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    A few of you know my cousin Gab. Just over 10 years ago she was training for IM when she was hit by a car and suffered terrible injuries. She was in a coma for a couple of weeks. The road to recovery over the first five years were quite hard. She has had multiple operations and suffers a bit of internal problems, not to mention the external. At no stage did she ever complain and ask "why me ?". She just worked extremely hard (and still does). She taught herself how to paint left handed and got also back on the bike - now a three wheeler. She has done a few Kurnells, sometimes running with a walking pole. She also swims with the Shark Island crew at North Cronulla. She has won a number of Para medals in cycling. I finished with her at the Sydney to Gong ride this year. Well yet again, she has competed in the T1 classification at Buninyong VIC and won Gold. The gold medal is great but her spirit and smile is absolute gold. So proud. FM PS: forgot to say, she also won a national title
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    I've been at bit down since I went to BBQ on Saturday and heard what someone was saying about me "you can't come back to work after you've had to wear a nappy" The truth is (as you can see from photos from earlier post) I kept taking nappy off even when I was still in intensive care. I was two months in hospital and had to relearn how to walk again coordination and balance were the issue I fell out of a wheel chair once. The physios told me only to walk on level ground and not to run. So I ran the Coastal Classic (see MTB/off-road ) I found the story of Tricia Meilli the Central Park jogger truely inspiring " the confidence gained from a physical achievement can be transferred to other parts of life" Recovering from a traumatic brain injury is a long hard road some days I don't even want to get out of bed yesterday was one of those days until I went on trannies and read Flanman's post about his cousins cycling achievements. Thank you for giving me a needed boost.
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    Cheating depends on the intent? If you meant to do it, it's cheating. If it was an accident, then a rule violation
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    Spent the last couple of days recovering from work, other than the one little MTB ride with the fam. I struggle to do much while I'm on shift, and starting keto has made that even more challenging, so rather than trying to force it or beat myself up about it, I've just gone with the flow. I am back on nightshift tonight and am feeling pretty well recovered so today I did an easy half hour on Zwift and an easy half hour in the pool. Feel a bit drained after those right now, but I think after some lunch I will feel a bit better. In other news, I've decided to finally quit the miserable job and will be officially unemployed 21 days from now. Just 12 shifts to go between now and then.
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    Drafting can be both - cheating or rule violation. The difference is intent. Accidental drafting vs intended drafting. FM
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    Personal Goals: Continue to give Rimmer heaps. Continue to get heaps from Rimmer. Personal Life: Get married, and support my fiancee and soon to be wife as much as I can in whatever she chooses to do. More contact with family and friends in Oz: in the day of easy communication, it's not acceptable to be as lazy as I am. Be more accepting of myself, and use that to be a better person and a better athlete. Be more proactive and deal with the things I'd rather procrastinate about (also applies to work) Sporting: Consistency and enjoyment in training - create good habits. Back under 20 mins for 5k, run sub 1:40 half. Vansbro Triathlon 1/2 distance under 5 hrs. First half, but hey. Drop my Oly time to under 2:10 and qualify for GB team. That that is about all that takes is a worry. Work: Complete all the governance and OHS stuff we've been working on for ages Compliance and promotion tasks for my employer 5 year plan... Lands End to JoG: Ride a day or so with Rimmer. Ideally the last one so he'll be shattered and I'll be fresh.
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    Life Goals: * Live and work in the same country as my wife, son and dog * Be a better husband and father - I don't think I am that bad, but better is always better! Any rebuilding of the relationship with the wife's parents (also our neighbours) would be a bonus, but not holding out too much hope on that * Complete the landscaping of the house - whether we then sell it is another thing .... * Reach ideal training / racing weight * Be more relaxed in what the world throws at me / us as a family Tri / Sporting Goals: * Sub-20 Parkrun * Staffordshire and Weymouth 70.3 * Lands End to John O'Groats in September.
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    Drafting is cheating, as it gains an advantage against the rules. Swearing at a TO is a rule violation.
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    She's wrong: Cheat, noun - a person who behaves dishonestly in order to gain an advantage.
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    We met Gabby at a cycling event earlier this year, she told us her story, lent us her pump, what a positive person, hope to see her again!
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    Full time professional triathlete from February. Awesome.
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    Precisely. I once gained 30 kilos over a 6-9 month period. I had started a relationship which became abusuve very quickly. He stripped me of any belief in my worth. Once I started getting it back, I got the strength to solve the problem.
