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    Maybe we should mention an up & coming young tennis player to WADA. Just a couple years ago she was 600th in the world, and she just made number 1 last week. It sounds too good to be true.
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    “Know the person”. ... Jesus, someone call Lavrentiy Beria to get to the bottom of this. Grinch, you are starting to sound like one of the Villains from the movie Heathers. “If it looks to (sic) good to be true you’d be right” ... remind me, just how good was Daniela’s ride back from Hawi last year?
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    Yeah, like let’s all sic the rozzers onto healthy age groupers who manage to find the time and motivation to pull their finger out and go from 6hrs to ... maybe (dunno but maybe) possibly getting close to 5 hours for a 70.3. Because, wow - that would be like going from ... nowhere at the back of the field to nearly nowhere but maybe the middle of the pack ... just because we hacks might feel threatened that someone else might contest our own mediocrity. That’s simply not acceptable, is it? Let’s make them know that the haters are hating behind their backs, make them feel a little shit about themselves, instead of proud of their improvement, as they pee into a cup because someone turned camp informant/malicious gossip.
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    Accom booked and plan for 4th IMOZ NSF
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    You never answer questions and make stuff up sorry that offends you
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    Are you always a wanker or just most of the time?
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    That used to be a commonly held principle Now the left say 'if you don't agree with me, you're an evil bigot so shut up And by the way, stop generating hate...'
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    Delivering! I've learned two new words, 'risible' and 'rozzers', I now know who Lavrentiy Beria is, and what Heathers is about 👍 Disclaimer - never broken 5hrs for an HIM.....unless Gundi counts....but probably should have been tested as I ran away from AP while not really concentrating on my own square metre 🏃‍♂️ (though I do recall wondering if there were any metrey plus cod in the MacIntyre 😉).
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    Thanks IP, were you tested or just what you found that worked? Bored@ -sometimes just let it go as some of us value the input of others on here.
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    Catch a Mariners game if you're there in baseball season, the field has a retractable roof so no dramas with the rain. Ferry to nearby islands, day-trip boat to watch Killer whales, brewery tour. A couple of parkruns nearby if you're there for a Saturday morning.
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    Are you going to get off the fence and make a call? Its for fun Not money. It won’t matter if you are wrong.
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    33rd in Kona this year olympic gold next year. top 10 Kona 2020 win in Kona 2021 UK sporting God forever after.
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    Accommodation booked at our usual spot right on the bike course for IM Number 4.
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    Thats my experience too. Mostly old people from my dads old church.
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    While I notice that Izzy and “religion” seem to be copping the wrath of most contributors here, I have to say that 100% of the 20+ people of strong faith I either know well or work with are strongly against Izzy’s instragram post and condemn his use of hate speech.
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    I agree. He is quick and aggressive, he will go for it, it will be podium or ambulance.
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    I reckon Hunts boot throw in game one was one of the lowest acts of sportmanship I've seen in years.
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    I don't really understand why anyone would not be encouraging TC to dob in a suspected doper. Pretty much all Age Group testing is targeted (dobbed in or very fast). Drug testing relies on us identifying and reporting suspect athletes. TC has not named the athlete. She will have to pee into a cup, and nobody has to know unless she fails the drug test. So no harm done if the athlete in question is clean. Yes it is just a hobby, but racing against cheats ruins the enjoyment. My sister used to play low level competition tennis. Her and her friends were not very good, but they enjoyed their weekend tennis game and being an actual competition made it more fun than just a social game. There were no umpires, so players made all the line calls themselves (honesty system). Unfortunately some of the opposition continually lied, calling my sister's shots out (even though you could see the mark where the ball landed). Most opposition were honest, but there were enough cheats that it ruined the fun and my sister and her friends all quit. Enough people quit and the club folds.
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    Accommodation is booked, and I plan to race the full first the first time.
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    Me! Registered yesterday and realised I could have gotten a discount through the Season Pass, DOH! Anyway I registered again through the Season Pass and hopefully they will honour the discount.
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    Top 3 or DNF. He won't plod in & finish 9th or so.
