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    Mate, I have a 'little' experience of this. There is a fine line between having minimal pain killers, so that you are aware mentally with what's going on and needing some help with getting in the right position without being in agony. Sometimes you need a little help. I find the hardest bit is trying to change positions without stressing out. It's like you can be ok lying down or standing up but the most painful/stressful bit is that transition in-between the two. Very often I've been 'frozen' at that point, absolutely petrified to go any further as you know how painful it will be. I wish I had an easy answer. The only thing I found helped was tying things around the house that helped me get up and get down, that way your body is not taking the whole strain and it helps calm down the shaking. On the mental side of things, I've found it very useful to keep track of progress i.e.: Yesterday I could get x far own my own, today is a few meters further,,that kind of thing. I also found things like small step ups and counting them, really good. I remember the first I could take myself to the bathroom in 3mths, it was like I'd won the Olympics. Take the small daily victories where you can get mate and build on that. It really helps with the mental side IME.
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    Everyone will have a different opinion on this. I draw the line at intentional vs accidental in all the above cases except pissing on the bike (which I have never done). It is possible to be unlucky with drafting. You lose concentration and drift into the draft zone. Or someone drops in front and you don't drop back quick enough. You broke the rules and are penalised accordingly, but I don't regard you as a cheat. Whereas if you were acting deliberately I do consider you a cheat. The penalties are the same because it is very difficult for the official to distinguish between deliberate and accidental, so the athlete gets the benefit of the doubt.
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    On the plus side it’s the closest I’ve ever been to looking like a track sprinter with my one massive butt cheek.
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    Back in the 86s. Worse habits lead to worse results. What are the odds...
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    not sure how that tweet proves anything: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2015/11/30/hillary-clintons-often-told-story-that-nasa-rejected-her-childhood-dream-of-becoming-a-female-astronaut/ she was 13 to 14 so 1960 to 61.
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    Ran 5km to Jnr Parkrun then jogged around with Flipper. She went 12:23, a PB 👍
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    And a reason why Clinton would have been just as bad or worse than trump.
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    My friends will find out and worse of all, Peter will find out. Not worth it IMO.
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    Have watched it pass over us the last two nights. Last night was at the Edinburgh Tattoo in Sydney. Just about to go out in Sydney @ 9:22 pm - at SSW for 2 mins. Other times are located here (make sure you look for "ICC").:- https://spotthestation.nasa.gov/sightings/view.cfm?country=Australia&region=New_South_Wales&city=Sydney#.XawyhG5uLIU Exciting stuff !! FM
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    Pull your head in. Nothing Roxii has said would indicate he's doing anything other than what he needs to do and has been told to do. Some people are more dedicated to their own recoveries than others. Some people need less pain meds. Some people like to be pro-active whilst still following instructions to the letter. If I was a medical professional this is exactly the sort of person I'd want to be treating.
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    Well that was a surprise. 88.9, so the slightest loss for the week, but still a loss. I suppose only 2 meals yesterday, saying no to the 2 blocks of chocolate in the fridge, and working hard in the yard from 6am till 5:30pm with only 1 break long enough to make bacon & eggs for lunch is what helped in the end.
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    81.8kg. More of the same. This week I had a 3 day conference so I really really watched what I ate and drank. The weight loss had taken a longer then I thought, but I think early on I was snacking a little too much between meals.
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    A quick recap: For his first Hawaiian Ironman Alistair Brownlee: 1. Put himself in the race winning selection and tried to at least do some work at the front; 2. Rode back to that elite group after swapping out his front wheel (when the prudent play may have been to sit up and allow himself to be absorbed by the Wurf group); 3. Had a bit of a dig at Frodo for not waiting for him to get back on. In retrospect this does seem a bit silly given that it’s not a group sport and Frodo didn’t seem to know anything about Brownlee swapping out his wheel, but at least that shows that he’s a racer at heart; 4. Got off bike and smacked down sub 6 minute mile along Ali drive still going for the win; 5. When he inevitably blew up he still ran-jogged to the end as best he could, when he always had to option of walking ‘to honour the race’ or pulling out altogether. What’s not to love about all that? Going for the win from the gun, racing as hard as he could, even after he blew up big time. He’s far better for the sport than the little sniveller. His debut race was not as prudent (or boring) as Gomez’s. He made himself a factor in the race for over 6 hours. Good. Go AB!
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    A generation hey 🤔 pretty sure less than 1% of that generation have taken part in a climate change protest.
