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    29 min pb on that course 19min pb on the distance first time under 6 hours. Very happy atm.
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    Had my best ever swim, OK bike and shit run. Crossed the line 3rd in my age group, but a competitor who started a few minutes behind me in the rolling start beat my time by 9 secs moving me to 4th. Only 3 slots in my age group, but luckily the 3rd place athlete didn't turn up to Rolldown so I snared the last spot. Wife managed to get a spot as part of the extra 25 slots for women (Women in Tri). So we are both going to Nice. But now she's thinking we shouldn't do the ITU Worlds in Lausanne (she wasn't expecting to qualify for Nice).
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    Well the day started well. Woke up at 3:30 to allow enough time for a strong coffee to get evey thing moving. Two nervous poos later I was on the road. It was not untiI got into to transition that it occurred to me it would be pitch black and a torch would be handy..ah well went by feel and was all good. Pretty nervous before the swim but the staggered start was a god send and spread everyone out nicely. I was pleasantly surprised how polite every one was-whenever there some some bumping or hitting you could tell people did their best to separate without hitting you again. Did have one joker pull my foot though which I actually found really funny for some reason. Direction keeping wasn't to bad, ended up swimming an additional 100m. On to the bike and wasn't to bad except for the start-dropped the chain twice on the flat and a third time going up the hill leaving transition, WTF I have no idea what or why...my I was cross chaining too much with my nerves... So any way sections of the road were like glass, other section like a jackhammer. There were TONS of bottles ejected everywhere, even saw a couple of cages. Plenty of drafting going on but it didn't worry me, I was only racing myself. There was one wanker though that kept getting in front of me and then slowing down to about 25ks, so i make a move and then sure enough about 15 mins later he would come flying past and then slow down again. Must have burnt all his matches because he was walking on the first lap and finished a long way behind me. Onto the run and started off feeling really really good, so good that I was talking and joking with anyone that looked like they could talk. Ran out of gells and decided to try one of the on course ones-omfg what was that crap? Had the consistency of thick clag, spat that out and had some electrolyte mix, omfg what was that craps? Tasted like petrol. Stuck to the water and coke.. Heart rate was keeping in check and pace was o.k, then sure enough at about the 10k mark bam, I was in a world of pain. Quads were on the verge of cramping with every step and i was just spent. Managed to run and walk the aid stations and hills though which seemed to work. Thankfully I sucked it up on the last few ks and picked it back up to finish in 5:59:05....56 more seconds and I would have been pretty pissed with myself. All in all had a ball, definitely need more training though. When an old fella who gets stuck in a portaloo for half an hour and needs 3 people to rescue him can beat you it's shows your unfit eh Pete (joking 😆) Honourable mention to all the guys and girls I saw that would have easily been over 100kgs-man they would have been in a world of pain. Also to the Asian guy I saw in casualish shorts, t-shirt and casual sneakers lol I don't know what the hell he was thinking but he would have had blisters on top of blisters 🤔😬
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    I went sub 6 just 😎 very happy. Absolutely wrecked now, sitting in the spa try g to not fall asleep and drown...
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    20 mile running race. Was targeting sub 3hr, just scraped in with an unofficial 2:55:30. Will see what the official time is later. Sofa, tv, beer 😎
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    Lets forget about Asylum seekers and offshore processing for a moment and lets discuss the farmers of Australia and the current issue they have up in Queensland due to the natural disaster. But first: Border protection: Figures provided to the treasury Senate estimates committee, first reported by the Australian Financial Review, reveal that in 2016-17 the government spent a total of $4.06bn on border protection. Foreign Aid: TOTAL AUSTRALIAN OFFICIAL DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE $4.2 BILLION https://dfat.gov.au/about-us/corporate/portfolio-budget-statements/Pages/2018-19-australian-aid-budget-at-a-glance.aspx Now............... Our farmers.................The government are giving various region centres approx. $1M each +25K grants to in need individuals etc and I think I heard Queensland government are kicking in another 200K. Does anyone else think we have a serious issue of inequality and our priorities are totally misguided. How about we start looking after our own first and then the rest.
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    Thanks for the yell out. It got hot for the run. Swim and bike went well for me but the run was a disaster. Ive been crook and at T2 things got interesting. I had to do a poo and couldnt get my tri suit back on. Took 3 women helping me. Tipping they regretted standing there handing water out. And i sweated heaps today. Pic Still sub 6 so it was okay. Not the sub 5:30 i was after. But given i dont really train, I cant complain.
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    Relatively big weekend. 5 hour turbo yesterday then an hour on trails, 2:40 LSR this morning. Now for a flight to Hong Kong which I assume I shall walk off rather stiff.
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    Went to the other side of the bay to do the Malabar Magic ocean swim. 1k and 2.5 k swims did them both and got a “Kona podium” in both in my category 4th in the 1k 5th in the 2.5 (Garmin measured at 2.8k+) interstingly the pace was 1.36 /100 for both.
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    It’s obviously broken, there’s a big crack right down the middle.
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    100km on the kickr- I won’t say the bike was calibrated properly, but I’m still claiming that as an indoor cycling PB. I might even survive the Husky Ultimate Aquabike next weekend. Just have to fake a 2km swim with a bung arm and no swim training to speak of. ...
