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    Fake face stuffing and barbie toes nightmare notwithstanding, is her 'fall' due to being hit by a car? Because I don't think that's something any of us should find any pleasure in.
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    so its you that I seem to crash into in open water swims. I just thought you didn't swim straight, now I know the real motive behind it. πŸ˜‰ I swim just to one side, have since forever and only a couple of coaches tried to get me to change, but plenty of others said it makes no difference, breathe when you need to. So every 2nd stroke for me. I can do both sides, but it takes to much effort.
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    I just breath to the side that’s got the best sort in the next lane ....
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    From stalking on the competitor list, we are in the same age group so you are still young,
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    Oh I see. i don't follow anyone, on anything, hence my confusion. I'm really too old for this 'Insta' culture. If I wanted to buy friends I'd just shout a round at the pub.
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    I get it. You were a fan.
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    You can't lose followers that you've paid for.
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    Done it a couple of times, and will be back again in the future, but heading to Spain and Portugal for some running and treking the following week, so this year is out. My wife Liz has been asked to sweep for the long course again this year, introduce yourselves. On the water thing, carry plenty. Logistics make it difficult to get much out to the couple of aid stations. The first couple of days are OK but the longer days you'll need to be a bit more careful. The first year i made the error of filling up my hydration bladder at Glen Helen, not knowing that it was quite salty bore water and got quite sick. Last year I took a couple of bottles of water from Alice to fill my pack with the next time and that was fine. Year one i also ran out of water with over 10k to go in 35 degrees which also got a bit ugly. They fixed this stupidity last year by not letting you leave an aid station without a full minimum 2ltr bladder. For a post stage feed, there is food at the cafes at Standley Chasm, Ormiston Gorge and Glen Helen. Stage racing is the best fun you can have racing. Run hard in brilliant surrounds, have a beer with great people at each stage finish, a big meal, nice sleep and do it all again the next day. Relax, You'll love it. Have fun.
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    Can you repeat that? Didn't catch it the first time....oh, you already did 😜
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    I'm pretty old already you know.......
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    Just wait till you get older Katz. I used to breathe every 4th stroke, now I breathe every 3rd and when I am putting in efforts, I have to every 2nd.
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    This. Though in OW racing I generally breathed every 2nd stroke to the side that was optimal (away from chop, where sighting buoys are, etc)
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    They did the same thing with the Gateway Bridge. On the Saturday you could walk or ride over it, then the Sunday they had a Fun-Run over it, then Monday they opened it. We actually rode over it a few times in the weeks leading up to it, but these days I suppose security is a bit tighter around infrastructure builds.
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    Trav lovely bloke and we have raced many times. Family and community man. So glad he got a medal. Last year was a very difficult personal challenge for him suffering loss...congrats mate
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    52 dickhead and still waiting for you to stop sulking and pin a number on again
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    There's a reason there are 4 in a pack.
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    If she does, it's coming straight back up after a trip to the pisser...
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    What a absolute dumb prick ! dopping as an age grouper πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Have to feel sorry for the blind guy who he was a guide for. (Assuming he was innocent and unaware)
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    Done in 8.11 for my first 50k (ended up measuring 51.5). Pretty sore towards the end with hip flexor issues probably coming out of the glute problem and over compensating but good to get it done. Hot conditions for the middle of winter and a really good course although haven't got too much to compare it with - would even say one worth traveling to compete in. Worked out I am nowhere near strong enough so lots of work to do.
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