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    So I'm in for the 50. Anyone else in for any of the distances? The 50 sold out in record time. So there are 7.5-8 months until race day. I have zero excuse to be overweight come race day and if I am sucked in! You will suffer like a dog. (That was me talking to myself in 8 months time)
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    I don’t need to tell you anything, I stopped wasting my time a long time ago. I’m sure it’s all a witch hunt, it will all blow over #maga
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    I know they're not free, I live it every day, more than probably anyone on this site. It is literally, how I make my living. Unfortunately, it's extremely expensive and the industry I work in, provides the platform that the under 40s absolutely cannot live without. Here's the rub though, everyone wants faster, cheaper MMIMO and multi layer technology and greater geo coverage and that means shipping goods, using land that would have had trees on it and very high energy usage. It is massively expensive to put solutions in place that offset some of this but guess what, companies and (shock horror) some older white guys are actually doing this. I know that doesn't fit the agenda but there it is! I'm not trying to discredit her message, I'm questioning her methods and how much she truly knows about how the real world works, because I have a horrible suspicion that to make a genuine difference, the very generation that is shouting the loudest, is the one that's truly the most ill equipped to 'go without'. If you want to really know about how to make make massive change, re-cycle and reduce waste, ask someone that grew up during the war. (you know, old people!)
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    I know a guy that represented Ireland at AG Worlds but only goes there for the odd Xmas.
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    Indeed. The confusion between weather and global climate is one that is made too often as well as the use of the terms Global Warming and Climate Change interchangeably which appears to be either a wilful attempt to cloud the issue or a determined ignorance of the changing awareness of the local impacts of man made carbon emissions. There is also the desire to take a collection of personal anecdotes and somehow use that as a credible argument against vast amounts of actual data collected by actual scientists. The greatest indicator of the worthiness of what Ms Thunberg has to say is the collection of folk lining up to attempt to discredit her. If she really is a "Petulant Child" then she should be ignored, that's what you do with petulant children. What she is is a threat to the established order and they're running scared. To FP's comment about solutions, there are solutions but none of them are free. They will require everybody to make changes to their lifestyles (not necessarily for the worse, but people don't like change) and as a global society we're not ready for that yet. See comments in this post as evidence or look back at the outraged frothing over the plastic bag ban. We live in democracies which means that change will only happen with the consent of people, for them to give that consent they first need to be made aware, and then be persuaded of the facts. Once that is done then we can begin to look at solutions. This is the first step in a long journey.
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    Your name is on the rock ANTHING is possible
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    Last Friday there was a climate change rally in Dundee. I was walking by it during my lunch break. Amazed by how many participants were sitting in McDonalds grabbing a bite to eat. 😞 Fully agree that people don't have the will to go without and suffer the consequences of winding down the big Earth damaging industries that got us into this mess.
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    Time for a head to head 2019 clappers vs nealo in UTA 50 background both done 3 IM last one 2015 nealo just ran Blackmore Clappers ran Coastal Classic I came up with this while training for the Western Sydney half. Swimming is boring and makes you go mad well Nealo are you up for it? I don’t drink anymore so loser donates to charity of winners choice
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    11 for me. Will volunteer on the longer ones. 2019 I vollied on the short and ran the 100. Given I need to take at least 12 months off running, the 11 was all I could excuse myself for. Plus, having done the 50 and 100, the 22 covers the same ground. The 11 has a different route, and does some the reverse of the 100/50 through Leura Forest. I wanna see that sucker in daylight again! Good luck to all!
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    I'm in for the 22. First time at UTA
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    Indeed. That's the problem with anecdotes. The world is heating up at the moment, there can be no disputing that as a fact. There is some dispute around the causes of this, the effects of this and weather this is anything but usual cycles. The significant majority consensus in the scientific community is that it is caused by man-made greenhouse gas emissions and the effects whilst currently manageable will be severe and significant if allowed to go unchecked. There is then a perfectly sensible debate and discussion to be had about what we do about it but that cannot happen until people stop denying the existence of the issue in the first place.
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    In for the 50 for the first time at UTA and running/walking 50km. Any tips and hints welcome. Would be keen to know the approx percentage you can actually run compared to the steps, rock hopping and walking up very big hills??? Staying in Wentworth Falls so hoping getting to the start won't be too hard, we will have a car. Most importantly looking forward to seeing this part of Australia, it looks amazing!!
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    I was about to say, you don't want to borrow any outfits from Zed on account of the places those poor things have been. Stikman and I are in for the full.
