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    I assure you there are many, many other commandments under the Gospel of Katz. They are, however, all based on this.
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    My wife texted me the other day & said "Your wonderful" I texted back, "No, You're wonderful". She's been so happy ever since. Should I tell her I was just correcting her grammar?
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    Whenever anyone posts anything on this site, it's only a matter of time before 'Jimbo' tells them how stupid they are... I'm calling it "Xcom's law".
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    Yep. After talking with a few people last night it we decided to pay the deposit. As my wife said Kona would cost $20k be full of Ironman wankers, only one day, and be all about one person. This is $12k for 10 days, 2 people & something we can do as a father / daughter experience.
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    I agree with you both. Love the feel of open water. Of being a small part of the natural world, whether it be in the serenity of a clear mountain lake or being surrounded by the vastness and latent power of the ocean. Like running in the bush, it feeds the soul. Though I've never hurt during swimming like I have in squad. An ideal training location has access to both.
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    I don't race so I don't have a season or an off season. I try to be as consistent as I can through the year and listen to the body telling me when I can go a bit harder or when to slow down. It seems to work OK as I'm always in reasonable shape.
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    Perhaps you've got something there Goughy. Maybe if he's not going to get the reaction/attention he wants he might tone it down a little, though I'm sure that's probably been tried already. Might be time that he learned about the concept of natural justice. Can I also suggest that you ensure that your daughter is getting as much or more attention than your son. Not for anything to do with him. It's not great for a kid to feel they are missing out no matter how much they try to be the good one and can lead to big issues further down the track.
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    Too little training and too many injuries conspired for a long, tough day. I always knew it was going to be a grind. I hesitated to enter for quite a while, not knowing how my body would hold up. Though from the moment I arrived in Port, I knew it was where I wanted to be on the first weekend in May. The swim was painful throughout due to a shoulder injury, and the bike looked ugly from the start. The headwind blowing as I exited town was the strongest I remember on the first lap at Port. There's a flag on top of a unit block coming out of Flynn's that is usually fairly limp as you leave town. Not so this year, it was already billowing. There's little I can say about the cycle or run. They were both foreseeably uncomfortable cases of just sucking it up and gutting it out. There was perhaps one notable moment as I approached Matthews Flinders, to have Cam Wurf lap me and magically levitate up the hill. At that moment, I knew I was exceedingly unlikely to reel him in on the run. Though the day's undoubted highlights came thick and fast with a finishline kiss and hug from Diane, slumping into a wheelchair and then drifting into unconsciousness in the warmth of the medical tent. I think it was my slowest swim and slowest cycle at Ironman Aust, and my slowest run since 1999 when a stress fracture limited me to walking the entire marathon. Also my first finish over 15 hours. If any of those stats are incorrect, it's because I've fortuitously forgotten some truly unpleasant past experience. I'm very disappointed that Dave Ross DNFed. Seeing him on the run, I thought he was good for a finish having missed the bike cut-off last year. For those of us who have been around for a while, I doubt few of stop because we no longer feel like being there, rather we stop because the body won't let us continue. And we all lose another thread of the shared experience and camaraderie that has developed over the years. I do hope Dave returns next year. Conversely, it was wonderful for Leon and Peter V to earn their Immor(t)al plaques, as it was to share the peculiarly celebratory and joyous atmosphere of our corner of transition on Sunday morning.
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    Yep, that's where we agree. As an atheist, I don't believe there is a "point" to life per-se, but that's not the same as believing life has no value as a consequence. I disagree with religion, am surprised it survives in educated communities, and am dismayed that so much harm has been caused in the name of various religions. However, I still believe that each individual has the right to live their life as they wish and believe what they wish, even if I disagree with it and might argue over the logic of it, provided they don't deny the same rights to others. And for those who won't accept those basic constraints of community and decency, we have a rule of law to provide boundaries.
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    Track Bored, a mate of mine is over there now and another friend did it last year, I'll put you in touch so you can ask them whatever you want
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    You’re an ass
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    Goughy, I was going to suggest you make sure you have a way of tracking him. It gives you peace of mind. Our daughter ran off when she was 14. She was going through a rebelious "EMO" stage, and got in with the wrong crowd. I was able to keep track of her on the phone. 9 years later and she is currently out in the kitchen helping Mum with dinner after going for a walk with her and the dog. She manages the largest Decjuba store in Qld (and is their youngest store manager) and has been the target of other fashion franchises trying to poach her after bringing loss making stores back to profit for a couple different companies. Have patience, keep loving them, never give up, and you may yet get a pleasant surprise.
