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    Hi, im ok, just spending a lot of time in the ocean with my speargun. It’s my happy place at the moment and am catching a lot of fish. I’ve just done a month of nightshift on a shutdown here at the gas plant. And should be unemployed again today as the shutdown is complete, I’ve been asked to do the next one in two months but I’m not sure if I’m up to it. I’m very drained and I had a few crisis moments over the last month. I talk to Katz and fff1077 a lot. I have a long way to go. i keep looking at my bikes and want to ride but I just don’t, I’m happy in the ocean shooting fish at the moment. thanks to those who have messaged me here. Much appreciated kieran
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    I think most people who've done OK for themselves think it's reasonable to pay a bit more. They already pay more in income tax but they're often seen as fair game for additional taxes. I'm not talking people making > $250K, I'm talking people with incomes around that $90-100K mark which Labor thinks is wealthy. In 2018, the average weekly full time wage was $82,436. The tiered tax system already belts the very high income earners and bracket creep just pushes average earners closer and closer to higher tax. The best thing ANY government can do is offer incentives for people to earn more. This is not giving them money for nothing. It's cheap or free education so you can get a better job, apprenticeships so you can make decent money as a tradie, business growth so there can be more employment, more opportunity for advancement, new industries and infrastructure. I tire of people saying wealth is bad. I want to be well off and comfortable in retirement. I don't have a uni degree. I left school and started work. I worked extra jobs and learned new skills. I averaged 50 hours a week for years to get my first home. I'm proud of where I am and how I've gotten here. It pisses me when people want to go "let's belt this guy" because I've worked my arse off my whole life to get what we have. Edit to say none of this is directed at Goughy and I didn't mean it to sound like a rant...
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    We all need to continue living the life to which we have become accustomed to in 'retirement' 😁
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    Most/many people who worry about the 1%'ers would be better off spending their time and energy doing the other 99% a bit better. This includes sleep.
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    Totally agree with this. A guy I used to work with does a couple of days a week doing Meals on Wheels and something for Homeless folks. I don't think I'll need the money but it would be satisfying to help people doing it tough.
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    Stretch daily, eat right, get enough sleep and have a massage at least once a month. Having that foundation as habit in your life will enable you to undertake whatever training program you desire, then compete in whatever event you choose.. too often those four elements are seen as 1% ers and less important than training and having the latest gear and gizmos.
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    IJ it's pretty clear. If you have actual knowledge on a subject, particularly from experience, you are ineligible to discuss it or provide insight as it will just get in the way of ideology. That's how the ALP select their policy team.
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    $80K a year is a hell of a lot of money to be spending with no mortgage to pay or child raising related expenses?
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    When I get noises on the trainer, I have to work out if it's the trainer, the bike or my leg.... Not always so easy to nail down!
