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    Mate tried that with his Argon, It sat there a week, unlocked and untouched so he put some Zipps on it. Next day he came back to find the bike still there, but minus the wheels.
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    The guy that blocks people who disagree with him is trying to preach about entitlement to different views 🙄
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    We used to random test while I was on the Vanuatu Triathlon Club committee back in the 90. You had to pee in a cup then take a swig. If you spat it out, you were positive. If you swallowed it, you were clean. We only banned one bloke. Not for spitting it out, but for drinking his whole cup every time then asking for more. FM
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    sjw = social justice warrior. I had to google it. That's a compliment in my book. same with virtue signaller. I am happy to be called one of these as well. I'm happy for people to know what I believe and stand for, and what I won't. "The right" ie you and IJ, live in your polarised, dichotomous, black-white world while the rest of us see gray and nuance and can see several sides of a position. someone quote this please so the RWNJ can't escape my self righteousness.
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    What’s most disappointing is the example that sort of language from a world leader sets. It’s disgraceful. Once again. Some say appealing to his supporter base? Well probably, but I don’t think it’s an act, that’s Trump. He’s a grub.
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    sounds about as exciting as an Ed Sheeran concert....
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    'ere ya go. And for the RWNJs of the World that think cheap shots at Arab language or 'terms of endearment' thrown onto the end of a reply to a woman - 'darling', is just harmless comedy, having people like around Parky who call it out for what it is, is exactly what we need in the World.
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    Day three of no sugar. The head aches are slowly going. The local bakery is going out of business.
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    My best time for Ironman - 10.03. My best time for 100km - 24 hours. Sign me up for Ironman any day!!!!!!
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    Trump has no filter and as I've said before he is most likely on the spectrum. He is obviously intelligent, as much as people love to bash him you don't get to where he has without being a very smart guy. The main difference between him and the rest of them he has no filter, he just says whatever is on his mind, he lies but so do the rest of them. He just isn't as polished at lying. This isn't a good thing or a defense, just an observation of the sad state of affairs that our politics has become. People don't want honesty, they want spin, non answers and fluff. Just like many sectors of our society that can't handle the truth without calling people racist. The way the whole aboriginal community has been mismanaged is a national disgrace. The amount of domestic violence, rape and child abuse is off the charts. But any real crital review and change is always derailed by chants of 'racism'...
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    Waste of resources. He would have learned his lesson after he was banned. 😂
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    Looks like me every year watching Le Tour. Generally wake up just after the winner crosses the line.
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    Expo seemed a bit tamer than usual (def less prize draws) Lexus folks seemed miffed I didn't care to enter theirs for a free entry for Noosa Tri 2020 - got my golden ticket LOL
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    RWNJ.........as opposed to RNJ, which I believe is the operation that Lance had. Or that may have been LNJ. I'm not sure.
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    13km easy run. Same course as We’d, 1:14
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    Dropped the Missus at airport this arvo then had 11 holes of golf. From tomorrow, I will be a semi professional athlete for a week. I might even give updates. Lol FM
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    Yes you can, as soon as you have done enough +5 hour rides! (+ right diet!) Personally, 2-3 >150km rides gets me ‘close enough’ to peak in the 3-7 week out period. If doing old mates Double brick weekend, you would not be loosing too much. I think a fair bit of value in double rides as well if time doesn’t allow a ‘full’ long ride. I do think one of the biggest ‘success measures’ for most of us is the accumulated monthly training hours. I used to think weekly, I now think in monthly hours. Has helped 1. Manage family, career + hobby 2. Find consistency
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    He got close in finishing time. When he said top age grouper though, he left out that she was a top age grouper in the 60+ AG.
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    At least the run is 2 x 21km. Yeah it's been a bit of a ball ache to be honest. I did 180km last week and the last 30km just dragged. It was beyond shit. I'm splitting it up, rising 2 hours zwift then joining squad at 5.30 with hopefully only 130km left to do.
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    My roster dictates when I ride long etc, so that’s today. I’m doing a 6km run tonight 😂😂😂😂. I might run 42km in about 4 weeks time
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    I got 200km tomorrow, then 42km run sunday....
