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    I’ll be on the start line for the full too. Validation race for the 2019 Kona legacy invite.
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    Very true. @Flanman you have a busy job, lots of stuff on, a brand new grand kiddy to keep you busy, Im surprised you have any time for triathlon. Even at our worst we are still doing more than 95% of people in our same age groups. Dont beat yourself up too much mate. Just think, if you reached all your goals this year you woudl just need to set loftier ones next year, that'd be a pain. For now you can just spend an extra year hitting your old goals. Re read your own post, pretend it was written by someone else, I know you would give support and encouragement to someone else writing that, so give yourself that encouragement.
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    FM, I think youre too mean to yourself. You wouldnt say that stuff to someone else so dont do it to you. I would say youre a great dude because so many Trannies have said so in their various posts. And you know Trannies are experts, always right & never tell lies ☺☺
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    It was a privilege to be up on stage with you last year. ( Even if the Awards were for being "stubborn" rather than any good.)
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    Is it too early to plan for the 7:30 Friday Trannies swim?
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    If Dave’s doing it I am in!!!!! Always great to see his smiling face every year. Therefore number 21 for me! And would be a privilege to cross the line with IronJimbo for his legend ‘wait for it’ ary 8th race at Port. It would be “Awesomeeeeeeeeee”.
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    I bet that was Lily. You want her? Yep. As of today! Thanks, GM. Very kind words. A few parents from my school tri team are planning on doing some tris next year too. That'll be very cool! Yes, I'm very excited about Dazz riding, running AND swimming up to 5 sessions a week!! Short ones, but who cares! It's awesome. It helps that his mate at work has just taken up tri in the last 6 months too. As if. We all know she's a much better runner than me. I don't pretend for one minute that I would've win these races if she wasn't injured. And I include it in every conversation, when people congratulate me. I don't like pretenders. Thanks for the thread PM. And yes. I have just aged up, so that's got to help!!!
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    2 months on vego keto and all my levels came back normal to perfect. The Dr seemed a little surprised...
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    Never too early. FM
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    I agree with the chasing down part. had a fellow rider shadowing me for a few kms and when we got to a hill i pulled 20s on him. he pulled the gap back to 5secs so i gunned it and blew it back out to over 30secs. Made me feel good.
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    First draw for 10 slots was 13th December ...... went looking for a list Found this instead As per T & C's "If you’re the curious type, and would like to know who the Selected Athletes are, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope, making a request to receive such information, to: “2019 Kona Dreamin’ Recipient List Request, c/o World Triathlon Corporation, 3407 West Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Suite 100, Tampa, Florida 33607”. Such requests must be received by June 7, 2019."
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    Write it off as a bad year. They happen, and all things going to plan you will have a lot of chances. Learn for 2018, re-assess and make new plans for 2019. My big trick is to make a goal, and the tell everyone about it. Loudly and often. Then I find I’m more accountable because I don’t want to look like a twat that talks big and never sees it through.
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    Crankys just hit a good balance between being a mum and wife, teacher and top age group athlete. It's good that a few people on here have helped her out. What some of you probably have not seen us Crankys positive influence on people around her. Two of her girls have started in the kiddies tri's and doing well. One of Crankys colleagues has followed Crankys example and started at Park tun several months ago and lately some tri's. That lady has completed each triathlon she's started and had a few podiums in her age group. BTW she has dropped about 15 or so kgs in weight along the way. The scoop is Mr Cranky has got a bike and is doing some training as well. So well done Cranky, enjoy your break over Christmas and look out QTS competitors in the new year.
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    Dan Empfield once said that if you throw a set of race wheels on a P2 you're ready to win Kona. So I took his advice and missed the win by about 5 hours.
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    Getting older sucks, injuries suck, not being able to do what you used to do sucks, but I guess I need to appreciate everything that I still can do. I just wrote on another thread that one of my aims for next year is to do more training so I've come on here to get some ideas, and hopefully gain a bit of motivation. My last run (only short) was over a week ago, I've only swum a handful of times in the last 3 months, and I've only averaged about 80k's a week on the bike all year (and most of that is made up of my 8km casual commute to work). So there's plenty of room for improvement and hopefully I'll be able to post something I'm proud of here shortly!!
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    In my view, there isn't, this Ute i have a hard top canopy, my old Ute i had a canvas canopy on the steel tray. the only thing i might consider a downside is that with a hard canopy you cant really load it up like a Ute, you only have certain space and thats it, where as with my old canvas canopy i could just roll it up and use it as a fair dinkum Ute if i say for example wanted to go pick up a fridge or a lounge suite etc, cant do that with a hard canopy
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    Doesn't sound dodgy at all. Which of us is gonna send in the request?
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    Urgh. I am not one for patience.
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    People will beat you up free of charge FM. Don't add yourself to that list.
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    Thank you...accommodation sorted
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    50 mins on Zwift before the stupid heat arrives. Nightshift starts tonight.
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    It's basically replaced facebook for me. Facebook now seems to be a place my parents hang out and demonstrate how little they know of how to use the internet.
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    Hey, they gave me a free entry after #15. Why wouldn't I go around again. Note to self ...better start doing something.