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    Down in Canberra. Floriade for the missus then Parliament House, War Memorial then just finished an AIS Tour. Just having a beer before cooking a BBQ. Back home tomorrow then catch up on some golf and training. Life’s grand. FM
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    I hope and pray this happens
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    I’m in for the 50 Hey Nealo PM’d you
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    Am hoping to go back and do the 100 again... and get it right this time!
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    I always put Oz down as country of choice when racing but I haven't represented Eng at anything. Although, the way things are heading, I could be PM by next week.
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    We can no longer be friends!
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    I was thinking about that traitor when I wrote it, but then he gets away with it cause he hasn't represented this country.
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    There is a significant amount of evidence that the warming is being overstated by leading researchers and advocates. There is ample evidence that many temperature records which should be getting normalised downwards due to changes in local conditions that would act to increase the recorded temperature relative to the original installations are instead being revised upwards. There is also clear evidence that the trend is not behaving as it should based on CO2 emissions (not that there's no connection, just that there are unknown factors interfering.) The problem with using a term like credible is that you then get to use it to dismiss anything you don't agree with. And yet there is dispute on that "fact" because the data isn't clear enough to be that definitive. There is significant dispute around the cause, though little of it coming from the group loosely defined as climate scientists. It's not a big surprise, the profession has all the right settings to be rife with confirmation bias. Consensus is not and never was science. We don't believe in gravity because 100% of "gravity scientists" say they believe it, we know it exists because we can consistently, repeatedly and without fail test for its existence. We STILL don't know why it is though. Assuming that anthropogenic greenhouse gas is the majority driver though, we actually have zero idea about what the effects will be. The models themselves give us a broad range of outcomes just in terms of temperature variation, at the extreme highs relying on an uncapped domino effect. If we look back to what we do know from history, both recorded and observed in the geological records, earth actually does better at warmer temperatures than what we currently have. Would that be the same for the future? Maybe, maybe not. All we can really be confident of is that it would be different. The human race has never been more mobile or able to overcome difficulties of distance than ever before. Having said that, I do believe that the globe is warming to at least some extent. I do think that it may be driven by human activities (greenhouse emissions and other factors) at least in part. I don't think there is credible evidence that the results will be overall catastrophic, though there will likely be winners and losers. The one thing that I am 100% certain of is that the earth's population as a whole will be unable to bring themselves to submit to the sacrifices that would be necessary to meet targets set as they stand now let alone what they will be ratcheted up. Australia, the U.S. and Europe meeting their targets will do little if all it does is shift the emissions to Africa or Asia. Are the Asian and African countries going to submit their people to a slower advancement to a middle-class society? Good luck with that. Wealthy developed nations can't even accept it when they're talking about differences in fractions of percent growth. To me it makes more sense to spend money on overcoming the potential consequences than to try and stop it happening. If it pans out as predicted we are prepared(ish). If it doesn't then we have developed ways to survive and thrive in more extreme conditions which will open up new opportunities on earth and perhaps eventually beyond. For the human race it's a no-lose scenario.
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    He seems like the sort of dude to do that just to amuse himself too. Just burn past someone at 50kmh with a gentle pat on the butt and a comment about a rubbing brake caliper.
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    Scott Morrison on Greta Thunberg : "So I think we've got to caution against raising the anxieties of children in our country." Also Scott Morrison: (takes his kids to Penetcostal church) “We believe in the everlasting punishment of the wicked"
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    He only speaks for mostly everyone else
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    the ASX has a section with some quality educational features in it. https://www.asx.com.au/ Online share investing for dummies is an excellent introduction. Could I recommend that you don't sign up to any groups which costs you money and guarantees squillions in return. Spend at least six months "dummy investing" to get a feel for your abilities and how the market works. The more you put into trying to understand the market (which is a mugs game to be honest) the better you will do. NEVER fall in love with a share. NEVER break your rules once you have developed a system you are comfortable with. LICs are a good option for the bulk of your portfolio, preferably if they are trading below NAV. Then you can trade other shares "around the edges" to improve returns. Masters of the Market is a good read. A good onlline read is Livewire https://www.livewiremarkets.com/
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    Not true. It was but hasn’t been for years.
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    Best tip I can give you is to simply enjoy it... It's a beautiful part of Australia and a great event. Prepare for it as well as you can without getting injured, run & walk some climbs and descents and incorporate plenty of steps so that you can be as comfortable as possible on the day. This is not an event for setting a fast time, this is an event that makes you thankful for being alive and able to have such an amazing experience. Hopefully I'll see you there!
