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    Despite not much change on the scales and lots of riding, had a good moment last night when I was at my parents and my mum said "have you lost weight? you're looking trimmer". So screw you scales! I win today!
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    lol Last time I lost a reasonable amount of weight (got under 80kg, but still 5kg from my former race weight), my Mum kept asking if I was OK. She thought I had lost way too much weight.
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    I'm not sure what Peter Dutton is on about now, but his latest 2 "Fights" for his electorate are both State Government & Local Council matters. The latest is his & ScoMo's declaration to fix a low bridge crossing in the north of his electorate. He's been running a campaign on his website saying we need to get behind him to fix this bridge. The problem is, it's a local council road & bridge. He's now pledged $7.5M to fix it. Great, because the last study put the cost at over $80M, and for a back road, it is just too expensive for a local council to fund the other $73M. But even worse, there are a number of large billboards on the main road I use with his ugly mug on, proclaiming his fight for better parking at Ferny Grove Station. Yes it needs it, but no, it's a State Gov matter, and there are already development plans in to redevelop the station and add additional parking. I suppose he will claim the additional spaces as his work. And better than that, the station isn't even in his electorate. Maybe if he got the NBN fixed (heaven forbid he do something about a Federal matter), then a lot of the people that currently commute every day could work from home and not have to drive to the station.
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    No idea on bike hire but FFS- don’t ruin a trip to France as a vegan!
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    ha, I've had a similar experinece in the past when I dropped about 20kg for half ironman...but I was still about 10kg from ideal race weight. Mum kept saying "you're lookg WAY too thin". I'm a reasonably tall guy with broad shoulders so when I lose the belly I look a bit unhealthy I think.
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    I'm guessing they're the ones who said they won't do it anymore.
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    Pricey (who lives in the area) said it's only one time a year they need the extra portaloos, due to an ocean swim event. Rest of the year the residents probably do as you describe...
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    Check in Adelaide. They used to have an office that you could post it too.
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    Buffalo is such an enjoyable climb, consistent and great views. Was Bright Brewery, Sweetwater or Beechworth Brewery your refreshment venue of choice ?
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    What model do you need repairing?
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    All is right in the world again after Caloundra on the weekend.. 😉
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    Do it yourself! I changed the battery in my polar edge (1992 model) for 16 years before the watch unit literally fell apart. If you aren't confident nough, go to a jeweller/watch repairer and try them. BTW - don't buy a gamin, you will be forever charging it and bike thieves will follow your movements on strava, so they can steal your bike when you're away from your home. (Equally tongue in cheek comment like the "buy a Garmin one above).
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    Day 3 of being "plant based" & it hasn't been that bad. We just made pancakes (almond milk, oats & half a banana) cooked them up & they fairly good. The it's been great going over recipe books, reading ingredients and cooking with my daughter. It's been really good for our relationship. We had smashed avo, tomato & spring onions on rye toast for lunch. It tasted awesome until my wife cooked up a schnitzel.
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    I don't understand veganism. In nature animals each other animals and insects, insects eat other insects and animals, insects and animals eat plants. Some plants eat insects. It's all natural....?
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    Calmm down ppl. This is a 14 year old trying something different. She's enjoying the research, meal preparation and giving it a go.
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    why were you looking at shampoo...?
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    I'd say after 27yrs on the first weekend in Feb - HOTW has earned the right with triQ to have a buffer of at least 2-3 weeks either side of them for a similar distance race - we can't afford for these races run by community groups/clubs to die out - these are the races that triathlon was built on - not the big corporation run races 😏
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    At least you didn't choose April.......and buy her carob Easter eggs. Parents should be reported to DOCs for that shit.
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    I'll take that as a complement goughy. This is the wall I competed on at the Birmingham world cup in 1997 during one of my 6 month climbing trips. I had planned on going back the following year after a solid training block and compete in the whole world cup tour but blew my elbows again.... Bad enough to have to official retire which is why I got into triathlons!
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    Walked in the office today & at 15kg over weight I’m still looking a shit load skinner than most of the people in the office. Ppl also commented on how relaxed & healthy I’m looking.
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    Exactly. That's what I put in my bento box on the top tube #keto
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    I've seen my mate eat 15 McChickens in a row
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