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    Ironic that he waited till he was no longer a politician to start being dignified and respectful. must be using that speech as a job interview
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    As an aside, how good is it that the betting companies are going to get whacked badly.
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    Mike this nice new stack of pineapples I have beg to differ 😂
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    If you really think that is the reason they lost the unloseable, you have learnt nothing.
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    I think it was more that fact that a high taxing, high spending government is not what the people want, nor is it a divisive figure like Shorten. If Albo was the opposition leader, it would have been a different result IMO, even though he is also from the left of the ALP As someone said, it looks like what the county really wants is a centrist government that will govern for all and not look to divide the nation with an us and them mentality Depending on the makeup of the senate, either we get three years of government or three years of stalling, excuses and stagnation
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    I think you are completely wrong on this! One, maybe two people. I'm as left leaning as probably anyone here, and clearly as passionate about it. Find me a person who I have tried to run roughshod over? And many other of the lefties too. And there are those on the right who give as good as they get.
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    Turts trucking along, tracker prediction has her making the next timing point in time, but looks like it will be tight at Fairmont Resort. If I'm reading it right. Actually, she might come into Katoomba aquatic centre now-ish (And she did apparently.) 20 minute predicted cushion on the next point. she did say she was gunna get to know the sweeps
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    he is worried about losing his deposit from the removalists.
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    Unlike his disrespectful statement on the death of Bob Hawke.
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    Can this guy get any better!!!
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    You know the answer is going to be New Bike AND New Car 😉
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    Or just a nutter with a corkscrew.
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    It's not that hard-Labor have a reputation for wasting money and taxing people who have worked hard for what they have. That needs to change.
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    that .75% can mean the world to some pensioners that rely on this money. It wasn't a scare campaign to them. Dumb policy. Bowen should also step aside and all their policies should now be dropped if they wish to survive.
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    Maybe you need an accountant rather than a financial adviser. But from. Labor standpoint it was a stupid policy. If it came in, retirees etc would have most likely dumped share and put money elsewhere. And those dumped shares would have been picked up by other investors who would be eligible for franking credits....therefore the net gain for Labor govt is zero.
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    Well done Scomo. Im in his electorate so I suppose nothing will change we didn’t see him when he was PM, we didn’t see him during the election and now we won’t see him again. gotta say though as a self professed centrist and a bit of a lover of the “fair go” I think as a population and a government we have set the bar pretty low when it seems our only metric for how well we are doing is based on raw dollars and cents and self interest. The debate both among the pollies and the population seemed to be centred on a very small number of hip pocket items. surely we are better than that as a nation, or have we moved beyond that now?
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    Channel 7 saying Anning is gone
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    Oh yeah, I must remember to unblock you on FB now
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    Go Turts! 20 minutes isn't much of buffer with over a marathon remaining and over 1000 metres of climbing in the last 13 km. On the bright side, sweeps are pretty good at getting people home. If she can do it, they'll be invaluable in keeping her on track.
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    I don't think I lean either way - I've voted for both labor and liberal in the recent past. This time around it was an easier decision for me as I detest Bill Shorten and Labor put forward a few policies which were bad for me personally, and which I think would have been bad overall. The catch was that I hate Abbott and Dutton as much as I hate Shorten. As I've long said, I crave a more centerist government. I really hate the recent trend of the major parties extending to their extremities. Labor further to the left and the Libs further to the right. Hopefully we can enjoy a more centerist, stable government for the next 4 years.
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    Agree. Hopefully if he loses he will have time to work on his running.
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    Agree. Conversely, Morrison's response to Hawke's passing was gracious and fitting of his position as PM.
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    Does anyone actually consider Zali left? Think you would find most people classify her as centrist
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    I hope Shorten loses just because of the arrogant way he is strutting around as if it's already won. A bit of humility goes a long way...
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    Yes, we've never seen a right wing nutjob go batshit crazy with a gun in the US.
