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    I turned to the doctor and glares at him, started quivering and said, “you have no ****ing idea of the year I’ve had and how important it is to me to finish this race I never wanted to do just 5 days ago. I’ve had 4 attempts on my life this year with one needing to resuscitate me. I am not allowing you to withdraw me from the race” he said “I didn’t see a thing” picked up his clipboard and walked away, I put my sunnies on and exited the medic tent through T2 and out on to the run.
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    It's funny. Most marathon courses are pretty flat. Even the ones considered undulating are still pretty flat. Some people travel to places like Amsterdam because it is dead flat at (or below) sea level. I know times recorded at courses like Boston aren't recognised as World Records because it is downhill, but in general people don't bag others for racing a Marathon on a flat course. Yet we deride Ironman courses (a more difficult event) that are deemed as flat, so too easy. I think we are blessed to have so many different types of races available. We have flat courses, hilly courses, windy courses, hot and humid, etc. If I was looking for a fast time I would do an 'easy' course. If I was looking for the best placing in my age group, I would look for a course that best suited my strengths (in my case that would probably be Nice). It's exactly the same when I pick running races, fast times at flat road races, much better placings at tough and much slower trail runs. In any given year, I'm most likely to enter both types. In some ways it is similar how people often look down upon the shorter Triathlons. As if anything below an Ironman is barely worth it. Were Sebastion Coe, Steve Cram, Mo Farrah lesser runners because they raced the shorter distances? Is 3 time ITU World Champion Peter Robinson no longer a superstar because he failed when he moved up to the Ironman Distance (or Emma Snowsill because she never raced Ironman)? I think ParkRuns are great, absolutely love the local Sprint Triathlons and Duathlons. Olympic Distance Triathlons fill me with fear due to the pain I know I will endure on the last 5km of the run. Half Ironmans excite me, because after about 15 attempts I've still not quite nailed one yet. Ironman scares the bejesus out me, maybe I'll do another one some day. Doesn't matter what event I do, I'll still have the same pre-race nerves. In fact I think it's that early morning feeling of anticipation that I love the most (it's definitely not the feeling I experience during the second half of the run leg).
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    I mean Brownlee goes okay but he's no Kirill Kotsegarov is he. When he went sub 8 in Texas a couple of years ago it showed what a rockstar he is on tough courses. He was just so unlucky that Ronnie Schildknecht showed up that day to help relegate him to fifth. The Naughtical Lady (that "light house looking thing") was demolished about five years ago. This year the medal and shirt celebrated that other famous local race the Busselton Jetty Swim. I've heard rumours that next years will be themed around fat blokes running in front of the jetty to honour the beer mile. It will be baby blue like a certain safari suit, may it rest in peace.
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    Totally directed at me. LOL But thankfully I have broken 15:30, so I'm good.
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    She also said they had a solid legal case that would win the court case. If so, why settle? Hard to believe anything she says at the moment. AJ
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    Pfft! I went 15:01 on Sunday then ate 2 whopper with cheese meals, and two bacon delux burgers, a twelve pack of donuts, a Cesar salad, a chicken burger from a truck stop, half a loaf of bread with cheese slices in the middle all on the road trip back to karratha this afternoon after leaving yesterday morning. thats impressive! #cleaneatingnowimhome 😂
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    Mate You are truly first class. You're openness in regards to Mental Health and Suicide may be tough for some people to stomach but it does ENDLESS good in reducing the taboo surrounding the topic. Well done lad. Proud to be your friend. 😎🤘
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    Like I said rugby are broke. I’d be surprised if he got more than a million. It would be better of rugby going broke fighting 14 million than give him 14 million.
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    Have to say, Some GREAT robust discussions on this thread. No bullshit or name calling. Well done all involved. My experience there won't be talked about please. Nuff said. Given similar opportunities again I would decline and ask that the money raised be paid to Beyond Blue. No stress. I reckon B@W generally just uses "shit" flippantly and it doesn't carry any real weight to it 🤷‍♂️✌️ just what I have learned in hindsight. And the mud slinging is just that. Another thing that I learned in hindsight.* Good work all ✌️ *my current head space and life situation has A LOT to do with my clear hindsight.
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    I actually don’t mind busso, yep it’s flat, good for fat blokes like me because I suck at riding hills, being flat you don’t get a break, you need to keep on pedalling (unless you wanna draft 😂), the run is far better than Cairns, the run surface is great, cairns is concrete which just sucks. Oh the scenery at busso.....so good, and we have bikini clad girls hosing us down. Don’t get that in cairns or Nz, not sure about port. The swim- perfect, I spotted blue swimmer crabs there this week, reminded me of home. And I find riding through the Forrest really cool, the trees are epic. I’ll happily race there again, and the same with anywhere else, it’s about the sport for me. I find any Ironman hard, never feels easy to me
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    Yes, I said back. But meant full back. And it's done. We'll just have to guess how much he got our of it. I'm guessing 5mill. Kinda hoped he'd get his arse kicked in court, bit most of these things settle don't they?
