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    Thought I'd better clarify this a bit... (just for my own reference). 1). Aim to run 100 Half Marathon distance runs in one year. In previous years I've only counted these runs if I could maintain a 5 min / km or better average (unless it was particularly hilly or technical) or it was a group run of at least this distance. Trying to maintain this average just about destroyed me, particularly when it was really hot or when I was injured. In 2017 I did 79 Half Marathon (22km plus) runs. In 2018 I did 18 Half Marathon (22km plus) runs. This year, as long as I maintain a pace that would allow me to finish in the top half of any major half marathon field, I'll class it as being good enough (I'm not totally sure what that pace is yet, but I'll work it out). 2). Aim to average a Lap of Lake Albert (5.5kms) for every day of the year. This is specifically a 5.5km run around Lake Albert, Wagga Wagga. This sounds easy, but it is a tough one to do. A 5.5km run anywhere else doesn't count, so our weekly 7km Stubby Run and Road Runners events are in addition to these runs. The fact that I often go away for work & family commitments (holidays etc) means that it's also particularly difficult to maintain. In 2017 I did 300 laps of the 364 needed to achieve this goal. In 2018 I did 137 laps of the 364 needed to achieve this goal. 3). Aim to average an Ironman Distance (3.8/180/42) each week in training. This one's pretty self explanatory. The aim is to try and average at least 3.8km of Swimming, 180km of Riding & 42km of Running for each and every week of the year. Since I don't do any real bike training apart from my 8km easy commute to work & home again on a mountain bike 3 or 4 times a week, plus a couple of events that I do each year, this goal is pert near impossible. But it is one that will hopefully motivate me to do a bit more riding. This year I'm hoping to get out for a few rides and may even try getting back on the $50 home trainer that my son bought me several years ago. I guess a solid hour on the trainer should be worth a 30km ride shouldn't it. I'm not a fan of the trainer, but if that's what it takes to get me riding again then so be it. Like I've said before, I don't really expect to achieve any of these goals, but if they help get me out and into it again then they were worth setting. Other goals... Last year I almost managed the to do the 100 runs in 100 days challenge (I made it to 91 runs in 100 days). I reckon I'll have another crack at this again in 2019. A run will be anything over 5k's and I can do two runs per day if need be (morning & afternoon). Race goals... They'll be last minute entries if I'm feeling good in the lead up. Last year I managed to get a few good results so hopefully I can still get a few more this year - although I'll have a sh!t load more work to do as my starting point is certainly a lot lower. At the moment I'm feeling like a slug... overweight and struggling. If I can improve my weight and gain a bit of fitness then at least I'll have achieved something.
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    I have previously dropped 25 kg on a very moderate diet approach. I was disciplined though. I often wonder if people who have success with things like HFLC do so because they are disciplined, not necessarily because the diet is right? If anyone finds my discipline, please let me know, I can re-lose all those kg plus more.
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    is it something to do with not being able to face going back?
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    The dems agreed to $25B on border security fir broad measures and the GOP has spent $2B. The wall is just trump trying to make up a boogie man to rile up right wing folks and get votes. Illegal immigration has been declining and most come via planes, cars etc. https://www.google.com.au/amp/www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/11/28/5-facts-about-illegal-immigration-in-the-u-s/%3famp=1 trump is just a simple fool who managed to survive this far by GOP owning all of the numbers. He will now be schooled in politics by people who have been doing it for decades. the boogie man play won’t work any longer, see recent mid terms for what the people think of it.....biggest loss since 1974.
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    i just listen to the hum of 4wd's passing with mud terrain tyres driving down the road at breakneck speeds #pilbaralife or the sound of police sirens chasing after youth criminals who have stolen some kids scooters #pilbaralife or the sounds of people wheeling their rubbish bins out that are full to the brim of empty bush chook tins #pilbaralife or the sounds of the occasional all in brawl coming from a homes west house because they are fighting over the last bush chook tin left until welfare payment comes through #pilbaralife
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    People have been saying “he’s done” since he started campaigning. He’s like a cockroach or a cane toad though.
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    People can't swim for sh!t then go and swim in a RIP on a messy day at the beach. Or get pissed and go swimming in a filthy lake. People drown because they do stupid things in silly places with little to no ability.
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    (Sports Physio opinion) It's often the case that bike is fine as there isn't really a high load on the calf. Most injuries are soleus rather than gastroc For return to run I normally like to see: painfree stretch (bent knee and straight knee), painfree hilly brisk walk, painfree hop. If it's been a longer term issue there are some strength benchmarks to hit as well.
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    never ignore a niggle. crikey, get it looked at! You keep running with an underlying issue and you are just making it worse. And I triple what CEM said.
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    Mine started doing exactly the same back in the day when I ran - both calves, fine on the bike, would go when running, felt like a cramp/tear, sore for days after. What helped mine was using shoes with some heel to toe drop (minimialist shoes like Nike Frees were a big no no for my calves), calf compression sleeves (these really really helped), stop running for 6 weeks (as if, I always returned far too soon), osteopathic work on calves including dry needling (one type of voodoo shit which actually worked amazingly well - one session seemed to fix it), osteo work on hips & lower back, avoiding downhills. I also did stretching & strengthening work, but again was not consistent enough with it.
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    Thanks I'll give it a listen. I'm interested in politics but find it frustrating trying to sort out all the lies and BS. It would be interesting to visit Florida, Texas etc to see what the ppl are saying about Trump right now. I know you are living in NY but they have always been very Anti Trump.
