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    Oh, I just found this thread. Naww.. you guys (and gals, and everyone else those two don't cover) are awesome. tldr; The YouTube shutdown was over a URL I linked people to two years ago when people were asking how to listen to my videos in audio format. Yep. That's YouTube illegal to help people to do. With all the obscene material posted up on YouTube hourly, I tried to help, and was kicked fair and square in the nuts. Complete and utter bullshit. Side note: When your YouTube account gets taken down, so does all your Gmail accounts. And Google Drive. And access to pretty much everything Google. (I use Google Wifi, and Google Home). Thankfully they (whoever they are, they still remain nameless and faceless) restored everything before I was totally obliterated. Then Peloton. Fark.... I threw a tizzy on Twitter over those mfers. It helped. But I don't want drama. I really enjoy bikes, tech, learning about them both, and sharing things so others can also enjoy them. That's it. This guy taking the piss out of Peloton today was pretty funny. I've mentioned on Twitter, I can't engage. Screw them. Time better spent working on more content and riding bikes.
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    Yep, out with the rubbish. He needs to be relegated to the think tank talk show circuit ASAP, or a coal board or 2. He stank as a PM, his party knifed him, his branch despises him and has splintered to run an independent against him, but it's leftist hate. He is yesterdays man in all respects. He has been nothing but a sniper and disruptor from the back bench, outed his successor and now will gift the lodge to Bill Shorten. His ship is sinking, go down with it. Ditch the bitch or something.
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    Finally dipped below 80kg a few times last week and confirmed with 79.7kg this morning Next target 75kg by end of Feb. That’ll be pretty close to decade low.
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    At my work, this is how we refer to them, but we omit the "t"..... Note: I work alone!
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    Another 107km in the hills. That's about 340km in 3 days.
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    Was invited to a meeting the other week at work. It was to do with technology funding for 2020/2021 - amounts >500K p.a. Anyway, I walked into the meeting and the organiser introduced himself and then said "how are you Flanman". I stepped back and though, who the F... is this ? Well, bugger me, it was a long time ago Trannie "Yelloc". I haven't spoken to Andrew for about 10 years. We had a chat a few days later and he remined me of his IM @ Forster. His missus was cheering for him at the swim then bike but he didn't see her during the run (he thought, bloody b**ch 😁). Anyway, he finished the race and was in the recovery tent eating. Next thing, the police walked in and ask if he was XXX competitor. He said yes. They said his missus had gone into labour and we are taking you to the hospital. Well, he made it and about 3 hours later she had their newborn. He told me there was a photo of him in the local paper plus Sydney papers with him holding his new baby in his triathlon gear. Great story. Good to catch up with old mates. FM
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    Depends on whether they were given the opportunity or not. The driver may have chosen his path before the bikes even knew he was behind them, had they known they may well have had pulled single file and let him by. Either way this stuff does no good for the car v's cyclist debate, and the driver being fined now probably makes it worse again. The bogans get more uppity about the injustice of it all, and cycling vigilantes will get more smug, inciting more bogans
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    Apparently there's a perfectly good highway running parallel to this road that they spent millions on for cars. Why wasn't this idiot using that?
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    At the time I purchased them the garmin vector pedals were getting bad reviews and has supply issues. They were also about $1500. I had the cash I wanted the pedals. A bit like the ppl dropping a shit load of coin on Rapha gear at the TDU pop up store. Some people are happy to pay $420 for a pair of knicks & $200 for a jersey. I just don't see the value.
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    We all have. 30 years ago the small chain-ring was 42. The large sprocket on the normal cluster was 19, and the climbing cluster had a 21. I still have no idea how we used to ride some of those hills.
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    With compacts, the 11-28 was more gearing than you ever needed. All you did was cause yourself stress and spend unnecessary money in the days before the ride. I have no idea why people have an aversion to simply using their god given strength to get up those hills. You're a big guy Pete. Put it on a decent gear, lower your cadence and use your strength. Who the hell can 'spin' up a 12% climb besides the 60kg 'birds' of our sport. Next year put some bulletproof Gatorskins on your bike with some liquid latex inside the tubes, get organised and man-up. Matty came second overall in the 250 BTW. Can't imaging he had a 32 on his cassette!
