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    I don't know! It could be a monastery, palace, chalet or castle?
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    Lived up to all expectations , toughest race I’ve ever done . From the Anthem to the crowd support and don’t forget that course was everything they said it would .
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    Finished, water was very choppy and I was close to pulling the pin the in swim 🤢 rest of the week it had been like glass. +1 and I did populaires on Friday evening as well. We are now back in Sydney after going to Zurich, Munich, Vienna and Berlin post race. Also went to Neuschwanstein .
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    They can add up real well. $318 + $318 + 318 +.............................
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    I did the Braveheart tri over in Fort William today. In the history of the race they have never had conditions like this. Anywhere else they would have called it off, but no, not here in Scotland. 80mph gusts on Ben Nevis. Driving rain from the time the gun went off. First time I've raced in full winter jacket and full body cover on the swim. Great event though. Funniest race director ever. Was worth entering just to hear the race briefing - "For the run course, just run up hill till it stops going up, then come back down." Edit to add the 'run' course elevation (I use the term run with artistic license). Note that because of the freezing temps and high winds, they 'thankfully' brought the turn around point down before you hit the freeze zone. Kudos to the marshals who stood up there all day to scan our timing chips and give out lollies. Most dedicated event team ever! The rain made for a very slippery decent.
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    You're pretty much just posting stuff people already know FB. It's a bit like saying you're sad because you're depressed. Just stop being depressed. It ain't that simples. The body? The body is easy. Break a leg it heals. Cut your finger it heals. The mind? That f*cker is evil.
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    Trust me when I say I ask myself this over and over again. I've probably done 5 or 6 of these. I'm a mental mess when it comes to my weight and am yet to work "me" out. I know I'm strong mentally, some of the stuff I've done and some personal stuff I've gone through is a testament to that. So in saying that yes I'm still over weight and I don't care if I have to have a starting point for 1000 times or 5000 times. One day I'll work me out and even if I don't I will have stopped me reaching 200kg or more.
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    He's home. 12.27.35, that's a great time on that course. Congrats TThomo
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    And I'm not aware of any Newstart recipients receiving Gov subsidies for negative gearing investment portfolios, capital gains tax exemptions, childcare subsidies & superannuation tax breaks whilst earning double the average income. Government subsidies & allowances actually benefit the rich more than the poor.
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    A bit of a difference volunteering for a few hours after a HIM than all day the day after your own Ironman.
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    https://wanderlust.com/108s/ Don't over train for legs two and three.
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    Is that what I think it is ... ????? 💘
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    yes, there is evidence. I have worked for two job networks and it is an identified barrier, particularly for long term unemployed. They should be able to do what they want. Your taxes aren't supporting them.
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    I wouldn’t put it past him to go on a donut and ice cream bender tonight.
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    maybe they can test rich people with jobs who take drugs
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    And I count 13 waves there not twelve as stated (the above list but divide Age Group into 4 waves and teams into 2 waves), if that is correct then it does not bode well (that they cant add up).
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    Threw this out today, think I got in 2005 or 2006 as the goodie for entering Kurnell. Just sitting at the back of a cupboard rusting away, Don’t get goodies like this at races today.
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    Yeah, definite plus one for nick and mark http://www.bikefitstudio.com.au/
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    Bikefit studio in west end can prescribe all your coordinates and suggest bikes that fit. Costs about$500 but includes the fit once you buy the bike.. If you already have a TT bike that you're comfortable on then you can measure the pad x and y and go on this slowtwitch thread and they'll see if it'll work. https://forum.slowtwitch.com/forum/Slowtwitch_Forums_C1/Triathlon_Forum_F1/Official_FIT_ASSISTANCE_for_Canyon_Speedmax_CF_and_CF_SLX__P6798762/
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    OK, I have it and am just charging the battery to test it. I'm sure it's fine, I just haven't used it for about 12 months. I've also emptied my inbox so hopefully you should be able to get through now.
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    Did my farewell to Sydney race, just the half today. Massively undertrained due to travel etc. so wasn't aiming for a time, just wanting to enjoy the scenery and the race. Beautiful morning for it, got a tad emotional running over the bridge for the last time. Managed a 1:23:18 which I'm happy with given the lack of training!
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    Checked this forum at 2:30 in the morning because jet lag sucks
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    So you're creeped out by a perfectly legal (albeit unusual) age gap relationship but have no qualms about training with Sutton?
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    I’m in, you fat bastards except I started yesterday sick of working 7 days a week and being fat much better to be fit.... and still work 7 days a week 😆
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    Thanks FB, but for many this can be a complex issue which results in excess calorie intake. Doing something, short term or otherwise, can be better than doing nothing at all.
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    Never too early to ride bikes. FM
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    This why male & female races will be good for the big events. It worked extremely well for the 70.3 WC in Nice. It also created more spectators on course (both days). The only problem I noticed was a number of female athletes cheating on the Saturday. They had their husbands pacing them on a bike during the run & pouring water over them to keep cool.
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