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    Bored's right. Just riding over winter can develop your endurance fitness without the stress on your body that an endurance based running program would have. I've had several winters where I have cycle trained 4 to 5 days a week with an end of winter goal being the 220km Around the Bay ride. One year I was mad enough to do the 250km ride. In those same years my run training was only averaging 40km a week. My running improved gradually with no injuries which was great. As for down time. I'm having my usual month off after the tri season right now. It's maintenance time for annual checks and all that stuff. I have a forced extension by two weeks right now, courtesy of my surgeon who removed some suspicious looking lumps from my shoulder last week. Nothing as impressive as Crankys scar from late last year. It's given me time to think through what I can and can't do for training and competing over the next 12 months. Definitely keen to work on my running a bit more. Around the bay looks like it may be on the list as well.
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    I'll start a 12 week program for IM in september, if I was to take too much time off over winter, a good portion of that 12 week program would be spent getting back to a decent level of fitness. So probs a decent amount of training, just unstructured.
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    Very interesting and thank you for your thoughtful response. To add a personal anecdote I had a relationship with a man for 9 months and would have considered myself homosexual. I am now married to a woman and have long stopped worrying about what I "consider" myself, I'm Chris. At the time I literally had a good friend ask me "What are you now?" which I explained to him was a weird thing to ask. He wasn't homophobic by any stretch but he wanted / needed to put me in a box / label. My point is that at no point did I make a choice. This was not something I sat down and made a list of pros and cons about, it just is what it is in the same way I'm white, I feel male, and I cannot stand raw tomatoes. None of those are choices and they may all change but they just are the way things are. E2A: Although I don't think I could just stop being white!
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    I like to summarise it as, "Don't be an asshole".
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    That leaves 6 or 7 of them, depending on how you interpret #4 about recognising the Sabbath and keeping it holy. Does recognising every Sunday as race day count? The remaining 6, basically say be good to your parents, don't murder, root about or steal, and don't be a lying or envious douche.* I do wince when I hear the term, "Christian values", applied as if Christians have a monopoly on those principles. Plenty of worthy people of most religions, or those of no religion at all, live their lives largely along those lines. *Other more scholarly interpretations may apply.
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    C'mon people, we already look silly enough. No more
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    The rest of May is time off, just catching up on all the work on the house I've put off, walking the dogs more and giving the Mrs a bit of time back in her life. June will be Crossfit as my only training with a ride to work once per week ( 2 * 25km). July - I'd like to focus on swimming for a month. I didn't do enough pre-ironman Aug - Start training for the Summer's sprint series and come up with a plan. OW swimming is looking like a good focus. After a very satisfying IM AUS ( although bit disappointed in the time) I'm a little over long course stuff. 12 months of sprints/Oly then re-assess for another event in 2 years.
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    There is no point... there is simply self awareness, and a reluctance to accept that ends with death.
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    I just had a look at the "Rite-on" facebook page. They are the group notifying everyone about the impending Get-up visits (still waiting guys). It's insane. It's like the comment section underneath an article about cyclists in the Courier Mail. There's a post about Officeworks refusing to print a flyer for one of Fraser Anning's candidates (because it violates its policy on printing items that are to be used for spreading hate or vilification), and the comments go on for pages about boycotting Officeworks, to burning down stores. Then it launches in to how the Muslims are out-breeding us and it won't be long till Aus is taken over by them. Sounds like these folk could do well on the Trump bandwagon.
