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    An interesting topic and one I have probably more experience than most in. That experience would be as a user of "recreational" drugs back in my wilder days of yore and as the person on the other side of the fence as ambulance crew at everything from Notting Hill Carnival to Download Festival to Wireless Festival as well as an operational commander for SJA at those events and then quite literally poacher turned gamekeeper as an event manager for some of the UK's biggest dance music promotors. Running events for over 10,000 people many with a proclivity to partake. My experience is UK orientated, it's not a world I have had any contact with over in Australia. In all of those capacities other than the first I have seen the serious impact on health that overdoses and poisonings can have. I've saved a fair few lives, not managed to save one and once been the person who had to tell the friends of somebody at one of my event's that they weren't coming home with them, ever. I am, of course, a bias sample. The roles I was undertaking meant that I would only see the ill people / people who had an issue. You don't call an ambulance to somebody who is fine which applies to the vast majority of people who take drugs or even drink to excess for enjoyment. In every case, except one where it was quite clear the poor chap had deliberately overdosed, the issues were caused by contamination or super-strength substances, all of which would have been solved with some kind of testing facility. The current "war on drugs" has objectively failed. Billions and billions of resources have been spent and deaths from drug misuses are at the highest ever level (again UK stats): https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/bulletins/deathsrelatedtodrugpoisoninginenglandandwales/2018registrations. The biggest demonstration that the "war" has failed is that I could arrive in any city in the UK and in 10 minutes have my hands on anything from heroine to cannabis. On top of the human misery caused by those dying from misuse you also have the terrible depravations that take place in countries that are in the supply chain, Afghanistan, Mexico, South America all bear the scars from the horrific control that organised crime has over their society due to the insane amounts of money they can make from the trade. As an event manager we had to genuinely risk assess anti-drug measures to ensure we would not end up on the wrong side of a shot gun. If you confiscate a significant amount of an organised firm's drugs or get them caught by the police then you are highly likely to have a bunch of tooled up gangsters turning up at your event. The police would be useless in that situation. In terms of how to solve it, basically I think everybody would like a system that minimises harm and also stops my gran getting mugged to pay for heroin. I don't buy the "Alcohol is worse so we should treat it the same as that" as I think it's a strawman, "This thing is bad, but it's not as bad as that bad legal thing so we should legalise it" doesn't really add up. It is useful however to use alcohol as a mirror to hold up to the morally outraged to demonstrate the hypocrisy of that position. We should split drugs into the "recreational" and the "addictive", there is crossover but considerably less than you would think. However alcohol is a perfect example of a crossover. For many people who use it in moderation it is not problematic and the social good it does is actually a real thing. I have a GP friend who works in a rural practice and he told me that the people he worries about health wise are not the old boys who head to the pub for two or three pints of an afternoon because it means they are getting up, getting out and socialising. They also have a bunch of people who would notice if they didn't turn up for a couple of days. The worry are the isolated ones who nobody sees / visits. Equally for most people MDMA and Ecstacy are not proven to be addictive and people tend to "grow out of them" as life moves on (summary of research here: https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/research-reports/mdma-ecstasy-abuse/mdma-addictive). There is a similar story for Cocaine although it is more addictive and does cause more problems. Note I am separating cocaine, from crack cocaine which is horrendously addictive. Crack, ice, heroine and the rest of the opiates are addictive. My personal view based on experience and looking at places like Luxemburg (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/11199849/What-happens-if-you-decriminalise-drugs.html) is that we need a massive step towards decriminalisation. I would like to see MDMA, Ecstacy, Cannabis and Cocaine (not crack) legalised, regulated and taxed. They should be available to purchase from licensed retailers. Limited to the over 18s and packaged in a way that clearly explains the danger. I would also like to see the other drugs decriminalised and made available through medical practitioners. People would be able to get hold of them so long as they were also taking part in some kind of treatment program. No 10 year old wants to grow up to be a smack head. We treat alcoholism as a medical / social issue. We should do the same with all addictions. This is not going to happen any time soon. Stigma and political pressure will stop this happening. In the mean time drug quality testing has to be rolled out if only so I never have to give anyone that news again.
