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    So 4 weeks in and all is going pretty well. After dropping the crutches I was walking like I had a wooden leg, so I swallowed some pride and also some tablets. 2 x Panadol and a Voltaren morning and night and it made a huge difference. Able to walk much better albeit with some concentration to keep it looking “natural”. It’s amazing how much it takes out of you having to concentrate on waking, makes a half hour walk exhausting. Still not allowed to try and close my hip angle beyond 90 degrees till I get the ok from the surgeon Monday week , even though I feel like I could if I had to, apparently the hip is still prone to dislocation up until all the muscles have had time to strengthen around the joint. Anyway at 4 weeks I’m probably doing a bit better than I thought I would at this stage, knocking out my 10000 steps a day and started back with some easy swimming this week.
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    All you guys seem to do is talk down about triathlon. Things are always better in the rear-view mirror but moping around does nothing to attract new people. FWIW as a new comer I'm loving it and all the races I've been to have been packed. I've had friends and family come to watch who are now training to give it a crack. They don't know what it was like 10 or 20 years ago, all they know is they like what they saw today. It's a shame that Challenge Melb and Shep is no more but hopefully Ironman pick them back up next year.
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    Considering that I resigned 3 weeks ago and I've had 0 work related emails into my inbox since Wednesday lunchtime, my biggest issue at the moment is "Where are my sunnies?😎"
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    I thought a mandate was something Putin and Trump went on
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    Just to clarify, I was referring to the Prince Of Darkness Although I'm not aware of anyone ever seeing you and him together in the same room...
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    Most of the marathon is not on the wall. From about 5-10km and 33-38km you are running steps on the wall. The rest of the race is up and down, very little flats. It can get very hot with little or no shade. The run is really scenic and you get to run through villages with people lining the streets. All of the kids want high 5's. You need a lot of hill training and step training. Beijing is an amazing city, take the time to spend at least a few days as a tourist. Tienanmen Square, Forbidden City, Winter Palace, etc,
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    Not these days, but this is what my workplace used to look like. Sometimes I miss it, but then I think about how my legs used to ache after a long ride, then a day up the tower.
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    Well, what I can genuinely consider my first training day of the year this morning! Back with my old cycling group. And it was beyond pathetic! Holy shit. I knew I'd have no strength, but the total absence of muscular endurance was mind blowing! Normally when I crest the top of a difficult rise (and was usually last, even in the past) I could push on and recover fairly quickly for the next hill. Not today. Don't know why I expected any different of course. Gotta start somewhere; the bottom is as good as anywhere.
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    Aw man! After winning the championship for my age group last season, I had "2018/19 Queensland Triathlon Champion" added to my business card at work and had it added to my triathlon suit.
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    Yep. He's kinda like MT. You thought he'd be better, but he was kinda a nothing. I kinda think it's gonna take another election loss before Labor actually sorry themselves out. I think the LNP will be handed a second win due to Labor ineptitude.
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    I’m sure the white knight, aka cameltoe, would have alerted him to this. If the besmircher thought that Jabbs and Mick went hard, wait until the full force of the ‘fuga gets into gear.
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    I'm looking at Southampton in April. If your idea of a destination is a shithole of a container port town and dodging smackheads lying in the street under a paper tent of the Big Issue, it's the one for you.
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    8km treadmill @4.59 pace,, turbo planned for later tonight
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    I'm in. Do they have a lucky draw prize?
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    Yeah that's rough. I wonder how much a long course race would cost to put on? Say Bendigo, Shepp ect. I would love to do a river swim tri.
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    I need to work on my aim
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    Clear fall away in TA numbers but still around double what it was 9 years ago. Admittedly the increase in 2013/14 was largely due to the 'compulsory' TA affiliation with being a club member.
