubt I could afford it over here. Even my contents insurance here is very expensive. Throw on top the car insurances, health insurance, income protection, TPD, it’s a heck of a lot of money and I feel for those here that can’t afford it.
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    Insurance comes under the sphere of personal responsibility. Honestly, if you have chosen to forego insurance cover for a type of event which is reasonable possible (let alone probable or likely) and it happens then as far as I'm concerned you're on your own beyond what everyone else who had cover is getting. You see a lot of people who don't take out cover because it is too expensive but that's part of the cost of living where/how you do, just the same as local rates or strata fees are. If the expense is high then it means that the risk is high and/or costly, insurance works on statistics. Insurance isn't cover for what you expect, it's for what you don't.
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    And @Ex-Hasbeen I thought this was a thread about B@W 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️😋✌️
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    Sorry. Really bad day yesterday Apologies to all on the forum
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    Can you ask if his thingy really is shaped like a turnip?
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    Up 5 kg to 78 over chrissy, pretty impressive!
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    He's OK. Still popping up on FB.
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    Context required. What is your goal? Do you want to be a better climber? Climb Hills Do you want to be a better triathlon rider then you need to spend time in the aero bars. Build volume then recovery (aka recovery week/adaptation week) repeat. Add intensity via attacking hills, efforts on the flat, on trainer etc. Build on that and again put in an adaptation week. Easy sessions are easy. Hard session are hard (not necessarily long) Always remember the purpose of the session you are doing.
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    It's just thuggery - id rather watch a Taylor swift concert
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    Riding hard every time you sit your bum on the bike is the most common mistake. Your performance will get worse doing that. Go for 2 moderate hours 6 days a week. Actually, make that easy to moderate. The occasional short sharp effort is good.
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    I don't know how you expect people to take you and any argument you make seriously when you come out with schoolyard shit like this! FFS Grow up.
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    Yeah I'm glad he got whacked. But knowing him.... It was probably ANOTHER organised shit storm to generate social media traffic for himself and anyone else who comments/shares the content. He's that fruity(pardon the pun) that he'd friggin do that.
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    I think I learnt all I needed to about DR from this video. OMG what a dick!
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    His ex-girlfriend has busted him for taking KOMs on an ebike... piece of filth! 😫
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    Yes, it apparently makes you very gullible.
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    The Tour de Cure ride from 2019 is being shown on channel Seven today @ midday. Do yourself a favour and watch/tape. A great bunch of people doing wonderful things for the community. FM
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    5km from my door. I cant complain.
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    Yep, that's what I've recently been doing during my ironman build. Run for an hour before parkrun and throw it on at the end. Works nicely though 7am still feels late for humid Brisbane.
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    Stikman and I both got 50 by the end of last year. We are aiming for 100 by the end of this year. I am a handful ahead of him so have a small buffer for CBFs in the program if I need them.
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    Mate of mine always introduced his wife as "This is Sandy, my first wife".
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    All good, we all have those days
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    Oh.... I thought this was a Lucy "watch" as in a special secret Garmin or something... Oh well
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    I never said anything about which side of politics my statement applies (indeed it's apolitical), it was a comment about resource allocation in general that also applies to how we manage/mitigate fire threats. And I use my real name. So unless you're a dead performance artist, I've no idea who you are. Who's hiding? This is a thread about the fires, I think reasonable discussion about how they are managed is OK. Performing sufficient hazard reduction is a function of weather opportunity (time windows are smaller now due to the climate) and resources (which ultimately are decisions made by politicians who set the budget allocations).
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    Even if he was dating someone his own age I believe that comment would stand.
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    Stop getting political guys You'll get me in trouble
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    Don’t post your political statements here. Do it on the politics forum please. Didn’t you get the memo ??
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    Rode to work today makes office look great
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    After all the political posts recently, Russian hackers mistook Trannies for a political party website and hit it with a DoS!
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    So you're saying some good may come of it?
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    I did stage one. Might retire now
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    I was going quite well (drafting my ass off) but started having power meter drop outs with about 10km to go and ended up going up the climb at about 3kph so rather than waste over an hour just to complete it I pulled the pin... Need to resolve the issue before the next one as it also finishes with a 7km climb..
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    You have no faith in my training efforts (either that or an accurate knowledge of my current abilities)
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    Lock and close @roxii We don't need to help him out. Those types aren't really the Transitions type ✌️😎👍
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    Geez its a good thing I don't troll, I would come out with much nastier stuff than saying someone had a dad bod! But I used to play cricket and spent a lot of time in the slips...subtlety has no place!
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    Stage one complete. Fun if you're into masochism.
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    Yep, we were moved Saturday morning from the tent city in Swans Reach up to Omeo to work around there for the last few days. The Hilltop Hotel put us , another CFA team and a few of the police on road closures up. Not a vehicle in the car park without some flashy lights on top. Suspect they might have been getting paid for us, but they really went above and beyond to look after all of us. Country hospitality at its best, the hotel is not the flashest, but highly recommend it, my son and I will be staying there around March all going well for a weekend fishing and photographing in the high country. There wasn't a person from our 20 person team that did not say they wouldn't be going back this year, so sucks to be you if you don't get a booking in early enough after this is behind us. Spoke to one high country grazier who lost a good portion of the grass for his herd, but managed to get his cattle out of the way in time. He said the fires came at a good time, coming earlier than most other fires have in the past, bit of rain and the grass will come back to carry him through winter better than it usually does. Most others talk of the big fires through there in 2003 and how they survived that, nervous but felt they will survive this one as well. The same grazier did mention he only just managed to finish replacing the last of the fencing from 2003, has a big job ahead of him and says he is now 17 years older than when he had to tackle it last time. As long as we protected their homes and the Blue Duck pub, they seemed to be a thankful mob Today was day 54 since the communities of East Gippsland came under threat of fire, parts of NSW the threat has been going longer (that's longer than most of us stick to the Biggest Loser). Spoke to a farmer at Ensay on Saturday who told us he had been ordered to evacuate 4 times so far, he spent Saturday having to destroy some stock and bury them. The emotional toll is starting to mount on some people, they need to have hope and I can't stress enough how much of it we can provide.
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    Me three. But I did use the opportunity to drop in to the blood bank in the city.
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