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    Wow this is truely inspirational, I've been a bit down the last couple of days, But Gabbies story has inspired me
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    Thankfully most of my racing was done under the old 5m and 7m rules. but I didn’t cheat. 12m rule would test the patience though.
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    So someone would then have actively left the men's ages out of the abridged version.
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    Good luck goughy, hope it's all sorted without major issues.
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    I had a comic post all typed ready to reply to this when they grabbed me for the MRI. The long and short of it is 2 small strokes. When I know more I'll chat but still going through stuff and Rob and I haven't really digested it yet.
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    I've been up seeing my mother-in-law the last week in the stroke ward at the RBH. Some pretty lonely old folk in there.
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    Qualified lawyer, but not currently practicing as one. Currently I work in an ED pushing beds around. Shiftwork suited me while I was studying, but having given up the study, I no longer need the shiftwork and now its time to go back to doing what I do well.
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    I just did some tidying up on the sheet to remove calculation errors and get the top 10 working. Although Stikman now owns all top 10 places until we get some changes in weight
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    Watched Dawn Wall at a special screening at the Astor before Christmas. Was a great film! Tommy is a really nice guy. I climbed a fair bit with him in France in 97 and USA in 98 when his was still a young but already very adept climber. As to soloing, I did nothing comparable to what Alex does. But unless you have soloed, you won't understand or get the attraction. There is something zen like in the closed focus of the moment. Yes there is a much higher element of risk, but you need to remember that very few soloists are on routes that are at their limit so usually have a little in reserve.
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    After doing pretty much nothing after Half IM, I'm entered in the Brisbane Marathon in June! Better get training! Its going to be ugly!
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    Sorry team, fat fingers trying to enter details on my phone, as like others it is blocked at work, and I have cocked up the spread sheet. My bad. Can someone have a look and fix up for me (also cocked up the formula for dazzamuzza immediately above me). Soz!! Can you load my details in please - 178cm and 114.6kg Over the last biggest loser prior to Christmas I went down but have ended up back where we started........... Thanks in advance
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    Firstly yes I don't necessarily disagree with her point but if other women are writing stories and including women's ages then that would be a good place to start. And secondly yes point taken. I'm off to the beach. So long suckers.
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    Done - I put your height as 1.81 - that's about right isn''t it?
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    The fundamental problem is the fragmentation of the way the game is organised in Australia: Six Shield Games before xmas, but the test team is so obviously picked without regard to demonstrated current form in those shield games (witness the exclusion of Burns, Maxwell, Wade and Patterson in favour of players who - not only have failed in recent tests but have also had a dismal shield season; Then - no sheild games at all until the end of February, with the last four rounds played with the Dukes ball - which is totally irrelevant to Australian conditions, given we have never played test cricket in thei country (or any other country outside England and the West Indies) with the Dukes, and are not likely to in the near future; The ODI assembles for a week or 10 days at a time, sparodically throughout the year, only to be flogged in most games. By the time the team builds some cohesion and momentum that particular ODI series is over and the team dissolves for a few months before a ‘rinse and repeat’ episode; The big bash kicks off at a time when our genuine stars are unavailable due to the Boxing Day and New Years Tests. When they are over there is little enthusiasm for our test players to back up for most of the second half of the big bash. Then there are some joke ODIs and T20 internationals to wrap up the summer. Compare that to the way that the Indians organise their cricket calendar - starting with the timing of the Champions League and noting that that particular competition is the only T20 competition that the ICB permits their international players to participate in.
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    None at all... fortunately 😎 Friends that swam at the Gold Coast yesterday got hammered by bluebottles.
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    That’s when he should have sucked it up and pedalled harder.
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    100.9 Only up 0.2 on last BL final weight. Start a new work contract tomorrow. It will take some discipline not to fall in to old habits. Would love to see 8X.X when this round is over but will take anything south of 95
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    88.8kg I have lost more weight in the three weeks between challenges than I did during the twelve weeks of the last one. I guess performing under pressure isn't my thing. 😂
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    Yep I've opened a Forerunner 10 and taken out the battery. Easy to do. Be aware that there are two tiny springs connecting the main board to the peizo speaker on the back of the case. The springs are not connected at eaither end, but sitting in two small holes in the main board support frame. I think if you lost them you would only lose the beeps though.
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    I like Deb Knight and Georgie (sexiest voice in tv) but it's probably a slightly risky move given how 'blokey' Karl used to try and be to attract the bogans. Regardless of who's hosting, it's the drivel content I can't stand so I'll be sticking to the ABC.
