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    Finished work last Friday. All my sports gear packed to go back to NZ. Except gear needed for Run Larapinta and Redback. Weather forecast is for 31 degC in Alice Springs so looks great.
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    As a former PT in one of those renting situations, I actually undercharged because I wanted to help people. I was paying $250/week for the privilege to work there, and I was charging $40 for a 30 minute session or $60 for a 60 minute session. Slight humble brag coming, but as someone with degrees in human movement and exercise physiology and a masters degree in sports coaching, I wanted to help people as much as I could to help fix the injury epidemic and poor technique pandemic that spread through that particular gym. The ratio of clients that I had that just wanted to sweat and burn calories to clients who needed injury prevention work/technique coaching/injury rehab was quite low. I knew that I was undercharging, but it worked for me. I'd like to think that when I left there, I had made a difference to the place.
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    You can thank me by replacing that bar tape... its a disgrace!! If you are going to let it get like that use black tape. White bar tape should be pristine white at all times, even if it means replacing weekly!!
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    I remember you now.. and as I said at the time, you always put your gear on the driveside...
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    I saw coach@ driving yesterday and I reckon he could do with a good contra deal with a panel beater if there are any on here looking for coaching!
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    Adding a second independent system is fine and is a good option, provided the energy distributor approves it. At least with single phase your future battery options are easier to configure... It'll be quite a few years before they make financial sense though.
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    All the best for your MRI. Hopefully you get the all clear and can take part in a great day!
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    Lesmack I love the heat. Rather be hot than cold. I saw the 31 degC for Sunday. Then 0 degC overnight in a tent. I’m really looking forward to the experience of the whole event. Main thing is to drink lots and drink early. I’m pretty much packed and waiting to fly Thursday.
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    Another example of the biased bullsh!t media that people are growing tired of-with that Epstein pedophile all the news articles and TV clips centered on pictures of him standing with Trump (guilt buy association...) despite the fact Bill Clinton was a much closer friend and was a guest many many times on his 'Lolita express' plane and visitor to his pedo island. And now that George Clooney has been brought into the mix they feel the need to state "There is no suggestion that Clooney was involved in under-age sex or sex parties held by billionaire Epstein or involved in any wrongdoing." So they were happy to link Trump to Epstein allowing readers to infer what they may, but feel the need to state the Clooney was not involved in any way?? Its just ridiculous.. https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/manuscript-written-by-former-epstein-sex-slave-says-his-exlover-boasted-of-sex-act-with-george-clooney/news-story/90920cea913022f318c68a0d9ece8867
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    I'm 65. I was always an MOP runner. Managed 5:30 minute ks in recent Sutho to Surf. Am "planning" to do IM OZ #8 next year after 5 year break but not 100% yet. I feel I can still do the run distance but that is yet to be tested. I had a knee meniscus tear tidied up 10 years ago which encouraged me to change my style to more midfoot. I think it worked and my style improved a lot. My joints feel OK. I have always performed some weight training including deadlifts and calf strengthening but should be more disciplined. I am prone to calf niggles but when that happens I seem to be able to relate it to improper warm up and/or residual fatigue. Warm up seems to be very important to my success and I do not run consecutive days and do not do any real speedwork. I just push it sometimes. To be honest I'm feeling pretty good 😁
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    Bloody Chicks. Always being difficult.
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    If you are near him again this year, I suggest moving one of his runners about 6 bikes away when you come in from the swim to bike
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    I'm in. Have managed to keep something resembling fitness together after the twins arrived so I'll be going up there to have a bit of fun without any pressure. Race strategy at this point is to get out of the water and then adjust bike/run pacing depending on feel. Aiming for an easy 220-230W and then 6:00/km and a nice comfortable day out. Last year the race fell on a day of miserable weather, with postcard weather either side. It was raining, windy and the surf was pretty decent. The 28 day forecast suggests that there could be morning rain this year but it's way too far out to tell. The bike course is fast, with a few rolling climbs before you get to the highway which is pan flat, with the exception of a few canal/river crossing bridges which are 1-2% at most. After you get back to town you climb a decent little hill from both sides but it's a quick course. I rode a 2:37 with no big ring at an average of 2.3W/kg. The run course uses the same decent hill which can hurt you later if you charge up it out of T2. The rest of the course is a flat with some twists and turns and a mix of road and footpath. There was decent debate last year about the course being short. Personally, I recorded 20.4km but after the day that I had (forgot nutrition on the bike, no big ring) I was happy for it to be done.
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    I just don't get the world at the moment-imagine the outcry if they were about to release a movie where republicans hunted and killed liberals-the media would completely lose their mind. Yet this movie made by a major studio hasn't even raised a blip in main stream media....
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    Ouch! Hope you're ok and recover soon Cranky! I'm all entered for Saturday and the ITT. Absolutely twitching to get out there and have a go. Created my warm up Spotify playlist today so I'm good to go! I've been put in Cat D and I'm not eligible for points or anything so I'm just going to go full send and see how I go.
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    Bloody hell, I pay $18 per week for my gym membership which includes swimming (indoor 50/25m pool), unlimited classes including spin classes, pilates etc, and the actual gym plus extras like spa, sauna, hydrotherapy pool etc I could do all my training there if I wanted to, between swim, ride, run, rehab, strength work and recovery - but I like training outdoors too much
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    I dunno what I think is fair these days but I think $50 a week is pretty cheap depending on the amount of time you expect them to spend on you. Hell try to get a tradfie to do anything these days for under $100 an hour, a ten minute haircut costs $30, christ even a shit feed at maccas is basically $10..
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    When I first started triathlon (25 years ago) I looked at what people were paying for coaching and I decided that I'd much rather give that money to charity and just train myself... I still feel the same way.
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    You are right, that's how they finished up with Brexit and Boris ..... but I think you might have meant "morale".😋
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    Ordered my new bike frame today. This is part of my relocation bribe from the wife as I follow her career. New country, new bike. 12 days of work to go Chapter2 Tere frame. Will build with SRAM force 12 speed and Caden wheels
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    just got my helmet back from IM Geelong lost property. Anyone who wants to discuss the cons of mandatory helmet laws is welcome to see what falling off your bike can do to... left side of the helmet is cracked like an eggshell. made me feel ill just looking at it.
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    must have been one of those Sundays .... Last brick session before next weekends Olympic distance race.... after 1hr or so on the bike .... moving nicely .... when a failure to negotiate a nicely disguised sink hole saw me going from 40kph to 0 via the braking capacity of my lycra clad butt & shoulder so, anyone have some magic remedies for bruising and road rash - emphasis on quick recovery time ?? At least I managed to throw myself under the bike Cheers D-train
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    Anytime after lunch can be a 2 hour + trip heading west with the squinters.
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