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    RIP Bob The last Labor leader who tried to bring the country together rather than trade on the politics of envy
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    Didn’t Wong refuse to shake Corman’s had last week after a debate? Hardly a show of integrity And Plibersek couldn’t started the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere when being interviewed by Jones Hardly a sign of conviction
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    Build Up Self coached again through this with the aid of Training Peaks which was great for LCW but I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get a coach if I want to improve beyond where I am now. Build went pretty well. I hit pretty much what I wanted to at LCW last year and was performing nicely in Oly and sprint distance. My bike has improved hugely according to my numbers from Taupo where I went in with an FTP of 219 and currently at 254 my swim was feeling great and my run has remained strong. I messed up training a bit in retrospect, my first week of the last four was spent in a hotel in Islamabad with a crap gym and a 10m pool. I decided to swap the recovery week from the end of the previous block which ended up me being overly fatigued and messing up two weeks rather than just one. Lesson learned. This was my second full and I was planning on a 10:30 with a 5:40 bike, a 3:30 run and the swim being the swim. Ha! My two big learnings from Taupo were to taper better and to drink more on the bike and run. The taper went exactly according to plan and I was feeling great in the weeks preceding the race. We drove up to Port on the Thursday, leaving Sydney nice and early. The wonderful and ever patient wife was accompanying me again and we had two of our Sydney friends coming up late on the Friday too. I was well up for this race, really excited and looking forward to the day. The vibe around town was great and I couldn’t wait to have a crack. We were staying in Beachcombers following advice from the wonderful folk on Transitions. It’s in a good spot, a 1.8km walk from the swim start but right on the run and bike course. It’s good accommodation but our room didn’t have any cooking facilities which wasn’t the end of the world but was unexpected. Thursday night we headed into town for dinner to use our $30 voucher at the Drury Lane Eatery which was brilliant! Friday morning I headed down to the swim start for a practice and met up with @Flanman. Lovely to meet @iFoz and say hi to @MissJess too. AP wandered past but I didn’t get the chance to say hello. Mick and I went out for a swim together and he showed me around the course for which I am extremely grateful :D. Turns out we were staying about 5m from each other in Beachcombers so I got a lift back with a little tour of the run course thrown in. Hurrah for Trannies! For the rest of Friday we went to the koala hospital and then the rainforest walk where we got a tour for just the two of us (only because there was nobody else there, I didn't splash out on a private tour). Both of these were great and I would highly recommend although the koala hospital is a pretty short excursion! The Swim There had been a lot of worry in the run up about weather but the day dawned beautifully with still water and not much wind. That was to change later! My guts felt a bit funny from the moment I woke up but I managed to get some food into me, the usual preparation (a bit more focus on suncream this year after losing a lot of skin following Taupo) and started the walk down to the start. Transition was buzzing and I was getting properly excited. Needed another visit to the loo so spent a good half an hour in the world’s longest queue. I swam 1:12 in Taupo which was a straight out and back. The Port course is more complicated but with the salt water and a year of swimming in me I was hoping for a 1:08 or 1:09 so I joined the mid-back of the 1:07 to 1:12 group. I loved the mass start in New Zealand but the rolling start added its own form of excitement. The walk down to the water was wonderful and I entered the water (a lovely 19 degrees) to the sound of Queen. We set off to the first turn and after the buoy I had a glance down at my watch and was amazed to see I was swimming 1:35s! Headed back past the start and out to the second turn towards the weir, pace dropped down a bit to the low 1:40s but I was feeling great. I had underestimated my swim massively though so was swimming through people constantly and couldn’t find a nice pair of feet to hang off. We got to the weir for the first up and over and I was actually looking forward to the water on the other side which Trannies has informed me would be colder… I can categorically confirm that it is not, more likely a couple of degrees warmer, the difference was notable. A quick out, back and over again and we were into the back straight, feeling great. Out the water and into transition with a 1:06:45. A very fast time for me in a day of fast swim times. Struggled to get my wetsuit off but managed in the end, looked up to see @Sebeesquatting next to me so I said a quick hello, had a small boast about the swim time (Seb knows how slowly I usually swim that distance from LCW) and it was out to the bike. The Bike This was my first long course tri with a power meter and my plan was to hit a NP of between 65 and 75% of FTP which placed the upper end at 191, this was the range I had trained on and had run happily off the back of . I knew that the hills in and out of town would push me above that in the short term but the flats further out should let me settle into it and bring that back down. Out through the rollers and NP was up at 202, I knew I had to calm down but I was also looking at my average speed which was obstinately nowhere near the 33kph I needed so I pushed too hard into the headwind. Lots of crosswind also in play making it a bit hairy with a disc on the back. The headwind became a tailwind for a nice 15km section on the way back and average speed crept up again. MFD first time round was find and then the fun back into town is pleasant although the roads were still a little scary at times. I hit the turnaround for lap 2 bang on 2:50 so was feeling not too shabby knowing if I could replicate then I would still be on track for a time I was happy with. Lap 2 was when I first started to think I was in a bit of trouble. I picked up my nutrition from special needs and put some of it in my bike bento bag and the rest (4 gels) without thinking properly I shoved in my back pocket on my tri top rather than into the back pocket of my shorts. Rollers on the way out seemed to go on forever again and then settled into the headwind which, if anything, appeared to have picked up. Average speed had dropped down to 30.5kph and I was hoping to pick it back up again on the run back in with the tailwind but by the time we got to that bit the wind had dropped away or so it felt and my average speed was stubbornly sticking below 31kph and NP was too high. As I got into the last 90 mins I reached back to get a gel and realised they had bounced out, this was the start of things going wrong properly. There was no way I could afford 90mins without nutrition so I had to grab a Ironman branded gel at the next aid station (disgusting) and the same again. I then got stuffed by a nearly empty water bottle hand up and the one after that I dropped and didn’t go back for so I was eating unfamiliar gels and not drinking enough. Bike time of 5:54:47. 