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    KONA 2018 The qualifying process:- It was a character building process, however looking back I was stoked to qualify for my first Hawaii at Ironman Australia and have so many people around to share the experience with, the amount of texts, calls and “well done mate stoked for you” type correspondence was very warming. Equally it added to the self-induced pressure that I really wanted to perform admirably come October. Training block:- My training was consistent, I changed little aspects of my build from Port Ironman and went about the first couple of months work by kind of telling myself “I’ll start specifically next week,” all the while logging solid base work. I really only did 10 weeks of structured work, however once I take the time to look through my training logs it will tell me a grossly different story. I always had these grand plans that “when I qualified for Kona” I would do all this crazy stuff to reinvent myself, however I fast found out that there is only a certain amount of stress you can put yourself under before it becomes counter-productive, so I stuck to my relatively simple weekly plans and kept trucking through the work/ training/other commitments while what was once 14 weeks away soon became 8, then 6, then a month then two weeks until fly out... and then it was go time. Pre-race in Kona:- we arrived 9 days early and settled quickly. My bike didn’t arrive on the plane as it was apparently full, so after a swim that afternoon to try and wake up, myself and Reedy went out and picked the bikes up. Although only spending half a day with Tim, at that point in the trip it was amazing how much a brief time with someone who’s thoughts you value so much, can settle whatever slight nerves or second guessing very quickly. I don’t get nervous before these types of events, I do however get pretty quiet and spent a lot of my week pre-race running through my day, the scenarios that could eventuate, the reason I am where I am and my checklist for a smooth day. Any training time on the Island was rather subdued, the first few days I rode 2 hours, ran 60mins, swam neally everyday but nothing over 2km (except for the training day over the course a week out) and during the last week I would have trained a total of 7-8 hours, just moving every day, trying to avoid the heat of the day and sitting on the balcony watching lots of foolish folk leave their best on Alii Drive the week before. Registration Tuesday, breakfast with the ANZAC crew Wednesday, Parade of Nations, bike check-in, briefing dinner etc etc and all of a sudden it’s the night before the race. Ironman, weather training, racing or recovering is a step by step process, and the closer the race got the more I just ran through the steps to be ready, so come 7pm Friday the next step was to think about going to bed... probably the worst of the many steps, as you know once you get to sleep and wake up it’s the biggest step of them all. Morning of:- The alarm was set for 4am, by 3:30 I was already enjoying my first of several sits on the toilet pre-race. Breakfast on race morning is always a tough process, no one likes to get up at 3:30 and chow down heaps of calories but it’s something that, when doing these events, is necessary. Sunscreen applied, suit on, run through the checklist one last time and it’s time to walk down to race start. One thing I was made aware of several months before the event was the fact that on race morning you leave your family pre body marking etc and you don’t see them again until post race, this was something I never really got my head around, as before other Ironmans this is one of the experiences I enjoy most, just before you go and treat your body like a rental car there is a lot of nerves in the air, your nearest and dearest know the effort that has gone into what’s about to happen so it’s a big deal and it’s a great chance to thank them for the help along the way, to have to say thanks/love you/make sure you enjoy the day too etc well before race day was tough but still one thing I will remember, walking away from the oldies and Emma slightly teary but knowing in my head it was just me and my thoughts for the rest of the day, was very motivating. Through body marking, weighed, tyres pumped, bottles and GPS added to my bike, toilet and I was ready... only 90 minutes until go time. I found a quiet spot, grabbed a chair and waited for Dave Clark, He appeared about 30mins later and it was time to suit up, drop our bags off at the tent, grab a quick selfie and get to the race entrance. Some of the guys who have raced here multiple times had warned us to be ready to enter the water as soon as the pro women started, so we lined up early and as soon as the cannon fired for the ladies to take off we were ushered towards the stairs and into the water Swim: - For anyone that has watched Kona there is one thing that really stands out, the sight of the cannon firing and 1500 odd super fit males going as hard as they can to get some clear space! This was one of the only thoughts that I wasn’t confident in “where the hell do I start?” I had semi decided to go out wide and swim a little further hoping for clear water however after talking to the other guys from Australia it was soon decided that we were front row right in the middle! My end thoughts were “well at least if I get beat up I can say I started right in the middle of the dance floor!” We swam out together and took poll position, myself, Dave, Scotty Hobson and Josh Minogue starting together and after a bit of a pre- race pump up from Joshy we were ready to go, that’s