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    You mean our Sam aka FFF Sam?? Thats crazy stuff. I miss Sam
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    I entered UTA 50 I didn’t enter AAA I had already entered husky long course ( I got an early bird price )
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    Same place you do when the sea level still rises probably. Better chance of being able to feed them though. Trump wasn't found to have engage in misconduct with Russia either but as four of the nine "investigations" were from universities actually involved it's no surprise. The UK Government report however did find evidence of Phil Jones acting illegally to circumvent FOI laws but it was time barred from prosecution. Your link about the CRU emails is very clear though on "the trick" which demonstrates exactly why the data can't be trusted. The current (then) observations of tree ring growth didn't marry up with temperature observations according to their model which they had been using to create historical temperature records. Now a reasonable person might question the accuracy of their model (and therefore their proxy temperatures) and look for a better model that accounts for it all. Instead they assume the old data is right and make adjustments! That is simply not solid scientific process. The truth is that most of the proxy data we have for temperature is imprecise at best, inaccurate at worst, because there are compounding factors yet we are led to believe that it's good enough to state with certainty a trend within a tenth of a degree. Spare me, please. In any event, I think we're spoiling this thread with stuff that is mostly irrelevant to it and that we are unlikely to find agreement on so let's either dig up the old AGW thread or leave it alone for now.
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    You miss the point with the CRU revelations. The concern is about intent for scientific deception, that someone can find a way to defend the action is irrelevant. The emails clearly revealed deceptive conduct. Any scientist who wants to hide data is something we should be VERY concerned about. Without intellectual honesty science doesn't exist. The heat island reference was with respect to individual data sets for stations. Raw temperature data would naturally rise as the effect of surrounding development creating a heat island effect, no? To adjust for the rise created and normalise against pre-development data you should then decrease the raw numbers, yes? Why then do some of these actually get increased (or historical data decreased)instead? And with your misunderstanding of what I was referring to it reveals the issue anyway. "Controlling for" is simply another way of saying they modified the data which even if based on well educated guesses is significant when we are talking about climate change currently measured in fractions of a degree. The error margin is significant. Your examples of mitigation included such great ideas as lower emission vehicles improving health outcomes (the emissions that create health issues have nothing to do with CO2), reducing single use plastics (plastics are actually a carbon sink, especially those not made from crude oil) and eating less meat (which has little evidence of positive health outcomes outside of the developed world where we tend to over-indulge.) Only the latter is actually a greenhouse gas mitigation. What I'm talking about is developing methods to allow agriculture in more extreme environments and living in the same. Whether or not climate change happens these have major benefits to society. As for Bangladesh being under water you are thinking far too narrow mindedly. I'd rather lift them out of poverty so that they could move somewhere else if they had too.
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    Would love to see this!
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    True. But then this isn't some hack that was pushing himself on a hard training ride. He's the Euro U23 TT Champion. It was a technical course, so he should have been concentrating.
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    But clearly Ireland needed to strengthen their team.
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    A full moon for the race this year suggests it will be Windy AF. Lets hope so. Lange has no hope of a 3 peet if it's windy.
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    My daughter has been pushing me to reduce my coffee intake. I cut down from 6 to two a day. I have one coffee about 9:30/10am and then a second about 3pm. Damm I'm going to bed early & have been waking up with a headache. Hopefully only a few more days & I can break the addiction a bit. It's been 10 days so far.
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    You're right Goughy, I have to keep reminding myself of that.
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    Just remember, it's not your problem! There's a justified reason you've made this decision. They will soldier through.
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    I reckon with someone who rides like Wurf, he isn't going to cruise past others so they can increase output and hang on...... He is going to hit each pass at speed so that the others have no hope of hanging on and there only response is.... WTF
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    Not any time soon on a cruise of Norway , but I am walking normally now 😊
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    When you're that far left, the end justifies any and all means
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    Some would suggest it's her parents who need a spanking...
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    All I hear is a kid that's very heavy on the anger and very light on viable solutions.