17 minutes faster than Taupo but not where I wanted it to be. The Run I was so happy to be off that bike. My head had gone down. I wanted this done in whatever way I could get it sorted, I knew that was easier on my two legs than my two beautiful wheels (still in love with my bike). But I cracked out of T2 with plenty of sunscreen and my carried water bottle feeling good again. Jumped into a group and pootled off at 4:45s (aiming for 5:00s) and felt great… With my aid station stops the pace was creeping up but I was fine with that, we were still under the 5:00s I needed. Until 16km. I’ve heard the expression “the wheels fell off” but wow, never thought it would be like that. I literally thought I was going to die (exaggeration I know but it felt like that at the time). I couldn’t see properly, I felt extremely dizzy. I came very close indeed to pulling the plug and then I started bargaining and didn’t stop for the rest of the day. Ran to 20km (walked aid stations) and then to 25km and then started a 100m walk, 900m for the rest of the race. I went past my crew twice more and couldn’t stop, I knew if I stopped at any point then I would be out of the race and wouldn’t be starting again. At 3km to go I started to run again and found I had the legs (this then made me even more annoyed with myself because why hadn’t I run earlier?). I can’t really remember the last KM or the finish chute. I crossed the line feeling nothing but relief, euphoria was a long way off. Run time: 3:50. Total time, 11:01:42. Twenty mins faster than a year ago. Not what I had hoped for but better than 20 mins slower. I wasn’t in a good way and so spent 10 minutes with the medics before grabbing some watermelon and then starting to shiver. I had a little cry with a stranger and then realised I didn’t want to be there so went to try and find Mrs Monkie who was waiting patiently outside. I immediately informed her that IM and me were done. Olys and sprints only from now on. We walked back to the hotel and I got in the bath, struggling to get warm then struggling to get cold and then passed out shivering in the bed. Next morning I woke up feeling ON TOP OF THE BLOODY WORLD! Here’s to the next one.
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    Super's not about being wealthy, it's a way to get people off the public purse. Keating recognised the benefit of compulsory super as a way for people to support themselves because the aged pension simply isn't sustainable with a booming population. It may take a generation or so but the country will benefit enormously from what Keating did in the 90s.
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    It's frustrating the negativity that accompanies all campaigns. The Libs tossed some big scares out but they were equalled or surpassed by Labor. I simply don't understand why politicians can say pretty much anything during a campaign and there's no legal mechanism for them to be corrected. Don't get me started on election promises that are never delivered. There needs to be accountability - you can't deliver the policy you were voted in on then step down.
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    Hopefully some progress. Did a test run today. Knee was manageable as long as the pace was easy.. 20kms, 1:56. Fingers crossed!
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    How good is it, democracy has spoken. Happy Birthday Jimbo.
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    They were polling over 12% in Longman in Qld, with Palmer another 3+%. There's something special about Qld.
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    It was actually that article this morning that prompted me to have a punt. Seems that like with the US election what people say publically and feel privately is two different things. This forum is a perfect example-plenty of very vocal left leaning people who make it uncomfortable for righteaning people to speak up..
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    All I know is I can now afford that fancy new Scicon bag I've been eyeing off!! Thanks Scomo 😎
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    Discussion on the (in)accuracy of the Newspoll predictions. Annabel Crabbe asks Arthur Sinodinos: "If Newspoll is so inaccurate, isn't it time to stop sacking your leaders based on it?"
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    Yep.. those envirobike ones are just glorified more expensive versions.. pick up a cardboard box each time in Sydney and then buy a scion back in UK for actual traveling
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    What was disrespectful about it-that he said he had a liberal head and a Labor heart? I think he was spot on. Hawke was able to achieve some significant changes that would be classified right leaning whilst also achieving significant change that was obviously very left. Why are people on the left side full of hatred that the mere thought that someone can hold left and right thoughts is an outrage...
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    Labor can lose from here and I'll still go to sleep happy. Dutton loses and I'll have a party.
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    That's the idea of them! I should say that I have never flown with a bike, so I have no experience. I just remember hearing about them, particularly when the no soft bag policy was announced by Hawaii. As I said, I think join Newsom uses one when he flies. And I think they fold flat for storage.
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    I know Mr More. Tonight is going to hurt me. Kinda like watching Qld lose the State of Origin. You want to turn off when they have already lost But you can’t help but see it till it’s death. Then your depressed for three days afterwards. I may be depressed for the next 3 and a half years. May have to see if their are any HR jobs in New Zealand...... sigh
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    Just dropped her off at her trial shift at the coffee shop. Only an hour to see how she goes. Im more nervous than her. Been pacing the house for the last 30min staring at the clock
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    60km of a 75km bike ride and got a sudden mechanical. Taxi home. Think it's the derailleur... Not my week - found a screw in my back car Tyre yesterday - I'd been driving on it and the Tyre is screwed...
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    You're missing my daily messages aren't you! 🤣
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    Don't worry Dave. Only Stem Willie & I didn't have Dumoulin. You guys can all fight it out for 4th.
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    Please keep us up to date with the training , the trip over there & a report afterwards. As someone who doesnt have parents, Im loving this thread 🙂
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    We know. We have seen your Ironman swim times
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    Where do you live LON? Brisbane folk tend to do reps of mt cootha, starting at 4am, preferably in the rain.
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