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    I did my first ever parkrun in Cornwall Park in Auckland this morning. I ran there from near Auckland Hospital in pouring rain. The apple maps said it was 5.2km to get there but it ended up being 8.5km and my phone was so wet I couldn't get it to work to check directions so I got there over 15 minutes late. Still I had ran far enough that I thought I better do it and ended up with 37:19. Gives me an easy PB when I get around to racing my local parkrun. Seemed like a good event and would have been good to hang around for a coffee in the park but it was too cold and wet. Ended up with an 18.7km run and back at hotel by 9:30 for a day of wet sightseeing.
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    I agree with AP - each to their own. I envy the fact that AP goes year after year. Who cares about the price. Live life I say. It's like all the people who go skiing and want to whinge about the cost of accommodation and lift tickets. If you don't like it don't go!!! If you want to Ski or race Kona..... pay the cost. If you don't, someone else will!
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    It comes down to "Each to his own" - this argument could go for 100 pages - enjoy your sherry Customer - it's 10yrs since I tasted sherry - would rather go to Kona again and beat that old Canadian guy - if I hold back on the manual work a bit I'll recover better and have him covered
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    Yep, I usually do it as a warm up before parkrun
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    Agreed. Some drink, some get coffee, some eat out, some buy tech, some have fancy phones, stereos, garmins, central house lights, heating and airconditioning. Some enter races. Some travel and camp. Each to their own.
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    To be fair I used to run this joint and I struggled with that function
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    So listening to a podcast about this guy. He went sub 12 in Kona at 71 years old. Had a head to head battle for 4 hours on the run with an Austrian dude. But the training and preparation he did was amazing at that age. He was basically training like a pro. Qualifying at that age might be easy when it's just you or one other person but to win and go sub 12 at that age. incredible http://www.imtalk.me/blog/2019/3/4/imtalk-episode-656-
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    medium run. 17km @5.27s for 1hr32. Last long run before Reading HM
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    Yes they can. Nath nice summary above.
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    Thanks for posting, Peter, but I'm not sure about qualifying being "easy" when you're over 70. It's a relatively small category largely because it's so difficult to stay fit enough, strong enough, fast enough, and injury-free enough to even complete IM at that age. Those still active in the sport for the long haul like AP are doing extraordinarily well to maintain IM race fitness. There's relatively few active 65 year olds in the general population that you could coach over 5 years to achieve a KQ. Whereever these guys are coming from to qualify, we're talking about the best 70 year olds on the planet at what they do in a very demanding sport. It can be easy to take their achievements for granted and normalise IM when we're so close to it.
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    A company called The Internet Research Agency is a company in Russia backed indirectly by the Russian govt, thru an FSB agent (FSB is new friendly name for KGB). They sent young people to the US in 2012-2015 ‘backpacking’ thru the US, while conducting surveys. They gathered years of info to understand how US citizens behave & vote. They then had people in the US during the 2016 election who were feeding info back to the company in Russia. The internet research agency then brought ads on Facebook, other social media and papers like the national enquirer during the 2016 campaign mocking as various American groups, such as blacks for trump. They spread disinformation about Hillary They found that so many Americans are influenced by what the see on Facebook so this was one of the focuses. chime in jimbo that trump can’t be held accountable for this, true. The Russians then hacked the democratic server and stole emails and gave to Wikileaks to release. The part where trumps campaign comes in, based on info out there now, is that the theory is he was in touch with Wikileaks to get this info and find out about its release. This is not proven in court yet but this is a key part of the investigation and will be in muellers report. Muellers special council does not talk to the media and does not leak so anything anyone says about them is speculation. the theory is that the Russians would help trump win and trump would relieve sanctions and thus making Putin billions through a company called rosneft, then shares in Rosneft would be sold to trump to share the profit.
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    Boat arrivals since 1976 by calendar year (gee the Gillard Rudd years were good. Year Number of boats Number of people 1976 111 1977 868 1978 746 1979 304 1980 0 1981 30 1982–88 0 Year Number of boats Number of people (excludes crew) 1989 1 26 1990 2 198 1991 6 214 1992 6 216 1993 3 81 1994 18 953 1995 7 237 1996 19 660 1997 11 339 1998 17 200 1999 86 3721 2000 51 2939 2001 43 5516 2002 1 1 2003 1 53 2004 1 15 2005 4 11 2006 6 60 2007 5 148 2008 7 161 Year Number of boats Crew Number of people (excludes crew) 2009 60 141 2726 2010 134 345 6555 2011 69 168 4565 2012 278 392 17 204 2013 300 644 20 587 2014 1 N/A 160 2015 0 0 0 2016 0 0 0
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    Aldi have a version of very similar to the fly6 on sale in the Newcastle stores next week. im getting one to see how it goes.