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    So you raise some difficult questions, and I don't pretend to have all the answers, however here goes some thoughts. I don't imagine I will change your mind in a trannies post but I feel it is worth outlining why the dim view you take and the very real struggle I see in the questions you raise might not be the case. I'm a person of faith in God, but I'm also able to say I have doubts and wrestle with difficult issues that I come across in my faith. I'm not having a go, and you are entitled to your opinion. Firstly I think it is best to get everything in context first. The passage that Israel infamously quoted comes from 1 Corinthians, so called because it was written to the Church at Corinth. They were having some serious issues there, including tolerating immoral behaviour from within the church. So this passage was written directly to the Christian church: So, as to your point that people can sin and God doesn't care as long as they are "Christian" - that's an oversimplification of the gospel of Grace that the church teaches - namely that you can't go to heaven by earning it, but because you accept God's forgiveness offered to all who turn to Him. But for those who do profess a faith, there is no free pass to do whatever you want and get off scott free. The passage above clearly states there should be a change in behavior if you claim to follow Jesus, as do Jesus rather stern words to his disciples (followers) There are also plenty of times where false "prophets"/spiritual leaders are condemned, and Christians are told to judge them by their works (or their fruits if you like, in an analogy where a fig tree can not produce oranges, so a person who is "righteous" cannot continue to to evil). 1 John 3 points out that those who continue to live in sin do not know God. So, if Pell (for example) is guilty, and if he continues to lie about it and cover it up - he is in serious serious trouble. I also think your list of the "judged" is a bit off. But I get your point. Do babies get judged? I doubt it. What about people who have never heard about Jesus , yes, but not too sure to what standard. Animals? They don't get judged. And what is "hell"? Is it eternal separation from God? Eternal death? Or something from Dante's seven circles of hell? There is a fair bit of confusion along the way but it's fair to say that the main consistent point taught in the Bible is that the result of sin is death (From Genesis through to Revelation) but that the gift of God is eternal life. Note, not earned, a gift. And of course, if you are a Christian you must believe that God is just. He cannot just ignore some people's sin and judge others - which is why the central theme of Christianity is that due to God's love for people (but requirement to be just) Jesus/God himself takes judgement and overcomes death for those who accept what He has done for them. It's not just about his death, but his blameless life, his undeserved trial and death - and most importantly his resurrection. The resurrection is important because Christians believe that they will be resurrected and live again in a new physical world - no harps, clouds and heavens as the images typically go. Perhaps that helps you see a bit more where Christianity is coming from, or perhaps not.
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    And more excellent trail running in Lane Cove National Park (all the way up to North Epping/Pennant Hills/Thornleigh), Garigal National Park and the Great North Walk going all the way to Newcastle. You forgot Brooklyn-Mt White-Sommersby-Peats Ridge for cycling as well.
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    As long as you don't combine the two, it's all good.
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    Because NSW don’t fix roads outside of Sydney or Newcastle. Country people keep voting nationals or independent and the liberals and labor don’t give a shit about them
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    I dropped the maximum HR limit each year and strangely enough I ran the same time each year without even wearing a watch - the old HR monitor only showed HR All through those years I was strict with my upper HR limits - I would walk if my HR went above 153 - and resume running when it dropped back to 148 - my mates would not train with me they liked to race each other but when we went to Forster I would beat them all
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    Just ride over winter. I'm surprised how much my bike fitness has carried over to the run. The roads were wet & shitty yesterday & I didn't want to wash my bike again. So I went for a trail run instead. Managed to knock out a 15.5km run in 1:23 with a bit of climbing & several roads to cross. That's the pace I would run at in my last few weeks of Ironman training.
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    Thanks for that Pete. My problem is that I fit in training when I can and this changes from week to week. It could be at 4.30am or late at night - even changes during the day as work requires. I am just trying to get to Parkrun each week with an added extra run ks to it. I may see you there.
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    PM me email address and I will send one
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    I dipped my toes in, that was enough. However, I did do a bit of breastroke in a glacial lake in the French Alps. I'm not a total sook.
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    Yeah there are a few other threads which have been hidden due to the way people were tying him to ETPA and making some pretty poor comments.
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    As Im only swimming and mostly open water, off season depends on how cold the water gets. Unfortunately I don't think I fit in my wetsuits any more so either need to lose weight or get a new wetsuit.
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    Right on! After an unmotivated summer, the upcoming running season has been my inspiration to get my butt into gear. I'm hoping this will reinstate some former running ability and be good prep for the next tri season.
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    Mike l invite you to come along to the campbelltown joggers. I'm only a new member but they're a great bunch. I've entered Nepean as well but I need to learn how to swim before I enter WS70.3
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    I typically don't discuss religion (and avoid politics). What people believe doesn't concern me until they try to preach and 'threaten' me or others. There's about 3000 'Gods' know to man. Christians don't believe in 2,999 of them. How can they be so sure it's not one of the others? I just happen to believe in one less than them. As for updating the Bible, as it was written by people, why can't other people just add a few more chapters? In my mind it has as much relevance as an L Ron Hubbard 'novel'.