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    I’m getting a new bike. The only decision is which one. I thought this was going to happen. So I got my wife the new MacBook Pro, Bose headphones, hand bag & heap of lululemon gear during the Black Friday sales. On purpose I didn’t buy anything. This old dog knows how to play the game.
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    8 Million NZD is 2 million AUD....
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    Could you just do the sustained power build then the 40km TT specialty plan on TR, with some slow cadence work?
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    I'm eating fish and it's delicious. Thanks!
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    Tonnes of indoor cycling on gradients. That will do it for sure. Failing that, just long hill repeats.
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    100% spot on and it reflects my comments in a previous thread about Busso being a vanilla standard event. It could also be the reason why my wife struggled to split Busso, Port & Melb.
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    I was interested to see what my wife thought of the different races. So I asked her to rank the races I have done from best to worse. 1 Cozumel 2 Lake Tahoe 3 Texas 4 Vineman 5 Louisville 6 Cairns 7 Maryland (too many rednecks) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All the same - nothing special about them Melb Busso Port Mac ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WORST: Malaysia ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arizona (didn't go you bastard) Chattanooga (left at home again) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Busso highlights video p
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    I haven't raced Busso since the inaugural event and I 'may' have done Port more recently, so take my opinion with a truckload of salt. Yes, Busso's swim is better than Port due to water quality and depth, (you can see the sharks! ). Though not as good as it was when it went around the pier. Port's cycle is better than what I remember Busso to be. Yes, Port is slower and the road surface is often granular and rough in a few places, but so what. everyone's racing the same course on the day and its mix of rolling hills, extended flat sections and MFD climb, all combine to reward the well prepared rider. Some great views overlooking the beaches too. The only thing it lacks is a few genuine extended climbs. Both runs are flat cookie-cutter multi-loop affairs. Port's was better when it included Windmill Hill. Yes, I like different things.
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    From everything I've seen, it appears to be win for Falau and a complete and absolute back down by Rugby Australia. One wonders why after all this time RA have caved. Coming up after the break.... Raelene Castle to be shown the door in the not too distant future because of her pathetic handling of this whole thing AJ (Disclaimer: Crystal Ball broke years ago.)
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    To put it in context. Port Macquarie had an index of 3700( !!!!!!!) for over a week. Visibilty was down to 200metres. The PM10 rolling average today was 175, and whilst you could see smoke haze, after the last few weeks it was "like" clean air. Mind you, I have only had one ride , and than the occasional surf since the bushfires started a month ago.
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    Everyone likes different things. Regardless of the ease of the course, Busso is a much nicer place and much nicer course than Port Mac. If its too easy go harder. Having done IM Arizona and a heap of halves in NA, found Australian events to be very much K-mart, cheap nasty plastic and poorly produced by comparison. The US events are simply excellent, much higher quality and better produced. Americans are much better supporters there is atmosphere which sadly lacks at Oz Events. I can see why Bored has travelled so much, especially when you factor in the costs of doing domestic events
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    Sounds about right. I do like shouting at people and enforcing rules. That's why @Katz and I are so perfect together.
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    Triratings tried to apply some level of science to comparing Ironman courses. All the Oz courses are within 11 mins on average of each other at 9hrs. Cairns is slowest (swims and run) and Busso quickest (bike). Port Mac has the quickest run but a slower bike. Some of the differences are probably course but some are probably typical weather. That 11 mins equates to 2% difference in time across the 3 and is less than a lot of transitions I see, so the difficulty argument in Oz hasn’t got much truth to it.
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    In fairness to Stikman, Busso drafting is a problem the 5 and unders are sitting in trains and packs. I think if I am right STikman wearing pink gave it to some drafting prick in 2016. This guy got the shits, surged up whinging who does that guy in pink think he is. He said that within ear shot, I said I'm not sure who he is but you are a drafting cheating bastard.
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    I felt it the first day, but after that you kind of get used to it. I did have a bit of a cough for a while. Probably related.
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    I just read the thread about 70.3 Melbourne for a race that hasn’t happened. The bitterness in the thread: drafting easy course (I agree) shortned swim ecoli in the water HB is a better race not good timing Locals won’t support it the race won’t last too many hipsters....
