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    Thanks folks! It was brutal. I was.comfortable.coming out of the aquatic centre, but things went south up Laura forest. Slid in and out of Fairmont with seconds to spare, and made friends with the sweeps. Kept trucking to CP5, and with a few minutes to spare they loaded me up and kicked me out with the last 3 sweeps. Right on the limit at the helipad, but they are so supportive they let me keep going. They knew i wanted it and was digging deep. Final time of 28:32. I'm shattered. That climb up Furber at the end was so soooooo bad
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    A lot of people aren't going to like this but sometimes I feel the need to drop a truth bomb. One of my favourite show growing up was Kung Fu. Once day grasshopper was looking for work and was apologetically offered shovelling shit from a barn. He shrugged and said "all work is honourable". I've always remembered it and tell my kids regularly when they have to do things they prefer not to. My first job was pumping petrol for 70c an hour. The first task every day was cleaning the toilets. There's nothing wrong with these jobs BUT there is no reason to keep doing it the rest of your life. Ironman is a good analogy for low paid jobs - there'll be people who just do the minimum and are happy to finish in 17 hours. They never aspire to do more training or get faster, they just find their niche and plod. Jobs can be the same. There are people in low skilled, process jobs who never aspire to do anything else. They don't want to get further educated, they don't want to excel at what they're doing, they don't look for other work or take a risk at a career change - they just want to do the minimum they can and get a cheque at the end of the week. I have no issue with this until they expect to get above CPI pay rises without offering something in return. Like it or not, these jobs are low paying for a reason and it doesn't make economic sense to pay more for it. The genius of the Hawke/Keating Accord was the productivity trade off. Anyone could get a pay rise if they demonstrated improved productivity. Everyone won. Workers got paid more, businesses made more profit and the government got more tax. I want every worker to make as much as they possibly can but that requires people to extend themselves. Rather than disparaging people for growing wealth, we should be actively encouraging people to aspire to wealth. Welfare should be a safety net, not a retirement plan. One of Labor's failings is its demonisation of 'the big end of town'. Yes, there are some prick businesses, but these highly profitable bastards employ hundreds of thousands of people and earn their shareholders billions of dollars. And guess where a large percentage of that goes? Super funds which are making considerable sums for the same low paid people Labor is supposed to be representing.
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    Hardest thing I've ever done.
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    That is the allowance. But if u make all the intermediate points and are gritting it out, you get a time and a medal and a towel, as everyone who finishes. Just not UTMB points. Tom and Alina run an awesome event. So inclusive and supportive of the athletes and supporters
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    Status:Finisher. On ya Turts.
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    Exactly Super needs to be made as attractive as possible for those on lower incomes I think it’s time the 15% contribution tax was abolished for those earning less than say $100k The more the government can encourage people to save for their retirement the more money they will save over the long term
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    I know what Goughy is getting at in his post. After being made redundant at the age of 55yo and getting very little payout, and not being able to get a job in my trade, I managed to get a job in a hospital as a wards man and porter. I have seen the best and worst in human behaviour from patients and staff. I have also witnessed contempt, abuse, racism and sexism towards the lower paid staff. Cleaners, kitchen staff, wards man etc. would be earning around the $20-23 an hour and a lot of them are, like me at the time, under employed, uni students or just normal hard working people trying to pay the bills. To be told to work harder or get a better job by smug politicians, like Joe Hockey is an insult.
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    I certainly don't look down on them - I was one for a long time. I do however believe that Australia is a great place for people to be able to extract themselves from this position.
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    Wonder how many of the regular hosts on "The Project" are going to call in sick tonight rather than discuss the election?
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    Bullshit. You'd get stuck in a stupid hedge
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    Damn that was hard. Never give up! Great work GoEasy. And ur first!
