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    Just saw on FB that Bob Southwell has passed away. An absolute legend in triathlon for the Shire, Australia and the whole triathlon community. Thoughts are with his family and friends. FM
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    Doing my bit to entertain at the Gold Coast Marathon 2017 as Angus Young. An extract from an interview with Andrew Lofthouse the QLD newsreader.
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    How appropriate. I was blind last time I was there
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    Just confirming that anyone who did not live in the USA during COVID outbreak is going to stop commenting on it?
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    I woudl say, from an arms length and not knowing much about the NZ situation that their problem may be that by doing mass, severe shutdowns all they are learning is how to shut down. And similarly in some Aus states all they are learning is how to shut borders. It may seem Im a bit biased but I think NSW is pretty much proving to be the gold standard for living with very little restrictions and containing the virus to manageable levels. *touch wood* through pretty rigorous contact tracing, smaller hot spot temporary shutdowns, plenty of hotspot testing, now if they would only make mask use more prevelant I reckon we would be in great shape here.
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    Says it all as far as i am concerned, maybe some on here need a reality check as well: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for a reality check to Australians demanding perfection from those dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. "Each and every day, they are all just doing their best to ensure that Australians are not let down during this period," he said in a media conference. "And the sad truth is, some days, we fall short. And other days, we don't. "On some days, the pandemic gets the better of us, and on other days, it doesn't." Mr Morrison said nobody has ever had to deal with something like the coronavirus pandemic before. "There are no absolute guarantees in a global pandemic. "There are no absolute assurances that can be provided. "I think great that Australians have high expectations of the services and standards and facilities, whether it's in a school or a hospital, an aged care facility - anywhere. That's what Australia should aspire to. And that's what everybody seeks to do each and every single day."
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    Can well understand your frustration. I get frustrated though by everyone pointing fingers at our leaders ,regardless of which side of politics, who will always make mistakes on something no one was prepared for and surely any level headed 'muppet' would understand that they are doing their best and don't make decisions lightly, nor do they wish any harm to one single human being young or old. Nor do they wish anyone to lose their jobs. If you think hard about that for a minute, you might come to the conclusion, that it aint good for any of their future election aspirations. Most of the criticism i have seen are these so called keyboard 'experts' whose only brilliance is hindsight. Gosh, so clever... I haven't seen many posts where anyone has acknowledged we have a virus which is unprecedented, not understood as yet, and no one has the answers, especially not here, in the media, nor by any expert. . Maybe blame Chayna if you really want to find someone to blame.
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    25yrs and I wish I could be made redundant. But my boss won't have a bar of it. I hate working for myself.
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    No I didn't. I requested to go do something, which I have already said I shouldn't have written. I admit my mistakes...
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    I might be one of the ones that said something before, but I'll repeat it because I feel that one person in particular took it wrong. The way I feel about it, anyone can comment or have an opinion on anything. However the context is important. If the information on which you are basing your opinion is third hand facebook shares, then I wouldn't take your opinion on a situation as particularly close to fact. But if you live there, or have lived through it, and have first hand experience and facts, then your opinion or comment clearly carries more weight. I have a problem with people stating things as fact, when it may not necessarily be. Context is everything in understanding someones statements. When @more was stating for a fact what was and was not done in Melbourne for those who do not speak english, I asked how they knew. Reading opinions on facebook is different form living it. @more lived it so could accurately state the fact based on their experience. If I sat here in regional Vic stating what information has or has not been given to migrant communities in Melbourne, it would be likely pure rubbish, unless I had immediate family there or such. The further the source form the speaker, the less likely for a full factual version. Anyone play chinese whispers as a kid? It's not rocket science.
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    Dave T lives in the same suburb as me
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    After 10 years, 3 frames with same Ultegra group set (lasted 120,000k).. and being a tight wad, sold my HZ 78 Kingswood and put some of it towards this GiantTCR about a year ago.. totally in love with it, super comfy, love the disc brakes.. I just need to ride it a bit more.. hot and cold last few months.. My Nuske single speed, great for the shops and off for a swim. Azzuri TT race bike.. still goes well, now with Zipp 404s ex Steno..Heds ex ol mate OZhed dude..
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    I stopped listening to myself because I couldn't handle all the whinging about my knees. Bloody sook.
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    They are not residential addresses (unless you are looking at something Im not) they are the addresses of the venues where the infection has been traced to.
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    Nah, started work 50 years ago as a 15 year old. I've worked for myself, federal and state governments, NGOs, private sector. First redundancy was at the first job straight after uni as a mature age student at a NGO when they changed direction. I actually got re-hired with better conditions. Last redundancy was last job before I retired at another NGO because I knew more than my boss and he wanted to get rid of me. Been a solid union member all my working life, which saved my bacon more than once when I spoke out against poor work practices/bosses. No wimping out for me.
