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    A fun day, 4th out of 17 mixed teams (with 2 parentals in the team). Daughter held sub 5-min kms for 10kms which she was very happy about. My 1500m swim was 6 mins quicker than Noosa, but I think it was only about 1300m, plus a wetsuit, plus very calm water. Byron appears to be the Aussie capital of cyclists with no helmets....which is mad considering the traffic through the main drag.
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    How I approached the race- first time I have been confident in ripping into the port course and seeing what happens, first time I knew I could be at the pointy end of the overall age group race. Raceday Swim- my form seemed good leading into the day but you never know how you’ll go Raceday, 2018 I had the 18th overall quickest swim so it was the first time I convinced myself to be as early in the water as possible, got in about 4th, figured there would be a few outliers who would be off the front but as the swim went along I had the kayak just in front the whole time, figured there was several kayaks on course and he was leading our group, got to the weir, stood up to find me and another guy were leading the age groupers. Continued much the same throughout, nothing crazy with limited fighting, out of the water 3rd age grouper in 49mins T1- yelled out to RunBrettRun and him and a couple of others gave me a hand getting sorted, out through transition with limited stress. Bike- wind was pretty solid, figured I’d ride 5 hours with limited stress but the wind sure slowed progress, keeping a lid on pace out of town I had no company, on Cathie straight there was one guy ahead and no one in sight behind, Power was somewhere in the area of 245w for the first 50km and was well under goal pace, the return trip to town was a case of trying to hold high power but I certainly wasn’t up near the outward numbers, I think the end of the first lap I was through in about 2:34, slightly off pace but certainly nothing to stress about as there still wasn’t too many age group guys around and the ones who had gone past were riding on their egos not their ability. At about 120km I was caught slowly by two guys. 1 riding well the other “enjoying the ride” and as they came through I had dug myself out of a slight hole so spent the rest of the ride sitting off the back of these two but using them to keep the pace solid. Ride- 5:08, slightly slower than expected but power numbers were where I expected T2- in and out without issue Run- My plan was to run at 4:20pace for as long as my pins allowed then limit the damage time wise once I slowed (if I slowed) 4:14, 4:30(hill), 4:09, 4:22, 4:16, 4:17 had it on track! Things went along smoothly until about 24-26km, pace slowed and I started to wade through it a bit, when it starts to hurt that early it’s either one of two things 1-you’ve race with too much ego and not enough brain or 2- you’ve eaten too much/not enough, in this case I decided it was the latter so got through some more coke, a gel and went back to work. After a Few km I got things back on track, through the last 8 or so km I was back at 4:30-4:40 pace albeit with a fair amount more effort, running scared as I had been between 3mins and 1min up on 2nd place in my age through the whole run. First time I have raced a marathon off the bike and it wasn’t too much fun! Trying to stay on top of things mentally but also not bleeding time as to let 2nd place feel like he’s killing it, end marathon was 3:14, slightly off what I had in mind but happy with the result.
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    Park run with a warmup today. 4:39k pace average on the same course I did 4:55 a few weeks ago. Warmup helped.
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    The back of the t-shirts our youngest organised....and there is some sort of Instagram video thingy she is doing 🤷‍♂️
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    My Coot-tha. At 4:30am. In the rain.
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    Swam shark island this morning. Cold and windy in Sydney but south Cronulla was protected and the water was about 20 degrees and amazingly clear. Was like swimming in an aquarium this morning there were that many fish around. Couple of big bright blue gropers were the highlight.
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    I don't hate anybody, it's bad for the soul. I will however take issue with anybody claiming some kind of moral superiority based on their subjective interpretation of a book. I also like people to front up to their beliefs. If you think gay people are wrong then you're entitled to that, I would find that opinion objectionable but being a liberal (with a lower case l) I have to take the rough with the smooth. What annoys me (and we're still only on annoy here, we're a long way from hate) is when people somehow try to argue their homophobic views are somehow morally or ethically justified because they have chosen to believe in some kind of deity or more specifically chosen to interpret a certain translation of certain parts of a certain story book in a certain way. Edit to add: Jumping into a fairly robust (but polite) discussion about a topic with different view points being expressed and disagreements aired and referring to it as an echo chamber is a tad ironic.
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    As Clintred said, my first for the big dance but done the Honu 70.3 three times before (did I say I love that place!!!!) Will get around to popping up a recount of the day soon ...... Self-coached rookie .....
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    Picture perfect swim conditions in Noosa today. Swim course record broken, 2.25. Last swimmer was 4.56, hopefully he's a good rider.
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    I guess the standard of cycling in triathlon is at such a point that unless a pro cyclist can swim and run he has little chance of success? Wurf was a decent swimmer in his time and ran.
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    it really is magic, the sharks won, gal scored a try to win, kicked a conversion, and st merge jumped from the blocks to be humiliated. magic everywhere.
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    Thats so cool CN. Luv it
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    Oh ! I was expecting something rather more exciting. That'll team me for being nosey 🤥
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    Hope the quality control on their coffee is better than their social media.
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    I won't be following every minute, but I think it's interesting to follow.
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    I've actually introduced myself to people as Ruprecht on a few occasions 😋
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    And Ironman for 99.999% of the population.
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    Not sure of your age, but in my 20's I did a 3:08 on nothing over 17km run training (about 40km a week total) with doing long rides for my aerobic base. It's not ideal, but I hated long runs, so learned to live with it. If you are doing long runs, I'd just do some hard rides with the occasional long one thrown in.
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    Some reported seeing a whale.....
