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    Looks like there weren't too many dry eyes at the top of Luz Ardiden. Awesome work Gabby!!!
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    What a difference 48 hours, good food and rest make! After Tuesday aborted tempo run I did a 90 minute easy roll out yesterday and then today got back on plan with a 53:20 (very precise I know) tempo run ending up with average pace of 3:56. Was done in by the end though. Next week it's 60 minutes. Fingers crossed!
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    That's the problem with "mdma" capsules. they can have anything in them. Pull it apart, put some crap in it and sell it as MDMA. Drugs aren't great, but when it comes to health issues, deaths, social issues etc nicotene and alcohol are at a completely different level to ecstasy. Why does this make the news, but a teenager that dies from alcohol doesn't? 1 in 8 deaths of Australian teenagers is attributable to alcohol. Public perception needs to change. Drugs are bad, drinking for 12 hours and vomiting your guts up is fine and dandy.
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    Jetski's are banned on Sydney Harbor to the best of my knowledge. Jetski's are also banned up the Yarra river past Docklands, so you can't go it there either! Damn government spoiling our fun and creative ways to get to work!
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    And yet the left biased media seem to fail to mention the 'peado' was besties with Clinton... https://www.foxnews.com/us/flight-logs-show-bill-clinton-flew-on-sex-offenders-jet-much-more-than-previously-known "Former President Bill Clinton was a much more frequent flyer on a registered sex offender’s infamous jet than previously reported, with flight logs showing the former president taking at least 26 trips aboard the “Lolita Express” -- even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights"
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    Exactly. All the front line folk I've worked alongside in the UK think that heroine being illegal is mad. They want heroine addiction seen as a medical condition (which is increasingly is in a practical sense). Nobody aged 10 decides to be a heroine addict when they grow up. I imagine it's the same with meth (not a drug we really have in the UK so not something I'm aware of). By keeping heroine illegal all you do is drive people to a career in petty crime to pay for the habit, they get arrested, fined (which they can't afford to pay) and the cycle repeats. If you send them to prison they just get drugs in prison and it costs a shed load. I don't think heroine / crack / meth etc. should be available to purchase but they should be able to be prescribed as part of approved programmes. You then cut off all the financial clout of the very nasty people that push that stuff, save a huge amount of police money fighting it an associated petty crime (as well as the organised crime that goes alongside with the same gangs). Sensible people still won't take it because let's face it, if they wanted to at the moment they could do, I could arrive into any town in the UK (I only say there because I know the "vibe" more than Aus) and have my hands on heroine or crack within 15 minutes but I don't because I don't want to. Its legal status has nothing to do with it.
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    That's exactly how it happened. I had time blocked out in my calendar at work and strict instructions to everyone around me to stay away. I just sat and hit refresh over and over till the web form appeared. Had the email address cut and ready to be pasted from a word document. The rest of the information I figured could have been wrong or mistyped, but the email address was the most important. Stikman had essentially the same strategy but he missed out at first, and was offered a spot later.
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    And bricks will only slow you down. Leave them at home.
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    To be fair the signs and symptoms described in that article do sound exactly like an MDMA overdose, been there, seen that, saved most of them. But more than 90% of the jobs directly involving substance I've been to as ambulance crew are booze related. Whether that's people drinking themselves silly, getting tanked up and having a fight or at the even more harrowing end of the spectrum the people that horribly addicted to alcohol (in the UK at least it's far more of a problem than heroin). Drugs are bad, unmonitored drugs of indeterminate strength are far, far worse. Legalise, quality control, tax. Unfortunately it will never happen. The blinkered view that these things are the scourge of society will continue to hold sway, it was years ago (2009) that the UK Government fired their most senior science advisor for making the scientifically accurate statement that the per capita risk of death from horse riding pretty much the same as for taking E. The data backed him up, what he said was totally true but it went against the political message of the government of the day. Edit: Corrected the comparison, he didn't say horse riding was more dangerous, he said the danger was equivalent. Here's an interesting write up with some other examples of how bad we are at assessing risk: https://www.motleyhealth.com/health-news/how-dangerous-is-horse-riding
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    This was from a Cycling News "10 questions" interview with Rohan in 2013.