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    But it will still get built. dan is honestly building everything here except that one tunnel. And its act Needed. well not at the moment with everything shut at 8pm
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    That appeared to do nothing to dent his popularity. In fact he has only become more popular since first being elected and won the last election in a landslide while promising to spend $50 billion (read $100 billion plus) on 90km of underground tunneling that no one has ever asked for. When it comes to big $$ an infrastructure Victoria puts up with some odd stuff. He was also just as popular after the CFA and Jane Garret saga. Spending taxpayer money on campaigning didn't dent his popularity either. He has been very very popular. And is known for getting stuff done and delivering. Turns out it is just covid that has made him less popular. But while there have been some serious mistakes there I wouldn't want his job right now. But isn't this thread about coronavirus related political point scoring
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    Thankfully I meet More's specifications to be allowed to comment as I am currently enjoying the current lockdown in Melbourne. Personally right now I feel politicians and parties at all levels are doing a reasonable job under the circumstances. Given the majority of us have not had to live through a global pandemic I think they are doing their best. Yes all have made some pretty serious mistakes and in the future heads can roll. Right now the important thing is to note these mistakes and not repeat them! Can't right now lock people back on the Ruby Princes or go back in time and use real security at the quarantine hotels. That horse unfortunately bolted already! Yes, Both sides behaved like typical politicians on the campaign trail! Neither side came out smelling like roses...
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    Libs shouldn't have signed the contract in the last seconds before the election they knew they were about to loose!
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    Rad am Ring 24hr ride, team of 4 around Nurburgring. Rained for 20hrs but great event with beer and bratwurst at the end.
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    We are just trying to follow the rules, set by a few who are not following them. Only Vix allowed to comment on this, so I am almost certain I qualify as the only person allowed to talk about Trumps handling of the response.
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    If you haven’t done an ironman stay off trichat
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    If you have not had a family member or friend die of COVID you are not allowed to post on this either
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    Was devastated when I crashed an bent the top tube on my old bike. After much angst I made the big decision to buy new even though it was not a great time financially. That was all nearly 5 years and 50,000 kms ago and apart from going through a bunch of different wheels, I have been pretty happy with my purchase.
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    I live in Victoria (in the Stage 4 lockdown area) so there goes that theory
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    And maybe we start restricting the number of people coming back into the country. That seems to be where these outbreaks start. I know that sounds harsh, but hell, so is what the guys in Melbourne are going through, not that I'd know. Those who can show they've been trying since the whole thing started and their flights continually get cancelled, yes. Those who can show they had to be overseas, maybe yes. But those who decided they'd stay where-ever they were and come home at their leisure, they are most likely the ones who are going to cause trouble in the quarantine hotels anyway, so no.
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    Yeah great man and a lovely family. Saw him not too long ago and he still looked real well. Bit shocked really.
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    Cairns IM 2014...my 7th IM.. decent PB, just turned 50.. 6yrs ago it sure does not feel that long ago....75kg vs 87kg now..only 2kg per year!.😄 Lost interest and felt totally satisfied with my 2014 effort.. Still have my race bike so not hanging up just yet..
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    It's concerning, especially when I answer myself myself.
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    Cant see Fannys there
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    Jim Acosta asks him that sort of question every day...
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    Not having a go at you More, but maybe what's causing you so much frustration is that no one else seems to have your level of disdain for Dan and his handling of this? Neither from the left, middle, nor the right of the political affiliations on here? So everyone says you should take a chill pill, and it pissed you of even more as you can't fathom why more of its stent raging? That doesn't really answer anything for you, and I'm sure it doesn't make you feel any better. Be pissed mate, let it out (constructively, no point being given a holiday).
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    That way people who've been to those places can get themselves checked.
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    Tweed Enduro February 2020. My first tri on the new Argon18 E119. (And first tri after the crash that resulted in my DNS for Kona 2019.)
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    This might be the wrong thread but don't want to clog the coronavirus thread with inquiry stuff https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-08-14/border-force-ruby-princess-qantas-virgin-manifest-coronavirus/12550558
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    Were you in Tony Abbott’s security detail?
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    Maybe, he will be better off when he's through. But we have to get him to the through! Thanks for letting me vent. Thanks for the thoughts.
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    School, in many ways, is a lot easier than the 9 - 5 grind and some people struggle with the transition. I wonder, Goughy, if with your son, it may be the other way around. There are a lot of pressures in school, a lot of variables to do with and in some ways it's much more complex than adulting. I have mates that despised school, they struggled academically, they struggled on the sports field, they struggled with the the inevitable bullying because of their perceived inadequacies, but when they left school, eventually they began to believe in themselves and began to thrive. School is not a good place if you don't fit the norm. Perhaps he will cope better once he's left school?
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    Goughy, that must be an incredibly hard place to be in. While i'm not a parent myself (yet, hopefully one day), through my frontline role I have seen the struggles parents have when their children are suffering from mental health issues and can only begin to imagine how frustrating and heartbreaking it must be. How old is he? From memory this has been something you've been trying to deal with for a while now. Has anything helped in the past? Could changing schools be an option or is it something you've tried already? I'm not saying it's the solution by any means but just throwing ideas out there. I really don't have any advice Goughy but try and hang in there mate.