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    Woe is me! 🎻 - the worlds smallest violin 😜
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    no, it was from a more reliable source, a post in facebook.
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    I think the Bible needs to be updated. You would think God may have changed his views by now on a lot of things. Sorry AJ and Trinube, cheap joke.I respect anyone with religious views and we have to remember there are hundreds of religions all with different views and some with different gods. I respect their views just as much as they would respect those who don't embrace religion. I do also thank Monkie for sharing something so personal.
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    A lot of people who “change sides” do so after trying very hard to conform regardless of their feeling and eventually either give in or find a safe supportive environment in which to follow their true feelings. Was certainly the case for my nephew. He was always gay, was always going to be gay but growing up in the bad side of Campbelltown didn’t make coming out easy or possibly even safe
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    I agree with almost everything you say except for the use of the term "lifestyle choice" which somehow implies that people choose to be homosexual... did you choose to be heterosexual? Or is it just the way you are? But otherwise, yes. I also try to treat everybody the way that I would want to be treated, I just do that without needing the bible to tell me to do so because I believe it's what being a human is all about. And sorry, I've assumed you're heterosexual based on your comments here, apologies if that's not the case.
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    It's taken me 6 hours to calm down enough to write this. What you've said here is exactly why I hate religion so much. Religion preaches love and faith but their stock in trade is fear. You MUST believe or go to hell. The statement that God doesn't care about behaviour is astonishing. Let's just look at a few examples. A child who dies shortly after birth will go to hell because they didn't follow God despite never doing an evil thing in their life. People in remote regions of the world who've never heard of God will all go to hell A Buddhist monk who lives a life of selfless giving and absitnace wil go to hell because they don't follow your God. All animals are condemned to hell because they can't follow God. Mahatma Ghandi and the Dalai Lama would be turned away as they shun organised religion - despite their contributions to humanity. yet Cardinel Pell will be welcomed by God despite being as evil as they come. A murderer can confess to a priest and be forgiven. They could do this multiple times and still be fine Every rapist, drug dealer, murderer, torturer and thief are fine if they 'follow God'. The KKK are fine to murder a few blacks because they're God fearing christians. Frankly, if your God doesn't care how people behave, why not just trash the ten commandments as clearly they don't matter. Now you can say following God means not doing these things but they're all forgiven so it doesn't really matter, does it? And what exactly is follow God, Is once a week enough? Once a month? Daily? Every waking second? So all those people who live kind, loving, generous lives and never go to church will be judged on the sin of not attending church whilst rapists wearing the cloth are pardoned. FFS.. The real question is why would you want to spend an eternity with a God who allows childhood cancers, miscarriages, wars, murders hatred and rape by its devotees. Your God can't even control its highest disciples and preachers who rape and cover up for others. Talk about red herrings - the church is archetypical. I find it impossible to say this respectfully but maybe take your 12 month sabbatical from Trannies to reflect on the (lack of) standards of your faith. I live to the ethos of being as loving, kind, honest and generous as possible to as many people as I can - if God doesn't want me then so be it.
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    Radelaide- dry weather, quiet roads with respectful drivers, trails in hills and along beach, good pools.
