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    Ordered my new bike frame today. This is part of my relocation bribe from the wife as I follow her career. New country, new bike. 12 days of work to go Chapter2 Tere frame. Will build with SRAM force 12 speed and Caden wheels
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    Watched it last night & thought it was pretty good. I'd heard the stories about him ( late to ironman ) but was interesting to see everything going on. The fatigue levels....oh my! Did not inspire me one little bit to give another ironman a go !
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    I like watching drug cheats having 'roid rage on the podium when they've been called out for being a cheat. Piss funny. Loved how the pommy guy just said, "No" and then "f&@k off" when Sun drugman yelled for him to shake his hand and get on the podium.
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    Hope she's OK. Best of luck with everything.
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    Enough of all of this meaningless talk about the race. Lets talk about who is winning the Fantasy League! Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me. You guys don't want it enough. You need to get up at 3am and do hill repeats in the rain to beat me!
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    Drives me nuts this sort of shit. These are the sort of sales people who promise all sorts of things, then leave it to the subby to sort out the installation problems, and that's when you find out they can't actually instal what you were promised, or to do it will require extra costs etc. They also tend to have lots of "out" clauses which mean they can substitute the agreed kit with other brands/model. Yes they can do a preliminary analysis with satellite imagery, but they can't see the detail of roof issues, they have not even looked at your electricity box, assessed where the inverter might go, what issues with that there might be (e.g. inverters need at least a basic level of protection from the elements, especially to avoid direct sun). Roof assessment might be something simple like placement of TV antenna or other roof objects that can affect the placement of panels, the sort of roof and attachment systems required (these vary), tilt management if needed, shading analysis. Plus what will actually look good. Well done solar PV systems look good and fit in really nicely with the home design, while others just look shoddy.
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    As to being from Vic, I presume that means they sub contract out the installation. As a rule of thumb it's far better the company you purchase from employs the staff who do the installation. And if something doesn't go right, or there's a problem that needs fixing, having a reputable local company to contact and sort it out is much better than a sales team half a country away who will pass the buck.
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    We did mums with 2 of us - both on the same page so that helped. Lawyer held the will in Tassy and I dialled in when he read it, only my sister and me, others didn't have a need to hear it. We had a property to sell as well - just engaged a Realestate agent - all monies controlled through the lawyers trust a/c set up. Had a few funds as well which they arranged to do. Had a year in Tassy to do it Get a lawyer
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    Dave, I still wear it after early morning swim squad or on the way to early season beach swims. One day it will wear out. My shirt from my first ironman in 1996 has long since gone.
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    Just do what I do and focus on the eating part.
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    It will go well on my Mercedes Ute then 😀
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    A poorly chosen follow up to Who let the dogs out.
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    I love most sports. I like watching the swimming, but definitely agree that they go way overboard with the coverage of it during the Olympics. I've been watching some of this on the Swimming Australia app. Highly recommend it if anyone is keen. They've also had high diving during the Champs (as well as water polo, synchro swimming, open water swimming). And by high dive I dont mean the 10m board. The men are jumping from 27m and the women from 20m. They obviously enter feet first and they also have people in the water to check the re-surface.
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    Goughy, we redrew on the home loan. We figured that because we were both home a lot, and had A/C & the pool, we would still get our money back within the warranty period of the set-up even including the extra interest on the loan. So far it's working out well.
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    I preferred a running pack for my mtb rides as I used the front pockets for gels and chews, instead of soft flasks. And bladder in the back.
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    Been there done that. As long as yours sits comfortably in the position on the bike then why not indeed? Only thing I found is some running packs sit higher across the shoulder blades that can be less comfortable when have a full bladder, and stretched in the biking position. Should take 5 secs to decide if it's us ok or not.
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    As to your mate, possibly that's the case depending on the available import and export tariffs, and cost of installing a system. In north QLD the export tariff is modest, about 7-8c/kWh. Solar systems cost ~ $1k/kW, so say $7k for a 6.6kW system. In northern QLD that'll generate about 10kWh/year if it's north facing. In worst case scenario you export all production and have no self consumption (would would offset higher import tariffs) 10,000kWh x $0.08/kWh = $800/year in export income. That's the lower limit of financial benefit. For a system that costs ~$7,000, then the simple payback is 7000/800 = 8.75 years (an ROI of 11.4%). An ROI of 11% is not exactly horrible. Now if you are using just 20% of the solar PV output to replace grid imports, then then it's (2000kWh x $0.29/kWh) + (8000kWh x $0.08/kWh) = $1,220, which is a payback of 7000/1220 = 5.7 years (ROI of 17.5%). As you can see, it doesn't take much daytime self consumption to make the ROI pretty attractive.
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    I think it's sad that this is overshadowing the great performance of Titmus! those final 20 meters were just amazing.
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    No sympathy from Cam
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