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    So your daughter has an extra hour watching cartoons in the hotel, or shopping with her mum, playing at the playground etc. Big tip: She doesn't care about your finish time. She just wants to hug her Dad at the end of the race. I always take the medal in my hand when I cross the line. Then I put the medal around my daughters neck as I give her a kiss & hug for the first time. She's 15 & she still lights up with pride when I place that medal around her neck.
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    Just played three games of golf with my son over the long weekend. A Father’s Day present for both of us. A great time and three quality days together FM
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    I’m in for my hip replacement Thursday so not sure what will happen from here on in. In hospital till Monday at best then not sure what exercise I’ll be able to undertake. Just gotta make sure lounge to fridge repeats aren’t on the rehab plan.
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    Ryf will be passing Brownlee at the 39KM mark.
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    Two time Kona champ is probably okay with that
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    I was almost going to skip weigh in this week because I was ashamed of what the result was going to be. 2 nights out with all yo can drink packages Long weekend with Grand Final And only 3 runs and a spin class for the week But here I am, accountable, up 0.3kg and ready to kick ass this week.
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    I really hate it when I start agreeing with everything @Andrew #1 says.
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    Yeah. That was not a piss take.100% Mind games. That said, I have nothing against Lange’s tactics. No different really than how. Macca won in 2007 or Crowie won the following two years. No difference really to how Allen marked Scot for the whole swim and bike in the Ironwar. Or how Allen won his last ever Ironman in 1995 - running down Hellregiel’s 14 minute lead off the bike after sitting on Welch’s arse for the whole bike. Lange May - or may not - have recruited other athletes to assist in the execution of his race plan. So what. How is that any different than Macca recruiting against Crowie in 2010?
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    Haha. At least we know no one is riding for wurf
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    It'll be cocktail hour when I nestle in to watch the coverage from Scotland 🥂 I knew I moved here for a good reason 😉
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    We have know each other for 25yrs.
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    Crowie used McKenzie one year. We were all good with that.
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    Start planning your trip to Roth.
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    That was like...really good 😉Go Sarah, looking fit af.
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    Only need 1 Battery unless you're going to be in the middle of nowhere for a decent period of time...but its worthwhile investing in a USB powered battery charger. ($15 on ebay from memory). Just come back from the US where my M100 was the main camera and Mrs AJ was using her phone as a backup. The only time I ran out of battery was during an all day hop on hop off bus tour of San Francisco. Camera spent too much time in "ready to take memorable photo" mode with the rear screen active. Generally took between 160 and 220 photos in a day. Reckon if you turn it off when you don't need it then you'll be fine. For the record, Mrs AJs phone ran out of power most days. Tripod? If you wanted to carry things around would you have bought a small compact camera? My guess is no. Same answer for the tripod. Personally I find having multiple lens is a pain because you'll usually find that the one you want to use isn't the one on the camera. And besides that is just something else to carry. AJ
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    18.55 - guy doesn't hold back on Lange!
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    I think it’s just because the surgeon operates on Thursdays and doesn’t want to interrupt his weekend so he doesn’t check back in till Monday
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    Good choice, I'm keeping mine though.
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    The head of their marketing department will jump on it and post it all over Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook & Twitter. It's what all the 22 year old's do.
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    I'm not expecting Trump to be an issue in the 2020 election.
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    Wurf has a plan. It will involve being at least 5-10min in front off the bike in front of Frodo and lange. I don't think he will worry about Brownlee that much.
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    He ran a 3:06 last year. I reckon a sub 2:55 is achievable. He wont be out of the water far behind the Frodo group (the only one that matters) and WILL put 5-6 minutes into that group by the end: he wont ease up like he did last year once back onto the QueenK: that’s where he’ll crack the Frodo group and put 5-6 minutes into it in the last 60km. Sub 2:55 is probably not enough to beat the best runner in the Frodo group (you expect at least one of that elite selection to run under 2:45) but hopefully it will be enough to stay in the top 5 and keep the runners like Lange at Bay.
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    ouch, I'm not sure what to say to that but I do appreciate the write up.
