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    Soooooo general consensus is now to wear my bike shoes from T1 (and therefore I guess also my socks) and stop, mount and ride off into the sunset?
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    Moved my swim this morning to tomorrow, tomorrows rest day to today and added an extra sleep in
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    Set the alarm for 4:45 this morning to commence, for first time ever, early morning sessions. 1hr on Zwift HIT FTP booster session. They say early morning exercise sets your day up, all I wanted to do was get back in bed and sleep
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    I know and as I said, I feel fortunate and if you are self employed and have family and put all resources into a business it can be tough when the time comes to retire.
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    I thought the government introduced compulsory super to hopefully lessen the burden of paying for pensions. Weโ€™ve done all the things the government wants, by selling our house in Sydney (Hornsby Heights so not multi $millions) and moved regional (Bathurst) to retire. This is also when you need a good Financial Adviser, (see other thread) I also understand their are a lot of people without any or not enough Super, so we feel fortunate, but itโ€™s still frustrating when Trump opens his mouth and you see your savings go south.
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    Perhaps if you are mal-coordinated it could be perceived as being dangerous.. Check how many people are still pissing around 200m up the road trying to get their feet in their shoes... and not just noobs.
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    He said concrete! Maybe this is why he wants to build a wall of Star pickets?
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    Dangerous? I definitely see more near misses at the mount line with people trying to get their feet into shoes than I have seen near misses due to running through transition with shoes on. Maybe that's because I'm up the back with others who can't swim or do other things good too.
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    I always do. Stand 60 out of T1 and watch all the bike crashes from retards trying to put their feet in their shoes. Train for 5 months. Crash at the start of the bike. = dumb.
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    You had better get a doctor to look into this excessive vertical oscillation otherwise I predict you will have a many more babies.
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    The Head of marcoms sent a memo around to make us aware that 'female' member of staff was seen leaving the toilets without washing her hands :-[] He then installed laminated posters on the doors of all the female toilet cubicles, reminding us to wash our hands. He did not install the posters in the men's cubicles ๐Ÿ˜ž The Head of marcoms is gay. I suspect he is worried about contracting 'girl-germs'.
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    Hey Cranky Have done it twice now before they had the year off last year. Did the road and MTB options. Both times we camped at Cylinder beach which was a short walk to the hotel that had the presentations etc. We went up once for a meal then stayed at the camp ground. Alot of people each night Food at the pub we found to be a bit pricey and there is a corner store from memory as you depart the barge. There isn't alot apart from cafe's, bowls club etc where the tri is held. Race wise, swim pretty standard, Road out and back, 1 climb on way out, 2 climbs way back. Run is a combo of road, beach, stairs around the point and then into the finish. Happy to answer any questions! Have fun! Its a good weekend away
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    wow I'm popular. The companion app is on my work phone, which is switched off and in my bag. I could go downstairs and get it and switch it on but you know, that takes effort Will approve in the morning, once the money is in the account ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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    In that case, yes ๐Ÿ˜œ
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    Iโ€™d be in. Iโ€™d love a meetup ride for the 5 mins or so it would take me to be spat out the back. Then I could go back to my wine. Level 8 - Iโ€™m a late adopter.
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    The guy he wants to follow
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    Just go do a training session with a bunch of other people... turns out that it just happens to be timed and catered! As many others have said, enjoy!
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    Not even with a crash helmet on?
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    88.8kg I have lost more weight in the three weeks between challenges than I did during the twelve weeks of the last one. I guess performing under pressure isn't my thing. ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    I used to play pretty regularly but I haven't picked up a club in five years. Always keen for an opportunity to beat IronmanFoz at something though Chatswood would be ideal I reckon, it's fairly short but narrow and undulating. North Ryde is also a top spot but availability might be an issue
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    If no one has any objections to me getting an official Zwift group ride in the program up and running I'd be happy to do it. I have nothing to do at work as we are de mobilizing and receiving redundancies left right and center. It will give me something to do Which course do people want to ride? Average page - w/kg, would 2-2.5w/kg cover off people on here or go lower to say 1.7 for eg Do we need a sweep & lead rider? Let me know and i'm happy to get the ball rolling, if no one wants it this official ill go back to annoying my work colleagues and wave goodbye to them each day as they are made redundant until its my turn.
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    No I hadn't missed your point. I just don't understand why anyone would run through transition wearing their bike shoes. It is not only much slower, but also more dangerous.
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    Nah bro. Considering selling the new kickr. I haven't touched it yet (too lazy to take bike off old kickr) It's patiently waiting next to the tellybox.
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