when one of the officials on a paddle board comes past and says “stay calm guys you have 21 minutes until race start”... “TWENTY ONE MINUTES OF TREADING WATER!!!!!!!” Sub-optimal but everyone is in the same boat right? Through the next 21minutes I tried to stay relaxed, enjoy the best view I have ever seen of the thousands and thousands of spectators lined around the bay and before we knew it BOOM the cannon fired and it was on! I took 20 of the most solid strokes, grabbed a quick breath, about another 10 strokes and looked up aiming to grab Dave’s feet but instead I was met with a flurry of kicks to the head, a few stray strokes in the back, a couple of foot tugs and some dislodged goggles... pretty much what I expected. The next 3800m was much the same, I didn’t get clear water for longer than 100m at a time, always fighting with someone to hold a line but 55 minutes later it was all over and the day was about to start. Bike:- In the months leading up to Kona I picked a lot of knowledgeable brains about their previous experiences and the unanimous response you get was “I rode far too hard in the first hour because I was excited and it effected the rest of my day,” so the plan was to not follow the same route. Ironman is a lot more mental than most will ever realise, that is, if you don’t win the battle inside your head then it’s inevitable that your day will turn for the worst soon enough! You need to have a checklist in your mind that runs on repeat and if you get a little distracted then it’s easy to stop the repetition. My checklist on the bike is similar at most Ironman events and is normally written on my bottle between my arms to remind me constantly throughout the day, I did however add a couple of extras for this race, it’s as follows NO EGO- Reminds me that I’m capable of riding with most of the “over excited” guys who come past during the bike but I really believe the guys who run the best in Ironman are the ones who control their ego then and stick to THEIR plan. HR- In hotter racing it is especially important to keep the heart rate in the right zone, it’s all well and good to have power numbers that you’ve worked to at home but when the temps are 15-20 degree hotter your heart rate is effected considerably and the longer your day goes the harder it is to get your core temp down once your heart rate goes a little high. So although having a power figure I was looking at riding to, I was certainly governed by my HR. 30 MINS- I always try to think 30mins ahead and that involves thinking about your previous 30mins. Yes I might be sailing smoothly now but how will I feel in 30mins? What have I taken in during the previous 30? It’s a pretty simple process that is constantly on repeat. P.I.A.S- A little alternate but it stands for Pain Is A Story, I got this one from Pete Jacobs and felt it was perfect for my day as I had wanted to toe this start line for 20 odd years, I couldn’t let it hurt too early otherwise I wouldn’t enjoy the day... Pain is only a thought and If you don’t “tell yourself the story” then it won’t be there.... a little alternate but it sure works. SUPPORT- The support to race day from everyone at home was immense. I was acutely aware of the amount of people who sit at home and watch the GPS and can see your current progress, so I wrote “Support” to remind myself that everyone was watching, but in a weird way that made me feel like everyone was there with me, so the support was something I wanted to remember all day. Out onto the bike and it was all surreal, Pete Murray giving me words of encouragement, the crowds going crazy, riding on the Queen K it’s easy to see how everyone gets excited, however after about 10km I found myself pretty much alone. I was sticking to numbers perfectly and not having any worries, I guess I was kind of in no man’s land, somewhere between the “uber swimmers” and the “average joes” so I trudged along thinking “where is all this drafting they speak of?” and then it came... solid groups of guys being led by normally one or two extremely strong guys followed by a dozen or so in tow, literally! It’s something that I could write another essay on but if you look at the simple numbers on the course it’s hard to avoid, most try to keep it as fair as possible and I’m happy to say I did see several of the people not playing fair be given penalties. It was very congested from Waikoloa to almost Hawi but once the turn was made it strung out enough. The whole ride was spent waiting for the winds to pick up and sort the men from the boys, however it never eventuated. It was as good of conditions I have seen on race day and made for some really fast bike times. I went in with the plan of being cautious, allowing for a headwind the last hour and riding 5 hours, however the normal headwind was replaced with a slight cross/tail wind to town and I was off the bike with a 4:50 feeling good and clear headed which is a really good sign. Run:- Lathered in sunscreen I am off and running! The plan was to try and run the first 10km easy, get to Palani hill, not let my heart rate go sky high (most likely walk a little) then settle into cadence and heart rate running along the highway. The first kilometre felt amazing, I thought I was conservative, HR was low and my legs felt great! As I click over the first Km in 4:20 I have a laugh to myself and try to slow down, however it’s at this point I go past Emma and the Olds, I give them a smile and let them know it’s all going well and keep cracking... next kilometre 4:15... ok superhero it’s time to settle and run at your goal pace! The out and back along Alii went past without