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    Getting given tickets, so yeah I'll watch. I still wonder why people keep going back to WS70.3 🤣 @Flanman water is not clear. Last race I did there a few weeks back, could not see wire. I use the buoys as a guide, I know I'm on target when I hit one
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    Location: Get there early as there the walk from the carpark is at least 800 metres. Swim. Fresh water so will be slower that you are used to. They have changed the course this year so you swim under the bridge then get out adjacent to T1.If the water is clean, you can follow the underwater rope down the 750 length (refer to swim map) It's about 3 foot under the surface.. There are also small coloured buoys about every 50 metres. Bike: Flat, flat, flat. In 2017, I was hoping to get near 3 - 3:05 (unfit). I did 2:50 and felt good. Make sure you drink and eat as you get in such a rhythm you may forget. Run: Again flat, flat, flat. The only incline is the gradual rise out from the dam/weir. What I call a medium false flat. The second half lap feels a long way as you can see 10 km around the water. It visually seems a long way. Keep you mental state solid. It can get very hot and a dry feeling on the run, especially on the second lap. Grab the ice for hat and tri suit (if they have it again). Hydrate, hydrate. Because the course if very flat/fast, make sure you have the right rhythm otherwise you will hit the wall early. And, f**k me, the FLIES !! I take aeroguard for after the race. A few of us will have Trannie hats on, so keep your eye out. Arse slapping is allowed as you pass a Trannie. FM
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    Tips-wise, drink early and drink often
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    Oh fark that. LOL That is making me feel nauseous just looking at it.🤢
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    'Drought Proofing' by way of infrastructure is a long term solution which i doubt will satisfy those in serious trouble. No mater what any government is doing it won't be considered enough. I think its time for some of the big supermarket conglomerates to really come to the party. They have been screwing the farmers for the past 20 years.
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    This one's for you Katz. A bigger bunch of rogues & misfits you'll never meet, but they were all great guys.
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    He also has some serious talent. When he was starting out in Cairns him and his brother used to mow my late fathers lawn😀
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    Yep polished concrete its how I earn a crust these days once you’ve got it, you will never go back to another floor again easiest floor to keep clean and the hardest wearing will last as long as the house and needs very little maintenance much harder than tiles so you can’t chip it and there is no grout lines to get dirty works out cheaper too
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    What fund is her super with? fees and insurance seem rather excessive My son works casual with me when he is on holidays from uni and I set him up a super account with Australian Super Returns are good, fees are low and they won’t even cover him for insurance till I think he’s 21 Why would a 16 y/o need insurance of any kind from their super fund anyway?
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    I'll have to get The Prince to crank up the dial then
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    Penny Wong's various positions on ssm is proof positive of that The undertone in the report that their policy agenda was too complex shows what they really think about the electorate as well There are few key lessons which don't appear to have been learned, but as the saying goes, never interrupt your opponent when he is making a mistake...
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    8km treadmill run. 5x1@5.00 and 3x1@4.00
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    The only thing I can think of is the headset isn't tight and the forks are loose, but even that wouldn't cause shuddering. Get someone else to ride your bike? I wouldn't spend any more money on it.
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    I thought it was an interesting doco. My wife was was vegan before we got together while I’ve never given it a seconds thought, could be an interesting experiment. I especially liked the segment about the errrr “night time” activities. More “excitement” during the night, and bigger as well. I said “sweetheart...I must go vegan...just for you” I got steak for dinner. Boom tish....scubasteve exit stage left
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    You need to sell it as you obviously don't like it or feel comfortable on it. The big question is why? The shuddering and shaking sounds odd. You'll get movement when it's windy, but not shuddering. Do you think it's an issue with your bike skills/handling or inexperience or are you pretty confident on a bike? Maybe a TT bike isn't for you? I have ITU aero bars on my roadie and they are comfy, but not aero. You can still go quick on a roadie with aero bars, but there will always be more drag than on a TT bike. And anyway you said you can't get aero on your TT bikes, which almost makes it superfluous. If you're sitting up high on the aero bars on your P2, you're not streamlined, you've got a big surface area (e.g your chest) hitting the wind creating lots of drag, defeating the whole purpose of having a TT bike. They are 2 - 3kg heavier than a lot of road bikes, but are more aero, however if you're not aero, you might as well be on a roadie. Probably too many people wasting $5k+ on TT bikes with aero wheels when a $1k roadie with aero bars would do the job. I would probably sell the parts. Return the P2 to 105, sell the Di2, PM and wheels separately.