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    The first bit Mick, yeah ok, we can all be disappointed with not achieving what we set out to do. As for the rest of it, not having a bar of that. You aren't a SC mate, as a fellow rehaber, we all know what it takes even just to stay mentally in this game, let alone physically. Get out there, get into it and give yourself an uppercut, ya cock
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    Personally I don't like to use weight loss as a goal for athletes. I prefer to aim for completing processes rather than end results. For most people there are 21 meals in a week. My personal aim is to eat 17 healthy meals a week, which allows 4 meals of whatever I like guilt free. Trying to eat healthy for every meal is not achievable for most people. Another example is I like to clock up 10km of swimming per week for 10 weeks leading into my 'A' race. I cannot control my swim split in the race (too many factors), but I can control my training in the lead up. If you don't loose weight, you feel like a failure. If you eat more than 4 crap meals a week you probably won't loose as much weight as you wanted, but you know exactly what you didn't do. So better feedback. Of course everyone finds motivation in different ways
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    With what you have lived with since the early 90's and the things you've done since I've known you, you're one of the strongest buggiers I know. Definitely not a SC! Funny dude too. I still remember the laugh we had in the recovery area after one of the Forster half ironman races. Sitting there shooting the breeze and joking. I won't mention the bikini girls under beach shower nearby, hahaha.
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    While we're talking Instagram on that other Forum for serious insects: https://www.instagram.com/goldengirlclover/?hl=en
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    Yeah, my year was similar FM. The only chance I have of getting my knees back to cope with a little racing again is to rest them - properly! But mentally, I can't seem to do it, and keep doing too much. Sitting still is too hard for me. But eating & drinking too much is easy. I've got to come up with another plan.
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    Cranky did go slightly overboard with the tape.
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    Sure why not? Now u can claim you coached her if she ever wins a world champs.
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    Can I claim some credit? I gave her a free trial of TrainerRoad. She has been unstoppable since
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    IronmanFoz and I know the truth 😎
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    Agree. Would totally go race and **** anybody who has a go (E2A: at me about it).
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    Hey Sam, Im looking forward to seeing a pic of Mooj wearing the finshers medal. Team effort n all that 😊
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    I can get around the swear filters here so I’ll say. Fucking awesome mate!!! You have already done enough to finish an Ironman easily and a lot more than many. pretty damn proud of you mate. Not sure I could have got through all you have and kept up the training. Finish time is irrelevant, when you get to the start line you have already won! Now enjoy tapering and all the nerves doubts and niggles that go along with it (we all get those same feelings so don’t think it’s just you)
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    And the reality is, so do we. The one thing I always used to say to myself was "it could be worse, we could be fighting or way out of Somalia, or starving in Ethiopia, so grow up, it's all ok!" Now, that's actually all true. But I've learnt, through reading and from my sessions, that that is actually one of the worst most self defeating things you can actually say. Everyone is different, everyone has their own struggles, and everyone handles them in their own way. Wealth, power, possessions, status, all mean nothing. You are who you are, and you work with what you've got!
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    +1. Last night as I read this, I was listening to music whilst the missus was embroidering a special pillow for my 87 year old aunty (ex nun who is suffering from the ravages of work and age - we are visiting her on Saturday). I actually said the same thing to my missus. Whilst we have our ups and downs, we have it pretty good and are so grateful. FM
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    Man I've got things good. Life's not easy and I wish everyone the best. Great stuff clappers and BigRig lets hope that closing that door leads to the next door being a good one.
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    Wishing you all the best - life is too short to be miserable at work. Enjoy IMWA for what it is, here's to a great 2019. You deserve it ☺
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    Goughy, there are a lot of us that would love to call in and chat. Honestly, you have it tough and I really admire you. It's hard for us to give advice so support is what we have. I think I remember a while ago you said he enjoyed soccer (was it ?). I've always found going to sports games (really anything - soccer, basketball, baseball, BMX, biking etc) is great to share with my son. It took his mind off stuff. Maybe just getting out and enjoying the "spectator" in each other. That may loosen him up and give a smile. Best of luck (and don't forget - venting is good and can be done anytime here). FM
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    We are not a forum, we are a community
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    Thanks for the kind words mate. Your missus and family are your real heroes. Yes, you dodged a bullet and great to see you getting back on your feet. I still have a chuckle (if I can say that) when I first saw you in hospital. You seemed OK - until you opened your mouth. A hundred different discussions coming out at once.😁. So much so, we had to put a lid on you..... Keep it going. I'll see you at Parkrun again, although not for a few weeks as I will be outa town in the land of the long white cloud. Mick PS: You still kick my arse running. You give me the shits (also that 8 year old that ran past me last Sunday gave me the shits too) 😃
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    This is very sad news, its made me reflect Nearly two years ago I had a bike accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. I spent two months in hospital. I think I have dodged a bullet. I was a bit down last year. Wasn't working, didn't have a driving licence, legs ached and felt like I'd run a marathon after I had the flu. I wished I had done a proper job with the bike accident, the family would have been financially better off. After a traumatic brain injury you are 3X more likely to suffer mental health issues and 4X more likely to end your life.With the support of friends and trannies esp Flanman( read trannies helping trannies thread)was persuaded to enter park run. I started running again slowly at first, did the Coastal Classic.This was so important to me because of balance issues post TBI I had to relearn how to walk again and the hospital physios told me not to run on uneven ground. Ive meet Flanman at park run a couple of times, I rejoined local tri club. I did my first club sprint Triathlon a couple of weeks ago I came last but in my mind just entering I had won. All this made me realise how close I could have come to serous mental health issues and I am so thankful that I dodged that bullet, and thank you Tenpints and Flanman I know if ever I need to talk you'd have an ear, It's reassuring. Trannies helping Trannies
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    And how stupid was this guy, didn't he know he could have been killed! Conor
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    There is a fair chance this will be the first time I've missed being at IMAUS since 1995
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