a hitch, I settled into a good rhythm and was ticking off 4:30 without issue, at the far turn around I got to see where the other guys were and get a gauge on how the day was looking. I was happy to be close enough to the guys who I thought, If I run well I would be getting close to later in the run. Once I’m back past the support crew it’s around a few more turns and time for Palani hill, not overly steep but drags on and the European spectators feel the urge to get all “tour de France” on the runners and scream at you to run if you happen to be sticking to your plan! I walked probably 150m when my HR got too high, it came straight back down which I was pleased to see so away I went again! The trip out to the Energy Lab is mind numbing, it the perfect time to turn your brain off, dumb it down, talk to yourself about your run form and mentally go over your checklist. The negative of calm conditions was that the cooling breezes were non-existent, the run from about 22km on consisted of aid station to aid station running well but once I got to the aid stations it was a process of - ditch previous aid stations now warm sponges - scream at some poor innocent aid station worker for “sponges” and once they tried to hand me two, grab their other handful also - grab 2-4 cups of ice for down my front - drink Coke - drink Gatorade - throw water over my face - more ice and away we go! Looking back on my run split, the second half of the marathon was a case of 5:05- 5:15km through the aid station followed by a 4:35-4:45 between aid stations! Once we entered the Energy Lab it’s the only section where you see the guys you know, it was great to see how well some guys were doing but equally as motivating to see some other looking pretty shabby and possibly paying the price for their egos not being kept in check! The Energy Lab came and went, I knew that once back on the highway it was a case of “under an hour” and I could just repeat that over and over in my head! That saying was repeated dozens of times until I hit the 36km mark, then it changes to “inside 30” and before I knew it I could see the turn up ahead to Kona Commons, it was a labour up “Mark and Dave” hill then a turn downhill for a mile home. As I got towards the bottom of the hill with 1500m to go Mum and Dad were standing there, It kind of caught me by surprise as I expected them to be near the finish line and at the time I was screaming at myself inside my head to “run smooth” so I’m unsure if I even said much! A couple of quick turns and it was onto the greatest 800m of any sporting event worldwide! It was something I hadn’t allowed myself to think about too much because it meant a lot more to me than anyone would know! The feeling of running along Alii Drive will be something that gets me through tough times for the rest of my life, It’s indescribable to be at the finish of not just a one day event but a 20-year dream! I zipped up my suit, tried to not look terrible and smiled the whole way down the chute! Emma was screaming like a shark attack victim about 50m from the finish line, got across the line, turned and took the mental snapshots I always do to give me something to reminisce on over the years... I can safely say looking back from the finish line to Emma smiling, the crowds cheering and the sun in the background was the best mental snapshot I could ever ask for! After a quick sleep and trash talk with the other Aussie boys I thought it was time to go see the family, I hobbled out to a very proud partner, Mum and Dad..... job done I guess. Post race thoughts:- If you have read this far I applaud you, once I release version 1.1 and a year or two down the track version 2.0 I expect you to read them also. Hawaii Ironman has always meant more than just a race to me. Hawaii has always been more than just another holiday destination for Emma, myself and My Olds, we all love the place and I certainly feel connected to the big island especially. In 2000 I watched a seemingly invincible human have the hardest day in sport he would ever have, he put his long service at work on the line, trained himself harder than ever before, turned up to the island fit as you could ever be and finished one busted up individual! I think that was the first time I felt the urge to race in Hawaii, an event that could be that tough must be worth the experience right? Well I can now say YES it’s sure worth the experience however post Kona I have come to realise that “the experience” isn’t only about that one day, it’s about the years prior that shape the person you are, it’s about the bonds you build with people when you train with them week in- week out, it’s about learning from the days that don’t go right and adapting to be better, it’s about the choices you (and your significant other) have to make in order to make the day happen, it’s about one day being able to affect your thoughts for years to come! It was a far-fetched goal that I wanted to achieve, to be on the start line with the fittest 2000 people on the planet and find out where I stand. I was hoping the Itch would be scratched, but I’m starting to learn that it’s not just a single goal it’s the process that I (and I think Emma) enjoy! Anyone who has chosen to do an event of this nature with any form of goal in mind knows the effect that the training and racing has not only yourself but your significant others, it’s a selfish sport and without someone who is supportive the end result wouldn’t be close to what it was. I appreciate the support no end. 9hours 15mins for a self coached rookie........... ill take that. Thanks for reading and SORRY for blabbering on!