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    My daughter is 7 and I’m still working out how to ‘get it right’. In that 7 years, I’ve added about an hour to my IM time. I’ve dropped the number of long rides I do – and they are generally an hour less in time than what I used to do. I think I’ve tripled the cost of going up to Port to try and make it as comfortable and enjoyable for my family as possible – especially race day. My training is done more at night than in the morning as my partner is not a morning person and I take the lead getting my daughter up and going in the mornings. I don’t train with groups as I can’t lock a time in that I will be able to get out of the house. This is my experience and only applicable to me – everyone will be different. I ask myself each year after Port whether I still enjoy it with the changes in life. Some years it is line ball, others I really do love it. I’ve wanted to race more often for years and now that it is looking more possible financially, I’m not sure that I want to put the family through multiple IM builds in a year. I also don’t know whether I want to drop the coin on another race if I know I may spend quite a bit of time walking due to limited training. It feels hard to justify against all of the other things that the family could do with our money. I’ve got a very supportive partner who wants me to do the sport. She met me after I had started in the sport (which might help with expectations) and wanted me to keep going as we started a family. Things can change once living the experience though. This became apparent in the first year of my daughter’s life, but it probably took another 2-3 years for us to get things better sorted. I am very lucky that we were able to talk through things and give each other the support for the 2-3 years while we sorted things out. Now, one of the things we do is to make sure that there is light at the end of the tunnel for my partner. I take my daughter away once every month or so for a night away with just the two of us. Everyone wins from that – even if it means that training doesn’t happen as planned.
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    I had a very very bad race on Saturday Still here though, you lucky lucky people.
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    Facebook live. Ill post the link when its up
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    You wouldn't have to go to the bakery if you had a set-up like this.
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    OK.... So you missed the point of the comment again. The point was - you can't do a lot with out making work (that pays the bills) a priority. What you can achieve with family sport etc etc comes from work (Family, house, travel/holidays, education, life) etc Anyway......Good thing your not talking about me or I might have taken offence. I have been doing tri's for over 30 years now and I am still on my 4th bike. Yep... its a Polygon TT bike. Its now done 11 Ironman's (and it has a taped up seat post as its cracked at the frame). The good think is it still goes faster that those top of the line bikes when it needs to (training dependent). But I am still happy. I don't need new stuff, my next bike will no doubt be a nice bike but second hand. The reason for this is because I cannot justify spending top $$$ on a bike when I can better spend money of kids, kids education education, travel etc. Also, I have more passion than just triathlon.....and as a family we love skiing and we embrace it. My kids are very happy!!!
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    I have a Nikon D5600 which I have been using for about 18 months. I like the fact it is relatively light weight and easy to cart around. I shoot a lot of my kid’s sport, so the DSLR is clearly superior. I don’t disagree with with the phone v DSLR for “Happy snaps” but where the phones really fall away is zoom and action shots. Unless you can zoom with your feet, the DSLR again wins hands down. As an example, this is my son playing football. I would have been 50-60m away, shooting with a 200-500 zoom lens. You just can’t get this type of shot with a phone.
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    I have been training in Honolulu for a week. The roads are terrible, too many traffic lights and too many cars. I am averaging 70km per flat tyre. I fly to Kona tomorrow. Looking forward to getting there and checking out the water.
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    Did a 50km ride this morning to tick over 11,000km for the year on the bike.
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    If you missed just 3 swim squads you have saved about 5 hours. But you won't go 5 hours faster in the race by going to swim squad. So I'm with you. Go a few hours slower on race day, but think of all those mornings you can sleep in whilst others a staring at a black line in a pool. Training is so overrated and a bad use of your time.
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    yeah, dunno what happened today. I am thinking I might do the next long run without my music to get a feel how hard breathing is etc. thinking of also running without the watch or maybe putting it in my pocket to not be focussed on pace and heart rate all the time. Anyone done that recently?
