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    Parkrun this morning and then work where I expect to see a long line of drunken numbskulls following too much booze and/or too many punches. Second last day of work though then blissful period of unemployment/professional triathlete.
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    I saw it coming Mike. It was in his post. He basically said anyone can find a link to support any argument. That doesn't mean it's true.
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    Happy Australia Day from the Gobi desert. Although we are having a mild winter it is still cold enough to freeze the water in the drinking tube of my Camelbak.
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    So is this dick swinging thread in the ER? Or what!
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    Did my first Tri in over 18 months. Slow and steady will never win the race, but you do feel damn proud when your done though
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    Did you need something to chase or are you running out of work?... 😋
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    I woke up at 5:50am!!!!! & went riding. 120km including a solid time up the summit
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    I believe in climate change, and I also believe the Earth's climate naturally changes. You can believe in both. We have a hole in the ozone layer, it's repairing wth a change that was made. You don't have to be one or the other.
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    Some would uncharitably say it’s the other way round
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    Most impressive When did you forget how to do it properly?
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    I debate professionally with experts. Name calling with idiots saves time.
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    First run since busso, 3min Run 1 min walk x 3 2 min run 1 min walk x 3 1 run 1 walk x3 and no pain - that’s a good sign in the rehab of the leg
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    Already 35C where we are. However, slides for the kids , music and food for us - plus the pool. This is our “complex”. FM
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    12k run/walk/crawl yesterday. Was supposed to be doing a ride this morning with a group, but none of them turned up. Guess I will Zwift.
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    -30 C outside, so 12k on the treadmill. If you lived in Iowa full time, having a well appointed gym in your house would be a must.
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    This is bs 5:45 & I’m awake to go riding for the second day in a row.
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    No good for triathletes, they won't have the bike handling skills.
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    Happy Oz Day. I ordered a load of Aussie treats to take to work on Monday (if there are any left!). We have Flipper's Godmother over at the moment from New Jersey. We had a big dinner last night and meeting for breakie later. Might do a spin then have to take some built in wardrobes down. All very boring and not very Ozzy. This is the time that I miss my friends and the place the most. Have a 2hr run planned for Sunday, lots of thinking will be done then. Might download the Hottest 100 for some DIY tunes this arvo
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    My plans is to leave them behind by wearing an aero helmet, trip socks and Bont Chronos, who will be laughing then, hey? 😎
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    The 7.7 billion people consuming and producing by products is having an effect. 200 years ago there were less than a billion people. Stats and maths have failed in economics, they work a bit more effectively in climate: develop models in the physical sciences that show how biophysical systems will react to changing levels of atmospheric gases. although There’s a good case to be made that the models we use to assess future climate damages are mostly reflecting our assumptions back at us. Roberts 2015 Political operatives at their upcoming damage-control meeting in Stockholm this week will have to figure out how to spin evidence of a 17 year “pause” in global temperature rise and the expanding Arctic ice mass despite what they love to describe as “record high” atmospheric CO 2 concentrations. 18000 years ago ice age ended sea levels rise by around 400 feet. Not much coal being burnt or card emitting fumes. I don't know, would like to think that we can do as much good as we can. Though if the planet naturally had this much change without the effect of billions of humans and industry that it is beyond my understanding. https://ocean.si.edu/through-time/ancient-seas/sea-level-rise
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    Like I said.... in the previous post above.... anyone can pull stuff off the internet to justify a stance..... you well and truely took the bait.
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    Rode Jindabyne to Thredbo. Which is all uphill on road bike. Then down Thredbo Valley Trial with wife so good brownie points. Then a swim in the lake
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    Quality backdown by the Pres. Faced with yet another missed paycheque by almost three quarters of a million employees (and their landlords and other creditors consequently missing out) but more importantly airport delays meaning thousands unlikely to be able to get to the Superbowl next week. I'm sure his more loyal followers will see it as evidence of benevolence but the rest of the world knows he's a damp squib.
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    Cyclone sitting off the coast at the moment, it’s not going to get us as it’s heading west but we had some good rain yesterday / last night and it’s very windy here today. So a nice and quiet day today and a bit of zwift later today for me.