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    I can't begin to imagine why a tri suit would ever take more than one person, let alone an additional three volunteers 😮😂 My support crew got confused and went back to bed, had to get some vollies to get me in my wetsuit! Run did get hot. I was probably the splash zones most loyal client. Every. Single. One. Started the run on fire. Reality soon hit and suffered. Sub 1:30 for the run (very happy) 2:35 for the bike 35 for the swim. 4:47 all up. The amount of running in transition (particularly from swim to bike mount) was outrageous! Swim was great (love the rolling start) and it made the bike very very manageable. Very little congestion.
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    When we read all the different posts about strava - Zwift - power meters - GPS watches - aero helmets - Hokas - the single thing most likely to improve race outcomes is attitude. Not just attitude on race day - attitude every day If you become good at reading people's body language, most people show what they're thinking in their posture. If you go and watch a race, you can pretty accurately read what's going on in someone's head by their posture. As soon as your posture changes, your technique changes along with it and you become less efficient. The biggest step forward for a lot of athletes is to become very aware of their thoughts and feelings. Once they become skilled at reading their own body language and how it changes with a thought, they have a chance of managing these thoughts and reactions in races. example - when you're riding in a group climbing a long gradual climb, when you're in the middle of the group you feel OK, a couple may pass you, you still feel OK, then it's quiet behind you, you look around and you're the last one and you're two meters off the back. All of a sudden two meters becomes ten meters, you have no power in your legs, and it's just the realisation that you're the weakest one in the group. A simple thought can take the power out of your legs.
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    Blonde: "He reckons he fell over getting changed in T1 and somehow landed on this."
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    Redhead: "Fu<k off! I'm scribing. It was you who forgot the latex gloves."
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    I agree with tough timing - we need to move HOTW and TCE further apart . HOTW has been start feb for 27yrs so sorry it stays , put TCE at end March perfect prep for IM port and then there is Hundy in Nov + HOTW feb and TCE in March you could do all those races for not much more then 1 70.3 Ironman branded race - And they are well positioned as lead up races to the big Ironman busso/NZ/Port . ALL GREAT RACES IN OWN RIGHT but they need about 300+ to make them work well.
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    Cheers mate. The leg was ok until mile 13 then it went very tight. I didn't know whether to turn around or plough on, so I did the latter. It didn't get any worse but didn't go away either. Definitely felt it a lot on the climbs (thankfully not too many). Results are up. I came 390/640 overall.
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    Bronze medallion training this morning at surf life saving club, 30 minute strength session at gym, 4x8 minute run intervals with 1 min walk in between, followed up with 3km swim to finish
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    Raced a road race, turned myself inside out trying to get the win. Uphill finish & got rolled on the line.
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    Lol that would br funny, but he wasn't maintaining 25ks, it's like he would have these bursts of energy flake out rinse repeat. Every time I passed him id ook back after a while and he would be almost out of sight, then come flying back after 15 mins ol
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    Dollars to donuts his recap is you ruining his pacing and forcing him to blow up on the run
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    The bike is better. And the run doesn’t go thru the gardens anymore. But the other direction towards melbourne for the run goes up the hill on a climb that goes forever. It’s a shame it doesn’t go in reverse.
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    Was there ever a great AGer as Kevin Fergusson ? Swim 26:35; ride 2:20; run 1:38.Total time - 4:30:18. 53 overall. Not a bad effort for a 60/64 AGer. FM
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    Jeepers u quick!!! Well done!!
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    110 km ride from Centennial Park to Garie Beach vis Waterfall. A tad steep. FM
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    A friend living in West Java Indonesia tells me the only coverage any of this is getting in the media over there is that the Australian Government plans to reopen the Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre.
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    That's exactly what I was saying. 0.5% faster at the top is down to mental performance. Not 50%.
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    No, it's less than 1%. Could you imagine Usain Bolt going 30% faster? No. At the top level, 1% takes you from nearly on the podium to a World Champion and record holder.
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    Redhead: "We can rule out hyperthermia, thermometer reads 37."
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    He can prefix himself with "Brown" in future.
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    My favourite one from my mate who overhears an American woman ask out loud while filling in the immigration forms "it says country of origin, do I put Texas or America?" 😂
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    In Kona (I was spectating ... they haven't lowered their standards that much) I had a discussion with a teacher from Wisconsin who thought that Obama was a commie and that she was having an "overseas holiday". And she teaches!
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    Reminds me of a Melbourne Cup day I had at the Home Hill races. I wandered around the stables looking at the horses before each race. I made 5 bets, and got 4 wins and a 2nd, only 1 was a favourite. Even in horses you can tell who is going to perform. This. This got me any good result I ever had. It's not just can, you have to WANT to hurt.
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    Don't forget the added bonus of an upper body workout when scraping the windscreen!
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    cheers mate. I'm a gnat's dick away from Level 23
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    So it got a lot worse very quickly and I managed to bunk off work and see a physio. It's likely imflamation caused by an impingement due to me favouring the outside of my foot due to the PF. The foot is now taped which is helping a lot, and anti-inflammatories have been consumed. I can attempt a run a Sunday. If pain is still there, then off for an MRI to check for stressie, but it's a less than 10% chance ...
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    Absolutely. It’s worse than beer commercials. Kids cant watch sport without being exposed to gambling. its actually a disgrace.
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    Agree , agree and agree. All gambling advertising should be banned fullstop.
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    I'd say after 27yrs on the first weekend in Feb - HOTW has earned the right with triQ to have a buffer of at least 2-3 weeks either side of them for a similar distance race - we can't afford for these races run by community groups/clubs to die out - these are the races that triathlon was built on - not the big corporation run races 😏
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    Oh crap. So if I select that challenge now, I guess my previous 48k doesn't count?
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