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    I know. It's more just the unknown and turning up at an event that I know nothing about or how it works. Once someone motions for me to come over to the start line and then I get the big LED screens counting down in French and the crowd goes ape-shit as I pull away in the 58-13, I'll be fine. Crit racing is in the pipeline for me, but I'd rather do some TT work at the moment until I wrap my head around the whole thing and if I want to stick it out. Once the 70.3 is done in September, I'll probably be lining up at Nundah for some racing laps.
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    No nothing like that mate, had a vasectomy a few years ago. spoke with doctor today, she isn’t concerned about the cholesterol yet, diet should fix that she reckons.
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    Don't pack bricks. It's a TT. There's nothing at all to worry about. Yeah if it was your first crit or big RR then nerves are expected, but as you said, you are just paying someone to let you ride your bike out & back in a straight line. Hopefully you'll enjoy the experience & graduate to a RR or Crit where it really does get "Big Kev Exciting".
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    Who knows then. Sounds like it might be up to whatever mood the head honcho is on the day. I'm not eleigible for points or prizes because I'm on the Shiv. I just want to give someone some money to ride my bike out and back in a straight line and see if I'm as fast as I like to think I am.
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    Cheers mate, that's pretty much what they said as well! I'm back in the gym later but just for some mat work and to see 'what's what' body wise. Got some more physio later in the week. On the plus side, my sister has informed that the points required for CCC have been dropped to 6, so I would just need a 2pt race to qualify and there are a few of those left open. Priority is sorting my body out first though.
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    Don't be daft. None of them will think like that I'm sure. I think all of us put this pressure on ourselves that our "support crews" care about our performance. Not a single one of my mates / family who have come to a race cared about how I did or whether I finished. If I had a good craic and ended safe then they're just happy to see me doing something I enjoy (which to them is usually a complete mystery as to why it's even fun in the first place).
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    Ive just returned from a trip around Europe & struggling with sleep & training. Travel knocks me around. Maybe revise your training a bit & you'll meet your expectations?
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    Actually I’ll tell another quick story related to Sydney Harbour. it was Paul’s bucks day and we were on a pub crawl around the city over to Luna park and back etc His new brother in laws and friends we didn’t know were with us ,any way it’s pissing down rain on and off we are all pissed catching the ferry back from the nth side next minute we see Paul on the outside of the ferry salutes us and jumps over board in the middle of the harbour fully dressed. these new guys are freaking out at me we gota tell some one go back etc The boys and I just laughed and said ah Fark him he knows the next stop he’ll be sweet we are at the pub and an hr had passed they were getting real worried for him so the made me go back to the warf and check I’m heading down and I can see this guy on the back of a yacht sculling beers dancing away !! Hed be friended a group As he climb outa the water and they were in disbelief so they shouted him beers ! The night got worse at the dog track 🤦‍♂️
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    Saw a blue car go through a red light this morning, this is why I hate blue cars. The actions of a few should not be a reflection of all but unfortunately, society is too silly to distinguish. I know who poses the bigger danger. Cars running red lights are more of an issue than what these riders did this morning.
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    No, journos never embellish the facts.
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    Ask Cranky about the eels. Or the catfish that nested where everyone gets in and used to bite us on the toes.
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    Put a shark in the dam........
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    There's been a few Channel/marathon swimmers among the B&B group over the years, though as you say, most of them do the bulk of their training at Vlad Swim or elsewhere. The B&B 5:30 group is a fairly tight little group, with most starting early due to work demands, though a few with an interest in the longer events like Bondi to Watsons and Rotto. It can be a rewarding time to swim. You feel like you have the ocean to yourselves (or even yourself!), and being out there from pitch dark and swimming through the gradually increasing light, watching the sun rise as you breathe, then eventually to the full the brightness of day is quite special. Then there are the magical mornings when the shore break sparkles with phosphorescence in darkness. As you swim out, under and past the waves, you settle into your stroke and watch the water beneath glisten in swirls of phosphorescence, as your hand and arm move below you. Simply gorgeous.
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    We had a guy on 75% pay for many years after his weekend cricket back injury was signed-off as a workcover claim when he said that he hurt it at work picking up a PC. It was his third day at work in the job. He told his colleague he hurt his back at cricket on the weekend.
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    That's where the crocodiles hang and chill waiting for swimmers.
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    Bugger that. But I've got toe sucking carp, nibbling shrimp, chomping yabbies, and unmentionable floaties coming out of illegally dumped houseboat toilet tanks........
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