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    I know exactly how you feel FP. Five years today since mum departed and miss her every day. Often it's the little things too. The kids do something and you'd just love to be able to tell her about it. I went for a swim this morning in her honour and this afternoon I'll smash some Mint Slice. It was tradition to have Mint Slice at mum's place - now April 28 is the only day of the year I eat them.
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    Just did a session in the pool one on one with a coach. He watched me swim 200m and the said “there’s too much going on there to try and fix things individually so let’s go back to basics”. LOL So back to basics I went. Went from 2:40 hundreds to 2:28 hundreds in a little under an hour. And I feel we’ve barely scratched the surface.
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    We hate to say "we told you so", but we told you so.
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    I think AP was standing on the other side of the lighthouse when this pic was taken
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    Norseman has now expanded to a whole series of races across the world. Definitely something a bit different having done both Celtman and Norseman. Patagonia looks interesting.. More to be found at http://xtriworldtour.com/
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    It's amazing how many people are pulling out of each event. It's been pretty easy (and relatively cheap) to get a start in all the events over the past few weeks. Considering who owns it now the entry transfer system seems to be working really well.
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    Fun race, be great for a family holiday/ destination race.
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    Town Beach water temp measuring at 23.4 today. http://www.surf-forecast.com/breaks/Port-Macquarie_Town-Beach/seatemp
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    Sorry to hear that Skel. It totally sucks when you've trained so hard for something and the body gives out just ay the wrong time. I feel for you. But... it was not all in vain. Your body has done the work and will remember it when you are able to get back to full training. You are fitter and stronger, apart from the hammy. Fingers crossed you can sort it out quickly.
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    anyone else a bit annoyed at the tender process the LNP seems to run? Barrier reef, offshore detention and now water? Pass the pub test?
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    I was hoping to do the Bondi Ocean swim today but they cancelled it yesterday due to the impending forecast. But as you can see by the photo today turned out almost perfect. This would have been the last ocean swim for the season in Sydney . Instead I’ve had a sleep in and a vanilla slice
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    I'm volunteering on race check-in Thursday if anyone's coming by that day. Then of course expo, briefing and bag drop Friday.
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    For almost four years I was on the committee for the Port Vila Triathlon back in the mid to late 90s. Always great times were had. That’s where I met Delly Carr. Been friends ever since. I’ll dig out some old photos in the next few days. FM
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    You come across as a genuinely good egg Surfer. The world needs more good eggs.
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    Listen to the birds in the trees.
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    I was coming for a holiday, discovered the date of the triathlon, so I brought my bike. Race on Sunday, should be fun.
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    Liege - Bastogne - Liege is currently on. Valverde just hopped in the team car, and the peleton is down to about 50 riders. Wet & miserable is all I can say.
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    Finished the week off with the UQ Twilight half this evening - went 1.33.59 so a nice surprise especially after a big week. 315km on the bike and 70k of running including a 132/4k brick yesterday and 2k swim this morning. Nearly 10 mins quicker than a year ago and still doing virtually no speed work so the result of lots of strength/endurance running.
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    https://m.twitch.tv/runnersknee this works
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    You were that important that you needed two chaperones or were they Pacers?
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    It's not October yet. 😉
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    Yup. And we only worked on body position. So now I can make myself all streamlined and I can roll from my hips. Rather than resemble a barge, as it was so delicately put. There is still catch and pull to even consider, let alone work on, and I know they suck. Interestingly, I've paid lots of money to other coaches, swim smooth included, and have gotten really nothing out of it. I think those guys might be better at tweaking a reasonable form to improve performance, but not to necessarily take someone who can swim to not drown, but in terms of having any real technique, has none. Also, those guys tend to give drills or whatever that really need someone to tell you if you are doing it wrong. It's all well and good to instruct and check on the day, but it's tomorrow and next week when you've not quite perfected it yet when the bad habits can creep in, both new and old which undoes any gains which may have been made.
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    If it is grease, then laundry detergent generally works wonders. If you use liquid, pour a little on a chux & rub it on to the stickers. Don't be too vicious though as it can get abrasive if you do. Powder, just pour a little on a wet chux & do the same.
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    Try toothpaste, works a charm on many things!
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    Had breakfast this morning with Ratty, Stikman and Humdrum. Was nice seeing the band get back together.
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    We better do some running in the first couple of legs. Those cutoffs are a little tighter
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    You still got my number mate? I'll be up there from Wed arvo, so let me know if u are around and want to say g'day. Otherwise, see you race morning!