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    If you did not do Forster Im course it does not count as an IM
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    Yep, Sydney mate. Ours is currently 191 but was up about 400 last week. I am unsure the difference between smoke and pollution when it comes to how it feels to breathe. I know they are both unhealthy but is there a difference? How did you cope in India ? Any daily side effects ? My place is orange ATM. FM PS: Gizmo just arrived in India. I might get him to bring back a can of air as a presi. Lol
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    He will take his massive payout and go get a massive contract in europe somewhere...
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    Nah it's got nothing to do with being a local. I just don't get the constant negativity. Busso is shit because it's flat, Cairns is shit because the swim is a choppy mess, Port is shit because of the road surface, Kona is shit because of the wind and heat, Lang Kwai is shit because of the humidity etc etc None of these races are shit, they all have their unique challenges.
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    You may have already heard, but the one the protagonists above, Brad Gobright, died from a fall a few days ago. He was a really endearing character and it is so sad to hear.
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    Maybe Busso could do a Shark on theirs? Or even
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    My left foot is still carrying the muscle memory of many years of manual driving so when I tried this I almost did cause a crash....
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    Not now that all the crooks reading this know to look there 😂
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    what? my shoe isn't secure anymore?
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    No problem! 25% from the Visa, 25% from the MC, 25% from EFTPOS savings - and the rest in the cash you've been skimming off the household budget for the last 6 months.
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    Have now put in over 100km in my first pair of Hoka's - Rincon. I love them, but they don't love me back quite so much. My work moved to Docklands, a concrete jungle, a long way from good running surfaces. It is now 2.5km to get to the Tan, whereas my work's previous location was only 0.5km away. Harder surfaces reek havoc with my legs and I suffered injuries almost straight away. Purchased the Hoka One One Rincons for my lunchtime runs believing they will protect the legs when running on hard surfaces. So far the Rincons have served their purpose and my legs are surviving far better on the harder surfaces. It has also opened up lots of other routes now that I'm not limited to running on natural surfaces. The Rincons are very light (which I like), similar to my Saucony Kinvaras. The wide sole also helps against pronation. Much better than pronation runners with their stiffer sections of the sole (which I hated). Feel a little different to run in, but I'd come to like how they feel. Problems: - Experienced minor blisters in the arch after about 50 minutes. Have not experienced this with any other shoe (I currently have 12 pairs of runners in rotation). Resolved this by wearing slightly thicker socks. - My second toe is longer than my big toe. This causes issues on long runs with a lot of runners. But definitely the worst with the Rincons (and yes there is a full finger's gap between my toe and the end of the shoe). I suspect this is due to the large amount of cushioning. A lack of road feel seems to exaggerate bad running form when I start to fatigue. Experience this problem less in non-cushioned runners, but want some cushioning for the long runs (catch 22). - Wore them in a Half Marathon. Worst blisters I have ever experienced, lost 2 toenails. - Was hoping they would become my Half Ironman race runners, but that will never happen. Summary (specific to me): - really light and provide stability via the wide sole - great for runs up to 60 min on hard surfaces - therefore perfect for my lunchtime runs at work - get blisters in the arch if I run in thin socks - destroy my toes on long runs - still searching for race runners for Half Ironman. My current runners: - Saucony Kinvara 6 - Saucony Kinvara 9 - Saucony TypeA8 - Inov-8 Road-X 233 - Inov-8 Road-X lite 155 - Inov-8 Tri-Extreme 225 - Inov-8 Race Ultra 270 - Inov-8 Trailroc 245 - Inov-8 TerraClaw 220 - Hoka One One Rincon - On Cloudflow - Newton Distance S IV
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    if someone tail gates you, turn on your wiper wash. They tend to get the message when water sprays over their windscreens.
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    Hahaha, no, not rockstars. We did have a drink and a catch up at the after party though which was good. Your name was mentioned as the bad influence who got us all terribly drunk last time we were all together though.
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    Is there anything more boring than running on a treadmill.. Water running "hold my beer"
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    J. Phoenix favourite for an Oscar for best actor?
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    You know, I think he HAS become somewhat of a caricature, but I really love it. Apart from all the gangster movies he roles it out the same part for father-in-law from hell, Jack Byrnes in "Meet the parents" and again as crime boss Paul Vitti in "Analyse this!". I can see that if you don't like the caricature it it would be very annoying. I think it's a bit like Samuel L Jackson's famous scene in Pulp Fiction (the "I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?!" one) and he's been playing pretty much the same character ever since - but I really love that, too! I really can't stand Nicholas cage now for the same reason - same stoopid facial expressions - but I give him a reprieve for doing it in "Kick Ass!" 😋
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    Yep, good luck to you - it sounds sensational! And I have every intention of doing the same. Probably the big advantage we have now - as I turn 61 - is we have a pile of cash so can afford to keep the house and just slum about for a few years. Xmas next year is when the formal resignation will go in.
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