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    Yo, More, Do you like Pina Coladas?
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    Went exploring now riding for the next 5hrs, anyone wanna join me on zwift?.....didn’t think so 😂😂
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    Yes you can, but there is just one catch.... you kinda need to speak russian, but I think you can get enough to have a crack yourself Actually it looks pretty simple - and the replacement screen is available on ebay for around $65
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    I never thought More's commentary was racist, but obviously someone took offence. I had to read the thread through again (last few pages)...and I still see no racism on behalf of More. Each to there own though. Those offend often choose to be offended, why get upset and ruin your day. I had to google RWNJ - Right Wing Nut Job?
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    I think it also that it depends what they mean by "Mental Health Issue". A mental health issue doesn't need to be something that incapacitates a person. A person that has a drop in work performance due to feeling continually depressed about what is happening in their life has a mental health issue, the same way that a person who has time off work for the flu has, at that time, a physical health issue.
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    Wow they had a triathlon club there?? I used to live in the Solomon Islands, they didn't used to have a club, but do now. No pools to swim in back in the 90s, I think there may be one now?
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    Never been tested in my life... Apparently my $1k US to IM every year contributes towards testing but who is to say they don’t just take the samples and flush them down the toilet as what incentive would they actually have to spend money on it? In saying that though, I do truly believe pro tri to be quite clean. Perhaps this is because I believe the guy who is clearly the best in the world (Jan) is most definitely clean.
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    He never said your comment was racist, just that it would get you counselling where he works. In all likelihood it would at my work too.
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    Well done my moral crusading sjw mate, all that still doesn't change the fact what I said was not racist. Insensitive sure, but not racist. So triggered.... Self righteous... And so typically ignorant. Ps don't bother responding to me, you are now on block along with the rest of the typical hit squad.
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    That sounds like the right to me. Or did they earn it?
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    I've been following the other thread and agree with the lament that this forum is not what it used to be in terms of informed and positive content - This encapsulates it - so dunno who you are but you feel it necessary to post a generalised hearsay comment about a chance encounter with a rider whose mate was a member of a Triathlon club and 'he was very definite in his response' about drugs being rampant in a particular club? An Olympic swimmer must be on the gear? Geezuz...I've seen some cowardly posts and pot shots on here before but this takes the cake.
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    The pool of talent is much deeper now. The top 5 to 10 good short course guys from 1989 would still be good now, but today there are 50 guys of that calibre. Specialisation, because of draft legal racing also has an effect. However, look at Gomez’s results this year. He’s won 70.3 races, ITU draft legal races - he finished 3rd in the World Series and his currently ranked 9th by the ITU in the world (which ain’t shabby for someone who is 36 and has been at the top for 15 years already), but he also squeezed in a win at the would ITU long course race in May in the middle of his ITU season and then finished the season with a dominant, record breaking race at IM Malaysia (which was only 8 weeks after the ITU World Series Grand Final in Lausanne, FYI) Finishing 6th at both the ITU World Series Grand Final and 70.3 world championships a week apart shows his versatility. In fact at least three ‘draft legal, short course’ specialists backed up a week later and had top results (including the winner) on a bike course that was anything but easy. Even A Brownlee won the European ITU championship and then Ironman Cork 6 weeks later. So mixing up distances and formats and achieving top results across the board is still possible, 30 years after Allen won everything, over every distance back in 1989. Have a look at how the Olympics, Kona and Taupo are spaced apart next year. There is one day shy of 11 weeks between the men’s race at the Olympics and Kona. Another 7 to Taupo. I reckon Gomez is very tempted to the give the triple crown a crack. Clearly, going to the trouble of doing IM Malaysia (which is a hard day in the office in any body’s books) proves that. AB? Dunno for sure but I reckon he wants to do at least two legs of the triple crown next year.
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    I thought I was the one who was supposed to be on the lounge relaxing
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    fitzs 165 k yesterday, still bloody hard work every year
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    Yeah, I saw that come up on my FB feed. The first thing I did after seeing it was the shoulder set my physio gave me. Here's hoping.
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