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    I had a Jet Black Fluid that ended up making a noise like that and progressively got worse until it intermittently sounded like a grind stone. I had it replaced under warranty (twice, but that is a whole other story) through the retailer. The roller/flywheel unit detaches from the frame to make shipping much nicer.
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    Great to hear you have a "happy place" and can access it when you need to. Take care.
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    Caleb Ewen just took his second stage win in this year's race. He positioned himself perfectly in the final straight, and after taking off with 100m to go, no-one had the strength to come past him. He's developing into a great sprinter, and in the right team (which I think he's now with) he is a chance to take a major jersey. He's likely to pull the pin after tomorrows stage to concentrate on his TdF preparations, so wishing him the best of luck for one more win.
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    I think they said that a lot at the Royal Commission into the finance sector.
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    Mostly...but got a few squid of the rocks against the island and 2 small flatties on the sand. I swam with a few local legends at Christmas from outside Offshore surf shop, up to Candlagan Creek point and back. Hey...stop bringing this stuff up. You're making me homesick!
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    He's been about to get impeached since he was elected.
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    Appreciate the sentiment! But maybe we could take ourselves away to help those doing it a lot tougher!
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    Apparently he posted something about gays, drunks, adulterers and fornicators going to hell on his insta account.. #istandwithizzy
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    That's 68%. Add the 80% mental to that & it's 148%. You need to fix your maths.
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    Good and Yes that's him. Thanks for the education. If you learn a new thing everyday its a great day!
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    This is what all the finance experts have kept saying for the last few days.
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    Will be interesting to follow your progress and the workouts to get the speed back. I've dropped from 104kg to 80kg over the last 12+ months and have gone from 1:30 for 9k walk/run to 45mins. Not a lot of speed work in that training so hoping to get my Park run time down to sub 20 (fastest now is 22:21). Drop a few more kilos and some speed work I should make it. At age 54, still plenty of fast runners in the older age groups so happy its achievable for me. Your already doing 20:ss for 98kg, that's motoring at that weight, so thinking your target of 15's is certainly doable as more kg's come off and training builds.
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    and in a surprise move, Palashez, said she was sick of all the delays with Adani and wants to get it approved asap. I was so incensed with this rubbish I had to pull over and rang ABC talk back radio
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    It did, but I think he was making a point that pollies don't deserve what they were given. He'd always argued against it so it would have been hypocritical to accept it.
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    I'd have to ask why you need $2million to generate an income of $80k Just drawing down $80k a year from $2million would take 25 years
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    Might as well make something up.
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    Lol what was I saying about the arrogance of Labor? https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/free-beers-fancy-cocktails-and-a-lavish-slap-up-dinner-inside-labors-pre-election-party-as-they-toasted-victory-only-to-suffer-a-humiliating-defeat-in-election-stunner/ar-AABG2Np "Labor was so sure it had victory in the bag that party headquarters in Sydney threw a huge election eve party with free booze and prawns galore. They celebrated late into the night drinking salted caramel espresso martinis and singing Solidarity Forever with one staffer even hired to play the trumpet.The jubilant mood was the polar opposite of their somber, shell-shocked faces just 24 hours later after a stunning election defeat. Labor's premature partying is now an embarrassing symbol of its hubris and complacency based on polls that got the result horribly wrong.Celebrations began with free beers in the Parramatta HQ office, then dinner at nearby Sahra by the River, according to emails seen by the Sydney Morning Herald. Staffers ate Queensland prawns costing $39 for just four pieces, barramundi at $34 a serving, and kafta skewers at $28 for three." And then you had Bill asking Scomo for a smooth transition of power...bwhahahahahh "Labor leader Bill Shorten is so confident of becoming Australia's next Prime Minister that he sent a letter to Scott Morrison asking for a 'smooth transition of power'. " All I can say is they got what they deserved. Smug, condescending and arrogant...and NFI
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    He's more of a rosé type of guy.
