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    Update Training going well. I've been brave but sensible with my ankle and it's going ok. Nothing to be worried about anyway. Diet has changed where it needed too. Little bit of a culture shock but generally pretty straight forward.* Weight has dropped to 83kg but not much more....? but body comp seems to be changing, love handles are getting smaller and ribs starting to appear mean the weight is being replaced. Swim - Another 10km+ week. Feeling good in the water, ESPECIALLY since implamenting Zed's bend ya elbow thing. Bike - Just Zwifting during the week due to it being easier to get a focussed session done. And it's Winter...Sorry FP but I'm soft 😂 Position is good. Lower back and hip flexors are playing along although hip flexors do get bloody tight and sore by the end of the working week. all good though. Run - Shuffle/walk is the go👍 able to do 1hr sessions of it with NO adverse effects or extended recovery required. Just keep rolling this protocol until the MKC training program kicks in with 16 weeks to go. Life stress is normal. Really really need to spend a weekend getting my house organised how it used to be prior to the injuries....not having training stuff at hand and hunting around for this and that burns minutes that I could be training or parenting. Work was ****ing mental this week, massive mail volumes plus bad weather means that lazy ****s take sickies and the rest of us shoulder their load....absouley rooted friday arvo. More mental fatigue than anything. Mooj is good, bloody excited about December...LOL Its great to see her face light up when we talk about it. Girlfriend situation is stable and supportive. Happy days. 21 weeks to go...YEOW🤘😎 *Straight forward once its spelled out in basic terms to a sometimes very basic guy...LOL
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    70.3 maybe in Amsterdam supporting a close friend who is in a massive battle with Cystic Fibrosis n then if I really can do a 70.3 I'm reaching to be just the 2nd bloke ever with CF n lung transplant to finish n a 140.6 - an American, Scott Johnson, did it at age 33. I'm 47 n its a massive ask however why can't I do it I ask? Hahahaha Thanks everyone
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    They'd be crazy not to let him race. Will make a great story for them.
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    This sprintcar lives across the road from us and my young fella has been itching to sit in it, he got the chance last weekend ( yes he’s in there if you look closely), all the race car drivers up here in all classes are brilliant and will always ask the kids if the want to hop in, they all hand out stickers and posters to all the kids, it’s a real buzz for the kids
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    71km ride - Easy First outdoor ride with P1 Pedals and the Element. Looking at the post ride numbers...there was a 10% difference in the Left/Right power balance which is good....shows I'm protecting my left ankle still. Great to be outside, will definately find a flatter route next time. WSOTB(Walk shuffle off the bike) 6km easy took 3.5km of walking for my feet to defrost. Jogged 2km at ~6:50km pace which was regen/easy feeling. Ankle happy throughout the jog and the ride. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAY
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    and this brings up the different learning styles, some people are kinaesthetic, have to feel or touch, some are visual, have to see numbers in front of them, analytic, scientific. Going by feel works with some, outsourcing the lot and doing exactly what your coach tells you works for others, crunching numbers and spreadsheets, tracking data with wearables etc works for people who enjoy that stuff, are good at it or use tools like this for their work. It's an art, use what works for you and for a lot of people that will be a combination of the lot.
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    BogFrog, Limited & I are both chasing an additional 50km in the next 50 days, so why don't you join us. Keep your own spreadsheet unless you know how to modify the current one, but keep yourself honest with regular updates on here. We drove 7 hours to Rocky yesterday. I felt shocking when I got up this morning, but the recce I did last night showed a 50m pool 600m from the motel we were in, so I went down & did 2.2km this morning before anybody else got up. I feel great now. It's a great pool, and get this. Only $2 entry.
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    short version: 5hrs23, calf went bang with 4km to go. hobbled home, shattered. more later
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    Next Sunday I start working on my main goal for 2018 - on October 13th I am going to be in Hawaii for my 19th go at the Ironman - I have traditionally swam OK and ran OK but lost places on the bike, even though I had often had the fastest bike in my age group in Australia. This year I am going to go there in the best shape I can possibly be. I intend riding six days a week for the 16 week build. I'll be racing basically the same group of guys who have come up through the different age groups with me, I can't stop them doing what they're going to do. All I can do is go there in the best shape possible and go hard from the swim start to the run finish. I can't set a time goal, conditions vary so much - I can't guarantee a position goal but I will be laying it on the line to be hard to beat 😎
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    Ok, I'll stalk 'er. I hate having to look at Instagram pictures of semi-clad fit girls everyday. But someone has to do it.
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    So I ordered some ayups and this is what I got in the mail today 🤔 ☠️ 😷 Thanks NUKED!
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    Forced myself back on the training horse this last month. Was pretty low and did literally nothing at all the month or so before. Decided to hit the trainer rather than joining my old riding group blind like I did in the past - they've had quite a few new people join them and I haven't ridden with them for many months. Managed somehow to get myself on the trainer pretty much 3 times a week doing different spinervals vids. Joined them for a ride on Friday and was tough but happy enough with how I went. My mate pulled out on yesterdays ride so I joined them again for one of our regular routes, lots of the new guys were their for that one. They left me for dead! I've been behind with them (especially when starting back) but nothing like this! I really didn't think things had fallen that bad, and bonked seriously bad and even rode off the road on one climb, not falling at least but having to get myself started mid way up a sharp climb. In the end I told them to stop waiting for me as I wasn't far off the place where I leave the group anyway. But, after getting home I checked my strava records of this ride going back several years and while I wasn't at my fastest I've done it, I wasn't my slowest either! Looks like the bastards with all the new guys are riding much faster! When I could do it at av 22k/hr I was near middle of the group, but they averaged 24.5k/hr yesterday. So that made me feel better. What made me feel even better was the lazy ride with my mate today, and now my legs don't hurt at all. Walking has picked up again, and started getting some faster walks in, though the dog sniffing everything does slow the average down. Boy I still miss running though. Swimming, what swimming. The night squads don't suit me and having to be here in the mornings with the issues my son's had I haven't been able to fit in the morning ones. Was gonna get in an arvo swim a week at the local pool so my son can come along and have a muck about, but they've closed it for the next month so gotta find somewhere else to swim just on my own. Hoping to get in a few of the gatorade races this season, and maybe see what the local club does with their races. Then maybe finally get back to kingy and then look into the longer stuff for next year. Baby steps.