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    Short race report from me (not as eventful as GE’s!) I had a pretty bad run up to this, with injuries and compromised training. But after pulling out at CP4 (58km) in 2016, I had re-entered this year with the goal of getting it done. I was stubborn enough to not want to pull out before I even started so had a plan to keep moving as best I could at each moment, and see how I went. I knew I had to push with some running in the first 32km to make the cutoffs, but then a solid fast walk would get me to the end. I started with 3 PRP shots in my left knee, cortisone in the right, and 2 rolls of tape on my left knee for the race. I pushed as hard as I could, but smartly not fogging myself, and protecting my knee. Downsteps was particularly bad, and uphills showcased my lack of fitness and ideal race weight. But I kept trucking. Made the first CP with about 20min, and moved quickly out. Tarros ladders were still awesome, Mt Derbert was huge, and the run into CP2 uneventful. I came in with a satisfactory buffer over cutoffs, and felt much better than the previous year. I’d jarred my back in the first 50m of the race, so was having trouble stepping up et my left leg. Running actually felt good! Ironpot was still lovely, and steep. But I was still feeling ok, and moving well enough., I was trading places with a small group of 3, and a couple of individuals, but I lost them in the dark heading in to CP3. Nellies Glen was tough, and I started feeling weak and dizzy again – as I did in 2016. But I pushed on, and came into CP4 feeling OK. My time buffer wasn’t great, but I was only about 20min behind where I expected to be if everything went according to plan. The weather was perfect, and I hadn’t needed to access any of my gear at the drop bag in CP3. Just restoked calories and water – and the same for CP4. Out of CP4 and down the Giant staircase, which was challenging but very cool in the dark. Then the wheels totally fell off up Leura Forest climb. Nausea, dizzy, lightheaded. I made myself keep moving, with short goals of steps and rest. It was tight coming into the 70km CP at Fairmont, but I ran in strong, filled my water and ran out strong. Not long after the sweeps caught up to me (Steve and Elke) as no one in the groups I passed had mde it out of Fairmont on time. They were with me for a bit, then had to stay with other runners who pulled the pin. I’d almost decided to pull the pin at CP5, coming in with about 10min. But they (Jaci, who I'd volunteered with on Thursday) wouldn’t let me, and pushed me out with Coke and refilled bottles- and the last 3 sweeps (SJ, Bec and Blake - awesome folks). We went down Kedumba, it started to get light again, and I made it to the helipad time point about 3min over the cut – but I was moving strongly and they let me keep going. 2 sweeps pulled ahead then to catch the group 15min ahead of me, and get them in. One stayed with me. We kept plugging through the forest, and arrived at the bottom of Furber, absolutely shattered. The winner had hiked down and was there gee-ing me on, and after about 20 steps up I was surrounded by about a dozen other people who hiked down to bring me in. The finish was epic – felt like a rock star welcome for being last. It was the hardest, longest and most painful thing I have ever done. But I did it, and am very glad. I was in a tent at the caravan park, so a slow walk back (with sweep Bec who was staying there also) , a sit down, struggle up the hill to the showers, ana very painful lie down, and it was time to pack up camp. Mondaymoring was packing up my tent, gazebo, and comforts of home, including putting stuff on the roof of the troopy. My mum caught the train up to Katoomba so I met her at lunch and we spent the next 2 days travelling home, taking her camping and on picnics on the river. Got a bit excited getting in the car and managed to actually tear my glute. Hope Wed night, and back to work Thurs/Fri. Mum back on the plane today, so now I get to rest. 7 days later now, and that glute is all the pain I have. I did it on Tailwind, some gels, a few chips, and some on-course electrolyte. I’ll add more as I have time! (I also carried a GoPro and got some decent footage – so I’ll get some stuff together if I can) If everything had gfone acording to plan I was hoping for 25-6 hrs. I finished in 28:31. The time limit for UTMB points is a finish in 28 hrs. but if you make all the intemediate cut-offs (including up to the sewage treatment at around 96km and are deemed fit enough to continue the last few km, you have an official finish, even if your final time is over 28.
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    On the contrary, it's particularly easy to ridicule. So you expect all the limiting factors that have long been well understood, either will be found not to actually exist or can be magically overcome by "a new study". You say there are "smarter people who can work it out", while failing to recognise that the "smarter people" in the relevant fields are the ones who say it's not feasible. You shrug off or ignore all reasoned and informed opinion just as dismissively as you do facts and logic. Conversely, you keenly support the ideas of people who have little or no knowledge or involvement in the fields relevant to the issue. You deride environmentalists even though its abundantly documented that environmental damage has been one of the largest problems with the Snowy Mountains Scheme. You've also proposed taking water from mythical river systems that don't exist. And you think you're opinion is beyond ridicule? Keep talking.
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    I usually don't have any until I have already trained and enjoy a coffee with the guys and girls - after that on the way home something has unlocked in my energy supply, I ride the hills on the way home with "Lance's legs" If I'm feeling a bit flat on the way to a bigger Sunday session I'll stop at Maccas for a double espresso - works wonders for me In an IM I'd have a No-Doze 15min before and maybe 2 others through the day - with that and the coke it's not a good nights sleep that night I have experimented over the years abstaining from any caffeine for 2-3 weeks before an IM - made no difference - it still comes down to mental strength and desire
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