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    96.6!!!! No carbs, sugar or milk and a few days exercise. Planning on keeping it going. Cheers Andrew.
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    Glad you're OK more Stage 6 of Le Tour for me this afternoon after two races in Nowra yesterday
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    Who motivates me? The fat chick in the mirror
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    I watched the video and thought great ad if it stops one father/male etc and makes them think about their actions and how influential they are over young minds. Then it's a great ad. My Dad is ex-military old school hard ass. Boys shouldn't cry, dob on others etc. Women were never treated equally and children should be seen & not heard. The way he explained homosexuality to me as a child was brutal. He binged drank, smoked and never helped around the house. I have done everything I can to break the habits my Dad taught me.
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    85.6kg - I blame Peter. Rode 410km in 5 days but ate abouot 900km worth of food. Korean fried chicken.
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    Idiots are everywhere. Glad you're OK though!
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    It would seem they are quite tall to hang their bike up tht high above the sink! (I'm vertically challenged, myself)
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    10k run yesterday, trainer day today - between system outages (working from home)
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    What a day, might not seem much to some but I am knackered. Woke up and did 6k run. Got home loaded the family in the car to head to the beach and did 1200m swim. Came home fed the beasts then did an hour on the bike. Basically did 1/3 of a 70.3 over the time it will hopefully take me to do the full distance 😝
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    4:15 on the turbo and then 60 mins on the trails. Knackered now!
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    Brad Kahlefeldt won parkrun today with a time 15.47 I have to disagree with Wikipedia, They claim he is Waggas greatest athlete obviously not met Goeasy
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    Finally got to see the ad to see what everyone is on about. I can't see what all the fuss is about. It's an advertisement, and it's a good message. If you see another male acting badly then call them out on it... Nothing more, nothing less. I'm possibly older than 'most' people on here and over the years I've seen some pretty poor behaviour by both guys and girls. I wish I'd been stronger in the past to call it out - nowadays I usually do. Gillette is selling razors to males with the slogan 'the best a man can be' (which is a play on their original slogan 'the best a man can get'). They can hardly be expected to be telling girls to call out bad behaviour from other girls in an add for male razors... Just sayin! There is definitely no way that I am offended by this ad. And I'm a classic overthinker!
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    "I'm actually at a bit of a loose end myself. I can come and deliver it to you. Actually, are uyou overseas? That'd be awesome. I have a bike case and everything. Cash would make things nice and easy, and keep it under the radar of my significant other. Bank transfers and deposits are too dangerous"
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    It would be a good start if the media gave someone deserving - maybe Toby Price - more media coverage on his achievements and just started to ignore the little boys temper tantrums
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    Ah, no. This occurs daily to most women in some way or another The examples you suggest of women in power are the exceptions. Not the rule.
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    Nobody is trying to denigrate your hard work but a colleague of mine who happens to be a black lady put it very well: "When you walk into a room people automatically listen to what you have to say before you've said anything because you are a white man. When I walk into a room I have to prove I'm worth listening to before anybody pays any attention." So no matter how hard you have worked, then as a rule you would have had to work even harder if you had come from a minority background. I am a 33 year old white, heterosexual, privately educated man. I have more privilege than the vast majority of the world could ever hope for. But I recognise that. I'm not ashamed of it, I don't feel bad about it but I do know that my experience of life will be very different (and on the main much more pleasant) than many other people. One tiny example... I am referred to as an Ex-Pat... if I were brown or black the default label would be immigrant with all the baggage that goes with that term. I would love to see everybody as people but that assumes we are starting from a fair playing field. We are not. The deck is so stacked in my favour that I believe we need to pro-actively bend back the other way to ensure equality of opportunity. Nobody is playing the victim but if you can't see how your gender and your race have given you advantages in life then I think you should spend some more time exploring other peoples' experience. Some things that made me think: In particular the bit about how you are lucky. Whether you want to admit it or not luck has played a huge part in you turning our like you are. The sooner you can see that the luck of your birth (or lack of it) is hugely influential in your life the happier you will be. https://www.netflix.com/title/80233611 Nanette. The stand up show by Hannah Gadsby. Confrontational but definitely worth a watch. Is that the work of a "victim"? Or of a strong person broken by constantly fighting?
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    Thats a HUGE generalisation. Some segments of Islam do this. By no means all. As for the rest of your post it sounds a bit like an extract from a White Lives Matter post... no offence but the "OMG Imagine if what they did to white people was done to black people" / "How dare they have an International Women's Day... imagine if there was an International Men's Day*?" / "Who's going to stand up for the heterosexual white male in all of this?" is a bit lame. I think the message is good. Stick up for folk and don't be a dick. Not a bad motto to live your life by. * There is, it's on 19th November every year but people only seem to care about it on IWD...
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    I've done some tris and kermesse racing in Belgium and Holland and the number of people in race gear chaining it is hilarious. Also some of the most aggressive racing I've ever done ...
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    Cheers Rory. I'll keep ya posted. My mate at work and me are doing the South Downs Way ride in June, it's 105miles in the south of England, starts at Winchester where I live. Can't wait
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    Lily volunteered on the weekend which meant I could run with Olivia. So cool. She wanted sub 30. 29:59! Talk about pacing!! She looked so funny at the beginning. Her run was so awkward. She was trying to run slow! Lol!! 20190105_070225.mp4 Including a drink stop!
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    Local paper took some pics at Xmas Day Run. Both feet off the ground as well, better than any pic I’ve ever had taken of me
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    My friends and kids are in Finland now. -11 degrees at Santa Claus Village on Xmas Eve.
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    In this day & age, Tyno - Everything is negotiable! Can even throw in a set of 10 speed mavic cosmics for the day!
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    Went for a ride, got hit by a car...good times
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