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    It's interesting that the same people who are advocating for Israel Folau to freely express his beliefs (Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones) are the same people condemning Adam Goodes for expressing his. #IStandWithAdam #TheFinalQuarter #TheFinalQuarterFilm
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    I work on the rule -- anything above the neck ( slight sore throat, running nose) - is OK to train but don't get HR up and cut back on the running Anything below the neck -- rest
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    https://www.smh.com.au/sport/why-the-pm-and-most-christians-are-going-to-hell-20190719-p528xx.html Seriously unhinged the lot of them
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    Relax take the dog for a walk. Spend time with the family. Rest recovery & enjoy a good feed. I lasted 15 years in the sport by playing it smart & getting the balance right.
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    Can I have your disc? you never got sick until you bought it.
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    I have been burning the candle pretty hard with work, family and training recently. I got a cold, then recovered and went back to normal training, only to find I got sick again 2 weeks later. My learnings - its July, no need to rush back into, or push the training. When I feel good again, take another 2 days off, then do a couple of easy days to start the body up again.
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    This. Listen to your body. It'll tell you. I try and make sure I do something though even when ill, but that might just be taking the dog out for half an hour.
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    I ran early Thursday, then when I was at work, a girl came in who was sick - because we were having a farewell lunch - and sat next to me. Was fine when I left, then by the time I got home, I knew I was getting sick... Sure enough, woke up with a piercing headache yesterday & now it's a mixture between aching sinuses, running nose, sneezing... The last thing I feel like doing is exercise, and would think that it would likely just keep me sick for longer.
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