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    I just wanna say this once then I'll leave it alone. But there really is a sentimentality coming that all people who have great incomes, say that 90k/year or more are all hard workers who have sacrificed to get there. And if you're not well off, you don't want it enough and don't work hard enough. I really find this an appalling opinion, and I just can't understand where it comes from? But every time you put a piece of trash in the bin at a shopping centre, someone has to empty it for you! Every time you take a shit in their toilets, someone has to eventually clean that toilet! Are you gonna do it? Are you gonna pay someone 100k to do it? Why don't you find the cleaner the next time you're at a Westfield and you tell them they just don't want it enough and aren't trying enough! And before IJ asks me, yes, I have done this! For 18 months, 7 days a week. Not everyone will reach the heights of everyone else. If we all did, I bet this country wouldn't survive. But this elitist attitude, or whatever it is, that because your doing well then you must be better than those that aren't, is just crap. I do work for wealthy people, and for people who aren't as well off. I'm about to do a job for one of the wealthiest families in town. You know how much I charged them; the same as I do for everyone else! Because wealthy or not, we're all the same people. No one is any better than anyone else because of money. I know well off people who are absolute piece of shit self centred wankers, and I know well off people who are the absolute salt of the earth. The same goes for the less wealthy people I know. And if you want to think that I have an attitude problem about wealthier people, well out of all my friends here, there wouldn't be one whose family income is less than triple what ours is! Most would be much higher than that. Not one of those people think less of me because of it, and I don't covert what they have. I love my family and I would, and do do everything I can for them. That is all I need in life.
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    And what’s wrong with that? The money is either going to be spent or invested, both of which is better than it being pissed up against a wall by government in Canberra
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    And that is the problem with both sides hose prices go up, the party in power says we are increasing your wealth, the opposition says its becoming unaffordable. House prices go down: Govt says we are working to make it affordable, opposition says you are sending mortgage strapped battlers to the wall. They both try and take points out of something that in little old Aust. is greatly out of their control.
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    I think tin man is meaning each job has significant pressures, stress and demands. it is impossible to compare job responsibilities and who works harder and who deserves more, but equally in my opinion you can't necessarily blame the government if you don't have enough money or can't afford to get into the housing market. I guess you have to have some responsibility. we all hear of stories how our parents did it so tough, mine did, so my dad created his own opportunities to earn more, he didn't wait for his wage to go up or tax cuts or first home buyers assistance. So maybe potato's comment has some merit.
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    Nothing worse than a poor winner. Here’s a guy who both sides of politics honoured this week in his passing, recognising without party lines, his achievements and ability to bring all aussies together and you go and get childish after your team has won. How old are you? time and place dude, clearly not your strong suite.
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    Totally agree FP....... how often do you hear the line.......”due to current economic climate........blah blah blah” being the reason for no salary increase or no/reduced bonus.... even when they have turned a massive bonus. And the phrase work harder is a cop out. And just because someone gets paid heaps does not mean they work harder.
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    And this is why Newscorp can't be trusted. Fake news if ever seen. I'm not afraid to call them out for this and the false reporting: Jane Caro and Meshel Laurie are not celebrities. Come on Donald, where's the tweet calling this one out?
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    Why do people think working harder is a bad idea? When I bought my first place interest rates were 17.25%. There was no first home owners benefits and to get a loan you had to beg to your bank manager. I was earning bugger all and worked a second job to raise the deposit. My parents were poor and could offer me no assistance. I scrapped and saved and it took years to start to see the light. News flash to millenials - sometimes life is hard and you have to work harder if you want to get ahead. No-one is forcing you to buy a house but if you want to then expect it to be difficult - as it was for your parents. For the record, I have 2 millennials living under my roof.
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    This is the problem with the left-they are so smug and have such a superiority complex that when they lose they cant help but lash out calling everyone 'dumb' for not voting in who they wanted...and they continue to think insulting people is the way to get them onside??? Just NFI.. "‘Australians are dumb’: Celebs’ fury at Scott Morrison federal election win" https://www.news.com.au/national/federal-election/australians-are-dumb-celebs-fury-at-scott-morrison-federal-election-win/news-story/8392a4c2d8540d0c895808896c61409d
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    I think that's WIllie's point. He's got the power and can move his legs at the required speed but is currently too heavy / not enough KMs in his legs to keep it up... I
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    Great work GE and Turts. Race report, race report.........please 😎
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    She loved it. Wouldn’t stop talking about it all afternoon. She is going back for another trial next week. Dropping her at work for the first time was just like dropping her at school for the first time. I got the same damm bug stuck in my eye.
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    We could call it the Minerals Resource Rent Tax! Or maybe not.