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    If you aren’t signed in it might not display. Does for me it continues but I’ll just do the first few
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    To celebrate my new found unemployed status, I decided to join the gym and schedule some fitness classes into my week. This morning I did my first Body Attack class since I was about 30. Bloody. Hell. Then I did a 1km swim. 200/25 hard 25 easy/200
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    Snapped top two front teeth off at the gumline after taking a header in to road over a car bonnet at the end of a training ride in about '86, so far so good, the original crowns (with porcelain veneers) have held up just fine (as long as I avoid the brain freezes that accompany biting into hard ice-cream). The of the 72 stitches only the ones in my upper lip are still visible (it was basically shredded through the smashed teeth). Still have that permanent record of "driving without due car" on my drivers licence though. - Moral: give way to cars - even if you think you'll make it, as bitumen tastes bad and is hard. I thought about doing an IM once - I've had to have 30 years off IM to recover :)
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    I am definitely heftier on the bottom end as compared to the top. After a carb binge (aka unemployment celebration) and yum cha yesterday, I am 4 kilos heavier than I was on Wednesday last week. Of course that's not real weight as in fat, but I am unimpressed enough to get straight back on the wagon. After looking at the stats of my 4 weeks on keto, I am unconvinced ketosis really did anything more than calorie restriction alone would do. I was counting both carbs and calories and was in ketosis throughout. So, I feel as though it was more effort than I really need to expend for the same overall result. I did notice although the scales have gone down during the last 4 weeks, it wasn't any more than the few weeks after IM, and my measurements didn't do much at all. A definite positive outcome though I found is that overall we have been eating a more varied and generally healthier diet. Therefore, going forward, I will be adopting quite a bit of what we learned during the keto process in terms of reducing overall carbs, but not aiming for ketosis as such. Calorie restriction plus exercise has always worked for me, so I will keep it simple for myself and just go back to that.
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    I just hope his goon Dutton loses his this year. I'll be doing what I can to help with that. eg: My 0.001 cents worth.
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    After seeing this photo I now see why you are not losing weight - there's nothing to lose! Unless of course you have very weighty calves.
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    Nice work yes it wasn’t great weather considering the heat in the two weeks leading in coulnt believe how many didn’t have any rain or warm gear I must of passed u at some time , surely u noticed the dickhead doing the 320k on a fatbike was a big day but got home in 14-56 about an hr faster than I thought I’d do it on the fatty me and mrs IP at finish
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    err.... not great. was one of the last through but at least I finished. Had two punctures before I got to Hotham and trying to fix them in the dark with driving rain was not fun.... Lucky I brought a rain jacket (most of my mates did not!) as the top of Hotham was freezing cold with huge icy winds blowing everyone about. Then another puncture about 10 clicks out of Omeo - I think my tyres (brand new Vittorias) were like a magnet for small sharp thing Couldn't have been wetter if you poured a bucket of water over my head, and the wet chamois in the nicks was cutting me to pieces. Back of falls was long and unrelenting - jeez that's a mental challenge! Nothing left in my legs for Tawonga so I just used the new (and very much appreciated) 32 granny gear and took it 1 meter at a time. It was looking like I was not going to make the cut-off so did a cracker of a descent into German town and tried to keep the speed up all the way back into Bright. It was getting dark at this stage and the front light was flat so i felt like it was going to be a quiet affair as i thought they'd be packing up the finish line by this stage. How wrong could I be?! Even as far out as Wandy there were people on the side of the road clapping and cheering me on. By the time I got to the caravan park I had a big smile on my face and the crowds on Gavin and into the finish were just amazing. Straight to the bar for my free beer (I chose a porta with a dash of lemonade) and a finisher photo with the rest of the team (who had all returned and showered by this stage but wrapped they came to see me in. Will I do it again next year? I think I probably will...
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    Same here B@W. Got my arse handed to me yesterday by the cycling guys. Just on 97 kms and over 1,000 metres of climbing through Camden, Razorback, Nattai and Burragorang lookout. Stuffed after 60 kms but hung on - slow but got there. Another attempt next week. FM
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    Bit sad really how some people are always scrounging around looking for something for nothing - some people go through their whole lives looking for hand outs - none of them put the effort into actually building the brand - doing the hard yards - parasites 🤨
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    We are just about to commission woodsides domestic fuel supply load out facility we have just finished building, they will have tripples coming in all day everyday loading LNG into their trucks to send out to mining companies up here who are switching over to LNG power, much cleaner fuel than anything else, the sooner the general public get onboard the better.
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    140-ish km ride yesterday including Macquarie Pass Stage 8 with K.R this morning, although I went the soft option because I was short on time. Running later on
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    So we went overseas for Christmas to see my dad in Nth Ireland and took a side trip to Finland (Lapland about 250 k inside the arctic circle) to hopefully catch the northern lights (wife’s bucket list) Things weren’t looking positive then this happened Not a great photo but we made the decision to enjoy the moment and not worry about trying to photograph it. we got two nights of lights, they are a magical sight, cost an arm and a leg to go there but totally worth it.
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    I kind of relate to this. I had really no issues other than an burst eardrum from a knock at a turning can, that decides to "reburst" itself every time I go too deep in a pool. And then I had a little heart incident... and now booked in for surgery in March. In the words of the doc "not uncommon for people your age, especially in elite athletes". That was my paraphrasing of a long conversation 😂
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    I’d like them to certify people that if they haven’t done a triathlon in the last 12 months, you are no longer considered a triathlete.
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