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    Hey all just thought id share my 1st time experience!!! https://www.multisportaustralia.com.au/races/Syd-Sprint-Series-Dec-2019/events/1/results/individuals/180 All in all a pretty amazing day...makes me wonder why I havnt been getting up this early to get out there lol. Everyone was super friendly, the organisers, volunteers, the set up whole thing was awesome! Got through the swim in 20minutes which was crazy as I didnt have to float on my back or dogy paddle at all, although im sure my same side breathing stroke was not great lol. I waited 10 seconds afte my group started, but didnt sight for a few minutes and i went way off course and had to move back in, so lesson learned...learn how to sight! o and then overshot the finsih and had to kindof swim back in a little. The run up to transition was longer than I thought and ended up spending over 5 minutes catching my breathe, getting the wetsuit off which was disastrous, and then getting some socks on lol. The cycle, which I was most confident in ended up being the worst of the 3 at 50 minutes , some serious machines out there zooming past though and a few unlucky few with punctures and a super runny nose after the swim, and I had no tissues so that totally threw me 😕 also, need to practise some damn hills cause i had no speed going up! But then the run, really should have done some brick training (facepalm) - first 500m felt good then i just got niggling pains in my knees and ankles and went pretty slow taking 32mins. All in all 1hr 50m, last in my age group (35-39) but not by too much so I reckon, next one is in 7 weeks so...signing up tonight I didnt see anyone with the white cap trinube, but there ended being a TONNE of people lol. Were you there and how did you do @trinube? Thanks so much for all the tips and questions again you have no idea what a help it was to remove some of the fear and doubt heading in! and I totally get the bug now and just wanna do better at all 3 disciplines Saw that there were a lot of clubs there but they all looked super fit so mayve not yet Does anyone know what YNF means next to some peoples results? Thanks again all - hopefully get to meet some of you at the next one!!!
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    So after talking about it for a few years with Bel, and selling our camper trailer earlier this year, we have been cashed up and looking for a suitable caravan to suit our needs. We have looked at numerous different layouts to suit our needs and last weekend we finally pulled the trigger and purchased our van. Shit is about to get real, as we are now looking at putting the house on the market in February with the view to living in the van on a mates farm for the next 18 months (to stash bulk cash) before we hit the road full time. Destination and timeframe unknown. Up until now our plans have all felt a bit abstract, but that has now all changed. To be honest I think we are both quietly shitting ourselves now that it has become more real, but nonetheless we are both looking forward to the new adventure in due course!
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    Thanks Doc - no seriously mate I know what you’re saying, and could well be the case, but right now the pain hasn’t eased up and the quacks have absolutely ruled me out, as has my wife and coach. That aside, I was never going there to make up the numbers and just cruise around. I was there to go as hard as I could and see what I could do off the back of a solid year. I know my own body and more importantly my own head, and thankfully so does my wife to remind me of what’s most important. It’s often a risky game, and there is the possibility of not noticing any pain until the day before or even on race day. That could land me in some serious grief, whether I’m recovered or not. Ultimately it’s just a race. There’ll be another time. All good.
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    Not much roll down except for a couple of the younger age groups. I think the 30-34 males went down to 15th. Even the extra female spots didn't roll far. No luck for Mr or Mrs Flower. I really enjoyed the race. The conditions were very good for a good fast race. I saw only 1 big pack on the bike. Pretty happy with my 5:00 to come 9th in 55-59. I would have preferred a 4:59 and 8th as a guy in my age group came past in the last 500 mtrs. The old legs could not respond. Still wouldn't have got me a spot. Those boys were 20-15 minutes up the road. Bloody impressive.
