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    My losses are small on the scale, but apparently my waist and hips are narrowing. I might just use the scales to make sure I am not putting on weight, but take the changes from the measuring tape. My wedding dress already seems loose and I swear I ordered the smaller size, and the setting engagement ring keeps on slipping down to the underside of my finger again.
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    That all depends on the type of elliptical machine. The life fitness ones are probably the best as they have less up and down and more elliptical movement. Balance has a lot to do ability to control hips through core strength. Most when use the arm levers just yank the arms and hardly use legs. You do get use to it. Dont worry about going heavy with the resistance settings find a nice rhythm.
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    I got pretty tired watching him skull, I mean drink, I mean sip his beers, it was bordering on embarrassing
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    Is there anything more boring than running on a treadmill.. Water running "hold my beer"
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    Should have got one for playing Johnny Cash.
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    Woops, Rush of blood ....... keyboards and credit cards will be death of me
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    hahaha, we got hooked after season 1 and now almost finished it thank god cos it went downhill badly.... intersting to note the change in language (F and C) and themes (all of Izzy Folaus pet peeves) in season 3 when it went from being made by commercial tv to Netflix..
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    Agreed. An obvious one would be Heath ledger too surely
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    I got the result I deserved. 15.34 Overweight and under trained. 100.3kg of pleasure. The last time I swam was over a year, longest ride was 90km. Biggest run was 10km and I bonked on that day. I love this sport and the support we all get out on course during the day. A huge thanks to all the vollies who kept us safe and well supplied with food and water. Humdrum did a fab job heckling all day. Ill have to think about training for a quick one. I've currently got sub 10,11,12,13,14,15,16 and 17. Sub 9 and sub 8 to go.
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    Well done to everyone finishing yesterday. For those of us with a 5+ hour bike it got hot and there seemed to be a head wind no matter which way you were going for the last ~50km on the bike. Fortunately there were plenty of flies to assist with additional protein nutrition on the run. I finished with a 13:49. After two Ironman's in 6 weeks it is time to take it easy, get fat and not sit on a exercise bike bored out of my brain.
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    Not sure. Stuck to power, but HR was high and felt hot out there. Started feeling sick and that was pretty much game over. Couldn’t take on gels, or elctrolytes just sipping water. And it was only 31! Felt a lot hotter and the wind was up shifting 180 so we got a headwind heading out on 2nd lap and back in. Shit load of walking on the run. Stopped feeling sick on lap 3 so managed to run more, negatively splitting my 5 hour marathon 😅.
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    Did my first tri in ages there last Sunday after a very long break. Had no intentions of ever getting back in the water but did the enticer distance and raced on a road bike and a a freak'n ball! It's just as friendly and lay back as it ever was, even if most of the faces are all new to me now Motivated to pick up a bit of open water swim training and even dusting the cobwebs off my tri bike. Did someone say "Shepparton 2020"?
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    I have found if you stir coconut oil into your Kale it makes it easier to scrape into the bin..............
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    Wish I had have weighed in at medical last night. lol
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    16:58:07 Lets just say, that was tough.
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    Back down under 90kg again, after eating my way across Rajasthan & not getting sick. At one point I think I must have been over 92kg, but for the 2nd half of the trip my daughter & I started sharing meals, so I started to pull back some of the weight gain.
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    Don't forget your coffee money for a post race brew and breakfast with other club members.
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