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    I just ate 5 jam donuts after getting some bad news. Food is such a comfort for me. Next Monday will be poor
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    I thought i might provide an update on my situation. In short things are going ok. long raw version- I’ve had several sleepovers in the hospital this year and three serious ones where I was kept on suicide watch in emergency, first attempt I was taken to hospital by police after I personally called them to come and save me, when they got to my house they found me with two fish filleting knives and I was agitated, I had wounded myself in the groin (small wound, no damage done), but you get my drift on what my plan was, this was back in the beginning of the year and actually on my birthday, great way to turn 37. Since then I have been in the care of Pilbara mental health and still am. Assessed in the days following and diagnosed with depression, where from? I have no idea. After this there has been a lot of appointments at the hospital for me and my wife has tagged along and been very much apart of the process to helping me get back on track, it has very nearly cost us our marriage, separation was a very very real prospect, she researched single parenting etc, but she never once hid it from me. Back on track, I was then made redundant, probably not ideal at the time for my headspace but now I look back, probably a blessing as it has given me time to try and heal without the pressure of work. I revealed in one of my appointments shortly after that I had made a previous attempt and that was late last year about a month before busso I took off in my Ute and drove the highway at night looking for a road train to drive into, I lined one up but it missed me, I was 200km from home and didn’t want to return. I kept that entirely to myself, not one person knew about it until I blurted it out infront of my wife and councillor, I’ve never seen my wife so upset, she was shocked. Intensive appts followed into the middle of the year, except in April i took off again, this time took the boat down to Exmouth for some time out where I could go diving etc, this is where I hatched my next plan, I came home after I had a mini crisis down there. Thank god (not religious) Sam Brown, yes FFF from trannies called me, he had an inkling I wasn’t right, safe to say his call saved my life, or at least another attempt on it. I promptly rolled up my swag and hitched the boat up and started heading home at 8pm, got pulled over by the police on way out of town, for a breatho, I think they knew something was up purely by the amount of tears streaming down my face, but once the breatho showed zero they let me on my way. I made it 80km down the road and had to pull over for sleep, I couldn’t concentrate. Anyway made it home but a week later I decided to act on the plan, went diving to shoot a fish, didn’t jump in with the speargun, however loaded up my weight belt and wedges myself in some coral, we’ll the boat close by saw (I didn’t even notice their boat nearby), but approx 2.5 mins later I was pulled from the water, they saw what I did and thought something was suspect with my behaviour, they resus me and today i feel very lucky to be here, I spent a few days in hospital as I was again agitated, about two months after that I admitted to My wife I didn’t want to live anymore and I kissed her goodbye and walked out the door, (this is hard to write now) its almost like she accepted it but had to remain strong for the kids, but she said to me, please take yourself to hospital, she wanted to take me but I refused her offer, I turned my back and walked off, no shoes, phone wallet, nothing, as I walked along the top road of Karratha at about 8pm that night I was literally staggering like a drunk, but I had not been drinking, I was wandering into the middle of the road without even looking, I remember a lot of horns beeping at me but nothing else, I made my way towards town and made it to hospital, just as I got there, friends pulled up looking for me, apparently I made the local FB page about some drunk wandering the main road in and out of traffic. Admitted again and was not allowed to be left alone in the ward (our hospital is only single rooms for each patient). Its safe to say the most visited place by me this year is the hospital, a few very rough months later has past and I’m now in a place where I can write this down in detail, I started back at work about 5 weeks ago just working 4 days a week for Rio Tinto in their Rail operations yard, totally different to what I have done before but I’m enjoying it. My wife and I are working through things, although I’m still very much unstable but not as much, I’m working with my social worker and wife, we still can’t pin point the exact trigger of my erratic behaviour, im on anti depressants and lithium (diagnosed bipolar). I was in for busso and Taupo in December but decided to withdraw, as exercise wasn’t / hasn’t been on my agenda despite it being good for me I just couldn’t get motivated to get out of bed some days. However my social worker and wife have somehow convinced me to do busso, I’m a person who needs goals, without them I just meander though life. Taupo can wait, I’ve moved to a slightly better headspace and have been exercising a little bit, a little family trip away will be good anyway. I need to thank Sam (FFF) and Katz and RBR, along with some other friends who formed a crisis group for me to message or call whenever I needed, they are truly wonderful people. I still get dark thoughts frequently but all the help I’ve had has given me methods to try and work through them without going to the extreme options I have explored. busso will be a long day and emotional but I’m looking forward to hungry jacks afterwards! thanks oh, mums breast cancer is being kept at bay, she’s going through chemo at the moment then radiation.
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