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    Nothing to apologise to me for mate. As I said at the time, I was just looking to clarify your position, which you did. There was no malice on either side The only reason there was any drama is that someone else decided to get offended on your behalf
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    Been watching this with my son, while he's band from gaming. About half way through. It's pretty cool. Kale is a Muppet, and had the voice for it! His partner must be spewing! I'm waiting for him to take the lead. The bridge thing was awesome, but I loved the boys build much more!
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    Sorry for my rant the other day! Clearly I needed a time out. IJ, it wasn't directed at you, in case you were wondering? Only my comment regarding what I'd done, in case you happened to ask me what experience I had of that. Yes, I've read a lot of this stuff on Facebook, even from people I highly respect (or did anyway). But I read a comment from someone here that Labor's policies attacked the very people that had worked hard to make something of themselves and saved etc, and we know Labor's policies would go after higher incomes. It was a final straw after the crap I'd been reading on Facebook. I'll pull my head in. Edit to add: I know nothing was directed at me. I just blew when I read that sentiment again.
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    Never heard of him. What's his problem?
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    Wouldn't that trigger a bi election then? And shortly after they'd just had an election. I thought one of those would cost at least the $1m he wanted to save the taxpayers
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    Latest update. Have secured a new job possibly two. Now the next is to present them with a letter. Any advice on how to pen it
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    What shall we do after lunch?
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    FP, Rimmer, TC and myself will get busy with sorting Brexit in the meantime
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    Ah I'm 32 and that was 12 years ago. Am I worried? Nope. All the testing I've done indicates I still have the ability. It all rests on my ability to not look like the above I'll start posting my weekly workouts etc and diarise a lot of it for everyone. Maybe once a week starting Sunday.
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    Interesting reading. Whether I agree or disagree with this particular policy one thing I'd like to see is phased changes of policy. What I mean, in this particular example, it was to be introduced in 6 weeks time. This could have major economic impacts to some people. People need to have time to readjust their investments etc. Both side implement dramatic change often after elections and it shits me.
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    Ah gotcha. Totally pulled that off. But hopefully it doesn't mean a change in venue! Crawling up Furber steps. Pic from sweep SJ!
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    Pm me your post deets ASAP and they will he on their way to you tomoz
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    Hardest thing I've ever done.
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    That is the allowance. But if u make all the intermediate points and are gritting it out, you get a time and a medal and a towel, as everyone who finishes. Just not UTMB points. Tom and Alina run an awesome event. So inclusive and supportive of the athletes and supporters
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    Thanks folks! It was brutal. I was.comfortable.coming out of the aquatic centre, but things went south up Laura forest. Slid in and out of Fairmont with seconds to spare, and made friends with the sweeps. Kept trucking to CP5, and with a few minutes to spare they loaded me up and kicked me out with the last 3 sweeps. Right on the limit at the helipad, but they are so supportive they let me keep going. They knew i wanted it and was digging deep. Final time of 28:32. I'm shattered. That climb up Furber at the end was so soooooo bad
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    It's worth pointing out though that plenty of women are against abortion as are plenty of non white people. But the left will portray it as white men forcing their beliefs on all women. It's also worth pointing out that plenty of Democrats male and female are against abortion.
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    Well, that escalated quickly! 🤣
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    Well you're a poo poo head then
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    I was talking about you, not Donald.
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