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    With Trump in the US and Boris to be leading the UK, surely we need to vote in Clive to even try and compete.
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    We was pretty stupid - and young - back in the day: I can still remember one session at Warriewood in about June 1986 or 1987. I was still in pain for several hours afterwards.
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    Sodium/electrolyte use is the most neglected part for 99% of ironman age group racing and training most folks should be useing 1500mg per hr and some like myself need upto 3000mg per hr
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    Me too! For number 22.
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    Cut a few laps and landed some tricks at the skate park 😂
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    I’m a sharkies man cab definitely see Gallen in the same line But Ennis not so much grubby but more your serial PEST
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    That is phrased a whole lot better - I feel a lot better now
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    I am yet to read past the title: Triathletes are most likely to die during the swimming leg of the race Either I've been inordinately fortunate over the last 35 seasons, or that should read: Deaths in triathlon are most likely to occur during the swimming leg of the race
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    I have a friend who refuses to walk any part of the marathon but is happy to walk sections of the bike.
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    It is a shame but 46 finishes and 3 DNFs along the way I'm not too bothered - I race Ironman - I'm just not prepared to sit up waving to the crowd on the bike and then do a long walk - maybe I have a different set of standards - it is personal - we all do what pleases us 💖 I too will be surprised if Alistair podiums in Kona in his debut but he's got more than three months to prepare and he's already more than shown how professional his approach to triathlon is, and he'll be getting the best advice, you'll probably find he has quite a tan be time October rolls around 😎
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    I can't wait for his Kona race. I just hope we have a full cast there this year. If all the players turn up - this year Kona will wide open. Lots of different athletes, with different strengths, and are all capable of turning those strengths into a win. I personally feel that AB will get spat out 100km into the ride. Not because of the heat, but because those top guys are friggen nuts. It's actually quite frightening
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    I hope that when Alistair reads all the comments on Transitions it doesn't put him off his Kona debut - there a lots of comments here that might have him unsure whether it's worth going over in October 😪
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    My mate sent me this photo of the swim course the morning after.
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    Exactly. So now not only are people being controlled on what they say but also how they spend their money. Sh!t I'm sure spending $4k on a Zipp Super 9 would be seen by most as crazy and could be better spent on a poor sick child but who in the hell has the right to tell you that you shouldn't BECAUSE there are more deserving ways to spend your money???
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    McCrystal works full time in a jewellers and has a young family. Doesn't really have any sponsors outside of his local butcher.
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    I think it's even more abhorrent that we have state governments like Victoria's who happily threw away $1Billion of tax payers on absolutely nothing. I'd imagine $1B could have helped a sick child or two... That's where your disgust should be directed.
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    Western civilisation I'm going back a couple of thousand years though, of course
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    thats true. some of the attacks against those of a religious view on here are pretty bad and definitely not warranted. It would make anyone who practices a faith feel extremely vilified.
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    Well there has been plenty of vile posts against Christianity on Transitions, people seem OK to ignore that. Seems that there are certain groups that are a free for all, yet I doubt you would be able to talk the same way of Jews for example. Same as it is now in vogue to attack and vilify 'middle aged white men' but to single out blacks in the same way would clearly be racist. Strange times...
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    Not cutting courses is actually my biggest problem with achieving triathlon success. Every single time I end up regretting getting dessert.
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    Holding back not peaking for this. He is a 2 time Olympic gold medallist. He’s doing an I’m and he is an absolute champion. Yes he came 44 and ran 35
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    I hope he takes to the longer distance well, and becomes a genuine challenger for years to come. 70.3 worlds was an amazing race, with 3 genuine greats going head to head. I want that replicated in Kona. Whether he will or not is a different story. There is real potential for the next couple of years to be one of the greatest periods ever - with Frodeno, Lange, Sanders, Wurf all having a genuine shot if the cards fall right. Add in Brownlee, Gomez (post olympics) and wildcards like Tim Don, Ben Hoffman, Torrenzo, Keinle, McNamee, e should be licking our lips at the possibilities rather than hoping people fall flat. Thats a juicy field.
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    Yeah, Macca couldn't handle the heat in Kona.
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