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    Where in the world is our favourite budgie smuggler today? *posted with permission
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    We're all wankers in some way - what about the guys who go out to the swamp and try and identify birds - or the guys who collect aircraft numbers out at the airport - you just have to follow your passion, whatever it is. I don't think I would have become an "Ironman wanker" if the race hadn't beaten me so soundly the first time I tried it. I had to get it right. On the gelatin issue - I work on the philosophy that if someone asks a question, you give him the most honest answer you can - there's a whole lot of stuff that works that's not "scientifically proven" but hey, most things that have been "scientifically proven" existed before they were "proven to work" I really don't care if someone disagrees with what I suggest, others may benefit and not say much 💖
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    I'm going to call this the "f&@ked up Sunday thread. Let's face it, the reports on the airways and interwebby thing are pretty arse about face today.lets have a look at a few: North beat Richmond, Freeo beat Collingwood, someone said AP is right, in Ruby the Sunwolves best the Reds, Roland Dane admitted he was wrong, Liverpool fans are being humble in victory, Go Easy paid AP a compliment and the channel 7 Sydney weather girl said it would be a nice day to be in Melbourne. WTF is going on team??!!
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    Until the day a trans-man has a successful career in elite level rugby, trans women taking titles off women shouldn't be considered a fair contest. What I'm saying is, a trans-man would be crushed in a full contact sport against men - the body just wouldn't be up to withstanding the clashes. It's clear the trans-man would be disadvantaged in size and strength. If you can understand that, then you must agree that trans-women would have an advantage in speed, size and strength in a competition against women.
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    My auntie has a teaspoon of gelatin everyday. At 98, she has the most lovely fingernails.
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    Digressing here a bit but work before family, surely not, fozzy bare. Went for an interview as a young bloke and the dude told me his theory was that family came a close second to work. Knew then I didn’t want the job despite him chasing me hard. Also told myself that anybody that worked for me in the future would know that their family is first and work is second. Many moons and employees later, that idiom still remains true and reckon I have had better staff as a result. my only tips for the OP, and repeating much of the same above, train while they sleep and incorporate family into training where possible.
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    Fitter than me mate! That is one of the faster sections through there. This is the Piney MTB track in Armidale. Of all the tracks around here it is the longest (takes me about 43mins for a lap, the guns can do it in under 27mins, the 2nd ranked female in Aust can do it in 30mins). There's one steep twisty rock section I've still not mastered, and today there was a small pine down across the track. I could see from the marks on the bark others had just ridden over it, so I tried. Got the front wheel over.....but apparently my MTB has 2 wheels
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    No offence AP, but you'd have to be the biggest 'Ironman Wanker' I know... But you've also provided some of the best Ironman training and racing advice I've heard anywhere. Believe it or not that's meant to be a compliment - credit where credit's due!
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    Yes but why take a National Championship off a deserving woman who did all the work without the testosterone? No one is saying transgender can't play sport. There are plenty participation events to enter eg. age group Ironman 😁
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    Great video...did you get lost at all. At times it looked like there was barely a trail!
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    Couldn't agree more. Do you think you'll ever get it totally right? At least you take the time to suggest things. There are plenty of people out there who will disagree adamantly about something, but who will never provide any better alternative or suggestion themselves. On the Gelatin issue, I figure why not. It's a safe & approved food product, it's reasonably cheap & available, and it's relatively simple to use... What have you got to lose! Personally think it works, but who knows, worse case scenario I should at least end up with some really nice looking fingernails!!
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    I’m hopeing I can be in as good shape as dave is at 65 one of the better videos u can watch on tris , (and life) lots of great advice and wisdom bit boring at start but once they get into it , very good https://www.triathlete.com/2019/05/training/dave-scott-and-craig-alexander-on-bricks-carbs-and-what-makes-a-world-champ_377874?fbclid=IwAR1SzAEnr4Jx468wI6sFQjpiYKVvpJZ8rQtirunxjq-sXaGK1MBG6N4nrUo
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    That thought occurred to me about 2hrs too late Plan is to take it really easy the next week or so and make a call next week.
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    The key is to finish looking fresh.🍆
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    Thanks have those ones was hoping to get one above so can listening when driving etc
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    Looks like a fit dog! Also looks like great trails. Where is this?
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    I rode home with my brother one time, and we went along the bike paths instead of the road. At 5pm on a fine summer's day I felt much safer on the road than on the bikepath.
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    OK, as promised. It's 15:30 - but I am in the process of putting together a shorter one. It's my first time using a GoPro and putting a video together, so apologies if it's rubbish.