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    Great choice mate. Athletically, Chris has taken me to places that just 2 years ago I thought were so far beyond my potential. We started the same way you two are - we set a goal, I committed to his program 100%, had complete trust in his guidance, and in less than 2 years working together this produced a result two weeks ago at IM Cairns that I had only ever dreamed about. It takes courage to put yourself out there and let a public forum know your goal, and I’m sure you expected to have your doubters. I can promise you that you’re capable of a lot more than what you, or anyone else, thinks you are. You’re in great hands with Chris. Trust the program, truly commit to it, stay the course and the rewards will come. Looking forward to following your progress mate.
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    2.6km OWS. Steady, concentrating on form, and seeing how straight I can swim. I turned after 1300m, sighted the buoy that was 500m away, then headed off towards it. I lifted my head to sight after what I expected to be 480m (I count strokes and am getting pretty good at estimating distance), and the buoy was about 10m directly in front of me. Very happy with that. I'd hoped to swim longer, but had an appointment at 7:50, 45 minutes away. Tomorrow will be short as well due to commitments, as will Wednesday. That's 10 days in a row at the dam now, and hoping to stretch it out through to next week, but life is starting to get in the way of fun.
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    A. Missed my start after returning to my hotel room for my selfie stick B. My 'runner' got held up in Zimbabwe C. Forgot to deworm myself D. Stayed in bed enjoying full blown bronchitis
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    That's the same as in Redfern.. (except they skip the checkout after putting the stuff in backpacks..)
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    From nothing particularly outstanding to the greatest of his generation by some margin. The man with a team of domestiques that appear to be superior to most of the GC contenders. Regular allegations met with claims of transparency that never happen. Absolutely right, I can't see why anyone would draw parallels.
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    Good first week under the guidance of new coach. Happy days, 3 runs, 2 swims, couple of rides, strength session
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    Slumming it at a penthouse in Labrador. Most of our crew smashed it. Mrs CN (I'm just going to run easy, oh shit my dodgy hammy has cramped walking to the start line) 1st in her AG (55-59) out of 129 in the 5.7km. Miss CN (23, 2nd HM) and her "I Fn hate cardio & I hate Fn running" boyfriend (25, 1st ever running race, does an HM) asked me to write them a training program, and went 1:50 (6min PB) & 1:43 (I just want to break 2hrs) respectively. Our mate James who has never competed in anything in his life and never done any formal exercise until the last year when he started cycling with us (and kicks our arses) busted out the 5.7km, 19th in his AG.. Miss CNs friend from school did the full mara in 4:24 and is not even hobbling (oh to be 23 again) Me - not a single fish landed yet, but still 2 days to avoid getting skunked. However, the highlight for me was these muppets in the carp hats. And GC motorists are far more tolerant of cyclists than the @#$%s where I live who have NO TRAFFIC AT ALL TO DEAL WITH! Had a very pleasant ride y'day.
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    I I I j j j just d d d did a c c couple of k k km at th th the d d dam. F F F Flaming hell it's c c cold. Up north was much better.
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    5.6km shuffle good 1km bit at ~6:04/km Walked when it was uncomfortable, shuffled and jogged the rest. Very happy with it
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    Mongetti Fartlek but did it round the wharfs so had some straight lines. Managed 2:45/km for 90 seconds. Chuffed!
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    Hey Fb, remember the cranky old guy up the street when you were growing up....
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    Thanks Surfer. It wasn't pretty. Swim was fine, except it was two loops in the Thames and heading back both times the sun was right in your eyes. Water was cleaner than I was expecting and I came out in 39 mins, as expected. Bike went OK, those drags really took their toll on the 3rd time around! I rode within myself and had AP's words about riding like a guy that intends to run well, in my head. Trouble was I had no idea if I'd be able to run at all! Anyway, got it done and passed quite a few of the faster simmers. There were three other distances going on so never easy to know who is in what race. It started to get (for Pommieland) hot and the mercury was nudging 25C on the bike. My bike time is 2.44, which I was a little disappointed with but given there is a massive field you have to run to and from transition, before you can mount the bike, I was a bit happier I guess. Roads were awful. I had a plan for the run, IF my calf had been ok and that was to run at 5.20/km for the first 5km and take 5secs per km at every 5km lap. However I knew the calf wasn't going to play ball in the first couple of minutes. Temp was now 27C. The calf was aching but not really painful and I could manage it if I kept the pace to 5.25-30 per km. Then 16 kms in on the last lap, it just got really painful. Then it was a case of hobbling/walking to the finish. The run is short, it's 20km and I went 1:50. So my day didn't go to plan but still a solid time for me. Finishing was painful and a bit emotional but my sister was a great supporter all day and I'm thankful for that came 38th overall, I think out of approx 200 but official results aren't out yet, so the printout only has my times and position. I was 14th in AG, again not sure how many.