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    The study itself points out that correlation does not equal causation. "Zhuang said that while the research shows an association, it cannot prove cause and effect." 14,000 people over 2 decades with an 18% increase in atrial fibrillation. This is a large enough study with a large enough difference that I think that some of the increased risk is due to causation, not correlation. If you want to enjoy some funny correlations check out the website: Spurious Correlations
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    That's kind of the point. Telling kids "Drugs are bad" hasn't stopped kids taking drugs. Acknowledging the fact that there is fairly common drug use and offering people a chance to not die because they take drugs isn't a bad thing IMO. It's not perfect, but it acknowledges we can do something different than just throw more sniffer dogs at the gates.
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    The weight of evidence around Trump is over whelming. The number of people in his circle going down is amazing. It has gone beyond being aware of meddling in the election to something much more concerning.
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    It is pitched as an incentive, not a break you. Used correctly its a good idea
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    I suppose I could ask you to quite a post of mine which begins with "But Obama", "But Hillary" or "But the left". But that would be a waste of time, because you know as well as I do that no such posts exist As for Cohen, like it or not, the fact that he is a convicted perjurer has rather obvious implications for his credibility As I said though, if you want to side with a convicted perjurer because you think his testimony might make Trump look bad, feel free I'm just not so sure that it's healthy to hate someone that much
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    shiiiiiiiit. I just dropped £100 on 10 bottles of Gonzalez Byass Cristina Sherry in Jerez, Spain, plus the tour of the winery. Don't I feel like a total loser. If only I could work out how to get a better life - then I could go to Kona again!
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    You can always cheat and just open the picture you want and do a copy/paste rather than inserting files.
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    Sorry Turts but this just isn't true. Where pill testing occurs any and all drugs handed in for testing are destroyed. Also the "taking 4 more" is, frankly, nonsense. The people I have looked after relating to drugs have almost always been because the strength of the first dose was much higher than they anticipated or the first dose was contaminated.
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    You didn't read the fine print. You see Saturday 12th? That's a 95km run followed by a 6km swim. Most wimp out, the rest drown.
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    Nice work mate anything that’s get someone out the door is a great incentive
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    I'm amazed you folks are getting only 2 or 3 races out of a fusion suit. What do you do to them? I still have, in very good condition, the first one I ever bought. Still use it And one of my IMs is worth twice the hours of most!
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    You promised you wouldn't tell... 😥
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    I make it look good. *I walked through an aide station 5min before this...
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    You never know. You can only race whoever shows up. Never sell it down. Congrats. FM
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    As an emergency services worker of nearly 10 years I can honestly say alcohol is a much bigger issue in Australian society than drugs and I think part of this issue is because alcohol is legal and "accepted" by society. I have been assaulted 3 times while on the job-2 of those had nothing but alcohol on board (the third had both alcohol and drugs). I have been to people as young as 12 who are drunk all the way through to their 90s, it is not one specific cohort that has issues with alcohol, it's across all ages. I personally drink, most weeks I would have maybe 2-3 standards, and when I was younger I certainly binge drank like many young people do. I have a real issue when people tell me "oh that's just so and so, they get a bit angry when they drink rum", or "you can't blame them, it's just the alcohol". No, take responsibility for your own actions. You put the alcohol in your body so have the balls to admit fault when you screw up because your intoxicated. And if you know drinking makes you angry/violent, etc, then don't drink!
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    It's nearly back actually!
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    You're a CEO and you run like a very fast thing. You're halfway there already
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    Qualify, buy a spot, legacy. Good luck to you. If you have the means; talent, longevity or cash....well good on you, go for it. The price is only relevant to you. What it means to you is your call but keep your knickers on what it means to others. oh, I got an Airbnb for 7 days on course, family walked to the start race morning, lot cheaper than 10 days at $300 plus. still have both kidneys so got one to sell if there is a next time 😁
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    Glad I got it out of my system - back in the day when Ironman was cheap.
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    Beware the Pentecostals and their targeting of schools and kids.
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