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    I inherited a Kabuto Aero-K1 from @roxii but I have now upgraded. It's a 2013 lid so make your own decisions but we know it's providence and it's never been in a spill! Postage will be a bit of a pain so prefer pick up Chatswood or Sydney CBD (or can drop anywhere in between) but will post if somebody is proper keen.
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    Do you think it would look good on my coffee table beside the book of excuses?
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    LOL, I’m a pilot and flying a helicopter to work every day would probably be less safe! Unless it was about a $5m one. I’ll check with my bank manager and let you know how I went. The amount of times our building owner nearly hit the top of our building in his helicopter in bad weather scared me off that long ago. Luckily my commute is only about 2kms of road and 20k+ of paths so it’s not too bad. *Most* drivers are predictable. I could also die in my car or get hit by a car walking from the train or from a terrorist related activity in Melbourne these days.
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    86 km with approx 2,000 mtrs ascent ( so I’m told) https://www.racetotheking.com/route/
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    My wife & I had 4 kids in 6 Years. In 1994, when my kids were still really young, my wife suggested that I was being too obsessive (about the kids) and that I should actually take up some form of training as a distraction. My training routine was very simple... I just did whatever I could, whenever I could. There was absolutely no point in getting a coach because I never knew what time I'd have to train anyway. Plus, apart from preferring to spend the money on the family, coaching myself was all just part of the fun. At the time I was young and reasonably fit from spending most days on the tools working as a plumber, and from owner-building our own home. Almost all sessions were done in the early hours of the mornings, and then in the afternoons I coached several of the kids sporting teams. Life was busy, but good. I never had adequate sleep, but I had enough to get me through. My results could probably best be described as average, but considering the training that I was doing I thought that was pretty good. I didn't take the sport too serious, but I did use it as a great excuse to travel to places that we wouldn't usually go. I do wish that I'd done more stuff with the kids when they were young, but I don't think my triathlon activities had any bearing on this either way, as we would have probably just gone to less places. I did my first Ironman in April 1995, and announced my retirement from the sport (for the first time) immediately after. My wife talked me into continuing with some training and doing local low key events just for the fun of it. I then pulled the pin, and returned to training many times over the next 16 years until all my kids had left home and were undertaking either full time study or work. We've never had much money, but life has been good. For the past 10 years I've had the freedom to do what I want training wise, but I really haven't stepped up my training all that much. I still do whatever I can, whenever I can and I still never follow a set training program. The training I do is usually specific for the events that I've got coming up, but I never forsake sleep in order to get a training session done. I'm usually a terrible sleeper and there is no doubt that the lack of sleep has impacted my health over the years. Life is still busy, and life is still really good... and luckily for me my kids (and grandkids) still talk to me. Just do whatever you can, whenever you can and appreciate what you have - everything else is a bonus. Good luck!
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    I've taken a few KOMs on bits of road that were about to be ripped up and diverted in new directions with a new road. I will own those old KOMs for all eternity. I am immortal.
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    Fist bumping is the done thing now anyway.
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    “You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist” - (apparently attributed to Indira Gandhi, Mahatma Ghandi, Golda Meir, even Anonymous 🙄) Lift your game Trannies. (cue flaming in my direction 🥴)
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    We pay for a cleaner & get most jobs around the house done. My wife does almost everything im also full of shit
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    As a family we just decided my wife is going to reduce her hours at work. She is dropping from a 5 day week with a half day every second Saturday. Down to a three day week with no Saturday’s. We were struggling to fit everything in. For us it’s about quality of life over rushing around trying to get everything done. Then coming on a forum & telling everyone how hardcore & awesome u are because u get up at 3am & do hill repeats in the rain.
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    Women have a habit of bashing other women for doing 'motherhood' or 'womanhood' differently to the way they might choose to do it. We are unfortunately our own worst enemies. Women as a group would do so much better if we supported each other rather than tearing each other down. It appears much the same could be said for triathletes.
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    The thing, T, is it depends what you want out of it? You can do triathlons on a meager amount of training, just don't expect results comparable to other people around you or here. The fact you got out and did one poorly (compared to others) is a win. I have had some truly awful performances and I've enjoyed them all. An ex member here who did regular IM's but was around the 15+ hours once told me the weekend long ride and long run were the only key sessions. On the bike by 4 on the weekend for 6 hours, but the rest of the day was his. Similar for the run, just maybe not so early. During the week he did what he could without killing himself. Different people have different ideas of success. Sometimes success is just getting to the start line, nothing more than that. Everything after that is gravy!
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