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    By the way if trump loses this battle for funding he’s done, and it’s not looking very good for him at the moment.
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    Remember that keen athletes usually return to running about 3-5 days too soon. So if you think you're ready to run, then wait another 3-5 days!!
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    This is my daughter age 10. There is no way I’d go out in that but my kids have all gone through Nippers and they know to only swim between the flags even though they are capable of handling rips and rough conditions. Why people with no surf skills swim outside flags or at unpatrolled beaches is beyond me.
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    How many were swimming between the flags? Its why journalists are so shit. Simple research. Their story would give facts that most that drowned were in the wrong location by their own decision.
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    Only on forums where anonymous people with weight problems can be giving dietary advice - often it's the same crew who give training advice 😅
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    Add to my entry buy Go Easy a beer in Bondi Pub after the city to surf
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    The problem is people who can’t swim go to the beach and enter the surf in the calmest area between where the waves are breaking. Unfortunately this is normally where the rip is so they get in trouble
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    Thanks new guy will have a listen Just googled songs by beats per minute. Found a few more I like so have added them to the list. Now on the lplay list thanks Torn. I just got trekz for Christmas so at the moment just throw the phone on the treadmill but when I do get out the phone will go in pocket. Trekz don’t go in your ears so eliminates that issue.
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    Then get out to the dam every chance you get while you are on leave. Get used to the feeling of being in open water to lose that fear. If you want to feel confident in the surf, then toy with the idea of joining a surf club. Yes it will take some of your time, but they are great people, perform an incredible service to the community, and you can even compete in their carnivals. ps: the girls might like to join nippers too.
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    40 minute gym session. Feels good going every 2nd day at the moment. Slowly increasing my weights and/or reps, and loving it. Still playing it very careful with the joints, but so far it's all good.
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    I think it's the gastrocnemius, will book physio and report back with what they say
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    I never understand why someone would donate so much money to a politician...unless they expect something in return. Donations should be banned IMHO
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    or disadvantage? Being rather musical (ie. dancer) I find it hard to listen to music and run if I don't run in time with it! I find listening to podcasts much easier. I then kind of run through the music rather than with it.
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    Would the BPM of the songs be of any advantage. Say matching it up to your desired cadence, so each beat = a step?
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    I created a playlist I use a bit for training, if you are on spotify feel free to use this one. Its got a bit of different stuff, but it all keeps you running hard. https://open.spotify.com/user/nhall-au/playlist/3iRU3KwS09DiRMBISnDQlX?si=Q3YdH4dqR6-dOgr-VUuGSg
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    I am in. As you might be aware, I am completing another Tour de Cure ride this year in March (approx 350 kms)> https://www.tourdecure.com.au/profile/?memberId=76140&tourId=1021 To keep me on the straight and narrow, you might want to offer $$s for every kilo I lose. I only have eight weeks to go as the ride commences in the 1st week of March. So..... for those interested, let me know up front how much per kilo you will pay me to lose in the next eight weeks. Payment will be tax deductible. Cheers (with no beers) FM
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    Which muscle is it? Soleus is used for running but not much for cycling - gastroc is used a little in cycling and a little in running New shoes? Go see a physio?
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    See a physio. Most likely they will say no running and give you some rehab exercises.
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    2018 Report Card Sport: Feb: Busselton 1/2 marathon and Jetty Swim day after. Registered. TICK March: Rottnest SwimRun TICK March: Port-2-Pub Duo 1/2 TICK (Cancelled at 9km mark due to weather). November: Considering Osaka Marathon (finances/leave dependent) Changed to Jerusalem Marathon 2019. Non Sport: Don't get uptight when things don't go to plan, or people do stupid things. "Let it Go"! Getting better. Not to swear (will give $ to charity when I do) Getting better (had a swear jar at work). Not drinking during the week FAIL Accept my singledom and be happy with who I am. Happily Failed! 😉 So.... 2019 Sport: March: Jerusalem Marathon (Registered) Nothing else at this stage...will return to ballet now that my niggles are ironing out. Non Sport: ...Will keep working on these: Don't get uptight when things don't go to plan, or people do stupid things. "Let it Go"! Breathe and keep my mouth shut. Not to swear (will give $ to charity when I do). Not drinking during the week.
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    2.5 k swim at Entrance ocean pool, training for Australia Day Aquathon
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    I always liked the idea of an Ironman duathlon. Run 42, cycle 180, run 42.
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    I might look at that in the new year. Need to get the house/ garage in order first.
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    Skel, I am glad that you are opening up, it is a positive step. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone professionally as this may help to get things in perspective. Big steps are hard to make but remember, that’s why they are big steps. I hope it works out. Peter, Mr Flower, MoM and I will be in Port this year. There will be a ton of others from Trannies. Always good to catch up and see old friends. FM
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    I did the beaches parkrun in Newcastle. Given my parkrun pb is 23.02 today I did a 35.05. All soft sand. Head wind for 2.5k and waves washing thru the course. It was awesome. Great friendly people with a coffee after overlooking the beach. These are great community events.
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    Just want to brag about my awesome scar. 14 weeks old. Have been burning off a BCC on the other arm, with cream. Going to have it checked out this arvo. He offered to chop it out but that would mean no swimming again!!
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    Could be a starter if I can’t shake this hip injury for NZ, might have to transfer!
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