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    This is very sad news, its made me reflect Nearly two years ago I had a bike accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. I spent two months in hospital. I think I have dodged a bullet. I was a bit down last year. Wasn't working, didn't have a driving licence, legs ached and felt like I'd run a marathon after I had the flu. I wished I had done a proper job with the bike accident, the family would have been financially better off. After a traumatic brain injury you are 3X more likely to suffer mental health issues and 4X more likely to end your life.With the support of friends and trannies esp Flanman( read trannies helping trannies thread)was persuaded to enter park run. I started running again slowly at first, did the Coastal Classic.This was so important to me because of balance issues post TBI I had to relearn how to walk again and the hospital physios told me not to run on uneven ground. Ive meet Flanman at park run a couple of times, I rejoined local tri club. I did my first club sprint Triathlon a couple of weeks ago I came last but in my mind just entering I had won. All this made me realise how close I could have come to serous mental health issues and I am so thankful that I dodged that bullet, and thank you Tenpints and Flanman I know if ever I need to talk you'd have an ear, It's reassuring. Trannies helping Trannies
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    welcome to triathlon, you'll fit right in with that amount of overthinking this far out.
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    Thanks for the kind words mate. Your missus and family are your real heroes. Yes, you dodged a bullet and great to see you getting back on your feet. I still have a chuckle (if I can say that) when I first saw you in hospital. You seemed OK - until you opened your mouth. A hundred different discussions coming out at once.😁. So much so, we had to put a lid on you..... Keep it going. I'll see you at Parkrun again, although not for a few weeks as I will be outa town in the land of the long white cloud. Mick PS: You still kick my arse running. You give me the shits (also that 8 year old that ran past me last Sunday gave me the shits too) 😃
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    Only cycle in cold weather?
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    Stikman kindly suggested I browse the list for competitors in my age group from traditionally non-swimming nations to make myself feel better that I may not, that's right may not, be the last swimmer out of the water in my age group. He's very supportive.
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    On Windows, you should have a local fit file in something like C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Zwift\Activities on Mac, Im not sure but I imagine it will be around...
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    100 (and a smidge) k ride. I'll be spending the afternoon eating the contents of the fridge.
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    I think you just go to Strava and do manual file upload from that folder.
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    What tends to happen is that I jump on with intentions of a steady two hour ride, get bored after 10 mins and figure if I pedal harder, I'll get off it earlier. Unless it's a very hard workout, I do everything in the TT position ( sometimes the longer climbs are a mix and Innsbruck is nearly all on the bars). I'm scheduling an FTP test tonight, will be interesting to see what's what at the end of the season. No running for me at the moment
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    Oh didnt I mention my dodgy knee has been playing up?
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    You’re a triathlete now. You blame an injury on poor form not being busy at work.
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    I heard white will be popular this year 🤣
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    Better half got this a month ago and loves it to replace her 2017 model...that crushed when her mums car rolled through the garage 🙄 Its 2019 giant pique (chicks anthem)
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    got mine sorted today too
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    Not in the dam. Water was nearly bathwater.
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    Due to Amazon (also) being pretty useless with technology, my links are only US based. OfficeWorks here in AU have the best deal I've seen on the three-pack. (Side note for those interested - Amazon affiliates need to create accounts for almost every market to get kickbacks... UK/EU/US/AU/etc... it's a total shitshow. That's why you'll see people put regional links. I only bother with US. Affiliate links with videos are super low traffic. Amazon also send paper cheques to non US affiliates which cost AU$25 and 28 days to process. One of the biggest tech companies in the world! hah!)
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    Sort of ironic isn't it how we stress about the risk of a nuclear accident, yet ride our bikes on the road, where we know there are rational people who suddenly become psychos when they see a cyclist in their way. Even one of my most benign work colleagues says that when he sees cyclists riding 3-abreast, they become fair game!
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    FP do you make a habit of smashing yourself on the trainer? (or am I always taking it far too easy?) My FTP is 272, but rarely able to put up numbers like yours. 60 minute run for me this morning. It was cold again!
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    I am 40-44, untill next year, I painstakingly downloaded individual race data for that AG too though. If I can be bothered I will update for an unofficial ranking list. It doesn't make you faster but can give a rough guide of the strength of field.
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    Okay. Next week I’ll start uploading. I’ll upload as unlisted but post links here. Youtube deleted a heap of mine but I think the trick is if unlisted, nbc can’t search and ask to be removed.
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    Its this one - https://whatsonzwift.com/workouts/less-than-an-hour-to-burn/sst-short/ Sorry 182w and 168w
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    That run was the hardest run I've ever done, but did around 10 hours training in total so not surprising!
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    Is there a relay category? I could do the beer if someone wants to do the mile.
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    The Assos has a "kuku penthouse" for your schlong to hide in... touted as the most expensive shorts ever...
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    Bad news from the cycling world. JONATHAN CANTWELL DIES, AGED 36 https://www.ridemedia.com.au/features/jonathan-cantwell-dies-aged-36/?fbclid=IwAR007OlwB_LK6fipCHvJnGSSv8KjqWip-flJfSqEEINDQiChzFXrp4X6xmw
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