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    I've gradually been getting overwhelmed, mostly by work stuff - every little issue grinds my gears more and more. I had to pull up stumps a bit early today because it was all getting to be a very tight negative spiral. We have one guy off at the moment who did the group email full blast a few weeks ago, I don't want to get to that stage. Also a bit sensitive one of my favourite former Tigers players (Shane Tuck) took his own life this week. I have many reasons to be OK with where I'm at right now, but sometimes we (I) just need to take a bit of a breather to clear the bad juju.
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    So sad Kieran - I found that I was overwhelmed with offers of help & support in the first few weeks then as Dalai said everyone is getting on with general living but I was at a standstill. Couldnt get my shit together, couldnt think straight, wanted to go out then when I did I wanted to go home. And I was exhausted. My head hurt & my heart hurt too . I didnt want to talk about it or be told "think of the good times" or being asked 'how are you?' The stuff that helped me was people offering to meet me for a run or swim. Coffee was great as long as there was no pressure to chat. Tidying up the house, whizzing the hoover around & dropping off a meal I reckon keep doing what youre doing, checking in, fishing etc & offer to do stuff like ironing kids uniform, a supermarket shop ie the practical stuff. This will also help the kids as theyll worry about that stuff if mum isnt there to do it. And if he says 'no thanks' , thats ok too Youre being a great friend Kieran x
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    Sorry to hear Kieran. Just being there for him now is important but even more important will be to keep checking in on him. Everyone else's life moves on after her passing but time will have stopped for him and his children and they will be grieving for a very long time! Exactly two weeks from the 4th anniversary of loosing my wife and the emptiness and pain is still there... It wasn't long once the calls stopped coming except for a few and were still really needed! Cliche I know but part of you does die with them! Would be extremely hard to loose them suddenly. Although it was gut wrenching watching my wife undertake chemo and radiotherapy then slowly dying and take her last breath, I treasure the additional 53 weeks I was fortunate to have post diagnosis.
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    So sorry to hear K. I still remember watching my best mates wife at his funeral. Every year at a charity golf fundraiser in his name his eldest gets up to speak. Tough as. I would say just be there for them, for whatever they need, but I know you're already doing that.
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    She's home now. By the heater, with two of her sisters.
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    For those in states where you have freedom to go out and normal work, don't take it for granted. Quick summary of NZ situation, until Tuesday we were all smug and life was normal, 102 days Wed started working from home, lots off restrictions in Auckland, but where i am fairly relaxed Thurs more cases, more masks being worn, still an Auckland problem, rest of country laughing at Jafa's (just another f@#king Aucklander) Friday, confirmed cases outside off Auckland, confirmed community transmission from gatherings (church and work place), we have had a confirmed case at work (I'm not close contact), today went for a run along beach about lunchtime significantly more masks being worn, including by 20-40 year olds which hadn't seam much off before. There will be a announcement at 5.30pm today updating status. On a personal note supposed to be going to Wanaka snowboarding tomorrow, that will most likely be cancelled, work will shut if there is any spread, and salary reductions will happen, potentially lay-offs had a lady cleaning our house windows today, who is a retrenched pilot who would normally be flying big planes, now cleaning windows.
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    The better half calls me yesterday afternoon....can you come take me to hospital... Yeah she snapped her Achilles tendon mid netball game We spent 4 hours last night getting assessed at nepean hospital last night she sees the surgeon tomorrow 😬☹
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    Jut exhausted atm. Haven't been able to get my son to school this week thus far. He's not in a good place, is refusing all help. Won't go to counseling. He's on meds, maybe not enough, but that's not a fix. We just don't know what to do any more. One of his biggest problems is he sees everything in black and white. There's no shades of grey. eg at his school the daily uniform is their sport uniform. They only wear formal 3 times a term, and he hates it. He hates how he looks in it because he's overweight, but he also hates things covering his legs. He doesn't own school tracksuit pants, he owns no jeans or pants or anything other than shorts. So he didn't wear formal last week on the formal day. He knew he'd get in trouble for that but we felt him going was more important than not. Next day he was spose to wear it (for not wearing it on the right day) and he didn't and he got in trouble, which he knew was coming. Messages from him from 8.30am that it's the worst day every and he hates it. Messages like that every single morning, emails during the day how much he hates it. Once one thing happens the whole day is ruined. School is being as good as they can about it. But with him refusing to be involved in any programs to help his mental health and him refusing external counseling I just don't know what we can do. He's going to be entering the territory of repeating if he keeps missing school, and that terrifies him (as he hates the kids in the grade below). In his mind everyone at school bullies him; his friends do, teachers do. I have no doubt that he gets some, maybe even bad stuff. But not everyone. I can sympathise with him as I changed school 3 times from 6 to 11 because of it, and unbeknownst was suffering the same levels of depression and anxiety as him (manifested differently), but I know you just can't avoid going like this. It's got both of us just bloody exhausted mentally from it, and work is just driving me mad with people on my back. I'll ring our doc again today and try and set up a phone interview with her to discuss this further, but with him not being willing to participate in anything that could help him, I don't know what more we can do?
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