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    I'd suggest not posting up his videos or watching them. It only drives traffic which is currency/oxygen in the world of social media.
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    Suggestion is to just post your codes and no banter in here so code don't get lost. I have a few. Pushys $25 off if you spend over $99 using the code Jan25 https://www.pushys.com.au/ Rudy Project Glasses and Helmets 5% off all purchase using this link Click for 5% off plus there is a general 25% off for Jan and feb 2020 20% of Trainingpeaks for all of 2020 20Fitterradio20 is the code For the fatties Weight Watchers has 40% off for Jan using this link 40 % off
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    I suddenly feel very vain regarding my reasons to exercise. LOL
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    Buildings that aren't houses can be insured, so I reckon there is more to this than reported. Probably could have had some kind of insurance, but wanted to wait until it was an occupied dwelling. Plenty of part constructed things have insurance.
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    I don't know how you expect people to take you and any argument you make seriously when you come out with schoolyard shit like this! FFS Grow up.
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    True, I have been on both ends of the insurance experience spectrum. Your experience clearly sucked. Guess who funded the opposition during my 8 year legal battle through the NSW court system? What should have cost the system well under a million bucks ended up costing the system several million bucks in legal fees alone. Yet I've also experienced good help via insurance for income support and medical coverage.
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    Lately its been pacing me way to fast for the first 800metres, neutral advantage for the next 2 kms and then having to be urged on for the remainder. She came to us underweight, then the kids started feeding her too much, all being turned around with daily runs and reduction in portions at the moment
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