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    As others have said I don't think anyone would think that is the case. But what does seem to happen all to often is people see people on 'high' incomes or net wealth and think that they have got it easily. I've seen and worked with many very wealthy people and in every example not a single one got to where there are without an extremely high amount of hard work and sacrifice. It many cases you have 'working class's guys who have worked 7 days a week and mortgaged their house and hardkey seen their kids to get where they are. And then to have the Labor party continually come along and call them the 'top end' of town and to penalise them is an absolute disgrace and an insult to everyone who has rolled up their sleeves to better themselves and their families.
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    https://www.betootaadvocate.com/headlines/shocked-leftie-starting-to-think-his-farm-invasions-werent-received-that-well-outside-fitzroy/ “Queensland is full of rednecks” says one Melbourne-based slam poet, Andy Vaxxer (59). “Why would they vote against their self-interests?” “How could they not see that we just want the best for them?” This is just one of hundreds of thousands of cafe conversations pin-balling around echo chambers across the country this morning, following Scott Morrison’s landslide win against Labor in yesterday’s 2019 Federal Election. However, today it appears some left-wing ideologues are beginning to eat humble pie – after months of STOP ADANI convoys and militant vegan farm invasions. Andy says he doesn’t really know what the answer is, but maybe Australia is just full of stupid people who only vote conservatively because they aren’t as well educated as he is. “I’m starting to think that breaking onto a 70-year-old’s cattle property and telling the entire agricultural sector that they are blights on our society might have been the wrong way to go about it” “I mean, I don’t know much about Queensland other than the fact that it’s impossible to find a decent coffee in any of these towns we were protesting in… But…” “I just think they are ruining our democracy by voting for the more charismatic political party” However, one thing Andy doesn’t regret is shutting down the entire Melbourne CBD in peak hour traffic to promote a Youtube documentary about how eating red meat is bad. “I guess, we could wait for the pre-poll votes” says Andy, in a delusional stretch of optimism. “But seriously. I’d be really interested in seeing if there was any voter suppression in Melbourne and Sydney. Those massive swings to the Liberal Party don’t make sense to me”
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    After getting back into running and with IM Cork only 5 weeks away, I’m in the midst of a solid month. This week: Swim: 27k, 5 squads and one short open water (sub 15deg) Bike: 601km, two rides 180k+, one 30/30, one 8x8min @ 340, one easy 3hr Run: 52km, 5 runs, all easy except for 30min @ IM pace off of Wednesday 4.8k Swim + 180km ride
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    Put $50 on the Libs a few weeks back.
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    Well done Roxy. I'll be having a double date with my daughter in 9 weeks (unless I get sick between now & then). I will be giving my 200th, and she's excited about giving her first. She's always been terrified of needles, but said she is actually looking forward to it now, and unless something terrible happens, she wants to keep donating after this. She said it was the perfect reason to go in and start.
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    Go Easy - Finisher - you legend you absolute F##king legend Hope you enjoyed the minute noodles
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    Having a double date with the wife today giving plasma. the local is now open Sunday’s so we thought we would support them.
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    Come to the track one day and I'll pace you to a 2.45 basically, 1.06, 1.06 and hang on for death or glory the last 200m (yeah 2.12 800 on the way). When I was fast when I was younger sub 2.30 was possible 😮 Oh FFS, get some confidence about ya! Of course you will and probably quicker. Staying away from injury is key for you I reckon...
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    Nope, Labor the stupid party. Preferencing the greens and then the animal justice party showed their true colours. There is a little movement in Qld (and a couple of other states) called the Green shirt movement. All they did on election day was to get people to preference all 3 parties last. Something like 100,000 members of this movement across the country now, mostly from people that don't give a shit about politics any other time but are sick of inner city elitists (making comments like the above) thinking they can tell everyone how to do things with a smug smile Qld state elections is next, if Anna doesn't change the preference deal and denounce the extremists policies of these parties, there is going to be an even bigger whack to her come September If you really believe in the movement you support, find a way to actually communicate. First step might be to walk a mile in the shoes of those in regional Australia and understand them before preaching
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    https://www.news.com.au/sport/sports-life/betting-agency-makes-monumental-and-costly-error-ahead-of-election/news-story/a9a49b6aef6d2b03e9a8d0841a376d81 SportsBet regretting paying out $1.3 million to punters on the labor victory a few days early..