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    I just watched a preview of stage 1 this morning. It's an interesting prologue style stage. An 8km ITT, with the first 6km perfectly flat, then the a U-turn into the last 2.1km which is a climb averaging 9.7%, and a short section of 16% to 25% (depending how you cut the corner). It will be interesting to see the hybrid bikes they use for this stage. Another item they mention, is that RCS have worked with Zwift, to add this stage to the Zwift library, and you'll soon be able to ride it at home. They are planning to bring out more of their stages to Zwift in the future. http://www.steephill.tv/players/youtube3/?title=Recon:+Stage+1+Time+Trial+Course+Preview+w/+Dan+Lloyd&dashboard=giro-d-italia&id=Y7tcAJmiT74&yr=2019
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    So to summarise what you said bits of the bible don't apply but bits do? Some of it doesn't have a place in 21st centry Australia but the bit about homosexuality being a sin does? That's exactly what I'm saying. People who like to quote the bible as a justification for their homophobic views are very quick to claim that it shouldn't all be taken literally because they see the ease with which that allows it to be written off as a load of bunkum. They are quick to tell us it should be read in the context of the time and that the only bits that matter are these specific bits and not the rest of it, oh no the bits that tell us not to eat shellfish etc, those bits should be ignored. But the bit about the gays? Yep, that bit is definitely true.
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    Or, we could introduce an Active Fee for voting, and go partway to solving the deficit.
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    Nice work mate and well done on not letting the stresses pre race affect your day. Thanks for a great report. NSF
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    Great report. Thanks for sharing and good luck with Kona. I hope you can sort the nutrition issues out soon NSF
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    I remember Benali from the 90's playing for Southampton, but I knew every premier league player in the 90's/00's. He also raised money by running to every premier league ground in the country.
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    Cairns full is $150k, no pro race in 70.3
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    I’m here having a crack..... Anyone else??? its very very hot and very very humid
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    Great news Pete. Aquafit also has spin classes. I used to do them a few years ago. Swim before then a class or two after. Great brick sessions. FM
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    You can always put on extra clothes for the bike. I think the real consideration is the combination of low water temps coupled with the likelihood of a wet, windy day. A cool day alone is simple to manage.
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    Seeing that Ironman have started to adopt new idea's it would be pretty cool for them to run an Ironman in Geelong every 4 years. Taking place on the same year as the Olympics. Then the other 3 years just run the 70.3 It would be a good build for newbies doing the 70.3 a few times and then the Ironman. And for the repeat Ironman people that do them all over the place, they know that the opportunity to do the Geelong one, only comes along every 4 years. From the outside looking in, Ironman's can get a bit stale if they are run over and over in the same place. Sure some people like eating pizza every Friday night week after week after week, but others just want it from time to time. The same for Ironman. I think it would be extremely successful going down this path.
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    Sat - rode 60km with bike club coffee then 10km run Sun 28 km run zone 2 Mon 5 km recovery run Tues Trainer Road 1 hour then in evening track session with running club Wed swim 1 hour just drills Thurs Trainer Road sweet spot then 10km Tempo run HR 160-170 Today Rest day Tomorrow planning parkrun
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    I just copied it into the race report section, I’ll get around to writing something about the race on the weekend at some point and post it also
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    Yay. Going to be the first PFO closure done in Toowoomba. New cardiac surgeon here, hadn't even had time to get his team organised yet, so might take a few weeks.
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    I was hardly able to walk Rattie. That and having to contribute to driving back to Brissie that night made it a no brainer to scratch. 😩 (No influence from AP). Even Pete Murray expressed disbelief on IM Wrap, last night.
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    I see the Broncos are playing an away game at Suncorp stadium this week... 🤔
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    Since when did NZ have the Australian flag?, Is this a way of getting a quality prime minister
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    The Box (CrossFit gym) can’t beat a good WOD Ok being serious. i think the best training location is a place that motivates u to get out the door. A good support network etc
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    Nothing for me all week. I've been doing RICE on this knee and it's easing but just tried a test run and was back home within 2km. My first ultra is in 7wks. Another week of rest and RICE at least I reckon, which means we're entering the realm of 'high stakes resting' and being patient is not my strong point. 👎 Annoying this I know exactly how this happened, the pain is exactly where the bruising and grazing is from my fall. The reason I fell is because I was tired and let my concentration wander.
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    hehe, along with Radiohead, Tool are my favourite band. https://loudwire.com/maynard-keenan-confirms-new-tool-album-release-date/
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    Actually its considered to be a sin and according to the bible - the wages of sin is death. Just because the Anglicans choose to permit it doesn't make it right according to the Bible and could be/has been perceived as hypocritical. But realistically, what it means is that they're leaving the condemnation of sinners to God and that's the way it should be. I figure its not my place to condemn anybody because of whatever "sin" you may have or are currently involved in. As another Bible verse states "Let them who is without sin cast the first stone". Legitimise Rape? Have a read through this. It'll make some sense out of it from a cultural perspective of the time. Personally, I figure it has no place in 21st century Australia. Rape is wrong and paying a shed load of money isn't going to change that, https://citybibleforum.org/city/brisbane/blog/does-bible-legitimise-rape-response-benjamin-law Realistically, this is one of these out of context verses that people tend to bring out to back up their argument that the Bible is garbage and God doesn't exist. If you really want to understand God then read and understand the 4 Gospels of the New Testament. Everything else if just there so various sad members of the population can show how much smarter they are by attempting to complicate everything to the nth degree. Much like those stupid ambiguous maths quizzes on Facebook. And one to end with But if you really want an out of context verse to aggravate your local Christians and "prove" that the Bible is just an early "50 Shades of Grey", try this one... "There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses." (Ezekiel 23:20) Never let it be said, I don't give you anything AJ
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    If? Check this out. Air temp could be as low as 10 or 11 early in the morning. https://weatherspark.com/d/144933/11/28/Average-Weather-on-November-28-in-Taupo-New-Zealand#Sections-Temperature
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