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    Bound for IMWA. But first exmouth currently on side of road figuring out how I’m going to make it to town! 😂🤦‍♂️
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    Yep, good luck to you - it sounds sensational! And I have every intention of doing the same. Probably the big advantage we have now - as I turn 61 - is we have a pile of cash so can afford to keep the house and just slum about for a few years. Xmas next year is when the formal resignation will go in.
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    40min jog while Mooj is at squads. Avg Pace 6:14 Avg HR 118 - saw 123 once or twice. The effort felt above "easy" so I will slow down a bit. Capping run HR at 120bpm to rebuild my low end running endurance.
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    Wonder if old mate can make it to busso by the weekend.
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    Well yes, that is true because I thought it looked good. But now I've seen his finished work, it's really really good!
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    I don’t know how city people do it. This is perfect
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    Yep, tiger yesterday and hammerhead It’s ok, just sore Head butted is a better description, I shot a blue bone at about 1730hrs and it must have been shark dinner time because it chased it all the way up, it was also my dinner so was reluctant to let it go. And it had a go at it and missed but the follow through hit me. good news is the blue bone tasted awesome with a mango chutney
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    "doing volume plus good technique might get you exponential improvements." - winner right here Technique alone is wasted without volume.
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    Compared to Cairns where the water is "Crocodile" brown it's such an amazing swim, no jetty but still pretty cool. I so vividly recall seeing a crab (blue swimmer?) last year, sitting up pinchers out, looking at me as if to say "I dare you m#@fker, come any closer and..." Might have to dial back the run if we're hitting 30c+, assuming one doesn't blow up before then.
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    Do it mate. You only get one shot at this. That's why Bel and I have decided to do it in our 40's rather than our 60's or 70's!
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    Just spoke with Pete. Yep, that’s the place. 6pm on Thursday. He said he would love the Transitions crew and all their friends to come along. He said he had a very special guest coming too. you only live once. I will listen to the podcast from this side. Enjoy FM
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    Yeah, I want out of here - the fewer people the better. Depends a lot on what the kids are doing. If they want to stay and need to house we'll be relying a lot more on investments if we travel. We saw a nice 2 person Winnebago caravan which was about $58k - really sweet
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    If they want to take ridiculous risks, then that's their call. But I feel for all those part of the support crew and film crew, family and friends, who would be there and see it. Imagine how they would feel, the guilt and their sense of responsibility even if they weren't responsible directly and couldnt have done anything to prevent it?
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    Same same we would have been very close in that last bit of the run I went 504 in m 45 49 with 237 bike
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    You need to take up rogaining then. Nothing like doing a 24 hr event, realising at 2a.m. having bushbashed for 3 hours looking for a tiny orange and white flag in thick bush, the pitch black, in the freezing cold, with just a head torch, detailed topo map and a compass, that you have no f****** idea where the hell you are on the map ..... if you havent actually gone off the map. There aren't many ways to have as much fun. 🤣
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    This is great news. Two trips to Shep next year!
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    I turned up to a tri on Sunday without my helmet
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    Tried to swim... forgot my towel 🙄 How do you mess up something you've done a thousand times before?!
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    I've heard more than whispers. I've heard yelling.
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    You said that about the one he hadn’t started! 🤣
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    http://www.challengeshepparton.com.au/ Would appear so. 5th April 2020. Fantastic. Was such a good race. Good to see it's back on.
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    One of my favourite songs. Thanks Goughy.
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    So is this thing back on next year? Sounds like some sort of rebirth is coming.
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    You do impressive work Goughy. That's gorgeous.
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    Looks a little different now @Katz The pattern matching nearly sent me insane. Another single and a 3 seater with it.
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    Good luck all. Hope the clouds stay and the flies don't.
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    ^^ This I use register now for our running festival. We had over a thousand entrants this year so you need some kind of system that is not manual otherwise you would never cope. As pointed out by Trifun you can configure to have the fee taken from the amount paid to you which is the option we put in place also, so no additional fees for our athletes.
