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    We gave my Mum one of these last year, mostly made up of our surfing holidays. Mum thought it was the best thing ever. mrs FP gave me a coffee mug with the pic below on it a couple of years ago and I use it every day. People like personal stuff.
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    Hugs Skel, wish I had something more constructive to offer. If you ever want a break in Sydney we have a detached room you're welcome to inhabit for a few days. You're a tough little cookie, I'm sure you'll come up with the right direction to move forward.
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    Sorry to hear you're having such a shitty time. My life is not perfect either, and I am not saying it is, but sometimes it's easier to see things on the outside looking in. Just my 2c worth here, so feel free to ignore but... 1. How does he pay for the gym membership? I work full time and can't justify that money. 2. Why can't he just get a job stocking shelves at woolies until he finds something that he WANTS to do? Sorry but it sound like he's got it too good with you. Do you deserve better? Take care.
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    Sorry Mrs Crank. It won't happen again Mrs Crank. (it probably will)
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    These types of presents are the best. Don't cost a fortune but show a bit of thought and effort!
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    Surf swim, flat bike, downhill run, KFC at the finish being served by Jen Hawkins
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    Just in case anyone is interested - This is my Manly Dam swim which I do after 4PM in Summer from Feb/Mar - May (twice per month) in order to get some good safe open swimming in. Essentially you swim from the Grass area out past the first row of white buoys to the ski ramp then head to the point where there are a second set of white buoys. Go to the end of these and then swim same route back except then go around the from row of white buoys and back to the ski ram and continue on for the second lap. Others do a different course, but this one gives me 3.5k's. By the time Port comes around I can do in 57 mins...give or take. And the best thing is if you do it regularly you can make this your only swim of the week but I would advise against this. Edit: Boats have to be off the dam by 4PM daylight saving time.
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    Bump, 18 weeks .......
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    FAT I got fatt(er) but damn my daughter makes a nice blueberry cheesecake (and a to-die-for malteaser cheesecake) BUT on a plus - the cardiologist says no evidence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy - MRI supports a conclusion consistent with athletic enlargement (35 years of tri's will do that). So darn it, I'll just have to start training again.
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    Interesting thread with lots of good advice. Like someone else said, consider all the advice and do the bits that work for you. personally I've never had a structured training plan, I just do what I can when I can, and it's worked for a long (long) time. You just need to be very aware of how you're feeling, and how what you are doing is impacting others. Good luck with it but I'm sure (based on the fact that you're actually considering this) that you'll be fine!
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    Sorry to hear about the situation skel, but I’m with Cranky here about the job situation, I’ve always been one that has said work is work, might not be what you want right now but it’s income etc until you find what you want. Is there any other way to encourage him to do this until his luck changes? My wife and I have had our fair share of ups and downs this past year, it sounded like exactly what you described above inregards to the at home relationship, we resorted to counselling recently, as hard as it was for me to go, I have to admit it is helping. i hope you find a way to be happier.
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    That doesn't mean you're any good at golf though. Remember, Roxii & Willie have both owned a Triathlon forum.
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    You know, I owned a golf Forum once (cue RS/Tyno....)
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    Grimsey do a lunch squad on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you swim at Centenary with Trent, you might get some of the awesomeness I sweated out in the pool the morning prior
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    We don't all go to squad at stoopid o'clock. 😜
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    What size are you? I have a brand new pair of V2''s size 11.5
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    Love is a fickle thing, it doesn't always make sense.
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    That parkrun Google Chrome extension thingy is great for tracking results and working towards various challenges and achievements. Managed to knock over 250th run and Stop-watch bingo on the same day earlier this year.
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    I swim 3.5 to 4km each session with the squad, which I find mentally much easier than swimming 2km by myself.
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    Not sure but if I ever do another Ironman I'll be joining a squad. I have gone from a regular 1:15 IM swim to a 1:25ish swimmer.
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    I think you meant to say Elite Golfers!!!
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    Why not just set up a trainer in transition and do your bike leg there. would be a great spectacle I reckon
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    My wife is becoming funny she made me a calendar of shots she’d been taking when I do water safety taking the piss I love it ! Got the boys swags big daddy doubles swag surfing weekends coming up !
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    Put some pants on then 😂😂😂
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    I can tee up a game of golf in the capital of the pilbara. See ya soon
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    What about a team where you do the swim and run?
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    I saw this sign in a shop this morning & thought how true. It's out by a couple days but really makes sense. "Xmas is a Full Moon this year. As if mixing alcohol & family isn't madness enough."
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    This is a special time of the year for us parkrun tragics, there was the usual parkrun yesterday (Dec 22nd), the special Xmas Day parkrun on Tue (Southbank PR for me and about 1,000 others), the usual parkrun next Sat (Dec 29th), and the New Year double parkrun on Jan 1st. That's 5 official runs to your tally in 11 days. The 29th will also be my 1st gig as the run director at New Farm parkrun
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    Not sure how I am feeling now. Yep, another happy Christmas, not. My partner and I have been together for just over 7 years. It has had it ups and downs, with him cheating on me for a period (with someone I knew….). I made the decision to continue in the relationship. When we travel and or are with family (which is not very often – mine are interstate and his overseas) the times are good and their are lots of laughs. At home, we don’t communicate very well with each other. He has been trying to gain employment for over 18 months (after previously being in Government for 9 years). He drives rideshare, but the money and hour are crap. We have tried everything to get back into Government, he has been shortlist, meritorious on most but never successful. I have encouraged him to look at non-government (but a short stint at an employment agency was awful for him, constantly being abused, sworn at…) or even look at retraining through TAFE. His motivation and confidence are completely gone, and he is stuck that government is the only option (so only applies for 2-3 jobs a month). He is travelling back to see family in March for 3 months, and I got upset on Christmas day as he is travelling before his birthday and won’t be here (but he didn’t tell me before telling the). I know it is petty, but I have no family (or children) and I like spending this time together. My mouth opened before I thought and there went Christmas day. I am finding it a big challenge to keep motivating him, encouraging him and completely covering the house myself (yes is mine and I cover all the bills, but an offer to help when things break would be nice). We keep saying mean things to each other; I admit and say I am sorry, but I can’t stop (and I can admit that – I am not a bad person, I get emotional and he doesn’t like that). He says things as well and then says he didn’t say it or tells me to stop putting words in my mouth. After 7 years, and a decision to not have children by him, now leaves me too old to have children (that makes me sad) and the likelihood of being on my own (that I am not worried about). Yet another fight, and he has gone to the gym. He’ll come home and eat in front on the computer all afternoon, or sleep. We can’t even seem to be at the same table. My granddad is unwell (as I have spoken about on here) and both my mum and dad (not together - struggle to meet day to day living - so I feel that pressure as well, more for my dad at he moment). Just needing to vent a little. I finally have no more tears to cry and I think I have finally run out of puff to even argue anymore. Would like to find some peace in myself so I can better to and for those around me.
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    My ED had its first attempted suicide of the festive season today. There will be many more to come.
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