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    How I approached the race- first time I have been confident in ripping into the port course and seeing what happens, first time I knew I could be at the pointy end of the overall age group race. Raceday Swim- my form seemed good leading into the day but you never know how you’ll go Raceday, 2018 I had the 18th overall quickest swim so it was the first time I convinced myself to be as early in the water as possible, got in about 4th, figured there would be a few outliers who would be off the front but as the swim went along I had the kayak just in front the whole time, figured there was several kayaks on course and he was leading our group, got to the weir, stood up to find me and another guy were leading the age groupers. Continued much the same throughout, nothing crazy with limited fighting, out of the water 3rd age grouper in 49mins T1- yelled out to RunBrettRun and him and a couple of others gave me a hand getting sorted, out through transition with limited stress. Bike- wind was pretty solid, figured I’d ride 5 hours with limited stress but the wind sure slowed progress, keeping a lid on pace out of town I had no company, on Cathie straight there was one guy ahead and no one in sight behind, Power was somewhere in the area of 245w for the first 50km and was well under goal pace, the return trip to town was a case of trying to hold high power but I certainly wasn’t up near the outward numbers, I think the end of the first lap I was through in about 2:34, slightly off pace but certainly nothing to stress about as there still wasn’t too many age group guys around and the ones who had gone past were riding on their egos not their ability. At about 120km I was caught slowly by two guys. 1 riding well the other “enjoying the ride” and as they came through I had dug myself out of a slight hole so spent the rest of the ride sitting off the back of these two but using them to keep the pace solid. Ride- 5:08, slightly slower than expected but power numbers were where I expected T2- in and out without issue Run- My plan was to run at 4:20pace for as long as my pins allowed then limit the damage time wise once I slowed (if I slowed) 4:14, 4:30(hill), 4:09, 4:22, 4:16, 4:17 had it on track! Things went along smoothly until about 24-26km, pace slowed and I started to wade through it a bit, when it starts to hurt that early it’s either one of two things 1-you’ve race with too much ego and not enough brain or 2- you’ve eaten too much/not enough, in this case I decided it was the latter so got through some more coke, a gel and went back to work. After a Few km I got things back on track, through the last 8 or so km I was back at 4:30-4:40 pace albeit with a fair amount more effort, running scared as I had been between 3mins and 1min up on 2nd place in my age through the whole run. First time I have raced a marathon off the bike and it wasn’t too much fun! Trying to stay on top of things mentally but also not bleeding time as to let 2nd place feel like he’s killing it, end marathon was 3:14, slightly off what I had in mind but happy with the result.
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    Been out of the sport of triathlon/Cycling for a while now and looking to get back into it. So I'm looking for a small road bike to get me on the road again Only looking to spend up to $1200 till i lose some weight and the missus gives me more money. Hoping one of my fellow good hearted Transitioners can help me out. located in Miranda in Sydneys South. cheers
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    I can't remember if I posted about this before, but a few weeks ago I sent an email to the PBS, asking them if they would review their conditions with regards to adhd medications. The is a condition on them that the user must have been diagnosed between the ages of 6 and 18 to have the medications covered under the PBS. Obviously this affects me as the tablets cost a bit over $140 per two months. Without the heavy hyperactive element (I only have some of that) it's very easy for someone with add to get missed, especially a decades ago. I didn't ask for special treatment for me, just to review those conditions in general. I received a reply, pretty much just saying they can't give special considerations on a case by case basis, which wasn't what I asked for. But at least they read it. Picked up my next script of meds on the weekend, and out of nowhere they were $44 cheaper! I just checked the PBS website and they fully listed cost of my meds have dropped by $30 to $44 a prescription. Coincidence, sure. But I'm taking the credit!
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    And here's another one https://au.gofundme.com/BogFrogWantsAHolidayInEurope-PleasePayForIt
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    Great advice. I'm not real good at sending PM's or picking up the phone at the best of times, and not knowing what to say or do is part of the problem. Thanks Surfer! I've said it before, geez there's some great people on here.
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    Hi, thanks for the thoughts. I’ll be honest, I’m not coping. I’ve been in hospital a few times for my own safety and was pulled from the water unconscious a couple of weeks ago. I’m in the care of the pilbara mental health team at the hospital with a team of people around me who want to see me thrive. I have chosen to stop work full time and am just doing some short term shutdowns (1 to 2 weeks) back on the tools when I feel like it just to keep some income coming in. We are financially ok so this is fine for the rest of the year. I’m currently doing one and just on night shift taking it shift by shift. I’ve been honest with my company about my daily suicidal thoughts and they have been great but won’t let me off ground level for obvious reasons. i want to get better but I understand it’s going to be a long process as we have not yet identified all the triggers, the biggest concerns are that my behaviour has become very impulsive and following this I am having devastating lows. I also have a crisis team of friends who I am supposed to call on when I’m having a crisis but it’s so hard to do (Katz mentioned it above). Fff1077 is in my group and he’s been great. Thanks for the messages from a couple of people here, it’s apprecaited, sorry if I’m slow to respond. its been tough on my wife and kids but they are sticking by me. cheers Kieran
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    To the Trannies who havent been around for a while, just know that your absence is greatly missed & your silence is loud Sending unconditional love & hugs to you xx
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