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    For the amount of athletes on a multi lap course, it wasn't too bad. A couple of trains and a few absolute cheats (sucking a wheel for a km.I tried to get his number but missed it but he was wearing a no name half orange tri suit- I was going to let him know after the race). The legs are shot at the moment but reasonably happy with the result. I might even do a report. Great to see Clappers, Miss Jess, Gregb ( looking after us as a TO), Mr/Mrs Flower, Les, IronJimbo and also great to meet Prince for the first time. FM
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    We had the first round of random D&A testing at work on Tuesday. I was tested. Clear as ****. Then I happily confirmed to my co-workers that my type of weird isn't from D&A 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎✌️
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    I thought about what you wrote earlier when I was at the pool today, looking at people who were swimming along at ~55-60 seconds per 50. It wouldn't matter if some of them triple their volume, they ain't getting much quicker with the technique they've got. One guy who I've seen over the past couple of weeks is super fit, swimming heaps, but can't break 60 for 50 because he nearly touches his opposite ear with every hand entry. So yes - whilst doubling volume can reap rewards, it's likely to help people who already swim reasonably well technique wise... and there's no way of telling if the OP swims reasonably well. It might be something as simple as they may be looking too far forward & dropping the hips as a result. If you find a good coach to look at your stroke and find some easy fixes, the OP could be dropping 5-10 seconds without doing any more than the 8k per week they are doing.
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    I'm also a fan of toys to make sessions more recovery and strength based. I use paddles with caution as I have poor shoulder mobility with an injury history. I find pull and band great for feeling the effects of tautness and addressing the snaking I tend to do. Like most people I don't need to kick as much to lift my legs in a wetsuit or when using a pull, but I have to ask myself why do my legs sink without them? Weak core and poor shoulder mobility! A pull will do nothing to improve my core and that's a real downside of over relying on one particularly you're not doing anything to address these issues. My swim has slowly improved over the years, I tend to take too much time of swimming after race. Below are my 1k TT times over the past 5 years. Dec 2014 19:57 Feb 2015 18:37 May 2015 18:24 July 2015 18:48 Sep 2015 17:57 Dec 2015 17:55 Jan 2016 18:12 April 2016 18:30 Nov 2016 18:00 Mar 2017 17:10 Aug 2019 17:13 Oct 2019 16:55
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    M45-49 might be deep but the M40-45 is wide.
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    You worried Zed? 😂
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    Saw "reelrock14" and the highlight of this one was "The Nose" (the crease on the face of El Capitan) speed record, with Tommy Caldwell (dawn wall) and Alex Honnold (free solo) battle Yosemite dirtbags Jim Reynolds and Brad Gobright who held the record at 2:19. Tommy and Alex want to go sub 2 (IMO the parallels to marathon are great). Thoroughly recommended - it's a hoot!
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    And remember, you can still change your mind right up till Saturday, or even Sunday if you do come and then decide you don't want to. No stress and no pressure.
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    I really don’t like 70.3 distance. Hopefully a few days diving in exxy will help with the head. I’ll make a decision next Wednesday night I guess, that’s when the boats booked into the compound to be looked after while I’m supposed to be down sth.
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    Nothing but good thoughts for training and racing plus staying injury free. FM
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    Last week I posted in the "what are you doing today" thread about going to meet my half-sister for the first time. I can now post in this thread because it went really well, we are all very happy that we've found each other and planning to meet up again at Christmas time. Long story short, mum was pregnant when she met my dad, they got engaged but when she had the baby it was adopted out and she told dad she lost it. They were married a couple of months later and it was never spoken of again. My younger sister and I only found out about this last year and nobody could tell us whether a baby was even born or not (the few people who knew at the time have since died). But we eventually found out we have a sister, tracked her down and met her for the first time last week. She looks just like my mum and is lovely! And we now have nieces and they have aunties. I have to stop saying "my sister" in conversations, people now ask "which one?" 😂
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