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    I ordered a 945 and figure someone might want the 935. Will come with warranty you won't get it till I get the 945 though... $300
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    I have done a heap of travel with a soft bag with no problems. I used a hard case for years and they are a pain in the ass. Harder to get into a hire car, heavier, take up more room in the hotel etc. The other advantage of not having to pull your bike apart is the internal threads (headset, seat pole etc on the bike won't wear out. The new bikes are made as light as possible & they use soft alloy for the internal threads. Pulling them apart & putting them back together stuffs the thread. Damage to the threads etc can't be claimed on insurance. Damage to your bike can be claimed on house hold insurance (mine covers me for 90days a year overseas)
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    TBH it doesn't take too long, pedals, seatpost, wheels and stem off. I took rear derallieau off one way, but left it on for return journey as I found a better way of packing it. Also that's the only case I took, it fit everything in, helmet, wetsuit, pump, Maybe on the weekend take a trip out to the airport and watch the baggage handlers at work 😁- it will make your decision easier!
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    He does.. he's the top end of town...
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    Well done Turts, volunteering then getting out there AND getting it done. Champion
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    I’m sure most here don’t but I’ve met plenty that do.
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    Until the arseholes see it as another big pot of money to tax...
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    Interesting to see a swing of something like 3.5% against the sitting Labor member in the seat of Whitlam.... and that was without the Libs even putting up a candidate Seems the working class didn’t fancy what Bill was trying to sell And as far as people complaining about a scare campaign on a death tax, well you people have short memories because I don’t any scare campaign will ever come close to the Mediscare campaign of last election I’d like to hear what Andrew#1 makes of this Labor loss. He’d have the inside goss
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    If what the pundits are saying is correct, that labor shot them selves in the foot by actually announcing their policies be they controversial or not is a sad indictment on our current system.
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    Well done Scomo. Im in his electorate so I suppose nothing will change we didn’t see him when he was PM, we didn’t see him during the election and now we won’t see him again. gotta say though as a self professed centrist and a bit of a lover of the “fair go” I think as a population and a government we have set the bar pretty low when it seems our only metric for how well we are doing is based on raw dollars and cents and self interest. The debate both among the pollies and the population seemed to be centred on a very small number of hip pocket items. surely we are better than that as a nation, or have we moved beyond that now?
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    It's taken me 6 hours to calm down enough to write this. What you've said here is exactly why I hate religion so much. Religion preaches love and faith but their stock in trade is fear. You MUST believe or go to hell. The statement that God doesn't care about behaviour is astonishing. Let's just look at a few examples. A child who dies shortly after birth will go to hell because they didn't follow God despite never doing an evil thing in their life. People in remote regions of the world who've never heard of God will all go to hell A Buddhist monk who lives a life of selfless giving and absitnace wil go to hell because they don't follow your God. All animals are condemned to hell because they can't follow God. Mahatma Ghandi and the Dalai Lama would be turned away as they shun organised religion - despite their contributions to humanity. yet Cardinel Pell will be welcomed by God despite being as evil as they come. A murderer can confess to a priest and be forgiven. They could do this multiple times and still be fine Every rapist, drug dealer, murderer, torturer and thief are fine if they 'follow God'. The KKK are fine to murder a few blacks because they're God fearing christians. Frankly, if your God doesn't care how people behave, why not just trash the ten commandments as clearly they don't matter. Now you can say following God means not doing these things but they're all forgiven so it doesn't really matter, does it? And what exactly is follow God, Is once a week enough? Once a month? Daily? Every waking second? So all those people who live kind, loving, generous lives and never go to church will be judged on the sin of not attending church whilst rapists wearing the cloth are pardoned. FFS.. The real question is why would you want to spend an eternity with a God who allows childhood cancers, miscarriages, wars, murders hatred and rape by its devotees. Your God can't even control its highest disciples and preachers who rape and cover up for others. Talk about red herrings - the church is archetypical. I find it impossible to say this respectfully but maybe take your 12 month sabbatical from Trannies to reflect on the (lack of) standards of your faith. I live to the ethos of being as loving, kind, honest and generous as possible to as many people as I can - if God doesn't want me then so be it.
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