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    Lily volunteered on the weekend which meant I could run with Olivia. So cool. She wanted sub 30. 29:59! Talk about pacing!! She looked so funny at the beginning. Her run was so awkward. She was trying to run slow! Lol!! 20190105_070225.mp4 Including a drink stop!
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    Enough to have done more swimming and more running this week than what I've done in any single week for at least the past two years (probably more). So far I still haven't got back on the bike... You can't have everything!
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    Thanks did it all on one gel & water. I'm going to be ready for Kona.
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    Haha, cheers mate but it's me that owes you a beer! I'll just add it to the one's that I also owe Ten Pints, RBR & Flanman!! I entered the City To Surf last year but just didn't make it up there. As you well & truly know sometimes not everything goes to plan!
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    68 day break from 4 day Shield cricket right when we need to be looking for inform batsmen, brilliant idea by Cricket Aus
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    Take out smith and warner’s early year tons and the rest of our batting line up has only scored a hundred twice in the calendar year. The 4 in total (including Warner and smith’s efforts) for 2018 is the equal worst on record for the Australian test team (and the other equally poor effort was when Australia only played five tests for the year, as opposed to the 10 tests we played in 2018. Our batting stocks are nearly empty. Largely in my view because the ACB have not been able to properly calibrate T20 cricket into the domestic season and the longer form of the game, especially Shield Cricket has suffered. That said, there are obvious better options than persisting with either Finch or M Marsh (at least as a mainstay of the team). Joe Burns did struggle as a test opener against quality bowling line ups two years ago, but the fact remains that his record and current form is light years ahead of every other available opening batting option. He averages 37 in tests, 41 in first class cricket and is averaging about 50 in the Sheffield Shield this season. It verges in criminal that he isn’t the first opener selected. Young NSW No.3 Patterson should be picked to partner Head in the lower middle order. Again, this is a no brainer. Marnus L’s selection makes zero sense unless the selectors think the SCG pitch will be a real turner and they are prepared to rest Hazelwood and keep M Marsh as a spare pace option while Lyon with Marnus’s Leg breaks as a foil do most of the heavy lifting with the ball. Otherwise the section is a joke. Murnus is neither a first class bat or bowler and not a genuine all rounder prospect.
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    * Get the role within my company i want (I'm so close, just waiting on the client to approve me) * Be happy in my head * Move on from some shit i got involved in some years ago that still haunts me and will do for some time to come (have already taken the first step last week) * Drop 15 kg * Continue to rebuild the relationship with my wife (we are going well right now) * Learn how to bunny hop on my roadie Exercise goals * Run fast strong at Port Mac 70.3 * Get the wife to do that 5 km run
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    Well, I've been having a fun 4 days. Early Friday morning I got hit by vertigo severe enough to require an ambo to hosptial. Wouldn't go away, and had it up until 9.30pm that night! Physio tried to do the thing that releases calcium deposits in the inner ear crystals (what ever) that often cause it to no avail. Threw up or dry etched at least 30 times (not an exaggeration) on Friday, couldn't even keep a sip of water down. Anyway, Saturday morning and everything's been fine. Eating, drinking, walking etc. But the buggers won't let me go till I've had an MRI which couldn't happen till today (hopefully)! The whole time they've said it'll most likely be an anomaly and it should be fine but they've gotta tick all the boxes. Just had my physical and the doc left to talk to the physio about Friday. She came back and filmed my eyes reactions to following her finger, which had a little stutter in it, and said the physio don't really think it should be the calcium build up problem as they tried multiple times to fix it and they didn't work. Kinda wish they hadn't told me that. So I'm bored out of my mind, sitting in a ward full oldies. I've made friends with about everybody, wrestled and calmed a dementia patient that was physically attacking a nurse and become his best friend, and been told by at least 5 nurses I should be on the payroll. And it's really really sad to see how many of them here don't have anyone to see them, and don't really have anywhere else to go but stay here! There's two in my room alone that I heard the nurses talking about that won't be going anywhere for a while as there's no one to help them out. I think we have a great medical system in Australia (especially when you compare it to the US etc), but it still sux to see how short it still comes when it comes to the crunch.
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    Might be looking at this now as I’ve got a sportsman’s hernia and now cancelling my IM NZ plans. 👎
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    We went up to Caloundra with the dog this afternoon. I ended up with bluebottle welts over my lower legs from standing in the wash. They were everywhere all over the beach.
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    How were the jellies? A friend posted a pic from Sandgate the other day with about a billion blobbies in it.
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