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    You're rushing it and trying to be a hero. I was on 40mg Targin initially because I needed it for the pain but have gradually reduced (under the doc) to 10s; seeing my doc tomorrow to reduce to 5s and then off altogether. So what if you crash in the arvo, it won't kill you. I never had any side effects until I started to reduce with aches and pains but nothing two panadol didn't remedy. I had poor mobility initially; crutches, poor sleeping and sitting positions but improved over time. Bowels are great now. Being a great triathlete is knowing when to rest when fatigued or injured, this is no different. Stop being a workaholic and pushing what can't be pushed. Take your meds as prescribed, listen to your wife and medical professionals and do when and what's expected of you. You have a really poor attitude to treatment and recovery, I wouldn't want to be in any team with you.
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    I'm sure you wouldn't. She got away from me with her last 50mtrs, I fear it won't be long before the baton gets passed on.
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    Took two KOM from my arch enemy. Today was a good day.
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    Is Granger racing AG these days?
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    So about 9 days post op and home for a week. heading in tomorrow for wound check and will hopefully get told how soon I can get in the water. a few things so far. In the early days, day one and two post op, I think I assumed the level of pain correctly, I think I just forgot how much being in that pain level takes out of you. Whilst the pain was a constant 4-5 the three to four times per hour the pain was at 9-10 even if only momentarily really takes its toll both mentally and physically. while the hospital and nurses could not have been better it’s great to get home. the biggest issue I’m having still is that in order to rest and recover I need to try and find a comfortable position to sit or lie down and this is almost impossible due to the position of the wound, the swelling around the area and the restrictions given on various postures. I actually on a few occasions have just stood in the lounge room on my crutches as I could not get comfortable in any position. a few people have suggested sleeping tablets but given that there are certain positions they don’t want you sleeping in till further healing has taken place im not sure I want to be zonked our and risk putting the joint in a compromised position. The pain killers (Targin) also has as its side effects sleeping issues, rashes, hit and cold flushes and I seem to “crash” about 2pm most afternoons. So I’m going to speak to the hospital tomorrow about how soon I can wean off them. its amazing how when the simple things in life like a good sleep, sitting comfortably and even having a relaxing “no.2” are made difficult how the base stress levels rise making everything else that little more uncomfortable and annoying. Anyway at 10 days in I think I’m in better shape than I would have assumed, but as you would expect each little gain begets greater expectation which needs to be tempered somewhat. I also spoke to the wife about the feeling that I should be getting back to work “as soon as I can” where she is trying to convince me not to race back to work but to get myself to a place where 8 hours a day at a desk plus 2 hours commute in a car are not going to cause me to regress. I’ve got 9 months sickies up my sleeve so obviously I’m not a serial sickie taker.
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    Fark I hate agreeing with you, but you’ve nailed it 100%.
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    Wurf has a personality.... He knows what he is doing. Brownlee reminds me of Andy Murray (Tennis).
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    Every USA president has used the office for their own agenda and as a return getting to line their pockets. Well every USA president in the last 40 years has left office with more wealth than when they started in office. And not a bit. But a lot. You cant fault trump for that. Being a liar and a scumbag, well he certainly is that.
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    Getting caught drafting when you don’t plan to draft, isn’t cheating. But sitting in the zone on purpose drafting is. Even for 30 seconds Cutting the course is cheating. Even when AP said everyone else was doing it and it was okay for him to do it
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    Well anyone could have done a better job that Chieka. Even I can guarantee them a Semi final spot at minimum in 2023. Let me know how to apply for the job. PS: There are so many things wrong with Rugby in Australia.
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    Potentially. Just because it had something in it doesn't mean it would have killed anybody. By their stats, 4% of the pills there were tainted. Surely there were more than 171 kids (less than 1%) with drugs at the festival, so you would think that if there were that many of the sample tainted, then a lot of those that didn't come forward also had tainted drugs, yet no deaths. Yes it may serve a purpose, but I'm still uneasy with the ramifications of what's going to happen when something they can't test for knocks down a few kids, and they start looking for a head to roll.
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    He'd be on the radio less, but how would he deal with the IF issue?
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    I'm not looking forward to Monday. It's been a very long stressful week at work, and I took comfort in chocolate. It ain't going to be pretty.
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    I did ask for a $3.5k for a new set of wheels. When my wife asked why I need them. "KOMS" I'm currently sooking around the house because the purchase didn't get approved.
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    A mal, mini mal or a fish? What sort of waves do you mostly have? Whilst mals are a piece of piss to paddle and catch a wave if your waves are on the big side they can be a real pain in the arse to get out back. Mini mals also (well for me anyway). Personally I found the fish a really good compromise as I could duck dive it through the waves, it was manoeuvrabil but still had plenty of float for easy paddling. *beware these are just random thoughts from a bumbling kook
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    Results are in. I came 31/380 overall. The winner 'only' went 35.30, so it seems like a slow day all round.
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    We had a spin through there Sunday arvo....pretty good different tracks Whilst only 6km...its a great start and imagine they'll keep extending them
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