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    I admit to not knowing the extent. I think we should try to have a positive effect on the planet. Agree that if the US China and India keep pumping out tonnes of emissions then our changes have little to no effect. Challenges is to how to change the big emitters, don't know
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    Apart from the brakes that looks so much like the one I had in 1970
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    I kind of relate to this. I had really no issues other than an burst eardrum from a knock at a turning can, that decides to "reburst" itself every time I go too deep in a pool. And then I had a little heart incident... and now booked in for surgery in March. In the words of the doc "not uncommon for people your age, especially in elite athletes". That was my paraphrasing of a long conversation 😂
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    Ex - pretty sure we used to work together if I am piecing things together correctly. June 20th is my code word. I got out in November, after being directly placed into a role through the October round. My team was halved and the work remained. I went from a B1 to being paid a B1 doing the work of my grad. The mental health change (in moving out of the org) has been enormous: getting away from what was a pretty dire culture and everyone waiting for the next round: some hoping to be included (old timers) and others worried about being able to pay their mortgage. I don't have any advice, other than, put yourself first. No one else will...
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    I may not agree with very much you say IJ, but you know I luv ya. I'll take that as a compliment Some more ministers announce they're leaving the sinking ship.... Have any Labor pollies announced they're retiring at the next election? Or independents?
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    Seriously dudes, chill with all the personal shit eh. Every single one of us can find something to legitimately support our opinions and beliefs, and whether we agree or disagree with each other doesn't matter. We can have a lively debate without it reaching to the gutter. I mean, hell, I bet I can find evidence proving flat earth theory. Doesn't mean I believe it.
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    Nuffin wrong with a 30T at the front mate
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    It’s ok mate my two remaining bikes are Giants. we can form a support group. Enjoy it mate.
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    I haven’t. The problem is that you are a drone with a confirmation bias problem.
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    Yeah. Piss poor. 90%+ conviction rate when I prosecute. 80% win rate in civil and industrial litigation I run. 80% acquittals when I defend. Hopeless.
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    Given how often you resort to intellectual dishonesty, you don't seem to be very good at it
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    The thing I don't get is the climate has been in a state of charge since day dot. We have been through a heap of ice ages, so why now all of a sudden do they think the climate needs to remain fixed? Either way I think they are selling the message wrong. They should be saying whether we are or aren't impacting climate change we should be eliminating fossil fuels to keep all the shit out of the air so that our kids can breath nice fresh in polluted air..
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    Facts are not disproved just because they have been quoted by the ATA lads And name calling has never been a terribly convincing method of debate Andrew
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    FP, people will still talk to you. Maybe not in public, but they will still talk to you.
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    If you are in transit in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you can get DS Trainer and Noosa Tri for around $80. I usually buy 2 pairs.
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    Well my Wattbike session didn't happen but I did buy an mtb 😎
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    I'm still to scared to get a tattoo
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    All I can say to you FatPom - SOOOOOFT. FM
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    OK, as far as I can remember, here goes. Been into tri since 2001 but raced bikes and ran years before that. 2002: Contracted pancreatitis, which resulted in an emergency operation, to remove some of my pancreas in order to save my liver. Unbelievably painful for weeks and weeks. Had 120 odd stones removed and some laser zapping and have a natty shiny plastic tube inside there 'somewhere'! 2004-2009: On again, off again acute back pain and spasms, the longest I can remember being off the bike was 7mths. Extremely painful and frustrating with regular bouts of being floor bound for days. Cause was some severely bulged discs. Lots of physio and surgeon appts but nothing really helped. 2009: 'The big crash' - First day on a new TT bike and in order to avoid an errant kid running across the road in CP, I ended up going highside. 5 broken ribs, smashed collar bone in 3 pieces, punctured lung and fractured hip with a hematoma. For some reason, the numpty surgeon thought the collar bone would 'heal itself'. 2009: Back into hospital to have the collar bone plated with a 6 screw plate. This whole episode took mths to come back from, nearly broke me and I was very close to giving it all away. Nearly 10yrs later and I still can't feel my r/h shoulder or the top half of my bicep. 2011: My back finally lets go big time in Italy. Flown home and an emergency operation (disectomy happend 48hrs later). Lots of 'garbage' taken out, initially better but ultimately unsuccessful. 2012 Feb: 2 x follow up operations on back, more severe action. Same result, unsuccessful and still not able to walk properly. 2012 June: new surgeon, replacement discs advised, special ones that enable sports movement. 2012 July: Advised my bone density was too weak to support new discs. 2012 Aug: Massive 10hr operation with a team of 11, to insert alternative flexible devices. pretty successful overall. 2014 June: Collar bone plate removed, due to it wearing away tissue when swimming. 2015 Sept: Dragged from the beach after lap 1 of IM Wales, unable to walk, back let go again, spasm in r/h leg. Taken to hospital. 2015 Nov: operation to remove blockage causing spasm. successful but surgeon advised that devices had 'stopped working' but couldn't take them out (no consent and special team required). 2016 June: operation the remove devices. seems to have been successful but have to have yearly scans to monitor. Apart from that and some niggling calf injuries, been pretty much injury free.
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