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    Total assumption... based on you being pretty much unbeatable locally..
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    So as always coming up to my last race of the season, I have started planning for the next season. This keeps my mind active and how I can build on previous years.This was my smallest racing season for a lot of years, which is normally about six. Only three races this season (Nepean, the Gong Standard and upcoming Port 70.3). I added the Sydney to Gong ride plus a 380 km TdC ride. After looking at my stats, my winter will focus on getting my weakness (running) into better shape. I will also continue to keep my increased riding strong. My swimming will take a back seat (sorry, winter Swim gurus). I will look to do a few winter/spring running races. This will be a great launching pad for next season - with Nepean and WS 70.3 paid and targeted. Will decide after that for the rest of 2019/2020. After all, I'll be in a new AG for the full season. FM
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    Let’s hope next Sunday is as good as this one weather wise was abit cool at 4am for the ride but arwsome now
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    Aww thanks Trinube, theres lots of great people around here 🙂
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    Not as bad as some of the local councils up here, but then again the Crime & Misconduct Commission has disbanded 2 of them now, and a 3rd is possibly on the way.
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    First attempt at a "run" since Jan. 6km of run/walk. UTA100 in 3 weeks. What could possibly go wrong. 😎
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    Amazing race by Jocelyn McCauley. A top 3 contender for Kona.
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    Keen to catch up Go Easy, sometime Friday I assume? Accommodation fell through so staying a fair bit out of Katoomba.
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    When are you heading up and checking in? There's always a huge number of entries on the buy and sell page coming into the events. You enter so long ago, and lots of things can happen. I've noticed more 50 and 22 entries for sale than 100s though
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    Get your money's worth for a triathlon in Noumea. Entry fee was about $70. Race pack is backpack, towel and tshirt. Few other random things including an M&Ms cookbook (unfortunately in French). Also pasta party for lunch today and awards dinner on Monday night.
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    Patrick is racing tomorrow.
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    Last session of any size today doing a race check. Thanks to Foz for showing me that there are good cycling roads in Sydney! 4 hours on the bike (plus a blown tyre which only took me 8 minutes to change, a vast improvement on before) and then a 40 minute run at race pace. Feeling good, serious taper time now.
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    To the Trannies who havent been around for a while, just know that your absence is greatly missed & your silence is loud Sending unconditional love & hugs to you xx
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    Leon, Check out this FB group. I'm sure they'd love to see the bikes too. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1964038837142584/?fref=nf
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    With those bikes, it would criminal not to get yourself over to L'eroica.
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    I did a few days with Brett Sutton last year. On swimming, I shared your suckiness. Hated going to squad, too hard, in the slow lane with lots of chatting. Total meh. I did however start to use paddles and pull buoys so I could at least manage to finish a set. Brett said something which resonated with me, “use whatever tool you like so long as you swim and swim frequently”. He had elite female swimmers who did entire squad sessions with both and refused to swim without them and improved their swim times dramatically. You have to build up with the paddles and after a year of consistent squad (3 times a week) I have shifted up a few lanes where chatting is relegated to before jumping in, and after getting out.
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    Can do. I can collect from work on Tuesday and am driving up on Thursday.
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    They will know it once you start taking their KOM. I picked a guy from my old cycling team and started taking his KOM (just local climbs & flat TT efforts) He cracked the shit deleted me from Facebook, unfollowed instagram & blocked me from seeing his rides on Strava. His team mates think it's hilarious the way he sooks when someone takes a KOM off him. So they email me a list of his KOM to attack . I have already past last years amount of climbing on the bike and rapidly closing in on more km than last year. I should get about 12k on the bike this year.
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    Nice mate, great find and nice they have some personal history with you too. If I do ride again i reckon it will be on a steelie project.
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    Yes, yes, I'm looking forward to meeting you too 😎
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    Its good to hear youre enjoying time with you family. Sometimes our views & feelings change about 'family' when we have kids &/or we lose a parent. So sorry to hear about your Dad. For me, 5yrs isnt that long & there are probably a mix of feelings just under the surface. Take the time to mourn your Dad if you feel you havent because sometimes those feeling turn up when you least expect & not always a convenient time either! Enjoy what you have now, you cant change what did or didnt happened but you can do stuff from now to enjoy 'family' ...sounds like youre doing it right now. Have a great family Easter FP x
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