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    Never sell. Only buy. Just put a whole lot of spacers in, change the stem, change the saddle, change the bars, change the seat post, change the wheels and change the hydration system. Problem fixed. 🤣
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    Just started week 2 of a real MAF focus. Can't swim due to a hand injury so just riding and running, trying to build volume so all low intensity. 66 minutes on Zwift....6.6km running. Not the most exciting training but what I need at the moment!
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    My lead up to Kona went well given my awful work roster. I would spend two weeks in Australia cycling and swimming, racking up 1000+km on the bike and 30+km in the pool, each R&R. I would then spend 4 weeks at work in Mongolia. While at work I would run every second day after work (12 hour shifts). On the other nights I would do intervals on the rowing machine and exercise bike. I had an amazing time in Kona. I went as part of the Legacy program after completing 15 x IMWA. I spent a week training and heat acclimatising in Honolulu and arrived in Kona a week before the race. I did the PATH run, Hola practice swim, ANZAC morning tea, first timer morning team, Parade of Nations and Undie run. We also went swimming with the Manta Rays. There was a Legacy event at the King Kam on the Wednesday night. Ironman CEO Andrew Messick greeted each Legacy athlete and spoke to them as they arrived. There were then some inspirational speeches from Mike Reilly, PNF, Dave Scott and Mark Allen. All of the Legacy athletes that I spoke to were super pumped and excited to get the opportunity to race in Kona. The Legacy bikes were racked together near the Pro bikes on the pier. The Legacy athletes were in the Kukui wave, which was the last wave to start the race. The Kukui wave included the Legacy athletes, Foundation athletes (people who got a spot by donating or fund raising for the Ironman charity) and wild card athletes (what ever that means). If you ever get the opportunity to go to Kona as part of the Legacy program – DO IT. It was an amazing experience. Ironman went out of their way to make the Legacy athletes feel special. Through out the week I got train to on some of the famous locations that I have seen on the Kona coverage over the last 20+ years – Palani hill, Alii drive, the energy lab, the climb up to Hawi, Mark and Dave hill, see the lava fields in person and swim out to the coffee boat. I also had a meal at Lava Java, The Kona swim is amazing – you can see coral and fish all the way. On the way back in I found a set of feet to draft off and arrived in T1 feeling relaxed and ready to ride. The bike was hot. With our late start and slower cycle times, by the time we got to the climb to Hawi the wind had really picked up. Sometimes it was a head wind, often a dangerous cross wind. I got a puncture just before the last aid station on the way up to Hawi. While I was fixing the puncture, the wind blew over a shade tent at the aid station which careered into me and sent myself and bike flying. Fortunately, no damage was done to myself or bike. On the way back down from Hawi the cross winds were treacherous, and I did not spend much time on the aero bars. The ride back into town was into a head wind, so I stayed on the aero bars and tried to keep cool, pouring water over myself. When I started the run it was crazy hot. The sun went down before I reached the energy lab which cooled things down a little. I was grateful that I had a head torch as the run is pitch black with little street lighting. I cramped up at the bottom of the energy lab and lost about 10 minutes stretching out the cramp. It was then a slow jog back to town. The final run along Alii drive was amazing. I am not an emotional person, but crossing that finishing line was an incredible feeling. It had taken me 15+ years of training and racing to get there. Getting the opportunity to race in Kona made it all worthwhile. I finished in 13:56:04. I was really happy with my time. I then spent 2 weeks touring in California, with no training at all. I had 2.5 days in Perth so got in 1 swim and 1 long ride. I now have 4 weeks at work and arrive back in Australia 2 days before IMWA. So my taper has already begun!
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