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    Managed to grab these ones the other morning out for a run. Taken with Samsung phone, no filters.
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    Pottsville isn't in Queensland
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    Asia Pacific Ironman Melbourne: 2020 Event scrapped over CoronaVirus fears Peter Rolfe and Christian Tatman, Herald Sun March 5, 2020 5:20pm ORGANISERS have been lashed for a “shortsighted” decision to cancel the 2020 Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship, held around Melbourne’s southern suburbs. Frankston mayor Sandra Mayer said it was a devastating blow to Frankston. “Prior to cancellation, they should have picked up the phone and spoken to the council who have been the strongest supporter of Ironman,” she said. “This … is ironic, as it comes at a time when the State Government has declared its support for boosting events and tourism opportunities in regional Victoria.” The contentious decision was made by race director Chuck and current the raining championship since 2016, “well when the customer refused to fly home from Europe due to corona concerns, I had no choice other than to cancel the event for this year. This decision was not made lightly, but we believe it was the correct decision”. chuckie hope the race will run again in 2021, March 21 will be the date.
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    Just another day in the life... (Mallorca, just before the escape hatch closed in early March)
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    This is Highway 3 just east of Yellowknife in Northwest Territories, Canada. This was 28 January. -25 degrees, unseasonably WARM for January. Should be -40 at this time of night. For this reason it was cloudy on 2 of the 3 nights we were there and this was our only chance to see aurora. This road becomes the ice road on the other side of town. The glow on the horizon is an ice road trucker bearing down on me. The next day I drove 320km round trip to see wild bison. Scary as hell on a 2 lane snow covered unmarked road sharing with huge b doubles and tankers while it’s puking down snow
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    This morning
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    Welcome dinner last night was great. Big welcome to the first timers and recognized the people who have done 10, 15, 20, 25 etc. I had dinner with a group including first timers and they got a real buzz from being recognized. Was a great start to weekend. Can see why awarded best IM last year. Thing's like welcome dinner and mass swim start make this race memorable. Weather is good and supposed to get better with minimal wind.
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    For my 20th I got a glass clock and no free entry. For the 25th they get a massive trophy/cup that stands about 2 feet tall. No idea of any free entry for 26th. I guess buy this stage they assume your coming back. I was going to take a year off after 15th....ahhh but that free entry and then your on your way to 20th. The bad thing about doing heaps...the race becomes a number chase....and hence... the last race I did without injury was 2013. Hoping for an injury free 8 weeks ahead. So far so good. won Husky on the weekend (50-54) and got Batemans bay coming up in 3 weeks.
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    And they won, with rain bucketing down for the last 2 balls.
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    People do Ironman’s on 12 weeks to go. We all did back when Forster was around easy. Do it. you’ll finish.
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    Approx 3,300 people have died of Coronavirus so far this year. Approx 140,000 people have died from suicide so far this year. Just wash your hands and get back on with the important things in life.
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    I was going to come down to compete Chuckie, but personally I think with the possibility of no toilet paper in the portaloos, I just couldn't imagine fronting up. Could you possibly use that as a health reason to call it a day & take the loot?
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    a bit of rain today in Frankston. it could be off?🤨
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    IMOZ May 2017. Wont rule out another, but for now I am content with short course and half iron distance.
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    I’m less scared of the virus then I am of sharing the planet With people that think stockpiling toilet paper and not drinking Corona beer is an effective way of staying safe.
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    Holy thread revival batman. So had a very bizarre incident last night and they really were a category for a Darwin award, despite surviving. We had a house fire in town, 11pm at night, get the call and find the rear of the house well ablaze. Fire is put out, the investigators come in and quickly find the cause: Occupant of the house could not find her cigarette lighter, so had taken the toaster into her bed to light cigarette from before sleepy time. Occupant in question was a 14 year old girl who was heard to say when leaving the building "Mum is going to ****ing kill me for this". Therefore while occupant survived the fire (despite no smoke alarms - remember to stock up on batteries before daylight savings ends and change them), I nominate said occupant for a possible Darwin Award once Mum got home
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    I'm glad someone has a video of it. Was quite something to be swimming head on in to swimmers coming the other way, especially when couldnt see them until a wave trough.
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    4 seasons of tri. 10:15 first attempt (age 41 only a few socials tris done in MID 20s-30s) Sub 10 second season. Best: sub 9:30 3rd season. Not sure if I ever ran 60km a week. 40km would be big week. Not much training aligned with the "hot topics" discussed here. Find what works for you then 1) Consistency over time.
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